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This isn’t your typical legal advice podcast and Angel M. Latterell, Esq is not your typical lawyer. Angel understands the heart and soul, just as much as the judicial system.

As an attorney, she has over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation, and landlord-tenant law. As a project manager, Angel is all about building and nurturing systems that work. As a certified transformation coach, practicing Buddhist, spiritual guide, and poet she knows it all starts with a healthy abundance mindset.

Angel is any heart-based entrepreneur’s trusted advisor. She understands the law wasn’t written to be understood and wants to empower you to stop avoiding your legal matters.

Angel teaches you how to manage your assets and properly contain your abundance so you can prosper systematically and energetically.

Laws of Abundance Angel Latterell

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This isn’t your typical legal advice podcast and Angel M. Latterell, Esq is not your typical lawyer. Angel understands the heart and soul, just as much as the judicial system.

As an attorney, she has over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation, and landlord-tenant law. As a project manager, Angel is all about building and nurturing systems that work. As a certified transformation coach, practicing Buddhist, spiritual guide, and poet she knows it all starts with a healthy abundance mindset.

Angel is any heart-based entrepreneur’s trusted advisor. She understands the law wasn’t written to be understood and wants to empower you to stop avoiding your legal matters.

Angel teaches you how to manage your assets and properly contain your abundance so you can prosper systematically and energetically.

    S2. Ep.4 | Vibration...It is Real: Raise Your Vibration, Change your Life

    S2. Ep.4 | Vibration...It is Real: Raise Your Vibration, Change your Life

    Everything on this earth holds a vibration. We can’t see them but atoms are little solar systems rotating around a sun, just as planets and moons are rotating around their planets and suns, and galaxies. They are all in movement all the time. This movement that has a resulting frequency is Hermetic Principle of Vibration. In some ways it the acceptance and acknowledgment that every THING is always in motion.  And you are now like - Great, right. Thanks, Angel. What does this principle of Hermetics have to do with me and my life? Scientists and physicists yes, but me? Well, if everything is in motion, then we are in motion, if everything has a vibration than we have a vibration, and thus our choices can affect our vibration significantly. Take for example my choosing to drink herbal tea vs. coffee (i.e. caffeine) in the morning – one literally starts my heart palpitating and my skin sweating – the other soothes me into a nice meditative space where I can engage in ritual, meditation, and chanting. Ritual meditation and chanting then have me going to a higher mind state than say, starting my day on social media. And thus when I actually move into my second part of the day, the part where I sit in front of a computer. If I’ve meditated, things flow smooth. If I’ve simply caffeinated and ingested headlines and social feeds I’m already scattered and my vibration is already jumpy. My day is more likely to tilt into reaction and go off course than if I right my sails into the flow of the higher self.  So let me tell you a little story a situation that arose this month.  (It’s so easy now to look back and see how I literally spun myself up) Mercury retrograde, plus Jupiter in Aries, plus Lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Sitting on the couch crying over things I can’t identify; grief is welling up within me as I let go of old stuff I’m carrying and mourn changes, and also, I’m in a unproductive thought loop about needs and wants in my relationship. I want to talk to my partner on the phone before he’s unreachable, and I’m in Canada and we are on different schedules and, and, and…. The more I think about the distance the bigger it gets and I’m having a full-blown anxious attachment trigger episode with myself. Now, I know this is in my head – my partner has done nothing to deserve some of the frustrated thought loops currently dancing in my mind – it’s my disappointment bear again, it’s my wounded wailer crying over injuries that have not been perpetuated but certainly will be, and before you know it I’m very worked up and now I’m crying about my needs not being met. Even though there is absolutely no external stimulus to create this situation. I’ve done it to myself with my thoughts.  
    Yes, I’m in a relationship where distance is a constant, but I generally find that ok because I’ve got so much going on, I need the space for my purpose. And my needs are met. But now that my vibration has shifted, and things feel icky – because my thoughts are worked up, and my vibration is not of the light – it is of complaint and fear. I’ve spiraled myself into a literal emotional tizzy. 
    Now here’s the thing. I know how to get out of it – but this particular week I don’t, I give in to the tsunami of emotion and feeling – I journal, I allow it to pass through me – but it doesn’t go. Some fear wants attention, so I take the bait, I text my partner, he doesn’t respond as I wanted in fact, he responds to something from the night before but my spiraled and wound up wounded wailer steps in and freaks the f**k out “WTF! How could he! Never again! doesn’t he know what I’m going through!”  
    Bad news bears, dear listeners – so when he finally calls me, I’m an aggravated mess incapable of properly communicating anything. And he is very confused and defensive at me being a crying blob of inarticulate emotional vomit. I don’t blame him – and ironically, I used the very thing

