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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

    Creating a Culture of Character

    Creating a Culture of Character

    Mary Crossan is the Co-founder of Leader Character Associates and Virtuosity Character, which enhance organizational leadership characteristics. She is also the Professor of Strategic Leadership at Western University’s Ivey Business School.
    Recognized on the global list of the top 2% of the most cited scientists in her discipline in 2021, Mary received the Lifetime Career Achievement Academy of Management Distinguished Educator Award in 2023. Her research includes leadership character, organizational learning, strategic renewal, and improvisation. A prolific author, Mary has contributed to over 100 articles and books and is the co-author of The Character Compass.
    In this episode… Is “character” a mere buzzword, or does it hold tangible value for those in leadership positions? Cultivating a specific set of behaviors can improve your personal effectiveness and enhance your team’s performance and commitment. How can you define and develop your character to uplevel your organization?
    According to leadership researcher Mary Crossan, leaders must develop and hone 11 character disciplines, including integrity, humility, and courage, to empower their companies. Each discipline holds a set of behaviors that leaders can self-assess to identify strengths and weaknesses. By promoting a culture that nurtures and rewards positive characteristics and reflecting daily on actions and behaviors, you can increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
    In the latest episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Mary Crossan, the Co-founder of Leader Character Associates, to talk about developing leader character. Mary discusses The Character Compass, an innovative approach to shaping leadership character, and explains the implications of character on organizational culture, performance, and commitment.

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    Uncontainable Growth

    Uncontainable Growth

    Ali Cudby is the Founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, a consultancy transforming businesses through intentional customer experiences. As the author of the best-selling book Keep Your Customers, she specializes in customer experience and loyalty, employing a unique four-step method that she crafted from her extensive background in corporate planning, strategic marketing, and customer relations. Ali’s experience includes pivotal roles at the New York Times, Golf Digest, and Animal Planet TV network.
    In this episode… With one fundamental shift in your business approach, you can make a meaningful impact on your team and customers. Could crafting more intentional customer experiences be the key to explosive growth?
    Ali Cudby, a customer experience maven, emphasizes developing retention strategies that make the customer feel seen, heard, and valued. This involves making small but powerful shifts in your communication and service-delivery tactics, which fosters customer and employee loyalty. You can enhance satisfaction by communicating service benefits from the customer’s perspective and developing a clear and consistent process for customer engagement.
    In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Ali Cudby, the Founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, for a discussion about crafting superior customer experiences. Ali talks about the "mint method," her company's unconventional name origins, and the importance of data in aligning your organization's strategies.

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    You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For!

    You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For!

    Jess Weems Thibault is the VP of Growth at HireEducation, an organization dedicated to growing executive, sales, marketing, and product teams in the education sector. With an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and a solid background in secondary science education, Jess bridges the gap between teaching and ed tech. She has over a decade of experience in various nonprofit settings, including passion-driven involvement in middle school education.
    Jess's diverse career spans from being a self-employed artist to an energetic marketer, using her deep belief in human potential to shape the future of education and talent development.
    In this episode… Ever felt like you're waiting for someone or something to unlock your next step in life? What if the keys to your boldest moves and successes were always within you, just waiting to be realized?
    Jess Weems Thibault, an educator turned growth marketer, explores her dual approach to making informed decisions that resonate with both the creative and analytical sides of problem-solving. Jess emphasizes the importance of believing in human potential and using our innate abilities to navigate the path of innovation and change. Reflecting on how her passion for maximizing human potential translates into her current role, Jess highlights the power of balancing your gut instinct with data for an enriched decision-making process. 
    In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Jess Weems Thibault, the VP of Growth at HireEducation, to discuss the power of informed decisions. Jess highlights the importance of ‘internal resources,’ such as self-belief and the combination of analytical and creative strengths, in pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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    The Connector's Advantage

