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Insights to help you become the Legend you are destined to be and to live the Legendary Life you deserve!  Each week we will be arming female business leaders (executives, business owners, and side hustlers) with the strategies they need to create, run, and grow your business.

Legendary Leaders: Making Legendary Leaders Katrina Jamison

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Insights to help you become the Legend you are destined to be and to live the Legendary Life you deserve!  Each week we will be arming female business leaders (executives, business owners, and side hustlers) with the strategies they need to create, run, and grow your business.

    Your Year in Review and Your Roadmap: How Did You Perform This Year?

    Your Year in Review and Your Roadmap: How Did You Perform This Year?

    Your year in review: if you’re anything like me when I worked in the corporate world, I spent time in December determining how I actually performed, then compared that to where I needed to perform next year.  Last but not least, I then created a plan for the following year.  It always served me well so I thought, why not spend time this month helping you step into that planning process?  In each episode, I’m going to walk you through a strategic process that I do for clients and with clients to help them create their roadmap. While the training I will give you will be sort of generic at points (since I can't speak directly about your business), know that you can always reach out to me directly for one on one support.  What that said, let's dive in.
    If we are going to create a strategy or a roadmap for next year, where do we start?
    We start by understanding where we are.  
    You can spend an entire day defining where you want your business to be, but if you don’t know where you are, you can’t create an effective roadmap to get you there.
    Step one is to define your current state.  In this instance, it’s looking at all of your KPIs, financials, and overall metrics for the current year.  Pull the actuals.  Compare them to plan.  How did you do?  Don't dive into the "why" relative to your performance, just make an honest assessment.  What did you deliver on?  Where did you exceed expectations?  What did you miss?  Answer these questions for each metric in your business. 
    The key here is to not just look at your overall business metrics, or your lag measures, but actually look at all of your levers or contributing factors.  In other words, look at both your lead and your lag measures. 
    For example, look at your revenue performance. How did your team perform to its revenue target this year?  What are all of the components that contributed to that revenue performance?  List all of your revenue streams and the metrics or KPIs that you looked at daily to guide you on your revenue performance.  How did you do relative to each of those targets?
    Remember, in this step you're not assessing WHY the actuals are what they are.  Today you are simply listing all of the metrics, KPIs, and numbers and assessing how each one performed to the established target.
    Your challenge for today is to pull all of your actuals, all of your targets, and assess your current state.
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    Legend Leaders: Developing Your People Leadership

    Legend Leaders: Developing Your People Leadership

    It’s the end of the month and the end of our series focusing on how we support you here at Legend Leaders.  We are diving into the last of our three pillars, it’s our People Leadership pillar.  Let's talk about developing your people leadership, shall we?

    Whether you are leading a corporate team, creating a brand new team, or being that team of one, business is all about people.  When you reach executive status or are the CEO of your own business, you must know how to effectively work with people in order to get the job done.  In order to truly live life on your terms, you must have other people helping you achieve your mission. 

    While none of this is a surprise to you, what is surprising to a lot of clients is how easy it is to lead people and yet how hard it has been for them in the past to be an effective leaders.  The majority of people leader growth is done when we make mistakes.  Yet making mistakes in this area of our business can be a career-ending decision.  Why not learn from the mistakes of others?   That's what we teach you (and help you circumvent the mistakes) here at Legend Leaders. 

    Once you have your mental clarity (i.e., personal leadership), once you know where you want the business to go (i.e., business leadership), then you can recruit, help, and lead a team of people to help achieve that mission (people leadership).  

    We arm you with the simple, logical strategies that you can execute while still allowing you to be yourself.  We find over and over and over again that a stressful life comes in part from the lack of properly leading direct reports or properly hiring the right talent to support you.  When you truly have a team of qualified doers around you, life on your terms becomes achievable.

    If you are ready to start living life on your terms, your Legendary Life, schedule your discovery call now!

    Female corporate leaders: click here.

    Female entrepreneurs: click here.

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    Legend Leaders: Developing Your Business Leadership

    Legend Leaders: Developing Your Business Leadership

    This month on the Legendary Leaders podcast we have been talking about what we do, who we serve, and how we serve at Legend Leaders.  Last week we talked about the first of our three fundamental pillars.  Today, let's talk about the second pillar,  guiding you to develop your business leadership.

