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Join us as we learn to navigate our roles as leaders on a variety of topics.

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Join us as we learn to navigate our roles as leaders on a variety of topics.

    Caffeine, Michael Pollan

    Caffeine, Michael Pollan

    Today we talk all about Michael Pollan's new Audible Original Caffeine.

    If you are interested in listening for yourself, check it out on Amazon.

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    Criticism: How to Deliver It

    Criticism: How to Deliver It

    Following up on last week's conversation about receiving criticism, today we talk about how to deliver criticism.

    Topics we talk about:
    Ground the conversation with context for the criticism & know the facts.Don't use the "crap sandwich" strategy.Limit small talk at the beginning if you have to deliver criticism.
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    Criticism: How to Receive It

    Criticism: How to Receive It

    Today is part one of our "Criticism", focused first on how to receive it.

    First, we introduce the topic of whether or not you can grow to love criticism, we highly recommend you check out this podcast episode: "How to Love Criticism"

    We then went on to recommend to following as a way to prepare to receive criticism:
    Before: Keep a Posture of LearningDisarm the idea of criticism by seeing it as a vehicle for ideas and information.During: Run it Through 2 FiltersA trusted source or sources.Your vision for yourself.Disarm the idea by remembering you are not compelled to accept it.After: In your next opportunity, be more mindful of the thing you were provided feedback on.

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    Bad Days (and How to Deal with Them)

    Bad Days (and How to Deal with Them)

    Much of this conversation was in reference to Dr. Adam Fraser’s book, The Third Space available for purchase here https://amzn.to/35BAPub

    When dealing with a negative occurrence or a bad day...

    1. Reflect (Strategically extract positivity)
        - What went well?
        - What did I learn?
        - What did I handle well?
        - What can I do differently?

    2. Rest (bring oneself back to the present)
    3. Reset (visualize future actions)

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    When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Dan Pink

    When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Dan Pink

    Episode Outline
    If you want to maximize your efficiency: learn about your circadian rhythm and schedule your days accordingly.Our day has a U-shaped curve of efficiency and happinessOur life has a U-shaped curve when it comes to happinessApplications & Tips to Maximize Your Days

    Understanding Your Circadian Rhythm (AKA Chronotype)
    Understand what your circadian rhythm is because it will affect how productive (or unproductive) you are during certain times of the day. “Larks”, “Owls” & “Third Birds” Test: http://www.cet-surveys.com/index.php?sid=61524 Things that are impacted When you are most primed for analytical versus creative tasks. 

    The U-Shaped Daily Productivity
    We start the day that we are very productive in the morning. Then we hit a trough in the afternoon and eventually we rebound in the early evening. Depending on your Chronotype, the hours of this U-shaped can change but still stay the same. There is a time for art & critical thinking… From a psychological point of view, there are times of the day which are poor for critical thinking tasks are actually great for artistic pursuits. This is because our neocortex is less engaged and we can “let go” more easily. When do you think you would do a better analytical task? Creative task? Which is which actually depends on your chronotype… The scary implication for healthcare… Doctors and nurses make mathematically more mistakes during the troughs of the day and are much more likely to be sloppy, so if you have a procedure, do it in the morning. 

    Life has a U-shaped Curve For Happiness (importance of mid-points)
    It does debunk the idea of a “mid-life” crisis, but does emphasize the powerful psychological effect “being at the mid-point” has on everything from project teams to basketball games.Interesting findings about mid-points: We remember beginning and endings the most. If the ending of a colonoscopy is not painful, we remember it as less painful even if the total experience was longer and more painful (as compared to a colonoscopy that didn’t end well). What’s also surprising is that most people relax their standards during the middle and that people even judge others less harshly for the middle. (If you’re a president, you should focus on the last year because that’s what matters the most.) Mid-points are great motivators…and it might be even best to be losing a little bit Basketball example…teams are more likely to win if they are down by 1 at halftime instead than if they are tied, have a 1-point lead, or 2-point lead 

    Summary: Applications & Tips to Maximize Your Day
    Identify your circadian typeTake breaks & to make them especially helpful: Staying tech-free on your break dramatically improves recovery. Taking a break with someone beats taking a break alone. Sun on your skin & green and nature out perform breaks without them For what it’s worth, the company DeskTime calculated 17 mins of break for every 52 mins of work as a golden ratio End on a high note People prefer endings on a high note even when the overall sum is lower than the option with a poorer ending but higher overall scores. End your day with 30 minutes doing the following: write what you 

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    Building Collaborative Teams

    Building Collaborative Teams

    Why is collaboration important?Accepted BenefitsExamples of Collaborative TeamsOur Personal Collaboration "Golden Rules"Examples from our work lives.Overrated / UnderratedWe discuss collaboration techniques we feel are overrated or underrated.
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    • 47 min

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

nitebatman ,

Insightful and Hilarious Hosts

Seriously, this is a great show for anyone that is finding themselves in a leadership role. Whether you are new to having to manage a group or someone who has been in that sort of work role for decades, Chet & Rodney’s take on being leaders is so insightful and helpful and just amazing. You can tell that this show is not just about trying to help other leaders out there in the work force succeed but also that they are growing from the conversations too.
Add on top of all this that they have perfect chemistry together and are both hilarious hosts. This is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND in my opinion.
Loved the show and can’t wait for more.

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