    The Connector's Advantage

    Michelle Tillis Lederman is the Founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, a training company that provides communication and leadership programs and executive coaching services. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and the author of four books, including The Connector’s Advantage.
    As a former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA, Forbes named Michelle as one of the top 25 Professional Networking Professionals. She inspires individuals and organizations in the government, academia, Fortune 500, and nonprofit spaces to build relationships and get results.
    In this episode… Connecting and networking are crucial for personal and professional development. Anyone can be a connected leader. So how can you scale your influence and impact?
    Versatile leader and networking professional Michelle Tillis Lederman has identified the core mindsets you must adopt to become an actionable leader. One approach involves cultivating a generous spirit by identifying ways to help others and maintaining curiosity about their situations. Connectors also prioritize relationships in each interaction and possess a keen sense of self-awareness. By being likable through authenticity, positive energy, and a confident self-image, you can empower those around you.
    In this episode of The Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Michelle Tillis Lederman, the Founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, to speak about becoming a powerful connector. Michelle explains the qualities of a connector, her impetus to write her books, and how to join the Connected Leader Club.

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    Choose Excellence and Success Will Follow

    Choose Excellence and Success Will Follow

    Carolyn Ward, MD is the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health. With over eight years of experience in the health sector and a background as chief resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, she leads the charge in shaping clinical product roadmaps and represents the voice of providers and patients in the development process. At Particle Health, Carolyn’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare access and patient outcomes through innovative, data-driven solutions, transforming how patient information is shared across the medical landscape.
    In this episode… Have you ever been frustrated filling out endless forms at a doctor's office, wondering why your current healthcare provider can’t access your medical history? Isn't it ironic that despite how advanced medical treatments have become, patient data management seems stuck in the past? What if there's a way to change that?
    Carolyn Ward, MD, a dedicated physician and health tech innovator, introduces us to the revolutionary world of medical data integration. She discusses her path from the halls of Rutgers, delving into medicine, and eventually finding her true passion in the dynamic field of health tech. Particle Health stands as her current platform, where she strives to dismantle the fragmented healthcare system by promoting the unification of patient data for personalized care. Carolyn emphasizes the potential of AI in understanding and predicting individual health outcomes, and how innovation is key in reshaping the relationship between patients and providers.
    In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, host Andrea Heuston sits down with Carolyn Ward, MD, the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health, to talk about leveraging data to transform patient care. Carolyn showcases the power of unified data, the possibilities of AI, and the importance of innovation in the medical field, exploring a future where technology and human touch seamlessly enhance patient outcomes.

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    Don't Limit Yourself

    Don't Limit Yourself

    Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation, aiming to connect individuals for great causes and improve data, AI, and analytics solutions. A mathematician, cryptographer, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur with successful startups in Silicon Valley and the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, she has a rich background in system security and technological innovation. Sherry champions women in STEM and strives to influence a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.
    As a business leader and advocate for female entrepreneurship, she co-founded Women Funding Women to amplify women-led ventures. Sherry holds both a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and an honorary doctorate for her work promoting girls and women to study and pursue a career in STEM.
    In this episode… Have you questioned whether taking risks and stepping into the unknown would bring you to where you wanted to be? Is it possible to bridge the gap between fulfilling one's potential and overcoming societal expectations?
    Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, a crusader for female empowerment, tackles these issues head-on. With an illustrious background in cryptology and a fearless leap into entrepreneurship, Sherry's story is nothing short of inspiration, as she highlights the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in male-dominated fields such as tech and government, as well as the journey to fostering a culture of inclusivity and achieving successful startup ventures.
    Listen to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, as host Andrea Heuston sits down with Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation and Co-Founder of Women Funding Women, Inc., to talk about leveling the playing field for women in tech and entrepreneurship. They delve into Sherry's commitment to supporting women-led ventures and how she carved a significant path for herself and future generations of women leaders in STEM.

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4.9 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

crashcason ,


Incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring little gems for my ears. I couldn’t imagine a more delightful listen. I know people say this about a lot of things and don’t mean it, but seriously- if I could give this a four thousand and eighty two star review - I would! Do yourself a favor and listen to this!!!!

KittyKat12384 ,

Time well spent!

I’m really enjoying Andrea’s interviews with her guests. She asks insightful questions that make an educational listening experience.

Julie-Your Expert Guest ,

Inspiring women!

Andrea is a delight and you can hear her energy though the microphone. She interviews a diverse number of women that are all doing amazing work in the world. Highly recommend!

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