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Centralizing, consolidating, and cataloging geek culture in Arizona

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Centralizing, consolidating, and cataloging geek culture in Arizona

    Electric CephaloPodcast #11 – PUGS

    Electric CephaloPodcast #11 – PUGS

    Kicking off Phoenix Comicon last week, the third annual Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown (PUGS) occurred, pitting eight ultimate geeks against each other in a battle of wits…to the death.
    With our own Jonathan Simon helping coordinate the event along with Jeff Moriarty, and Andrea Beesely, we were able to record the quarter, semi, and final smackdowns for your enjoyment. We tapped into the existing sound system, which sounded fine at the venue, but came out…less than perfect for the podcast. So please forgive the quality, but enjoy the show.
    As a word of warning, this is a live recording of adults males who maintain the sense of humor of the average 13 year old. As a result, this podcast is PG-13 in every way.
    – Austin


    • 50 min
    Electric CephaloPodcast #10 Phoenix Comicon

    Electric CephaloPodcast #10 Phoenix Comicon

    #10 – Phoenix Comicon. It was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you get two episodes:
    Austin went for the first time, and even dressed up. Chris became Wil Wheaton’s body double. And I  had a random conversation with Jewel Staite about boobs.
    Listen in as we share our different experiences.
    Our guest this week? An impromptu visit from my wife.

    The Walking Dead Board Game
    The retrun of Arrested Development
    Eric Torres
    Meet Darby
    The Wil Wheaton Experience
    The pic with “Adam Savage” @knight_cjg
    The Wils
    Red Shirts by John Scalzi
    Jonathan had a conversation with Jewel Stait about boobs!
    Jewel signing Jonathan’s shirt
    Machine of Death
    Where else can you see a conga line lead by a Dalek?
    The essance of comicon
    Live Cephalopodcast?
    Meeting John Layman
    Debra could hear us recording!
    What did you enjoy the most from Comicon?
    Please leave us feedback. We’re begging you!

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    Electric CephaloPodcast #9 – The Maker Twins

    Electric CephaloPodcast #9 – The Maker Twins

    With this episode, we give you The Maker Twins – two brothers who spent their childhoods tearing things apart and now build the crazy things for a living.
    Pat & Mike Murray get to live their dream of  building elaborate machines, interactive displays, floating signs, truck mounted semi-automatic t-shirt launchers, and anything else people want. Their stories and creations are pretty captivating and we could have kept talking all night.

    Show Podcast Notes, Links, Etc.

    Surgeon simulator
    3D Printing
    Meet Pat and Mike Murray
    Union Digital
    We like our fire extinguishers
    TED Talk – 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
    Step 1: Nachos and beer at Zipps
    Waste Management Phoenix Open Sign Timelapse
    Red Bull creation challenge
    So you guys are the Phoenix Lights
    HeatSync Labs
    The Tech Shop in Chandler
    Phoenix Maker Fare
    Recreational Assault Vehicle
    Tucson Plane Bone Yard
    Dark Fury, you’ve never heard of it.
    Cartel Coffee
    Maker Twins 2013 Red Bull entry video
    Most people know Austin because of Cartel
    Apache Reclaimation

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Electric CephaloPodcast #8 – Krys VanSlyke

    Electric CephaloPodcast #8 – Krys VanSlyke

    For this episode, we tricked a hilarious local musician named Krys VanSlyke into joining us and nerding out.
    We talk about Krys’ amazing VoiceMuze project, retro-gaming, Zapcon, the greatest Star Trek cliffhanger of all time, and all sorts of other stuff.

    Show Podcast Notes, Links, Etc.

    My Little Lebowski
    Welcome Krys VanSlyke
    He’s no Tasha Yar
    Hipster Wesley
    What does Krys geek out about?
    Disney Geek
    Krys’ bad voice mail transcriptions songs
    Tea with Mike Tyson
    The Coffe Shop
    Everyone had trouble with Battle Toads
    That was really good English
    Killer Instinct
    Cammy, The GUILT!!!
    Your head a splode
    If you don’t throw the baby, you won’t win

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    Electric CephaloPodcast #7 – Jillian & Bry From Phoenix Comicon

    Electric CephaloPodcast #7 – Jillian & Bry From Phoenix Comicon

    It was a blast having Bry & Jillian join us to talk about being part of the Phoenix Comicon, as well as their personal realms of nerdiness.

    Enjoy as the five of us discuss the upcoming Phoenix Comicon, as well as comicons past. They share some insights in putting the event together, including the best way to put a guest request on their radar and some lesser known things you can do while you’re there.
    Also, Bry goes down the rabbit hole of 80’s cartoon fandom, and Jillian opens up about growing up on a llama farm.

    Show Podcast Notes, Links, Etc.

    D&D Games at Gotham City Comics Wednesdays and Sundays –
    Phoenix Comicon!
    It’s really unfortunate for Hobbit cosplayers
    The Rebel Legion
    Wookie mashup costume
    Bill Binder Ignight presentation on Transformers the Movie
    TMNT Daredevil Crossover
    The Ornery Llama Podcast
    John Barrowman is coming to Comicon!
    The new Wil Wheaton CosPlay
    How to make a guest reqeust for Comicon –

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Electric CephaloPodcast #6 – ASU Origins Panel

    Electric CephaloPodcast #6 – ASU Origins Panel

    A few days after the Origins Panel with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Ira Flatow, Brian Greene (and more), we held an emergency podcast while details were (mostly) fresh in our minds.
    We tried to get my four year old to join us as our guest but he was more interested in finding his mother at the moment, so it’s just the three of us on this one.

    Show Podcast Notes, Links, Etc.

    ASU Origins Event was great! – http://www.origins.asu.edu/
    Oliver Sachs loves giant squid. – http://www.sciencefriday.com/segment/11/28/1997/oliver-sacks-the-elusive-squid.html
    Lucifer Project – http://www.exposingsatanism.org/Vatican-mount-graham-lucifer-project.htm
    Pretz-Con!!! – http://www.pretzcon.org/
    Jeff Moriarty is in the X-Files. – https://twitter.com/jmoriarty
    @tygenco – https://twitter.com/tygenco/status/318929571657433088
    Zapcon! – http://www.zapcon.com/
    The Oculus Rift – http://www.oculusvr.com/
    Chandler Jazz Festival – http://www.chandleraz.gov/default.aspx?pageid=160
    Phoenix Film Festival – http://www.phoenixfilmfestival.com/
    Play Dead with Teller – http://phoenix.festivalgenius.com/2013/films/playdeadwithteller_shaderupe_phoenix2013

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