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Leadership Happy Hour is where we discuss leadership, team strategies, have a little fun and, also, a few drinks! Grab a cocktail and catch up with topical leadership issues here!

Please drink responsibly….we don’t want you to damage your computer.

Leadership Happy Hour Chip Lutz, CSP

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Leadership Happy Hour is where we discuss leadership, team strategies, have a little fun and, also, a few drinks! Grab a cocktail and catch up with topical leadership issues here!

Please drink responsibly….we don’t want you to damage your computer.

    196 - Faithful Leadership with Rev. Louise Johnson

    196 - Faithful Leadership with Rev. Louise Johnson

    She's been a Pastor, a Vice-President and President of a College and now is the Assistant to the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for Executive Administration.  Her name?  Louise Johnson.  
    From my first meeting with Louise a little over a month ago, I knew that she was the kind of leader I could follow.  That's saying a lot because my expectations are pretty high when I'm following.  Louise's grasp on what it takes to build a team and then lead them through the challenge of change is a matter of record.  She and I discuss faithful leadership and innovation in these turbulent time...and listening to this episode will be worth YOUR time.
    More on Louise (in her own words)...
    I am an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and an experienced executive leader. I have a long and demonstrated history of effective innovation, change leadership, and organizational transformation. I was President of a struggling school in a downward trending industry. In less than five years, the school experienced the highest enrollment and fund raising years in its 165 year history. I am skilled in Communication, Strategy, Public Speaking, and Finance, but I am fundamentally a leader. I know how to build a strong team, work with a variety of constituencies, and drive toward mission. In addition to a Master of Divinity degree, I have a Certificate in Leadership and Management from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.
    Contact Louise at:  Louise.Johnson@elca.org

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    195 - Altered Stories with Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch

    195 - Altered Stories with Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch

    Stories are the cornerstone of civilization.  They are how we transmit norms and learn how to get along.  They are also how we can heal.  There are few things as meaningful or therapeutic as sharing one's story.
    On this episode I get to share in my guest's story and how she helps others share theirs in order to heal and understand God's love in their own life.  Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch was such a pleasure to have on the show that I know you'll come away with more than you thought you would.
    More on Mischelle...
    Mischelle Saunders-Gottschis the CEO/Founder of Altered Stories Ministry (www.alteredstories.org) and Chief Storyteller Host of the Altered Stories Show.  She is a Christian wife to Mark, mother to Tawny, Gigi to Bentley Rose and dog mom to Beau and Bella.  
    Mischelle is also a women’s conference speaker, business leader and is passionate about helping women share their transformational God stories to help women around the world to heal from sharing them or hearing them.  
    The call on her life to help women share their  stories of redemption stems from her experience of emotional healing that resulted when sharing her childhood cult survival story and seeing how telling her story affected those who heard it. 
    Mischelle’s business background includes a successful Senior management career in Corporate America working for large fortune 500 companies in Senior Management roles in Denver, Colorado.  She also worked for Focus on the Family and Compassion International, both large faith-based Nonprofit organizations in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She currently does work as an Independent Senior Management Consultant in Nonprofit Development and Podcast Storytelling as well as Program, Project and Change Management.  
    Mischelle is a graduate of Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado and holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Management in Project Management. She is working on writing a book about her personal story and expects to launch her book at the end of 2022.

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    194 - Listening is Love with Pastor Matt Short

    194 - Listening is Love with Pastor Matt Short

    This past year has required everyone in church to learn how to pivot...especially leadership.  In this interview with Pastor Matt Short, we talk about success stories that he's seen and what you can do in the next year to continue to show God's love.  (Hint....it has to do with some listening).  I got a lot from our conversation and I know you will too!
    More on Matt....
    I was born and raised in Lake Havasu City, Arizona; a town that often nabs the dubious honor of being the “hot spot of the nation” during the summer weather forecasts (our record set was 128 degrees in the summer of 1994!). After completing a Bachelor’s in Sociology (Family/Gender/Race Studies), I travelled to Columbus, OH to attend Trinity Lutheran Seminary. It was there that I met my wife, Jessica Short, who is currently serving as the Campus Pastor at Marquette University.Our first calls were in Fargo, North Dakota, where we lived for three years before moving to the Greater Milwaukee Synod in the Fall of 2008. From 2008-2017, I had the honor of serving as the pastor of St. Luke Lutheran in Slinger. In May of 2017, I joined the synod staff as the Assistant to the Bishop for Evangelical Mission. Jessica and I live in Menomonee Falls and have two children, Charissa and Lucas.
    While I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Midwest, I am a Southwestern guy at heart. I share this because my upbringing in the Southwest has a deep impact on how I approach ministry. In the Southwest, no church or denomination has a stronger foothold than any other. My hometown is geographically isolated (a characteristic of Arizona), which means all the different congregations and denominations simply have to work together. This is still my default, and something that I bring with me into my work as the Director of Evangelical Mission (DEM) of the Greater Milwaukee Synod. I am excited for the work ahead, as I see the power and possibility of shared ministry that dismantles the barriers we create. My greatest joy is seeing the Church blur the lines between “sacred” and “secular,” between Sunday morning and the hopes, needs, and yearnings of the community. I am simply excited to be a partner in that work.
    Contact info:

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    193 - Transformation? It Starts With You! with Jessica Ruggieri

    193 - Transformation? It Starts With You! with Jessica Ruggieri

    Was this year a reset or a regress?  Regardless, it's never too late to start a new path.
    On this episode, I talk with coach Jess Ruggieri.  This woman has got the goods!  One (of many) things I took from our time together is how dedication and consistency always provide results.  Take the time to do yourself a favor and take a listen!  
    Vote for Jess! HERE!
    More on Jess (from Jess)...
    My purpose is helping people live better. My career is engaging employees. To me, feels like a perfect fit of personal & professional purpose.

