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Explore the world of personal branding and how to build your Know Like and Trust factor up for ultimate business success. Brand Strategist and Marketing Photographer Britney Gardner comes together with small business experts to explore the relationship between the art of personal branding and the strategy behind building up your know, like and trust factor. She’ll guide you through balancing money-generating activities, deep work to grow your small business, and personal projects that keep your world just light-hearted enough to remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

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Explore the world of personal branding and how to build your Know Like and Trust factor up for ultimate business success. Brand Strategist and Marketing Photographer Britney Gardner comes together with small business experts to explore the relationship between the art of personal branding and the strategy behind building up your know, like and trust factor. She’ll guide you through balancing money-generating activities, deep work to grow your small business, and personal projects that keep your world just light-hearted enough to remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

    Social Media, Making Money as a Multi-Passionate & Imposter Syndrome #106 with Reland Logan

    Social Media, Making Money as a Multi-Passionate & Imposter Syndrome #106 with Reland Logan


    Reland Logan, owner of Gray Digital Marketing, and I discuss all things social media, Imposter Syndrome and making money in today’s digital world.


    * We start out talking about the beauty of online friends and how the pandemic would have been very different a decade ago

    * Reland talks about the difference between in-person connections and social media connections

    * Reland’s take on being on ALL the social media platforms

    * Why reserving your name on every platform matters, even if you don’t want to build a presence on that platform

    * The best way to find where your best clients are hanging out, even if you can’t spend time with them

    * Reland gives the best places to look for your clients online based on their demographics

    * What to do if you really don’t want to deal with research

    * Reland’s biggest lesson in digital marketing

    * A mindset adjustment when dealing with Imposter Syndrome

    * Why high achievers experience Imposter Syndrome more often

    * Focusing your multi-passionate mind to making money


    “There’s something to be said about creating that know, like and trust value in person, but social media is a wonderful intermediary.” – @mktggrayClick To Tweet

    “Social media is a great way to continue the conversation; it’s a way to move forward the conversation, a way to connect.” – @mktggrayClick To Tweet

    “You want to make sure you have the ability to lock in your brand, period.” – @mktggrayClick To Tweet

    “If you aren’t meeting your audience where they’re at, you’re missing a key way to connect. You can’t be at home with them at midnight, but they can be with your business at midnight if they’re just scrolling through.” – @mktggrayClick To Tweet

    “We can’t stop learning. You can’t let that happen to you because in the digital world you will be digital dust.” – @mktggraya href='https://twitter.com/share?text=%E2%80%9CWe+can%27t+stop+learning.+You+can%27t+let+that+happen+to+you+because+in+the+digital+world+you+wil...

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    Myth of the Pre-Launch Period #105

    Myth of the Pre-Launch Period #105



    After years of the online business industry with launch after launch, mastermind after group program all screaming “Build a course!” at the top of their lungs, it’s time to pull back the curtain on a myth that often goes hand-in-hand with course building: the pre-launch period (also known as launch prep, the pre-launch runway, etc.). This episode covers why it’s a myth and what you can do to avoid this fallacy.


    * Courses about building courses tend to gloss over the “work” you need to do outside of building a course to have a successful launch

    * Why those not familiar with the online business world may have a Dorothy-in-Oz moment

    * What’s changed between my first failed launch and now

    * The two big parts of the pre-launch myth: it’s not something you can wing and even a healthy budget won’t fix the problem

    * The difference between macro and micro business strategy, why you may want to hire out one or both, and how they affect brand awareness

    * Why FB ads aren’t the only answer to visibility

    * The three things you can do to avoid a pre-launch fail


    “Instead of lions and tigers and bears, it’s webinars and mailing lists and fb ads, oh my!” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “Branding isn’t being visible. It’s being visible to the right people.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “It’s not that the pre-launch runway is a load of BS, it’s that it’s taught as an afterthought.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “Brand awareness requires strategy to define what you’ll be known for, but it also requires on-the-ground implementation to put out the content that gives you that visibility.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “This is what brand visibility GETS you–a warm audience of loyal buyers.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “All of marketing is a test. If your message isn’t resonating with your best client, you’ll know. It comes in the form of crickets.” – @britneygardnera href='https://twitter.com/share?

