Leadership Powered by Common Sense Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

TheRealBrill ,

Great Converation

I had the pleasure of being a guest on "Leadership Powered by Common Sense" with Doug Thorpe, where we dived deep into the most effective advertising strategies for small business owners. The conversation was both enlightening and enjoyable, as Doug's insightful questions and practical approach to leadership brought out the best in our discussion.

Thank you, Doug, for having me on your show!

B Gillette ,

Great Interviewing and Podcast

There are a lot of podcasts out there and a variety of abilities with hosts. Doug is one of the best. I have been on his podcast twice and both times were great experiences. He has thoughtful questions and knows what he is talking about. Highly recommend Leadership Powered by Common Sense. Thanks Doug.

Keepin It Real Diehl ,

Awesome Interviewer

Doug is an awesome interviewer and really cares about the questions he asks to give his listeners a wonderful experience. As a guest on this show, I loved how easily the conversation was guided and how thoughtful Doug is about leadership. This is a must listen! - Erin Diehl - The improve it! podcast

xx~LL ,

Thoughtful questions

I love how Doug is always thinking about the listener. He makes sure the questions he asks help the listener apply the expert to their leadership skills!


grsimonds ,

What a great host!

Doug is a fantastic host. He is super insightful and professional. He has done his homework and seeks to derive actionable material from a very open conversation. He makes his guests feel comfortable and at ease. I felt like we could chat for hours!

Your Dental Coach ,

Doug Thorpe’s Leadership Podcast is Exceptional

As a guest on many podcasts, Doug’s ability to ask probing questions in a non probing manner is a key to his success. His questions lead to definitive information from his guests and provides the listening audience to get actionable steps to further their own initiatives. I sincerely enjoyed guesting on Doug’s podcast and enjoy listening to his other guests. Dr. David R. Pearce

Warrior Soul Podcast ,

Insightful and practical!

Thank you for asking thought-provoking questions about transitioning into civilian careers after military service and how civilians can get further engaged, support. Since you have served yourself in the armed forces and coach business people, provide leadership training your insights shaped our conversation in intriguing ways. Thank you for your leadership and uplifting the body of knowledge about Veteran-hiring. Look forward to keeping in touch.

DanFreehling ,

Depth of Business Wisdom

Doug’s presents listeners with substantial leadership insights in a common-sense, down-to-earth manner. Highly recommend checking it out.

EQ on SWA ,

Good interviews; Great guests!

Doug does a nice job at getting the best out of his interview guests… Well worth a listen to grow!

AKShelley ,

Great Expertise

Doug has so much experience that we get to listen to on his podcast. He brings on interesting guests and then pushes them to really find the wisdom. What a great podcast!