    A few of the ways I do this:

    1) have been the lead trainer & operations manager at the fun dept. where I had the opportunity to work closely with leaders, managers, and employee engagement teams teaching them a simple model of brief and all-inclusive activities to connect their teams and boost morale.

    2) I utilize my Masters in Health Promotion and certificate of Health Coaching to work with individuals who are looking to establish healthy behavior change.

    3) As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I take care of my own health and inspire others to stay active, stay connected, and stay inspired.

    4) Working at UD with our Development & Alumni Engagement Staff creating a workplace culture that is the premiere place to work in the high education space.

    Top 5 StrengthsFinder: Individualization, Woo, Discipline, Activator, Arranger

    Predictive Index Profile: Altruist

    Integrator: one who thrives on implementing systems and processes to bring order to chaos...a great taskmaster and manager, good at holding people accountable, creating consistency, and integrating the leadership team's vision.

    What's fun for me? meeting new people, being active, the beach!

    What clients have to say about working with me:

    "I absolutely loved the program and small attainable goals each week. Knowing Jessica was meeting with me held me accountable to my weekly goals. Her openness, understanding, and coaching abilities truly impressed me."

    "Jessica is a really nice person. She expressed herself well and made the experience comfortable. I would recommend her for anyone who needs a health coach."

    "...the program was very beneficial and Jessica was great! It was especially helpful that [my company] allow the time during the work day...It was so convenient."

    "Jessica was welcoming and friendly and made me feel very comfortable discussion my health and objectives. She helped me set realistic and achievable goals."

    Reach me at jrugg@udel.edu OR cell (302) 383-9934 if you would like to further converse on engaging employees within your organization.

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    192 - Tame Your Imposter Monster with Kelli Thompson

    192 - Tame Your Imposter Monster with Kelli Thompson

    Have you ever been there?  Standing in front of a room and absolutely sure that the people you are briefing are going to figure out that you aren't qualified?  STOP IT!  YOU ARE!
    On this episode, I had the great pleasure to talk with Kelli Thompson and we talk about imposter syndrome (among many other things).  What's imposter syndrome?  Take a listen and find out...you won't be disappointed!
    More on Kelli..
    Kelli Thompson is a leadership coach and speaker who helps women leaders advance with clarity and confidence so they can make impact in the rooms where decisions are made. She’s coached and trained hundreds of women to trust themselves, lead with more confidence and create a career they love. She is the founder of the Clarity & Confidence Leadership Masterclass, a nationwide, online leadership development program for women leaders. Kelli spent over 15 years in Corporate America before taking the leap into entrepreneurship to start her own leadership coaching practice. She holds over 10 years of leadership experience for financial services and technology organizations. As a speaker, Kelli is experienced in working with audiences from 10 to 1000 at all professional levels. Participants in her programs consistently give rave reviews of the wisdom Kelli provides that changed the way they lead and approached their personal and work life. Kelli was awarded the Training Magazine Emerging Training Leader award for her demonstrated leadership in leading and developing high-impact training programs. She earned her MBA and has served as Adjunct Management Faculty at the University of Nebraska – Omaha. She is certified in Reality-Based Leadership, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram. Her thought leadership can be found on Thrive Global, Introvert Dear, HR Daily Advisor, LinkedIn, and via her blog and social media channels. Kelli’s favorite roles are wife to Jason and mom to their teenage daughter, Hailey.
    Check her out!  https://www.kelliraethompson.com/

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    191 - "The Conflict Resolution Playbook" with Jeremy Pollack

    191 - "The Conflict Resolution Playbook" with Jeremy Pollack

    Have you got some conflict at work that needs tending to?  Then get out your pen, paper and get ready to take some notes from the man who has got a plan!
    On this episode I had the great pleasure of talking with Jeremy Pollack.  Jeremy has been traveling the globe helping organizations and people effectively deal with the conflicts within their organizations so that they can move forward with peace and productivity!  I learned a lot from him and I know you will too!  Take a listen!
    More on Jeremy:
    Jeremy Pollack is a leader in the field of workplace conflict resolution and peacebuilding. He is the Founder of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, an international conflict resolution consulting firm. Jeremy is a master coach, master trainer, mediator, and author. He coaches and trains executives and employees at a variety of levels and industries, from Fortune 500 companies to major non-profits. Jeremy has mediated conflicts between business partners, co-executives, and coworkers at all levels of organizations, aiming as often as possible to transform relationships and create Win-Win resolutions for all parties involved.
    Jeremy is a regular contributor on the topics of leadership and organizational conflict management to publications such as Forbes.com, Fast Company, Industry Week, and many more. He is also the author of the recently released book The Conflict Resolution Playbook: Practical Communication Skills for Preventing, Managing, and Resolving, Conflict by Rockridge Press.
    Jeremy holds a Master's degree in Evolutionary Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton and a Masters degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP) from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Currently, he is completing dissertation work for his PhD in Psychology at Grand Canyon University. Jeremy is also a research fellow at Stanford University, where he leads research projects in social psychology and conflict resolution as an interdisciplinary effort between the Stanford Social Concepts Lab (Department of Psychology) and the Stanford Center on International Conflict & Negotiation (Department of Law).
    Website: https://pollackpeacebuilding.com/
    Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1647399521
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremypollack1/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pollackpeacebuilding/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3K6m_0bO31lD7JUc0th_vQ/playlists

    Twitter:   https://twitter.com/PollackPeace 

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76 Ratings

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