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The only podcast where you will hear stories on what it means to Live Well Bipolar every Monday! Tune in as Paris, NAMI Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Crooked Illness," and guests get into what works, what doesn't and how the reality of living with bipolar looks different for everyone! Each episode will teach you how to shatter the stigma and conquer those obstacles we so often face with bipolar.

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The only podcast where you will hear stories on what it means to Live Well Bipolar every Monday! Tune in as Paris, NAMI Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Crooked Illness," and guests get into what works, what doesn't and how the reality of living with bipolar looks different for everyone! Each episode will teach you how to shatter the stigma and conquer those obstacles we so often face with bipolar.

    180: Healing Through Past Mistakes

    180: Healing Through Past Mistakes

    Get ready for a wonderful returning guest of mine who I spoke with last back on episode 115 in March of 2022 here.

    Sarah Fox returns to the podcast to answer the question "what does it look like when we are learning how to heal through past mistakes, both pre diagnosis and during our manic states?"

    Sarah is a Christian woman, alumna of The King’s College with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a Pre-Law minor & a Case Manager/Transformational Coach for youth development. With this profession, Sarah spends most of her time mentoring at-risk youth and preparing them for job opportunities. She is also the host of the top 10% globally ranked podcast called Rough Edges where she shares educational tools about mental health, anecdotes from her healing journey, and the intersection between faith and mental illness.

    We dive into all aspects of Sarah's journey with bipolar disorder, from diagnosis to starting her healing journey, her struggles with self-care and how she learned to accept her diagnosis.

    Discover the role her faith played in her healing journey, and the importance of community and how Sarah first began to cultivate vulnerability. She also shares her tips on how to deal with past mistakes, how to challenge the people-pleasing mentality, setting healthy boundaries, and the importance of self-compassion for individuals living with bipolar disorder.

    Make sure to connect with Sarah here to stay updated on her journey and podcast!

    00:40 Getting to Know Sarah Fox

    01:38 The Importance of Open Conversations

    02:21 Understanding and Healing from Past Mistakes

    03:07 Sarah's Personal Journey with Bipolar Disorder

    04:47 The Impact of Diagnosis and Stigma

    07:07 Learning from Past Attitudes and Embracing the Present

    10:20 The Importance of Community and Vulnerability

    20:20 The Struggle with People Pleasing and Setting Boundaries

    25:12 Looking Forward: Upcoming Season of Rough Edges Podcast

    28:15 Living Well with Bipolar: A Personal Perspective

    30:59 Conclusion and Farewell

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    179: The Greatest Tool I Made For You

    179: The Greatest Tool I Made For You

    After living almost 10 years diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I wanted to share a resource that has helped me gain so much awareness.

    Can I tell you a secret?

    I put my FREE Bipolar Wellness Workbook together first… for myself. But, after continuously going back to it …I realized how helpful it has been in navigating the many highs and lows we all face living with bipolar.

    There were so many years I had no insight into what my triggers looked like or even what wellness could look like for me.

    Using this workbook has given me clarity into these core 5 areas:

    What are my triggers?

    What does wellness look like for me?

    What tools can help?

    How far have I come?

    How can I get started?

    Click ⁠here⁠ to grab a copy of the FREE Bipolar Wellness Workbook I made for you!

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    178: Pillars to Finding Your Way Out of The Darkness

    178: Pillars to Finding Your Way Out of The Darkness

    I have never met anyone who also lives with bipolar that I have had this much in common with.

    Kate Simonet is an inspirational speaker and best selling author of her memior, Out of the Darkness. She is a mental health and suicide prevention advocate for teens and young adults.

    Kate joins me this week to share her story and a few things we have in common....

    We are both ....28, got married this year after meeting both of our husbands 5 years, runners, authors/speakers, worked in corporate America and were hospitalized in the same month and year (December of 2014).

    With so much in common, Kate was able to break down her earliest experiences with severe depression along with the tools that have helped her the most in silencing our inner critics.

    Kate describes the role of therapy, sleep, medication and her support system in her stability and how she was able to begin telling her story 7 years after her diagnosis.

    Tune in to hear the ways in which Kate was able to navigate Out of the Darkness and how you can too.

    Connect with Kate here for more info on her book, story and speaking engagements.

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    177: Managing Depression Relapse & Life Changes

    177: Managing Depression Relapse & Life Changes

    I am so excited to bring back a former guest of mine I interviewed one year ago here.

    We have Jean Kim returning to the podcast to talk about a very important topic so many of us have found ourselves in at one point or another... relapse of depression.

