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An elixir of esoteric banter, astrology, real life & joking around. Hosted by astrologers Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson and Kestrel Neathawk.

Kosmic Tonic Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson, Kestrel Neathawk

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An elixir of esoteric banter, astrology, real life & joking around. Hosted by astrologers Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson and Kestrel Neathawk.

    The Lunar Mansions Part 1 with THEA ANDERSON

    The Lunar Mansions Part 1 with THEA ANDERSON

    In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Thea Anderson on the show for an episode on the lunar mansions.
    What are the lunar mansions, you ask?
    You can think of them as a sort of lunar zodiac. While the Sun passes through 12 signs in a year, the Moon passes through 28 lunar mansions every month. Medieval astrologers and mages used the lunar mansions to time certain events, as well as rites of magic. 
    Thea has studied astrology and magic with Sam Reynolds, Austin Coppock, Nina Gryphon, and Jack Grayle (among others!) Along with being a practiced astro mage, astrologer, and writer, she’s also the Director of Production at @chani.app. We couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable and ideal guide for our journey into the Mansions of the Moon. 
    Note that this episode covers material that’s a little more advanced… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tune in if you’re a beginner! We all have to start somewhere. 
    Thanks for listening! Please share profusely! We hope you enjoy!
    For more on Thea: http://theanichelle.com/astrologytarot
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more on the topics in this episode:
    Nina Gryphon’s astro magic course: https://www.keplercollege.org/index.php/program/catalog/826-cs201a
    Jack Grayle on Glitch Bottle: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/074-hekate-pgm-paradox-with-jack-grayle-glitch-bottle/id1235137914?i=1000498317829
    Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic by Christopher Warnock
    Warnock’s course on Lunar Mansions: https://www.renaissanceastrology.com/minicoursemansionsinfo.html
    Thea’s article on Harriet Tubman: https://www.astro.com/astrology/tma_article210706_e.htm 
    Agrippa’s 3 Books of Occult Philosophy 

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Neptune with STEPHANIE WARNER

    Neptune with STEPHANIE WARNER

    As Neptune stations direct in Pisces, it feels timely that we drop an episode on this planet of dream, delusion, murk, poetry, music, inspiration, intoxication, and escape (among other themes — Neptune is notoriously hard to "pin down.”)
    Joining us is our friend and colleague, Stephanie Warner, a poet, astrologer, scholar, and Astrology Writer for @CHANI.app.
    Together, we explore: dreams, astral projection, the myths of Neptune and Poseidon, midlife transits, Neptune’s influence on art and culture, past Neptune-Jupiter conjunctions, and their once-in-a-lifetime (or several lifetimes) conjunction in Pisces, which happens in April 2022. It’s a packed episode, and we hope you enjoy (and share with all your friends!) 
    For more on Stephanie Warner, check out her Substack  https://substack.com/profile/22745051-stephanie-warner or IG @dark_moon_astrology
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more information on this episode:
    The Jupiter-Neptune cycle by Dane Rudhyar - https://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/astroarticles/jupiter_neptune.php

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Hecate & Grief with HOLLY TRUHLAR

    Hecate & Grief with HOLLY TRUHLAR

    In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Holly Truhlar to the show: grief therapist, writer, facilitator, threshold tender, and guardian of a dachshund, mule, and donkey… among many other roles and talents! 
    Together, we discuss grief, animals, Hecate, initiation, the moon, and so much more. 
    For more on Holly: https://www.hollytruhlar.com/
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more on the books or topics we mentioned:
    The podcast Glitch Bottle ft. Jack Grayle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=karq7jUvsLw
    The Hades Moon by Judy Hall
    The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller
    The Threshold Community hosted by Holly Truhlar and Carmen Spagnola - https://www.thethresholdcommunity.com/
    Climbing Grief Fund - https://americanalpineclub.org/grieffund
    Raw Grief - Collapse Care - https://www.hollytruhlar.com/raw-grief/ 

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Dreams + Astrology with STEVEN KAMPMANN

    Dreams + Astrology with STEVEN KAMPMANN

    In this episode, we speak to writer, educator and dream coach Steven Kampmann. 
    This chat was a wild and wending ride… we cover such topics as Carl Jung, healing through dreams, Steven’s journey with Parkinson’s (and how it’s impacted his dreams), the anima vs. the animus, archetypes and shadow. (And so much more, honestly!) 
    For more on Steven, his dreams course, or to listen to his podcast, check out: www.thedreamscourse.org
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more information on the books or topics we discussed:
    Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life! By Alex Kerten and David Brinn
    Demien by Hermann Hesse
    Jung on Astrology by Safron Rossi
    I am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
    The Great (Hulu series)
    The poems of Mary Oliver
    Meditation with Sam Harris 

    • 1 hr 26 min
    The Signs: LIBRA

    The Signs: LIBRA

    Happy Libra Season! 

    We started these chats on the signs last Scorpio season, which means this is our last episode of the series. (Haven’t checked out the others? Go back and give a listen!) 

    In this episode, we explore the archetype of Libra (with our own resident Libra Sun, Jasmine.) Yes, it gets the reputation for being the “nice” sign, but Lady Justice also wields a sword. We explore the complexities of this sign as well as discuss the upcoming lunations, which include some major cazimi moments (we explain what that means in the episode) and some probing investigation courtesy of Pluto. 

    Also, here’s some exciting news: Kosmic Tonic is working with Constellation Coffee to release a line of Kosmic Tonic Teas! The first one, for Libra season, is designed to help cleanse the kidneys (the organ that Libra rules.) 

    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com

    For more information on ideas discussed on the podcast:

    Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life by Carole Taylor
    Nina Gryphon - https://www.ninagryphon.com/
    Austin Coppock - https://austincoppock.com/
    Constellation Coffee Company - https://www.constellationcoffeeco.com/kosmictonic

    • 58 min
    Horary & Planetary Magic with NINA GRYPHON

    Horary & Planetary Magic with NINA GRYPHON

    We are so thrilled to release this episode with traditional astrologer and astro mage, Nina Gryphon! Together, we explore the ancient branch of horary astrology, in which a chart is drawn for the moment a question is asked. This is astrology at its most divinatory, if not downright magical in its logic (while at the same time complex and rigorous.) We also discuss the practice of astrological magic, including the construction of magical talismans. Other topics include: theology, finding lost pets, the fixed stars, reincarnation, dreams, and much more. 
    For more on Nina Gryphon: https://www.ninagryphon.com/
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel or Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more information:
    Nina’s horary course at Kepler College - https://www.keplercollege.org/index.php/program/catalog/298-certificate-alternate-traditions/987-cs205a 
    The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Laura Lau and Theodora Lau
    Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Guide by Tony Lewis
    The Horary Textbook by John Frawley
    Benjamin Dykes
    Emerald Tablet
    Ali Olomi (@aaolomi on Twitter)
    Mystical Astrology According to Ibn 'Arabi  by Titus Burckhardt

    • 59 min

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5.0 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Michelle2533 ,

Do you want to believe?

When I was a young girl I went into my basement with a Ouija board and attempted to summon the ghost of Tupac with my best friends. It was a little bit scary and a ton of fun, exactly like this show. I’m a fan!

Maren Morgan ,

Informative, fun, and poetic

This podcast is fantastic and all of these women have such an evocative way with words. Listening to this show has been invaluable in my exploration with astrology.

xbhxhsiw ,

Jasmine’s insight is life changing 🥰

Really great astrology information ☺️ Hi Jasmine!

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