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I explain some of the tips and tricks I used to complete Legend of Zelda breath of the wild with.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild tips and tricks Gavin Gray

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I explain some of the tips and tricks I used to complete Legend of Zelda breath of the wild with.

    Starting out in the world.

    Starting out in the world.

    I give you tips and tricks for starting out in the world. 

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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

breathofthewildmaster366 ,


First of all it’s Bokoblins (bo ko.) also I know these tips are for beginners but you should go through the easy controls and pronounce things right! Like the shrine of resurrection, and the rock guy? Who is the rock guy? Seikah slate? Hanto? Pronounce things right it’s cringe. Here’s some personal tips from me(now most of these tips are for master mode but please use these.)
1. Get as many hearts as you can
2. Go to divine beast vah ruta first
3. Max out the ancient armor or soldiers armor for max defense(you can upgrade your armor at great fair fountains, also max level for both of these sets is 84.)
4. Get a bunch of dishes that give you full recovery and extra hearts.
5. Go to Hyrule Castle(complete at least two divine beasts first.)

you me awesome ,

It’s okay

LoganFMBell ,

It’s called a plateau!

I have to be there by about an hour’s hour so I’m just waiting to see the new one ☝️ and then I’ll come to my room I need it I’m in bed 🛌 I’ll let it sit there I’m in my car 🚙 I’ll let it come back and I’m good 🙂 I’ll talk I’m just trying not really I’m not doing that I love 💕 to be honest I just wanted you to have you talk and it would have a nice 👍 I just hope you’re good 😊 and your dad will good 😊 and you have fun 🤩 I’m sorry 😢 but you can still have to get that fixed soon 🔜 you got to be in school 🏫

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