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Welcome to the Kink Kloset! This is a place where those who enter the Kink Kloset get a chance to tell us about there second coming out as a fetish person.These are short episodes where everyone gets asked the same question:"Tell me who you were before you were a fetish person?" I hope you find these stories interesting.Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Kink Kloset! This is a place where those who enter the Kink Kloset get a chance to tell us about there second coming out as a fetish person.These are short episodes where everyone gets asked the same question:"Tell me who you were before you were a fetish person?" I hope you find these stories interesting.Enjoy!

    Episode 27 - Kevan Walsh

    Episode 27 - Kevan Walsh

    The Twenty Seventh episode of Kink Kloset calls for leather and protocol, and will settle for nothing less!

    Please welcome to the Kink Kloset someone whom I admire greatly in the kink community, Kevan Walsh. Kevan is a Melbourne based kinkster who has joined the community later in his life. After Kevan first came out, it took him a while to find his tribe. Through some exposure in pubs, and doing some online research, he was able to dip his toe into the Melbourne kink community. The sense of purpose, structure, and tradition, resonated with Kevan and he knew he had had found his tribe. Kevan was titled Laird Leatherman 2018, and has been very active within the kink community. All of his work within the kink community has highlighted how great of an impact we can have on each other's lives, and what can be achieved through hard work.

    Kevan's main journey through kink was driven through a D/s relationship with his Sir. His Sir was able to guide him on which resources to use to help grow his kink knowledge. In recent years, he has since developed a strong D/s relationship with his boy, to which he is now embodying the mentoring role. When talking about his views on how people live out their kinks, he adopts a mindset of "You do it your way, and I'll do it my way" and is very accepting on how we all have different and unique kink journeys. This open minded mindset is helping Kevan learn and develop his relationships within the community as he is able to understand the perspectives of many different kinksters.

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    Episode 26 - Fionn Scott

    Episode 26 - Fionn Scott

    Get your deviance on for the Twenty Sixth episode of the Kink Kloset!

    Coming in hot to the Kink Kloset is Dublin's very own Genial Miscreant, Fionn Scott. Fionn came to Dublin in his teenage years after spending his early years in Malaysia and the USA. To him, it felt like he was entering into a predominantly conservative culture compared to what he was used to. Fionn states that this feeling was fuelling his inner deviant at a young age and motivated him to question everything. His inquisitive nature lead him to seek out avenues and outlets which helped him explore his queer side. It comes as no surprise for Fionn to discover the kink clubs of Dublin early on in his young adulthood. Over the years he has put his deviance to good use and he took on the Mr Leather Ireland title in 2019, to which he took the title to the 41st International Mr Leather competition and placed 2nd runner up. 

    In this episode we talk about the importance of queer spaces and the success which comes from unifying the community. Over the years, Fionn had noticed the decline of queer spaces in his city and started to recognize how the spaces were being taken for granted. This situation became the platform for his titleholder project, to which he was able to arrange all of the key stakeholders, clubs, and events, to get together to share their experiences and learnings. Fionn talks in great depth on the outcomes from that meeting, yet it was due to this gathering, all of the kink community in Dublin marched together as one in pride that year for the first time ever. Fionn is hopeful that communities listening to his story can learn from his experiences and how important it is to come together as one, oh, and to question everything like the deviants we are! 

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    Episode 25 - Dean Arcuri

    Episode 25 - Dean Arcuri

    Get ready for the Twenty Fifth episode of the Kink Kloset!

    Putting on an amazing show for the Kink Kloset is none other than Melbourne's own, Dean Arcuri! For Dean, he has seen himself as a kinkster throughout most of his life. In fact, Dean finds it more challenging to relate to his vanilla self compared to his kink self. From a young age he has been very exploratory and sought out experiences to live out his kinky urges. During his exploration he developed a passion for cruising and had some memorable times at beats all around Melbourne. Some of these experiences put Dean in some uncomfortable situations especially when handcuffs are involved, and upon reflection, steps could of been taken to go about his kink in a safer manner. However, it was going through a rough encounter which acted as a catalyst for Dean to reach out to the kink and fetish community to help him out, and he has been connected to the community ever since. 
    In the second part of the episode we discuss on how Dean is connecting with all the kink aspects of his life. It was very heartening to help Dean reflect on how he stayed connected with the kinkster inside of him during Covid lockdowns. While it had its own challenges, he spoke fondly of how the Spit N Polish and Down N Dirty Zoom calls kept the community together and provided a space for their kink community to express how they were feeling. Throughout all of this, Dean is optimistic he can develop greater connections with the kink aspects of his life in the renaissance period post lockdowns.

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    Episode 24 - Dreck Sau

    Episode 24 - Dreck Sau

    We have now had two dozen of these, it is the Twenty Fourth episode of the Kink Kloset!

