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There’s a massive shift happening in the way that we live, work, play and do business. The most successful companies on the planet are recognizing it, and creating ways to empower their people, build even stronger teams, and, most importantly, make the workplace fun. Join your hosts, Derek Lundsten and Todd Staples, as they interview some of the top minds in e-learning, human psychology, gamification and training to help you and your team, Learn to Win.

Learn to Win with Derek Lundsten and Todd Staples Scrimmage

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There’s a massive shift happening in the way that we live, work, play and do business. The most successful companies on the planet are recognizing it, and creating ways to empower their people, build even stronger teams, and, most importantly, make the workplace fun. Join your hosts, Derek Lundsten and Todd Staples, as they interview some of the top minds in e-learning, human psychology, gamification and training to help you and your team, Learn to Win.

    050 – Part 2 – What You MUST Know About School And Education

    050 – Part 2 – What You MUST Know About School And Education

    If you’ve ever asked yourself “What is school actually for?” or “why don’t they teach this stuff in school?” you are in good company. Join our guests Seth Godin, Michael Gelb, and Isaac Morehouse as they share ideas that every parent, student, and leader MUST know about school and education.

    * – The best method of learning with Seth Godin* – Secrets of educational institutions with Seth Godin* – How to ‘live free’ with Isaac Morehouse* – Defining success with Isaac Morehouse* – The importance of public schooling with Seth Godin* – Getting people to WANT to learn with Seth Godin* – How not fitting in at school can lead to a bright future with Michael Gelb* – Making connections while learning with Michael Gelb* – How the internet connects us all with Seth Godin* – Myths about education & parenting with Seth Godin

    Full Transcription:

    Hey everyone. Todd staples here with part two of our 50th episode celebration. Today, we’re talking about school and education. We’re going to review some of our thoughts from these 50 interviews we’ve had over the past year and specifically talk about three guests that we’ve had that are really focused and just brilliant in the world of school and education and learning.

    We discussed the new role that corporations and leaders have to coach and train and educate their team or their students and what they need to do to develop strong leaders of the future who are adaptable and visionary, take accountability for their actions, and work together to form human to human connections.

    Most importantly we discuss what it takes to become a strong individual, a strong leader, and a strong part of a thriving business so you can solve big problems by taking action.

    You’re going to hear from a number of people in this episode, most notably three of our guests who have decades of experience in learning and education. First, we’re going to talk to Seth Goden.

    Seth requires very little introduction. He is a business expert, a marketing phenomenon he’s written dozens and dozens of books, 18 of which are on international bestseller lists. Some of my favorites are the dip permission, marketing linchpin. Seth is going to talk to us a bit about his story and what school is good for and what it’s not.

    We speak with Michael gal, but legendary thinker in the world of creativity and genius thinking, Michael Galvas also written over a dozen books. His most notable one and most popular is called how to think like Leonardo da Vinci. He trains corporations and individuals on brainstorming, mind, mapping, creativity, and all the skills it takes to develop a great team and build companies to have a true impact on the world.

    Isaac Morehouse was one of my favorite guests of the season. He is a really interesting guy with with a background of being homeschooled himself and then moving over to public school. So we hear from Isaac. Isaac was brought up homeschooled. And then he also experienced moving over into the public education system and going to college and his ideas and his perspective on this are brilliant and humorous at the same time.

    Isaac has four kids right now. So he’s got a really interesting journey of from homeschooling. So listening to his journey, being homeschooled as a young child, and now being the parent of four and how his thoughts have changed and evolved over time of when it’s smart to homeschool, when it’s good to go to public school and how you can make the most of both, those experiences are really fascinating, really valuable.

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    050 – The Importance of Core Values & Fun at Work

    050 – The Importance of Core Values & Fun at Work

    The Scrimmage, LEARN TO WIN Podcast, has reached its 50th episode! To celebrate, we have made a montage to capture some of the most memorable moments and topics discussed. Tune into Part 1 of our 50th episode celebration for a look back at key insights and takeaways surrounding core values and how to make work #FUN!

