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Leadership is a subtle talent. Our podcast series brings focus to the art of leadership. We provide a source of insight and advice from those who have successfully led people, teams, and organizations. On Leaders247 accomplished leaders share tips, lessons, and ideas for how to become an effective leader.

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Leadership is a subtle talent. Our podcast series brings focus to the art of leadership. We provide a source of insight and advice from those who have successfully led people, teams, and organizations. On Leaders247 accomplished leaders share tips, lessons, and ideas for how to become an effective leader.



    Today we welcome Dan Watt the Chief Operating Officer and a Senior Vice President Broadband Communications Systems at L3 Harris Technologies.
    Dan is an experienced senior executive and turn-around artist. Dan is often called into the most difficult business situations to revive them.
    Dan has over 26 years of service with L3 and L3 Harris Technologies companies.
    Dan has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona and an alumnus of The Wharton School’s Executive Leadership Program.
    Dan is someone I describe as a leadership fundamentals guru. Dan is a people-person and knows how to help others reach their potential. He cares deeply about people having the best possible experience while at the same time accelerating business success.
    We welcome Dan to our show.

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    Steady Fundamentals

    Steady Fundamentals

    Today we welcome Mark James to our leadership show.
    Mark is the Senior Vice president of Human Resources, Procurement, and Communications at Honeywell.  
    Mark has an impressive pedigree in international business leadership. 
    In this podcast, Mark shares unique insights on leadership topics such as:
    How to have both a successful and enjoyable career while still having a life, How to use data to make important policy decisions, How to approach talent development, How to become a sought-after talent, How to build trust in your organization, And how to lead a multi-national organization. We welcome Mark James to Leaders247.

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    Trail Blazer Leadership

    Trail Blazer Leadership

    Today we welcome Sarah Petrone, the Senior Vice President of People and Culture at the Portland Trailblazers. I should warn you up front, I grew up in Oregon and the Blazers are near and dear to my heart.
    Sarah is a strategic leader in diverse industries and organizations. She has a vast set of experiences in retail, manufacturing, biotech and sales operations. Sarah has spent a lifetime creating high performing teams, and development programs and continuous improvement initiatives. She has a passion for building organizations where coaching, development, and constant learning are emphasized.
    Sarah was named to the Portland Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 group. Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Marylhurst and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State.
    We welcome Sarah to Leaders247.

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    Blitz - Leader to the End

    Blitz - Leader to the End

    Today’s podcast is unique. It was my privilege to spend time with Elgie Bellizio – also known as Blitz. Blitz is a Navy World War II Veteran, a retired Naval Captain, a former high school football, baseball, track, and basketball coach, a former high school sports director, and a person who has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping young people transform their lives.
    Blitz is a hero in many ways. He is one of our remaining National Treasures from a time that we need to remember. One thing that is most impressive to me about Blitz is his desire and ability to continue to serve young people. He started the Sunrise House in Salinas, California to treat teenage drug abusers. He is a pioneer in recognizing that counseling needs to extend beyond the addicted individual to families, friends, and the community. Blitz is highly recognized by leaders, including President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 Presidential Recognition Awards for Community Service, the Governor of California - George Deukmejian, among many other high-ranking public leaders.
    I hope you enjoy this unique podcast featuring Elgie Bellizio. I have included pictures and additional documents about the great life of Blitz on our website. Included in our podcast post is an article published by Blitz entitled “Approaches to Drug Problems within the School Setting.” 

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    Foundations of Leadership – Integrity and Authenticity

    Foundations of Leadership – Integrity and Authenticity

    Today we welcome Sue Galatz, a longtime Nike leader in business and strategy to our leadership show.
    Sue is an innovator, thought leader, and a process genius. A chemical engineer by education, she uses a creative discipline to bring new ideas to life.
    I first met Sue during my early days at Nike. She has remained an incredible influence on my leadership life, and a good friend and mentor. I pattern my organizational leadership after the lessons I learned from working with Sue at Nike. I am thrilled to have Sue join our show.
    Disclaimer: I want to point out that the views expressed on this program do not represent Nike or any other organization. The views are independent and our own.
    More About Sue
    Throughout her career, Sue has focused on bringing new ideas to life.  She’s skilled at bridging strategy and action. With more than 15 years at Nike, she’s worked the “white space” between functions to evolve capabilities and business models.  Highlights include driving new concepts and social change, elevating brand frameworks, and optimizing operational efficiencies.  Prior to Nike, Sue spent more than 15 years in high tech leading change in business strategy, supply chain, manufacturing, and innovation.   Skilled in multiple functions, she’s also worked across multiple cultures/geographies including Europe, Japan, Brazil, and China.  Her leadership approach – architected for impact… ”head” & “heart”… and end-to-end --  builds teams and their capacity to drive change.
    A native Oregonian, Sue holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of Portland.
    Always up for an adventure, outside of work, you’ll find Sue outside doing something active.
    We welcome Sue Galatz to Leaders247.

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    Operational Leadership

    Operational Leadership

    We welcome Robert Ordever to our leadership show.
    Robert is the Executive Director for O.C. TANNER – Europe (Chief Operating Officer).
    Robert leads the operation for OC TANNER out of their U.K Headquarters. Robert has a unique background in both operations and HR, which gives him a passion for creating workplace culture that is innovative and allows people to perform at their best.
    I was anxious to have Robert join this show so we could stretch more into an international perspective. I was not disappointed.
    In this podcast, Robert shares unique insight on a number of important leadership topics, including
    How to think from an international perspective regardless of your location, How to build lasting trust in your organization, And how to nurture a culture that produces global leaders.  
    About Robert
    Robert joined O.C. Tanner in 2014, and as Executive Director he leads the operation for EMEA out of the U.K Headquarters. From luxury retail with Harrods to Premier League football with Fulham Football Club, Robert's Human Resources and Operational background has given him a real passion for creating a workplace culture that truly gets the best out of its teams. At O.C. Tanner, his passion and drive helps each of our clients win and remain winners. Outside of work, Robert is a proud Dad and devoted Fulham fan.

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2 Ratings

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I'm just starting up the ladder at work, and I want to move up. I started listening to this while I work. I really like hearing how big executives and high rankers at other companies got to where they are. I've learned a lot about leadership and leadership culture. Keep it coming.

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