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    Business Shifts Case Study #104 with John DeMato

    Business Shifts Case Study #104 with John DeMato



    John DeMato, fellow brand photographer, went from photographing speakers and consultants to suffering from Covid-19 symptoms and having no work overnight. On a whim he picked up his camera and created a new product that works in the socially-distanced pandemic era and he’ll continue to offer when the business world shifts again.


    * How John got the idea for virtual photography

    * Why entrepreneurs tick, and what we can all do when it’s not possible to provide our regular service or product

    * How speakers and consultants are pulling energy from digital presentations instead of their typical in-person events

    * Why virtual photography was a long time coming, particularly for digital marketers and online business owners who have been doing webinars and online meetings for years, but was never photographed that way

    * John talks about the first hurdles he and his clients had to overcome with creative virtual photos on both his end and his clients’ side of the laptop

    * Why using on-stage photos can be tone-deaf in today’s age

    * Speakers are finding they’re required to provide virtual speaker reels to keep booking jobs now

    * What the average (non-photographer) person can do to set up lighting for their Zoom meetings, virtual photoshoots, etc

    * John’s most important Zoom meeting tip!


    “Coming from a place of love and service led to something valuable for my audience.” – @dematophotoClick To Tweet

    “Virtual presentations are an opportunity to leverage an audience and share things and still be able to do their jobs.” – @dematophotoClick To Tweet

    “Even if you’re not solely an online business owner, all of these speakers have tentacles in their business that leads toward the online space.” – @dematophotoClick To Tweet

    “If you’re telling a story to your audience and you’re creating that relationship, it’s important to capture all aspects of that life and business because that’s how you create that connection with people so they can see what it…Click To Tweet


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    * a href="https://www.

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    First Define, Then Apply (Brand Foundation, then Marketing Foundation) #103

    First Define, Then Apply (Brand Foundation, then Marketing Foundation) #103



    All of branding can be broken down into two phases: first, define your brand, then apply it and market your business. In this short episode, I dive into the questions of The Brandscaping Method you need to answer in each phase.


    * Starting scrappy or bootstrapping, in the beginning, means you’ll develop your brand messaging over time

    * The two phases of building a wildly successful brand

    * How I developed my “signature process,” The Brandscaping Method

    * The first phase of building your brand covers all the thinking things

    * The second phase covers all the doing things

    * Why people buy you instead of your offers

    * Authentic consistency and mastering your message

    * The five things you need to know about your marketing foundation

    * Why you need to put your marketing foundation together with your brand foundation


    “It’s a rare, rare thing to start a business and immediately have brand direction. You have to get in the weeds and feel out your processes and methods.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “The first phase of defining your brand includes all of the thinking things: from a-ha moments to brand positioning.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “It isn’t a coach people want. It’s a confident leader they can believe in.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “Those who are in demand all have clearly-defined processes… they are incredibly consistent in their messaging.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet


    * The Perils of Starting Scrappy

    * The Brandscaping Method

    * The Show-Up System

    * Intentional Business Application

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    Your Sales Funnel As A Brand-Building Tool #102

    Your Sales Funnel As A Brand-Building Tool #102

    For over a decade, the most popular list-building advice from experts has told you to create a lead magnet or freebie to attract subscribers. What if this advice is actually hurting you and killing your KLT factor? In this episode I talk about three things that your sales funnel can do to BUILD your brand and grow your Know, Like & Trust factor.


