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The LOLA Podcast is a support group for addicted League of Legends players to learn through informative discussions and entertainment.

The League of Legends Anonymous Podcast Sam Han, Wise Papa Smurf, Adeptt, Wormlax, Frost, and Manster

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The LOLA Podcast is a support group for addicted League of Legends players to learn through informative discussions and entertainment.

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4.9 out of 5
131 Ratings

131 Ratings

saltbrush ,

Great family show

Love the podcast, you helped this 42 year old man climb out of bronze into silver. I began playing to figure out why my 17 and 15 year old were yelling at the computer, I became addicted. Knowing my old man mechanics are terrible, I decided to compensate with gaining knowledge about the game, I’ve listen to the podcast for over a year now and it has been great to build my knowledge. I climbed out of bronze, mostly playing Udyr and taking all the free bronze dragons, rarely contested and easy to take with Udyr. For my recent birthday dinner I took the family to a burger joint an hour away at a 7-11 gas station. Being my birthday, I had control over the radio, LOLA it was. My wife pretended to listen but now I have to listen to her “weight loss life coach” podcast on her birthday. Thanks for putting on a good show, even though my wife won’t be listening. I enjoyed being one of eight viewers for game two of your recent clash game.

Artrice GoHard ,

Best LoL podcast there is

This is the first league podcast I found (middle of season 8). Since then the I’ve listened to several others and LOLA is by far the most informative, entertaining & has the best collection of hosts and characters. papa smurf is highly knowledgeable and drops gems all the time... when he’s not detailing every convo with a terrible analogy he’s giving you invaluable advice and making fun of the other hosts with challenger level skill. I love kill Zill & can’t wait til he learns a fun champ to hear about.the sad crying sea lion is great when talking strategies and game play but it’s a good thing he quits league every 3 months. Astroz is similar to ponderous in his love/hate of all that exists, but he’s a lil more consistent with his adherence to the goal of the podcast. Glad to see danger penguin is back as well, it’s always fun to hear his banter with the two grouches. All in all these guys have fun with the podcast and provide great entertainment & info to help ya get better at league of legends. I’m always bummed when I see they have to kiss a week and I’m lost at work having to listen to other boring dry league podcasts

RDAskater ,

Favorite league podcast

I love the community, I just hit Gold for the first time this season as a support main. I blame Astros, I asked a few months ago on the discord for tips and he told me to not play thresh in silver because he’s too mechanically intensive for my pea brain... so I one tricked pyke xD

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