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    S2. Ep.3 | "Angel, You Look Like Chaos"

    S2. Ep.3 | "Angel, You Look Like Chaos"

    So, it finally happened to me. COVID. I’ve never been afraid of it, been moving about the country traveling all over the place for the last two-plus years and finally, we came full circle, and the trip we were supposed to take in 2020, we took in 2022 in New Orleans – and COVID shows up to crash the party. Now it’s not a shocker to me that I got sick. I haven’t been sleeping well or resting at all. I’ve been overworked, and stressed about various things with my partner’s kids, with my job being super successful, but me not having the right amount of help or systems in place. I placed all my self-care cards in the proverbial vacation bucket. “I’ll get rest later,” I said. I’ll take a break later. Well, when vacation finally came so did illness, walking right in the wide-open door.  Ok Angel, what does this have to do with a law of abundance or Hermetics? Everything. Because our life is a reflection of the cosmos, and our inner life is reflected in our outer world. Recently my very good friend called me to say “Angel, you look like chaos.” I knew she was right. I was trying to do too much all at once, to be too much for others and not showing up for myself with basic self-care practices. Not setting boundaries with my time. I was not taking time to clear myself or ground in any significant way – and I lost touch with myself briefly. I was tired, irritable, and stressed out, and no wonder most of what I attempted failed. My inner world responded messily.  Now the principle of correspondence, as above so below, so within, so without – as the axiom goes isn’t just this simplistic, yet at the same time, it is.  What the principle of correspondence means is that ALL the universe – every single thing in it, from the heavens (the stars and planets) to an anthill on earth, or a microbiome inside my gut all follow the same set of rules and none of them deviate. 
    Look at how Atoms work. A nucleus that is circled by an electron. A solar system is a sun/star/a nucleus circled by planets (electrons), so the tiniest thing is similar to one of the biggest things I can imagine. 
    The law of correspondence tells us that there is a rhythm, an order, and a set of rules, like cause and effect, vibration, polarity that everything follows, nothing escapes this cosmic ordering, nothing is outside of the seven hermetic principles, live them and experience the best alignment in this life with our purpose and oneness with them. 
    This is all a true magician or Alchemist does. Align with these principles and rules of the universe and use them to manifest hermetically for the best and highest good. 
    The hermetic path is likely never the easy path. It’s the longer, higher road with the rewards that can’t be counted selfishly. But also, it can be the healthy path, the calm path, the path where chaos cannot come spoil your party because those doors are not ever open. 
    I do my best. I live mostly in integrity. I live mostly attempting to step forward on a hermetic kabbalistic path in my life. But I am not at all perfect (albeit perfection is simply the act of staying on the path and practicing every day). I get stubborn, I have attachments. I let my fear of mind control decision-making when I get worked up. And then I’ve got to learn things the hard way – with some proverbial beating on the head with a baseball bat to get the message. 
    But the beating comes because the laws of the universe dictate it. Cause and effect always happen. Inner worlds reflect on the outside. 
    So in my case this time around I got really sick on my vacation and anniversary fun times with my partner in New Orleans. And then I spent six days in quarantine on a calm serene beach in Vero Beach, Florida recovering. Life could be way worse. I’m lucky my partner said book a room here, my intuition said, “be right on the beach!” no compromise. It was just two nights to decompress after New Orleans and to prep to visit my father.