    * The three things you need to understand about building a brand before we cover building one with your sales funnel

    * I cover what a sales funnel is

    * Why bro marketers gave funnels a bad rep, and also what they got right

    * What your client journey and sales funnel have in common

    * Why I don’t like the term “pipeline”

    * Why focusing only on people who buy right now will cannibalize your business

    * The importance of nurturing

    * The three ways to (easily) build your brand in your sales funnel

    * Why most freebies suck

    * The magic number threshold your freebie needs to be worth to make it worth it

    * Some examples of platform content for individual businesses

    * The massive amount of business you’ll miss out on if you’re only selling to people “right now”


    “A funnel is simply a way to attract interest and attention to what you do and then guide those prospects to buying.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “If I can get the same five tips on your freebie that I can get by googling without sharing my email address, you have a big problem.” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “Give me something useful! Give me something that comes from YOUR brain and tells me why I should trust YOU over google!” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “If you look at your freebie and can’t honestly say you’d charge at least $50 for it, you may as well not have one at all. You are damaging your KLT factor if it’s a half-hearted attempt ‘just to get it out there.'” – @britneygardnerClick To Tweet

    “Your platform content should meet your clients where they are at right now, introduce the problem to them and shift their belief around the subject.” – @britneygardnera href='https://twitter.com/share?text=%E2%80%9CYour+platform+content+should+meet+your+clients+where+they+ar...

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    Marketing is Both Art and Science #101 with Rita Barry

    Marketing is Both Art and Science #101 with Rita Barry

    Rita Barry, professed numbers and data geek, talks about numbers as they relate to your marketing decisions whether it’s paid traffic or not.


    * Rita gives her take on numbers and why they’re important

    * The three stages of a marketing funnel

    * We talk about the world of FB ads and how they’re deceivingly simple to start but require a lot of different skills to really thrive

    * Why even with a long history as an agency owner, even Rita is surprised by some ads that take off

    * Anecdotes and outliers aren’t good data for making marketing decisions

    * Why an expensive cost per lead matters to one business but not another

    * We talk about expectation setting, especially as it relates to differences between in-person and online businesses

    * At the beginning of her business, Rita didn’t understand the correlation between projecting revenue goals and outline a marketing plan to get there–and now she sees it’s all about knowing the numbers

    * Rita’s take on the beauty of marketing being both art and science

    * The benchmarks service providers and course creators need to know for conversion rates


    “The better you know your numbers, the better you can run paid traffic. And often if you’re running paid traffic and you don’t know your numbers, a lot of the improvements come from optimizing your numbers.” – Rita BarryClick To Tweet

    “When I say marketing funnel I’m really talking about the whole customer journey that people have getting to know you.” – Rita BarryClick To Tweet

    “The part about Facebook ads that’s so deceiving is that it looks easy…but it can be really challenging between the graphic, copywriting and data side as they are skill sets that don’t often live together in a human.” – Rita BarryClick To Tweet

    “Facebook ads don’t really work unless your business and marketing work.” – Rita BarryClick To Tweet

    “The trends and the patterns over time are infinitely more important than the high days and low days [in your analytics.]” – Rita Barrya href='https://twitter.com/share?text=%E2%80%9CThe+trends+and+the+patterns+over+time+are+infinitely+more+impor...

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5.0 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

LoversBond ,

Entertaining & informative!

I love Brittany’s style of proving some really good information and asking great questions of her guests to keep the conversation entertaining and informative.

vitalej17 ,

So many golden nuggets!!

Britney has a way of explainging her branding tips that gives you s real sense of commitment and ecouragement on her part. You can tell that she genuinely wants us to succeed! All of her and her guest's advice include priceless wisdom and actionable steps to implement within your brand so that you can start growing your biz and building a brand that will LAST!

ecdhunt ,

Love the content and the interviewing style

The recent episode on showing up compelled me to write this review. This podcast has been in my regular listening rotation for a while, but that episode is something that everyone could benefit from hearing. Thank you for consistently sharing such great content! Britney is definitely someone I’ve gotten to know, like, and trust!

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