    * – How strong values set companies up for success with David Chinsky* – Making core values behaviors with Lisa Mcleod* – Creating a GREAT working environment with Derek Lundsten* – How to create a STRONG team with Todd Staples* – Connecting through shared values with Todd Staples* – Giving yourself permission to play with Kathy Gruver* – Loving what you do with Jon Dwoskin* – Why there is no such thing as a dumb question with JT McCormick

    Full Transcription:

    Todd: [00:00:00] [00:00:00] so  Derek 50 episodes in the season, it’s been awesome. 


    [00:00:04] Derek: [00:00:04] It flew  by Todd, 

    [00:00:06] Todd: [00:00:06] right? I mean, it really did, like I remember every dozen or so checking in like, wow, we’re almost to 20. Oh my gosh 40 , it really does move fast and it’s been really fun to do this with you and.

    [00:00:18] I can’t explain to people listening or watching who have never done a, an activity and exercise in creating a podcast and interviewing people. But we have met some of the most fascinating people on this journey. 

    [00:00:31] Derek: [00:00:31] It’s been an amazing year in terms of the conversations we’ve had and people who had the opportunity to meet and talk with and learn about I’ve enjoyed every conversation and learned so much personally from that process.

    [00:00:44]Todd: [00:00:44] So for this 50th episode, we’ve broken this into three distinct, categories reflecting on the three  topics that came up most during the show. And I thought it would be fun to see, start with [00:00:55] insights about fun and learning and core values, because that’s literally what attracted me [00:01:00] to scrimmage and to working with you in the first place Derek. And before we even dive into the insights, it’d be a good opportunity for you to share a little bit about the scrimmage core values and how they came about and what they stand for and how they’ve shown up for you during this process.

    [00:01:17] Derek: [00:01:17] Sure. So my overarching building scrimmage has always been to create an environment where people want to be, where they choose to be, where they are inspired to come to work every day, to get better and to serve our clients and our partners. And that it feels alive. It feels like people are growing and it feels like there’s purpose.

    [00:01:36] And I find that that’s fun and I’ve always felt it important to create an atmosphere. That is fun that people enjoy and that when they leave the virtual office that we’re now in, or what was at one time, an actual office that they go home and they feel excited to some extent, even about even when things are challenging, they’re looking forward to the next day.

    [00:01:56] and even when things are challenging, they’re looking forward to tackling that and moving [00:02:00] to the next phase of whatever it is and that they enjoy working with them. The people in an organization that make it worthwhile. 

    [00:02:06]Insert Todd transition

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    049 – Leveraging LinkedIn To Start More Sales Conversations With Brynne Tillman

    049 – Leveraging LinkedIn To Start More Sales Conversations With Brynne Tillman

    Are you looking to develop more social connections to obtain more sales? LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO of Social Sales Link, Brynne Tillman, shares tips and best practices combining traditional sales techniques along with the new digital world mentality to achieve more traction from target audiences. 

    * 0:12 – The LinkedIn fad* 2:51 – The rolodex of the future: LinkedIn* 7:22 – Position yourself as a resource not a resumé* 10:46 – Why we buy from people & not companies * 14:44 – How to utilize a first & second degree connection* 15:37 – Always tailor your templates




    **Search #SSLInsights on LinkedIn for more information**

    Full Episode Transcription:

    Derek: (00:00)So Brynne it’s so awesome to see you. Thanks for joining us. So, first question we want to know is obviously we’ve known each other all for a long time. Tell us what you’re up to these days and how you got into that line of work and what motivates you about it.Brynne: (00:12)Well, you know, my line of work is simply helping people leverage LinkedIn to start more sales conversations. And I mean, I, I got here by accident, I think because I really started off originally as a sales producer did well in some of the companies that I was working for, including dun and Bradstreet, and ended up being brought in as a trainer and helped create curriculum over time became sales trainer started a company focused on sales training. And then I found LinkedIn and I realized that there’s so much power. And I I’ve been teaching LinkedIn for sales before LinkedIn knew they were a sales platform when they were only job seekers, and really started teach it from a networking perspective and from a business development perspective. And it’s been gosh, eight, eight years of doing, monetizing of this and really probably 10 plus years of using it for business development. So I sort of accidentally got here and I’m really happy. And I was told by everyone, it’s a fad, have some fun. You’ll be back into sales training soon, but you know, the fads running a really long time.Derek: (01:35)That’s amazing. Todd: (01:35)So what I, and I’m also passionate and deeply knowledgeable about LinkedIn, but it’s funny when, when you say to a lot of people, like I love LinkedIn and that’s what I do. I teach people how to what is your actual statement? Brynne: (01:52)I Leverage it to start more sales conversations. Todd: (01:54)Okay. So perfect.