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    S2. Ep.2 | All is Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality

    S2. Ep.2 | All is Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality

    Transmute = “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another, to transition.”            -Webster’s Dictionary  Thus, Mental Transmutation = the art of changing mental state, forms and conditions into other state.
     Hermetic Principle #1 Principle of Mentalism Axiom “All is mind; the universe is mental.” Meaning the underlying reality of everything is mind. Descartes said “I think, therefore I AM.” In Hermetics this means the universe itself is mental – existing in the mind of The All. 
    But let’s carry this to a logical next step, if the universe is mental and all is mind and mental transmutation is changing mental state – then the art of changing your mental state is the art of changing your reality. Everything starts with your mental state. Change your mind, change your reality.
     And this is principle #1of hermetics, so in order to become a master of reality, one must become a master of awareness such that they can master their mind not have their mind be a master of them.
    Ok Angel – now you are being a hermetical bumper sticker. To this I say yes I am. “Change your mind. Change your reality.” Is a bumper sticker but it is also a hermetic principle because all is mind. Literally the world we see in “objective reality” is a reflection of what is going on in your mind. So if your mind is a cluttered mess of thoughts and negative self-talk, I bet your work space, room, or home is also a bit cluttered.
    All that physical clutter represents what is going on inside all the unconscious, subconscious attachments to other people’s opinions about what you should be doing or saying.
    What do you want to be doing with your life? Have you thought about that recently? Are you living the life you want to live? If the answer is no – what is stopping you?
    Pause this podcast right now and write down your reasons. Just take five minutes. What is stopping you from living the life that you want to live?
    Ok – welcome back. Look at your reasons, how many of them could you change if you changed your mind about them being a reason that they are stopping you?
    For example - Recently I have been busy with marketing my law office. So busy however,  that I’ve barely had time to eat, exercise or take care of myself. This has had me stressed out and aggravated some health problems. This is not the life I want to live In a physical state with a swollen ankle and a limp. I want to be able to hike through the jungle to waterfalls in Hawaii and beaches in Brazil. What is the answer? Instead of being a victim to my calendar I purposefully decide that I have time. Time for self-care, time to block my tasks, time for boundaries for my volunteer work, time to hire a law clerk and an apprentice. 
    I change my mind and my thought process around time, I implement boundaries and I bring in help – I stop looking at this as temporary.
    My business is growing because I’m investing in it. But there is no reason to have a successful business if I can’t enjoy my life.
    Recently, my friend lost everything. 
    Or so she thought - emphasis on thought. 
    “I have been bad-mouthed by a community I love and am strongly attached to,” my friend said.  
    Her hurt and confusion was palpable 
    My question?
    What have you lost? 
    My friend quipped, “my community.”
    Interesting I said, I don’t THINK so.
    “I’m still here. Your other friends who care about and support you are still here,”
    My friend agreed. I could tell her energy had began to increase. 
    So, I asked, 
    “Have you lost your community? The answer is no.”
    All she had lost were strangers and/or acquaintances who lack discernment and good judement as they had chose to believe someone with no facts or reason. 
    So, old thought – “I lost everything” – which will surely increase more lack and loss belief 
    New thought – “How blessed am I to have the incredible close friends that see my truth, support me and kn

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    S2. EP.1 | Hermetics + Me

    S2. EP.1 | Hermetics + Me

    Welcome to season 2 of Laws of Abundance! I cannot wait to kick off this second season with you – This season, in part, is season 2 because this is the year of 2s, 2022, which seems appropriate to keep the angelic numerology going. So with Season 2 in 2022, we have 4 twos, 2222 (an Angelic number of balance) construction and harmony.  It speaks of new experience awaiting through bravery and positive thinking resulting in you building your dreams - in short be confident in your abilities, trust your instincts, take a leap out of your comfort zone and build the future you truly desire using the laws of the universe.  So this season of 2, I am going to do just that by showing you the hermetic principles, the laws of the universe that we can use to build our desires into reality, as they are at work in my own life.  Season 1 was a seed, my practice round, where I shared at random as things came up for me.  I hope season 2 will be more structured, yet more vulnerable, so you can see HOW Hermetics are organic laws at work in life, and how when used and observed intentionally, you can use them to bring abundance, light, and joy.   
    Let us begin:
    “A rosebud opens into a rose, an acorn grows into an oak, and a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon - that we, too, unfold according to an inner plan?” - Howard Sasportas, The 12 Houses
    This week on Monday using my Writual planning journal and my new set of oracle cards given to me by my partner for my birthday - I pulled The Fool, the rune Perthu and The Emerald Tablet Activation card from my new light activation oracle deck. Clearly the universe was sending me a message to radically trust, let go, to be an open container of the divine plan, according to the rules of Hermetics. To allow for manifestation around me with my effort only being the holding of the desire - not the manipulation of the elements. 
    I’m writing this right now on an airplane flying to Kuau’i, Hawaii - sitting in first class, enjoying the first blanket and pillow I’ve seen on an airplane since January of 2020 and so much leg room. Now I’m rambling and you are likely wondering what does this have to do with anything Angel? What is the Emerald Tablet?t, what are Hermetics?, and good for you going to Hawaii flying first class in January. 
    So this year and my second Season of Laws of Abundance I am going to dedicate to studying the Hermetic Principles as they appear in my life.  Using real examples as I have leaned into them, or struggled against them to no avail - because Law of Abundance #1 is that the rules of Hermetics are inescapable laws. It doesn’t matter if you know them, believe in them, they still apply to you. But if you live by them, if you actually use them they are keys to the creation of abundant and joyful life. 
    First I am going to say and admit that I am still an apprentice in this area.  A padawan. I am no Obi Wan or  Yoda when it comes to these laws. I’m at best a young and whining Luke Skywalker.  I am still studying the force, so I will share my experience and not be arrogant enough to claim anything close to mastery.  And unlike Star Wars - there really isn’t power in the dark side here on this plane.  The dark side is negative ego - FEAR, STUCK, NON-MOVING crunchy garbage living in a cage of a matrix dream world where you go nowhere.  We all start there. As a little battery pod in the matrix doing nothing but feeding the machine, not aware of our purpose. It is our default. We have to choose and work hard at unplugging every single day. This is not a one-and-done red pill like Neo in the Warner Brothers story.  It's more like the daily blue pill Niel Patrick Harris prescribes him, we have to remind ourselves every single day through gratitude, ritual, prayer, and meditation, to stay on the path to knowing our higher self and not ending up back asleep in our little comfortable matrix prison. 
    So let me tell you a little story about my j