    Smoking us out is the oink worthy, Dreck Sau! On this episode we are travelling back to London town to visit Dreck. Dreck was born in the UK, yet split his time growing up between here and Mexico City. He has always seen himself as a fetishist from a young age. Dreck still remembers fondly the moment when he stole a pack of cigarettes from the kitchen table, sneaking away and taking his first drag. That moment awoke feeling inside of him he couldn't deny. Not too long after that, he was gifted leather from his father who owned various leather and punk gear during his biker days. The feeling of leather and seeing how others reacted to it inspired Dreck to see the fashion in fetish. It comes as no surprise that Dreck soon embraced his creative side, infused it with his fetishes, and started to have some great fun exploring what fetish meant to him. 

    Dreck has always been a person who marches to the beat of his own drum. From being a trailer blazer in the online smoking community, to not confirming to conventional dress codes at fetish events, Dreck has always done it his way. Deep down he knows you need to be honest with yourself and what you're feeling. Even after having his online fetish life maliciously revealed to all of his close family and friends, Dreck never stopped embracing his fetish. Looking back on it, he is somewhat thankful because it allowed him to freely express himself. It appears that even through times of adversity, Dreck has managed to stay true to himself and has bounced back with more creativity and a deeper connection with his fetishes. 

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    Episode 23 - Mistress Electra Amore

    Episode 23 - Mistress Electra Amore

    It's getting real now! Strap yourselves in for the Twenty Third episode of the Kink Kloset!

    Gracing the Kink Kloset with her presence is the wonderful and wicked Mistress Electra Amore! Electra is a Melbourne based professional dominatrix who has become a world traveller while developing her kinky skills. Originally from Hobart in Tasmania, this shy and introverted girl lead an active life spending her time adventuring the Tasmanian wilderness. In her teens, her family moved back to the Melbourne suburbs to which her life was thrown in a spin. While Melbourne provided Electra with a sense of cultural belong, she encountered a huge social disconnect with her community.  These teenage years acted as a catalyst to help Electra initiate the journey to discover who she was, and embarking on this path helped her break free from her shyness. 

    Electra has flourished in her life when she has been able to express herself without limits. This first started in year 12 where she embraced being an art student and breaking the mould. Beyond school, Electra was off exploring the streets of Melbourne to which she discovered the dance clubs of the 90's. The clubs were a living organism with a pulse, personality and power. Nothing was going stop Electra from the intimacy of the dance floor. This club kid soon funnelled her love of art for a passion for fashion, and would treat every weekend as new opportunity to express her fashions with a captive audience. Luckily for Electra, PVC and latex were becoming mainstream in fashion, which opened up the possibilities for some wickedly kinky outfits. Unsurprising, latex still remains a staple of Mistress Electra Amore, to which she has honed her craft to become a designer and producer of rubber fetishware.

    Electra's path to dominatrix started in her early 20's with a phone call to the House of Domination. After looking them up in the Yellow Pages, she was persistent with four calls to secure an interview.  Arriving at an inconspicuous house in Melbourne's inner suburbs, she was in awe of the stunning leather Mistress who greet her at the door. After an interview with the head Mistress, Electra embarked on her apprenticeship as a dominatrix. This apprenticeship was another journey of self-discovery while also learning the tantalizing skills of her profession.   It was not always roses and restraints. One unfortunate incident of a session which went too far by having boundaries broken steeled Electra's value for consent and trust. Instead of letting this situation break her, she used it as fuel in her trainings of future apprentices on how to set up consensual sessions. 

    Throughout Electra's exploration in the Kink Kloset, it is clear she has outstanding resilience and is able to grow from her struggles and hurdles. She is able to empathize with her clients who are shy and feeling lost. She is able to implant herself into any situation, city or country, and talk to anyone and effortlessly make friends. She also oozes confidence which has allowed her to teach her craft, host events and be the lifeblood of a party. Electra left the Kink Kloset with three nuggets of wisdom: Honour yourself, Honour your boundaries, and be Open with your heart. I hope you enjoy this special episode of the Kink Kloset. 

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    Episode 22 - Patrick Reid

    Episode 22 - Patrick Reid

    I spy two little ducks, it must be the twenty second episode of the Kink Kloset!

    Bounding their way into the Kink Kloset, is one of my dear friends, Patrick Reid. Patrick is an Adelaide based kinkster who has come in and out of kink during his life. Growing up in the north suburbs of Adelaide, Patrick found it hard to connect with his queer-self because there was little support in his area. When he was in his late teens, he found a support group called a drop-in. It was there he found a very special person, Justin. Justin helped Patrick discover the kinkster inside of him and encouraged him to be comfortable with his kinks. In more recent years, Patrick has become active in the kink community and became Mr Adelaide Leather in 2018.

    Patrick has flowed in and out of being a kinkster during his adult life. While he was exploring his kinks during his 20's, he parked it when he met his long-term partner. It felt like the right thing to do, yet he couldn't deny he was missing a piece of himself. This changed when we met his Pup, Miles. Together they developed a Pup/Handler dynamic and this helped Patrick re-discover the kink community. Patrick is very proud of the kink community in Adelaide and all the work Adelaide Leather and Fetish has done to grow the kink community. The Gear'd weekend in Adelaide has become a hallmark event for the kink community in Australia and has given space for new kinksters to discover themselves. Patrick is thankful for the very supportive kink community and is excited with how many opportunities there are for kinksters to be themselves these days. 

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