    This is something I struggled with a lot in April of this year and Jean breaks down the onset and triggers that arose for her earlier this year.

    Jean shares a type of volunteering she has done that has allowed her to embark upon a new career. She describes what it has been like this year to leave behind her life in LA along with her time as a DJ in order to focus on her healing.

    Tune in to hear the power of a supportive partner and how her sister helped Jean accept help. Make sure to connect with Jean on IG here and Tik Tok here.

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    176: Asking For Help As A Man

    176: Asking For Help As A Man

    This is the episode for you if you are a man living with bipolar or you love/care for a man who is.

    I am joined by Lee Formella, host of Benefits of Bipolar on YouTube, writer for the International Bipolar Foundation + NAMI newsletter & speaker for NAMI.

    Lee opens up about his experience going about asking for help and the challenges he has faced in this area from a male perspective. He describes the moment that moved him to prioritize this with his struggles with drinking and gambling.

    If you can relate to feeling like you need to have all the answers and feeling overwhelmed with thinking you need do this alone then Lee's story will give you hope.

    Lee went from living in survival mode from 15-35 and talks about the process of stepping out of this with the support of his family and girlfriend.

    Tune in to learn from a male perspective on what has worked for Lee when it comes down to learning how to Live Well Bipolar.

    Connect with Lee on Instagram here and on his website here.

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    175: Lies Bipolar Told Me

    175: Lies Bipolar Told Me

    The 3 biggest lies that I told myself both prior to and after my bipolar diagnosis were these:

    1. You will never find a partner who will truly love and accept you

    2. You will never be successful in any type of job or career

    3. You must keep this a secret and never tell people you live with bipolar

    There are many other things I held onto both due to self-stigma and discrimination I experienced early on in my journey living with bipolar.

    Tune in to hear me break down how I came to see these as lies and how I was able to prove them all to be false.

    If you have not already, please connect with and send me a DM after this episode to my Instagram here. Let me know some of the lies bipolar told you or some of the ones you are struggling with today. Love you guys, thank you for being here.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
123 Ratings

123 Ratings

sarahifox ,

Authentic tips & Powerful stories

When I first found Paris’s podcast I felt less alone in my healing journey. I appreciate her transparency and how she encourages vulnerability from her guests and her audience. I am honored to have been able to be a guest on this show and I am grateful for the empowering episodes and effective tips for living well with bipolar disorder.

Tobias Vincent ,

Vulnerable and Inspiring

These guests and host seem to have great conversations and conversational pieces. Very vulnerable topics are the focus and I want to say it takes a lot of strength to do what Live Well Bipolar is doing. I myself live with Bipolar 2 disorder and listening has helped me navigate and learn some new ways around my diagnoses.

J. Szarko ,

A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration

In the bustling world of mental health podcasts, the Live Well Bipolar podcast hosted by Paris stands out as an oasis of empathy, information, and motivation. This weekly podcast is a beacon for those navigating the stormy seas of bipolar disorder, offering practical solutions, personal stories, and a sense of community that is both comforting and empowering.

Paris, the host of Live Well Bipolar, brings a unique blend of personal experience and a natural storytelling ability that makes each episode both engaging and informative. As a Best-Selling Author her depth of knowledge is evident throughout each episode, yet it's her personal journey with bipolar disorder that truly resonates with listeners.

The tone of the podcast is empathetic and motivational. Paris has a knack for connecting with her audience on a deeply personal level, sharing her own experiences with bipolar disorder and how she has learned to live well despite the challenges. This personal approach is a breath of fresh air in the often clinical world of mental health discussions.

Each episode is packed with practical advice and tips for managing bipolar disorder. For example, in one episode, Paris discusses the importance of self-care and provides strategies for incorporating it into daily routines. In another, she shares insights on how to manage relationships when living with bipolar disorder. These are just a few examples of the valuable content listeners can expect from this podcast.

Paris' interviewing style also deserves special mention. She has a way of making her guests feel comfortable and valued, leading to authentic and insightful conversations. The diversity of guests, including mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals living with bipolar disorder, adds depth and variety to the content.

In conclusion, Live Well Bipolar is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand bipolar disorder better, whether for themselves or a loved one. Paris has created a safe space where listeners can find information, inspiration, and a sense of community. Her motivational and empathetic tone, combined with her storytelling prowess and expert knowledge, makes this podcast a standout in the mental health genre. Tune in, and let Paris guide you on the journey to living well with bipolar.

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