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    048 – How to Create a Culture of Fun and Appreciation with Kathy Gruver

    048 – How to Create a Culture of Fun and Appreciation with Kathy Gruver

    Stress is not an uncommon feeling today. Pressures from work, home and life leave us feeling overwhelmed and uneasy from time to time. How do we overcome these feelings and maintain a positive outlook? Stress and Communication Expert, Dr. Kathy Gruver, chats about mindset, communication and the importance of play in the workplace. Learning to not put added pressure on yourself + give yourself permission to have fun goes a long way to reduce stress.

    * 0:17 – An empowering mindset* 1:58 – How simple conversations can spark growth & development* 3:27 – The mind, body medicine* 6:43 – #PlayWhereYouWork* 9:24 – Breaking the ‘achievement mode’ culture* 11:59 – Giving yourself permission to play* 14:50 – The pros of open communication & mutual respect* 24:09 – Choosing the reality we show* 25:23 – Getting to know the person underneath the persona



    Full Episode Transcription:

    Todd: (00:00)All right. So Kathy, so happy to have you here and dive into a little bit of your story. And I always like to start with why you do what you do, what is it that has drawn you to your career and your profession and what puts that big smile on your face that you have right now when we’re talking?Kathy: (00:17)Yeah. Thanks. I’m so happy to be here and meet you guys. This is very exciting. You know, I have always had this parallel path of performer and healer. I was an actor since I was about five and I started doing massage when I was a little kid. It was just this very natural thing that I was drawn to. And so when I moved to Hollywood from Pittsburgh to pursue those award winning film roles, I thought that the massage would be a good sideline and the award winning film roles never came and the massage stuck with me. And so I just developed that over the years and ended up studying more and more everything from Reiki and homeopathics to mind, body medicine and stress reduction and coaching and corporate work. And so I sort of now combine those two things. And now I get on stages in front of well, anywhere from 5 to 1500 people and teach them what I know. So it’s really about empowering those people and whether I’m seeing one-on-one in my office or an audience of thousands, that’s really what fuels me is I want to impart the knowledge that I know to give people those options, to give them choices so that they know that they can make the changes that are going to make them grow and evolve and, and be the best people they can be. I mean, it sounds kind of cliche, but I mean, it really is. That’s, what’s, that’s, what’s, that’s what fuels me, is helping those people.Derek: (01:27)It sounds great that we all resonate with that, Kathy, in terms of that mission and purpose. I think that’s why we’re actually all here talking, so, yeah. Todd: (01:35)And how, what sort of an impact, because, you know, you’re in California, you’re in Santa Barbara and then you’ve got this background in massage and Reiki sounds very spiritual and...

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    047 – Timeless Leadership Principles with David Chinsky

    047 – Timeless Leadership Principles with David Chinsky

    Do you aspire to be an effective leader who impacts and inspires your team? Learning key strategies to encourage action, focus, engagement and timely execution of tasks, will help lead you and your team to continued success. Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor, David Chinsky, talks about his passion for coaching as well as his program to train future leaders and help them to achieve their goals.

