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Hardcore Pearl Jam fans unite! This podcast revisits some of the best live shows in Pearl Jam's 30 year history. From breaking down set lists to discussing hot band related topics, every episode features something new and exciting for every PJ fan!

Live On 4 Legs: The Live Pearl Jam Experience Randy Sobel & John Farrar

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Hardcore Pearl Jam fans unite! This podcast revisits some of the best live shows in Pearl Jam's 30 year history. From breaking down set lists to discussing hot band related topics, every episode features something new and exciting for every PJ fan!

    Episode 140: Alpine Valley Lollapalooza - 8/29/92

    Episode 140: Alpine Valley Lollapalooza - 8/29/92

    This week we’re headed back to summer 1992 for a Lollapalooza afternoon set at Alpine Valley. This week we have 2 patrons joining us to break it all down, Patrick Boegel and Dani King. Dani was there and gives us the inside story, and, for the second week in a row, we have an EPIC post-show story that you’ll want to stick around for! We’ll talk about some classic Ten songs that were hitting their peak, an early tease of a fan-favorite Lost Dog, why the studio recording of Baba O’Riley is still in the vault, and one of the craziest Porch climbs Ed’s ever done!

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    Episode 139: Springfield, MA - 4/6/94

    Episode 139: Springfield, MA - 4/6/94

    This week we're going back to those eventful few weeks back in 1994 to cover the show AFTER the iconic Fox Theatre Atlanta show. How would the band follow up that momentous performance? We'll talk about some early versions of Vitalogy classics, and a wild encore that comes out of nowhere! We'll cover it all with guest co-host Anthony Krysiewicz (Touring Fan Live), and we're also joined by Patreon donor Matt Behan, who attended this show as a college student and shares a story at the end that you won't want to miss! All this plus Ohana Encore news and talk of possible new music?!

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    Vault Episode: Pearl Jam Live Evolution - Alive

    Vault Episode: Pearl Jam Live Evolution - Alive

    George would be upset with us, but today we're opening up the vault to release for the first time on our public accounts an Evolution Series episode that is part of our Patreon subscription series! The plan for this week is to still get a fresh weekly episode in featuring the Springfield 1994 show, but to fulfill our weekly Wednesday episode spot we've decided to present you with something you may not have heard before - our Evolution Series episode on Alive!

    This was the third episode in our Patreon series that was released almost two years ago. It's pretty raw production value wise for what we've become on this show, but it's the content that matters! We tell the story about how Alive was performed as their most popular song for the early onset of this band's lifespan, but ultimately the song soured on the band as time grew, even to one situation that caused the song not to be played for an entire tour. But the song absolutely has it's redemption in the end, breaking a curse, and it becomes the end of show anthem that brings the crowd to a frenzy.

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    Episode 138: Pittsburgh, PA - 10/11/13

    Episode 138: Pittsburgh, PA - 10/11/13

    Fresh off of covering a tour leg closer last week, this week we have a tour leg opener from the first show of the Lightning Bolt tour, Pittsburgh 2013. This week, John is joined by OG pod co-host Matt to cover lots of Lightning Bolt debuts, some curious setlist choices, a loud and exuberant crowd, one very excited Pittsburgh Pirate, and one song that hasn’t resurfaced since this show. Will they disagree on everything? Or will they find some common ground? This episode was requested by our patron Chris Davis, the “Pearl Jam Dude,” and we talk to him about his experience at the show, his first. Check back later this week for our Horizon Profile episode on him as well available on Patreon.

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    Episode 137: Seattle, WA - 7/22/98

    Episode 137: Seattle, WA - 7/22/98

    We continue our year-long Seattle Series of shows with this West Coast leg-ender from 1998. Randy is out on paternity leave, so John is joined this week by Branden from the Better Band Podcast. Along with the usual end of tour shenanigans, we’ll talk a lot about No Code, as 7 songs from the album are played on this night. Fantastic versions of Brain of J., Not For You, and Do The Evolution are highlighted, and we’ll also talk about some versions of songs from Ten that were maybe not at their height (with one exception, 1..2..3..4…). Was Matt Cameron still getting his feet wet as PJ’s drummer after less than 3 months on the job? Who is Mister Pickles? All that and Ultimate Frisbee, Funko Pops, and more on this week’s Live On 4 Legs.

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    Episode 136: Rome, IT - 6/26/18

    Episode 136: Rome, IT - 6/26/18

    Pearl Jam has a rich history of playing shows in Italy. Many of their Italian shows have been among some of their best such as Verona 2006 and the entire Immagine In Cornice run. They've also had some not so memorable moments opening up for U2 on the 1993 Zooropa tour where they were not well received. Out of the 21 shows they've played there, there might not be one that beats the last time they've played there to date at the famous Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

    In front of 70,000 fans, the band returned to the ancient city for the first time since the 1996 tour. That Rome show is relevant because it was on that tour that Ed wrote the lyrics to what would become Yield song MFC and would play it at his first ever solo show in Rome after the tour ended. Ed tells the story of how MFC was written during this show as the song is clearly an obvious choice to play due to the environment.

    Speaking of obvious songs, since this is a massive crowd, the band comes out firing with all of their hits. Some of the best moments from this show are the songs that you might be able to hear at any Pearl Jam show, but remember this isn't in front of a mere 15,000 people in a hockey arena. This is in front of one of the largest stadiums in the world. After Ed had to deal with throat issues that postponed a London show a week prior to this night, they bounced back with a 35-song performance and an instant classic. Release, Elderly Woman, Corduroy, Daughter, Black, Rearviewmirror, Alive, and Rockin' In The Free World are all major highlights from this show.

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4.8 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

brock09lax ,

Best PJ Pod, Best Music Pod, Best Pod period…

I started listening to LO4L shortly after the Gigaton tour was postponed, and I’ve listened to about 200 hours of their programming episodes and Patreon bonus materials. I’ve always known a fair bit about PJ’s live music and bootleg history, but this podcast has greatly added to both my knowledge and love of the band. I’ve developed so much more of an appreciation for deeper songs in the catalog (Rival, Of the Earth), setlist development, and for important live moments and shows in their history. The regular shows are great, but I recommend signing up for Patreon to get so much more. I don’t even have time to listen to everything they put out, I have no idea how they have time to produce such a great pod. If you haven’t given Randy and John a listen, DO IT! If you enjoy this band, you won’t be disappointed.

DRofTheHour ,

Great show

This is a great podcast. Go deep into PJ shows and learn so much about the band and their deep catalog of songs.

mkay0 ,

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