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224 Ratings

hill billy bib ,

got any advice

mother law law had a stroke.
nursing care at home isn't covered unless she goes into Hospice.
she worked in a nursing home for over 35 years and doesn't want to live in one. Hubby works 12-14 hours per day. is trying t find something that provides the equivalent of two incomes. She has no other children and her only other family are elderly and cannot care for her.....which leaves me..... a stay at hime, home educating mother of four. three are still in school. and everytime i try to get the engine started again something stalls us out. now she had a stroke and i am the only person who has taken the place of caregiver....and she pretty much needs 25 hour care.... oh, i can leave alone a little at night, but sometimes to get stuff done.....but by that time i'm exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically.

my priority is my children, but there is no one else to tend to her individual needs.

The three are just living their own worlds while Im distracted taking care of her.

Ive prayed for someone to be provided to care for her but nothing has changed.

its only been two weeks since she came home........nursing home care would cost $200 out of pocket...PER DAY! (after coverage- at least until she was destitute and THEN medicaid could be pursued.)

How can i manage school in the middle of caretaking, which takes hours....and when she isnt being physically cared for, it is companionship and conversation...which can take 30 minutes for her to communicate that she wants the tv remote because she cant find the words.
food is pureed. bathroom is an ordeal....

the list goes on.

I'm in charge of helping her live her life while a huge part of mine is still playing out without me.

I've tried to figure out how to manage bouncing back and forth between caretaking and school mom....but thinking about what that would look like in reality automatically exhausts me.

local public school is NOT an option. we cant afford the local christian schools.
the inly co op is 45 minutes away. and i live in new hampshire......and everyone in nh is too busy to help in a more long term situation to be available to help with her daily needs.

............ how can i get them what they need, record it, and not be running on 2 hours of sleep per day????

Mrs. Sentimental ,


When my oldest was born, my husband and I decided to homeschool our growing family. Public school was not an option. How hard could homeschooling be, right? For me, it became one of the hardest concepts to wrap my mind around, especially as our family grew and having multiple children of all ages to juggle. The only model of school I had to go off of was public school from my past, and let me tell you, epic fail! I discovered quickly that my “style” was completely “wrong”, and was fighting myself trying to fit this impossible mold for my children. I was trying to keep up with other families around me who followed a very strict classical approach, but could not keep the pace (I am very creative, and tend to do things outside the box). I was at my whits end. Done. But again, public school was not an option, and neither was private school. So, I had no choice but to press on, every day feeling like a total failure at what I once imagined would be the easiest thing about mothering….I was desperate for help, but my specifics were 1.) MUST be a Christian source, and 2.) MUST be a mom who had experience homeschooling multi ages AND 3.) successfully graduated them. GUESS WHAT!? God answered my prayers and He led me to Leigh and the Little By Little Homeschool podcast. Thank you JESUS!!!! She has brought so much wisdom, hope, and insight into my life- for the first time I am EXCITED to school my kids. I look forward to the adventures that come with every new day. Schooling my children has become the greatest highlight of my life, and I am beyond blessed to get this opportunity to be with my kids. Every topic/podcast that I listen to is like a brand new light bulb turning on into what has been one of the darkest places in my life. Thank you Leigh for creating this podcast. You have truly touched my life, and I am eternally grateful!

Naayele ,

Like having a homeschool mom friend from afar

I enjoy listening to Leigh’s podcast! She has a warm and welcoming personality not to mention relatable. Her honesty and practical advice has given me hope that I can homeschool all through high school! Homeschooling as a solo parent with no family around is challenging but each episode gives me hope and encouragement to keep going. She responds when you ask questions and not many podcasters do that. Thank you so much for all the wonderful useful advice on homeschooling.

recovering perfectionist mama ,

Help for the Homeschool Mom

I have listened one-and-off to about twenty different homeschooling podcasts over the last six years. About half a year ago, I stumbled across Little By Little Homeschool and I finally felt like I have found the podcast that not only answers my homeschooling questions, but gives me the proper steps to take and make action happen! I have been hooked now for the last six months and listen to it almost every morning while I get ready. The best part is that even though there are over 200 episodes, and some have cross-over categories, Leigh still gives fresh new insight so no episode feels redundant (and I’ve listened to almost every one); they compliment each other or add to the wisdom and knowledge that I’m desperate to know. I have applied many of her tips and tricks and it has had a HUGE impact on our homeschooling lifestyle. Every time I turn the podcast on, it feels like a true Titus 2 woman is coming along side me and supporting me through this amazing journey. I believe this is easily one of the best and most practical homeschool podcasts out there! Thank you so much Leigh!

Textmannyac ,

To the point!

I adore Leigh’s show because when I need some encouraging or have just a few minutes to spare I can pop in and listen to one of her episodes and feel motivated to keep going! I so appreciate the bite size of each episode, the encouragement, and the way she is so down to earth and relatable!!!

Eva Padilla ,

Ready to Jump on it!

I am a public school teacher who has the desire of start homeschooling my children (10,12). I have been listening for months now (binge listening all episodes) 😍 I just quit my job 2 days ago and my kids will finish their last year of public school in may! This podcast encouraged me to take this step, to put aside my fears and just jump on it! THANK YOU!

cathasle ,

A breath of fresh air!

Leigh is down to earth and real. I love that her episodes aren’t an hour long cause that means I actually get to finish an episode. They’re the perfect length for quick car trips or quick moments at home like doing dishes. I have been feeling unorganized and unmotivated since a hospital trip and her episodes on scheduling was just what I needed! I’m excited to homeschool when I listen to her episodes!

RH🙂 ,


It’s brought so much clarity to me this podcast
I’ve been hearing it since it started and learned so much and get a lot of encouragement. Iam thankful with God for it and Leigh.

Mamaturtlevs ,

Amazing show!

This show is amazing!!!! I listen to it almost everyday! When I travel I’ve binge listened to 7 hours at a time! Leigh is so knowledgeable and I love to hear what she has to say. She’s made me feel more confident in my homeschooling journey and has blessed our families lives!

ksmittyxd ,

So grateful!

I am so glad to have found this podcast! All of the advice Leigh offers is very insightful and always encouraging. Thank you for all of your wisdom!