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    S1. Ep.20 | Activate Your New Year "Magick"

    S1. Ep.20 | Activate Your New Year "Magick"

    Listeners, I would like to give you the gift of actual MAGICK this New Year. MAGICK to help bring your New Year goals into fruition - MAGICK to resolve and live the life of your dreams in 2022 and beyond. Magick doesn't involve childhood fairy tales or Walt Disney fantasy but aligns with the scientific laws of abundance and the logical flow of the universe around you.  So, what is this “magick?”  Why do I spell it with a K? What does a magickal life entail and how does this relate to laws of the universe and abundance? Once upon a time, I believed with enough hard work you could control all outcomes in life. I fastidiously controlled what went into my body and who I was physically around. I had to because I had such sensitivity to other people (I didn’t know I was empathic) and had hidden panic attacks and anxiety. Spontaneity was only for moments of self-medicated freedom - yet even those were still carefully controlled and curated within containers to ensure bad decision-making didn’t leak out and spoil my future. I had no one to rely on but myself, so I couldn’t f**k anything up. This is why I had to control everything, be perfect at everything, manage everything. Thus the hamster wheel continued to spin, but I was a high functioning achievement-oriented person who looked “successful” on the outside.  Then I met these lovely women who told me to chant nam myo renge kyo - I had nothing to lose so I did. I had no idea what the words mean but the vibration, the ritual, the time spent in meditation began to relax something within me.  I felt better, alchemically without any processing. Something was altering my physical body and my mind - thoughts cleared, heart rate lowered, muscles relaxed all with the repetitive rhythm and vibrational frequency of a mantra repeated over and over again. And after a month or so of chanting this every day I began to realize I had been living my life in a self-imposed prison.  It was a prison of unworthiness and of omniscient controllers.  Like a scared beast, I had to stay in my cage because everything outside the prison was unknown and uncontrollable. And little ole me could not dare to ask anything of the universe, I could not request to have my needs met or be noticed. In fact hiding was the preferred method of life because if I was seen it could invite attack.  I, through a practice of daily meditation and chanting a high vibration mantra transformed myself from a body of fear to a body of creative expression.  I began to put myself out there, to perform poetry and help others do the same.  I started to ask for things from the universe. I articulated my needs and wants and toyed with the concept of being worthy to receive these gifts. 
    So back to magick. The definition of magic is the process of creating something from nothing or changing something into something else. Examples of this - to draw letters on a blank piece of paper. Where there was open space there is now a message, a poem, or a song.  To create music, both thru dictating notes on paper using the language of scales and notes or to strum the melody on a guitar or piano. First, there is nothing, then there is something. Or magick is to make a lasagna.  Last night I took noodles, ground sausage, tomato sauce, herbs, and cheese, and with a bit of love, I placed them together in a specific order and thus created a new thing - something from something else. In this case, a lasagna is appropriate for a Garfield the Cat meme. 
    So magick in the personal alchemical means the same. In my story, my 18-year-old self took the mantra nam myoho renge kyo and I repeated it, and it changed me from something to something else. It changed my vibration over time from fear to courage and it transformed my life, and awakened me to my true abilities as a creative individual capable of her own acts of magick. 
    The Tarot card The Magician (in the traditional Rider Waite illustrations), one hand points up, and one hand

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    Are you Being "Shoulded" On?