    As a company that defines ourselves as business strategists, you probably thought this is our primary pillar.  As you learned last week, if your mind isn't right, you won't be able to apply the business strategies we arm you with.  (Listen to last week's episode to learn more.)

    Within the business pillar, everything we teach truly encompasses all things business. Fundamentally we start by creating a strategic plan, timelines, assigning ownership, providing training, and supporting your business execution of that plan in order to deliver to your KPIs. We teach you effective strategies along the way, that when executed, ensure your success.

    Which businesses do we help?  This could be in a startup ready to scale, a large multi-billion segment of a company, you name it, we have done it.  The key here is that there is always a process and once we teach you that process, you are running quickly and efficiently. 

    This pillar is of course one of our favorite pillars because we get to roll up our sleeves and be your Chief Strategy Officer, sharing ideas, methods, and solutions that help you execute with confidence.

    If you want this level of 1:1 support, a discovery call is in your future.  Schedule your call now!  

    If you are a female corporate leader, click here.  

    If you are a female entrepreneur, click here. 

    Your challenge is to keep working on your business pillar and defining it to your ideal customer in your refresh.  (Your business pillar is what you are primarily known for).   Get feedback from your ideal clients on how your message is landing and adjust as you go.

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    Legend Leaders: Developing Your Personal Leadership

    Legend Leaders: Developing Your Personal Leadership

    Last week I introduced you to our ideal client here at Legend Leaders and I also shared with you an overarching view of the 3 pillars we guide our clients through.  Today, we are deep-diving into the first of those 3 pillars: personal leadership. You have heard it said, and we agree, that personal leadership is the driver of all things in business. 

    One of my personal sayings is: you bring yourself into your business every day.  The good, the bad, and the ugly; we take it all with us when we show up to work each day.  The ultimate question is: would you hire, promote, or fire the person that you are bringing into your business?  Most of the time that question stops us in our tracks.  We have to manage ourselves, our frame of mind, our confidence, and our own selves before we can manage a business and/or other people. 

    Tony Robbins shared something in a program I participated in that has always stuck with me.  He essentially said, when you are fighting an internal battle with yourself, you can’t effectively run a business.  You simply don’t have enough energy to do both.  We must solve the internal battle we are fighting so that we can then focus on the next pillar: business and people leadership. So how does Legend help?  

    First, we have you define what life on your terms looks like for you. What is a Legendary Life? What would it look like if you were living it?  How will you feel when you get there?  Once you have a clear definition, we then seek to understand the actions you must take to achieve that life.  Who must you be in order to live that life?  What must you believe about yourself?  What internal actions must you take to remove the mental barriers?  

    When you have those definitions (and a few more), when you're clear on who you are and what you want, then the internal battle is fought and won. At that point, it's much easier to figure out how to grow the business and to lead people. Your challenge today is to define what a Legendary Life looks like to you and start to understand what you are telling yourself each day that is potentially preventing you from living that life.  

    Please know that we are here to support you.  Reach out to us at info@legendleaders.com if you have questions as you think about your own personal leadership.

    Be Legendary!

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    Legend Leaders: Who Do We Serve?

    Legend Leaders: Who Do We Serve?

    During networking events and when talking to potential clients I inevitably get asked, what do Legend Leaders do exactly?  Who do you serve?  These questions continue to prompt me to share those details and facets of the business with you so that not only can you learn more about Legend, but so that you can hone this same information about your business in order to better serve your potential clients.  

    Who do we help?  I have said it a thousand different ways over the past 4 years and have honed it in more and more with each passing day.  While Legend serves a variety of people, we focus on two specific types of female leaders.  The first is a female leader in the corporate world who has been told she is too much.  When you’re told you’re too much, it’s essentially being told you’re not enough because either way, you have something to “fix.”  It’s tough to navigate the corporate landscape, to begin with, then add dealing with that feedback and you make success almost impossible.  At Legend, we support amazing executive women and help them succeed in the corporate world while creating a Legendary Life, a life on their terms.

