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A podcast focused on anarcho-capitalist legal theory.

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A podcast focused on anarcho-capitalist legal theory.

    LoL Ep. 21 - AERC 2021 Recap

    LoL Ep. 21 - AERC 2021 Recap

    In this episode, David sits down with Solomon and Drunk Rothbard to talk about their weekend at the Mises Institute attending the 2021 Austrian Economics Research Conference. We cover a potpourri of topics that were discussed at the conference. 
    Follow the guys on Twitter @Solomonnorred and @DrunkRothbard, and check out their Linktrees, https://linktr.ee/snorred and https://linktr.ee/drunkrothbard.
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    • 2 hr 17 min
    A Rothbardian Legal Order - Liberty Weekly Ep. 159, ft. Law of Liberty

    A Rothbardian Legal Order - Liberty Weekly Ep. 159, ft. Law of Liberty

    This is David's recent appearance on the Liberty Weekly Podcast with Patrick MacFarlane. We have a great discussion about Murray Rothbard's article "Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution" from the Cato Journal, 1982. 

    Follow Liberty Weekly - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC529sl-VC4-YZkxZ12QtcvQ ; @Liberty_Weekly on Twitter.

    • 1 hr 34 min
    LoL Ep. 20 - Law of Liberty Weekly w/ Patrick MacFarlane

    LoL Ep. 20 - Law of Liberty Weekly w/ Patrick MacFarlane

    In this episode, David has a conversation with Patrick MacFarlane, a fellow legal scholar and libertarian podcaster, host of the Liberty Weekly podcast! Two of the best libertarian legal podcasts come together in this episode you don't want to miss! 
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    • 1 hr 26 min
    LoL Ep. 19 - "Self-Determination of Peoples" under International Law

    LoL Ep. 19 - "Self-Determination of Peoples" under International Law

    In this episode, David and Stratty dive deep into David's recent paper, "Statism's Catch-22: An Austro-Libertarian Analysis of 'Self-Determination of Peoples' under International Law." This paper makes the case that the international law doctrine of self-determination has internal contradictions which place the international system in a catch-22 dilemma. This dilemma lays groundwork for the wholesale delegitimization of statism. You don't want to miss this one! You can access the whole paper for free here -> https://austrianstudentconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ASSC-2021-David-Hoffa.pdf

    R.I.P. Joshua Flynn - please purchase his book, "Black Libertarianism in the Blue State" here -> https://www.amazon.com/Black-Libertarianism-State-Joshua-Flynn/dp/B085RP5SFS 

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    • 1 hr 29 min
    LoL Ep. 18 - David and Porter Achieve Enlightenment

    LoL Ep. 18 - David and Porter Achieve Enlightenment

    This the long-awaited continuation of Law of Liberty, David sits down with Porter, co-host of the Insurrection Inc. podcast, to have a long conversation about the Enlightenment, the Counter-Enlightenment, and related schools of thought. 

    You can find Porter on Twitter @mindyourexcuses, and listen to Insurrection Inc. @insurrectionpod. 

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    • 1 hr 30 min
    LoL Ep. 17 - Thus Spake Cotton

    LoL Ep. 17 - Thus Spake Cotton

    In this episode, we have a long conversation with our good friend Cotton on Friedrich Nietzsche. We talk about his ideas, his influence on subsequent thinkers, and attempt to find what we can learn from him about politics, law, and how to practically spread liberty. Would Nietzsche have been a paleo-conservative? Can Cotton do an impersonation of Nietzsche? It's all in this episode!

    Follow Cotton on Twitter @Cottonarchist, and follow his podcast Dissecting Liberty @Dissectingliby. He and his co-host recently discontinued the show, but they have a great catalogue of episodes worth checking out. 

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Ncsouth ,

Great insight!

Stratty and David give great takes on topics that get very little real coverage. They take dense legal topics and make them accessible without losing the substance of the matter. Great pod!

Hans Hoffa ,

Episode suggestions

You guys should do separate episodes discussing Hazlitt’s Foundation of Morality and Aristotle. Focus on the moral ontology and then the implications on legal and political philosophy.

Also an episode on Brandeis as a libertarian...with an open mind to the line of thinking that connects him to the Jeffersonian skepticism of the commercial state, with a focus on how he understood the Progressives to be protecting individual liberty from crony capitalism.

Perhaps also an episode on Roscoe Pound.

Perhaps also episodes on Tara Smith’s Moral Rights and Political Freedom, Jack Balkin’s Living Originalism and David Strauss’s Living Constitution.

One suggestion I would make to you guys is to be more open to a wider set of viewpoints and treat the arguments as worth taking on instead of being so conclusory. I used to be a very narrow minded Rothbardian libertarian, but after surveying the ideological landscape and reading a lot of history and law, I think that libertarianism can be a much wider umbrella and that it has to be if it is going to be relevant outside of our little parochial sects going forward.

Excellent podcast though. I hope you guys grow because we need more conversations like this.

pburkett12 ,

Must listen!

These are two brilliant guys who are passionate and knowledgeable about their topic(s). Absolutely would recommend this podcast to anyone interested in legal theory, especially but certainly not only from a libertarian perspective.

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