    Are you Being "Shoulded" On?

    Dear listener.. who is scared. 
    Stifled by walls built by you, based on other people's expectations.
     Or what you believe to be others' expectations of you. 
    Agreements you have made about who “you should be” or had to be based on perceived pressures. 
    Dear listener, how do I know this about you? Because I used to be you. 
    For example, I went to law school not because I really wanted to be a lawyer but because writers and artists, and people with philosophy degrees were perceived as destined to be starving and without financial options. I really wanted to be a poet (the hungriest of writers of them all) and a writer, and at that very moment in college, I wanted to be a radio DJ. I’m laughing at myself now because it took me literally almost 25 years to cycle back around to be a writer and now a podcast host. My radio voice was destined to find a home.
    But I had to be a lawyer first. A very miserable lawyer, I might add. A lawyer with a drinking problem to numb the feeling of an amputated soul in the transactional lack filled and adversarial environment of law firms. I got to write a lot of legal briefs and contracts but it wasn’t helping people. It definitely wasn’t helping me become abundant or joyful. It quashed my creativity which is why I drank, it made me feel dead inside because it was a suppression of myself to put myself in this box, this mask of a lawyer. And other lawyers were always telling me I was doing it wrong anyway. I laughed too much, I tried to solve problems versus giving people things they didn’t need.  
    And how did I get there/here? My mom, my fiance, societal beliefs about artists, econ majors at my school, all “shoulded” on me. And I internalized that on top of all my baggage about self-worth and needing to be useful that I chose the SAFE route and went to law school. I saddled myself with massive student loan debt and a bunch of matrix programming about fixing systems from within the system.  I built a really good “duck suit” that I thought would let all of the negativity roll off.  You know how water just rolls off a duck's feathers.
    My duck suit was armor - so I could keep smiling in the face of the projected onslaught of people’s problems or dramas - so I could keep on, keeping on when I left law school doomed to continue - I literally couldn’t afford to not be an attorney because I had so much debt and no other viable skills besides being an attorney (again I never looked at being a writer as an abundance producing skill). 
    In fact, I never even thought I could publish my words, who would want them?  And definitely, no one was ever going to give me money for them.  I built an entire miserable and safe reality around the identity of a lawyer so that by age 26 I had chronic fatigue, a drinking problem, intimacy issues, seriously low self-esteem, digestion, and other health issues. The only joy I found was in parties and live music because I could drown out the sadness,  with the noise. 
    I had no idea that none of this was real and that my prison of agreement about who and what I was, was all me making it up. 
    Ok Angel, nice bummer parade you are sharing - what is your point? Where is the law of abundance here? This one is hard for me to articulate in a sound bite, so let me try to unpack it.
    The safe route is a prison and a lie you tell yourself So much of “who we think we are '' is a story built on fictions of what we believe are other people's expectations and judgments of us.  Those “shoulds” I mentioned. Those shoulds are agreements we make. ARE YOU BEING “SHOULDED” ON? What agreement do you need to be yourself? If you could live completely free of these agreements you believe others have put on you - what life would you choose? Who are you really? And what is it you truly want to do? What brings you joy? How do we know what is actually our reliable reality? How do we figure out, like the old me in my story, that I am living in a

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3 Ratings

De-kat ,

Wise woman

Angel brings years of her own experience and practice to share practical advice to and abundant life using your own creativity and powers. Excellent in every way!

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Love this podcast!

Bite size nuggets of advice and wisdom with a focus on abundance that is perfect for my busy schedule! I love how Angel breaks her advice down to a very simplistic and understandable level. ❤️❤️❤️

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Excellent Gems!

Angel does a fantastic job at melding the traditional business laws of success with universal and spiritual laws of abundance. Love that the episodes are short and easily fit into any morning routine!