    The second group of female leaders we support are women who have decided to leave the corporate world and start their own businesses.  Tired of playing by the rules of others, knowing that the rules that benefit those "others" actually hold you back, many women are taking their gifts and sharing them with the world in a way that generates direct revenue.  These women have been told they are too much but they know that too much in the corporate world is just right in the entrepreneurial world.  We help these women get out of their heads and trust the track record of success they have generated corporately, and carry that into their own businesses. Running a business can be hard at times, but many times we are looking for something we have missed.  We think "It seriously cannot be this simple.  What am I missing?"  Feeling like we have missed something, we go on a quest to find that missing piece.  We are constantly searching for something instead of trusting what we already know.  At Legend, we close the knowledge gaps where needed and reinforce what these talented entrepreneurs already know.

    For both of these leaders, we have 3 pillars that we teach to support them: personal leadership, business leadership, and people leadership.  You need all 3 of these pillars to be successful in business, no matter your role.  We change some of the pieces and parts depending on where each woman is in her career and overall journey, but the pillars are the same. 

    This is Legend Leaders.  

    Who do you serve?  

    Your challenge today is to determine who you serve and be able to speak it so very clearly that people know when you are speaking to them.

    Be Legendary!

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    Becoming an Entrepreneur: How Do I Fund My Business?

    Becoming an Entrepreneur: How Do I Fund My Business?

    This mini-series has been walking you through the mental and executable actions in becoming an entrepreneur.  Today, we are finally going to talk about part of "how," as in how to start your business.  Specifically, how do I fund my business?

    Before I go any further, please go talk to a banker and an attorney. I’m going to speak from my experiences and perspective, but their guidance should be considered the ultimate authority.

    That said, how do you get working capital?  There are several ways.  First and foremost, you need to create a business plan like we discussed last week.  No matter if you are 100% self-funded or seeking funding, you need a business plan.  The plan is your rationale for the business, the projected expenses, and revenue, etc.  This is critical as you will follow this plan as you launch your business and scale it over the next 3 years.   Once you have your plan, you can decide which funding path you feel most comfortable with.  Here are the most common funding pathways:

    You have savings, a 401K, etc. that you can access.  Self-funding is by far the easiest pathway to access working capital.  You can pull money out of savings to start your business.  You can take your 401K and use that as seed money if you so choose (there are banks that can help you create a C-corp and use this funding without tax implications--but again, talk to a financial representative to learn more).
    You have home equity or other lines of credit you could tap into by refinancing your home or executing a HELOC in order to create capital.  If you are fine with a higher monthly mortgage rate and this action is one you are comfortable with, then consider this as an option.
    A bank loan or SBA loan.  For small businesses, SBA loans are the most common.  Know that they can have higher interest rates, around 5% or more.  You must put between 10-20% down, out of your pocket.  Last but not least, they will put liens on all of the property you own: cars, homes, land, etc.  You will put up a certain percentage, the bank another percentage, and the SBA will cover the bulk of the loan.  The SBA doesn’t loan you the money, they simply become a guarantor of the money should you default.  Normally they guarantee about 70-80% of your loan. You must have strong credit, around 700 or higher.  The assets you have to need to be worth enough for the bank to feel comfortable loaning you a reasonably large sum of money.  While there
    Investors.  Decide how much money you will need from an investor or investors (use your business plan!) and then decide when you will need it.  For example, do you need a $100,000 investment in the first year, then you project in year 2 you will need a $500,000 investment to buy property/land and build a building? Decide how many investors you are willing to take on, the percentage ownership of the company and if you want them to b a silent partner or an active partner.

    Last but not least, know that you can do a combination of any/all of these pathways.  There is no wrong answer, just the one that gets you the money you need, when you need it, in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

    Your last challenge of the series is to decide the pathways of investment you are comfortable with and will pursue your business.

    Note, I never got into the legal creation of an entity, a sales process, or HOW to run a business.  These are executable pieces once you have committed to becoming an entrepreneur.  Committing is the hardest part and that's exactly what you just worked through this month!  If you have business-specific questions, reach out to me at katrina@legendleaders.com.  I'm here to support you!

    Be Legendary!

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