    * 3:01 – Make ‘one day’ today* 5:39 – The faces of leadership fitness* 14:40 – Toolsets to becoming a great leader* 18:04 – The gift of feedback* 18:42 – How to have conversations that neutralize defensiveness * 26:53 – Conversations vs. confrontations* 29:25 – How to deal with internal & external pushback* 33:41 – Risks, successes & failures* 36:38 – How core values create instant bonds* 48:23 – The vanishing ‘to do’ list* 55:16 – Timeless approaches



    Mentioned Book

    Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose – Tony Hsieh

    Full Episode Transcription:

    Todd: (00:00)All right. So welcome to the show today. I am so excited. I have David Chinski from Fit Leaders Academy, and as I’ve been researching guests, certain people catch my eye. And what really attracted me to David was his vision, his simple, straightforward, and inspirational vision, which is to create vibrant leaders who enjoy balanced lives marked by personal health and sustained contribution. So David’s a rockstar and in addition to that amazing vision, he brings more than 25 years of executive leadership and management experience to his role and his focus in his fit leaders Academy. So, David, thank you so much for being here. Welcome to the show.David: (00:40)Thanks Todd. It’s a pleasure to be here with you.Todd: (00:42)Yeah. So, so what do you want to get into, I mean, I know a little bit about you from researching online. We haven’t spoken much other than just before the show. But I’m really inspired by what you do and again, your, your vision and would love to hear your definition of what drew you to that as a career and what you do for your, your members and your friends and your, and your network.David: (01:05)Well, Todd, I’d like to start by just acknowledging the importance of, of today, where we’re talking today on nine 11, September 11th. And that that’s a day that changed a lot of lives. A lot of people lost their lives that day. And a lot of people made some pretty significant life altering decisions that day, myself included. I had been a corporate executive for over 20 years at Ford motor company at Nestle at Thomson Reuters and went into work every day, doing my best. And I kept getting promoted and everyone was telling me, this is exactly what you should be doing with your life. And yet David: (a href="https://www.temi.com/editor/t/ig9hmlTw-EPJFiiBGZFkHC6XbdP91gJfQzNqTqHxw84TOxUuwSKokeOYEmbU4FqVA48BUd4QeXTuRK627VhMNUBPWdY?

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    046 – How to Turn Website Visitors Into Customers with Matthew Edgar

    046 – How to Turn Website Visitors Into Customers with Matthew Edgar

    How do you get more traffic coming to your website? How do you get that traffic to turn into customers? These are two of the core questions business owners grapple with. Understanding the technical side of those questions is the first step to obtaining the needed conversions. Web Consultant, Matthew Edgar, discusses his work with conversion optimization, SEO and how his knowledge is used to help companies identify and fix the technical + structural issues that may be holding their website back.

    * – Connecting people with technology* – Embracing the challenges* – Turning site traffic into customers* – The good, bad & curious * – Innate curiosity vs. the bigger picture mentality* – The gray spectrum of running a business* – Better is the enemy of done* – Step 1: Defining the problem* – Measuring the trends with qualitative & quantitative data* – The uniqueness factor* – Everything is a series of simple problems


    Matthew Edgar – Technical SEO & Analytics


    Full Episode Transcription:

    Todd: (00:00)Hi Matthew, welcome to the show. So happy to have you here.Matthew: (00:04)It’s wonderful to be here. Thanks for having me.Todd: (00:05)Absolutely. Absolutely. So I am really excited to talk to you because you are the first person I’ve spoken with in this new season of luminary business that is a fellow data junkie and it seems like we’re going to get into some stuff that on the surface might, might not seem relevant to some people because they say, well I’m not, I’m not an analytics person. I don’t do SEO audits or conversion rate optimization. So maybe I’ll skip this episode. But if you’re listening right now, I’m telling you that my 10 years or so in conversion rate optimization has taught me more about people and human nature and what makes people do what they do than any other career path or experience in my entire business career for the past 20 something years.Todd: (00:51)So I’m excited to see if you agree with that and get right into it. Matthew: (00:55)Yeah, I mean, I definitely would agree with that because ultimately when you get down to conversion rate optimization, SEO, it’s about figuring out how you can build technology in a way that it connects it with people. That’s all it really is. I mean, and you can talk about conversion optimization theories and you can talk about different ways of doing data analysis and all the different complexities of it and all of that’s good and important stuff. But fundamentally it’s about do you understand who these people are that you’re trying to bring to your website or you’re trying to convince to buy your product and you have to learn who...

    • 46 min

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