Load Bearing Beams Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Jenwalksn2walls ,

Load Bearing Beams is a Win!

I love listening to this podcast. They crack me up and bring me such joy. Their combination of seriousness and silliness is perfect and a wonderful take for movies. If you love movies you need to listen to this podcast!

Celluloid Affection ,

Overjoyed I Found Load Bearing Beams !

I am absolutely overjoyed that I found the podcast Load Bearing Beams ! Laci and Matt are so funny playing off of each other ! You can tell they love movies and take it very seriously- seriously but with a lot of humor and genuine affection for each other and for the films they pick to present each other. I adore the premise and understood it immediately ! A Load Bearing Beam Movie is a movie that meant a lot to you when you first saw it. It spoke to you on a deep and significant level. And you want to share that meaningful movie with people you really care about. But maybe it is a movie you saw in your childhood and you question if you will still have the same kind affection your younger self had for it. And you present it for viewing by someone significant to you hoping it holds up and that they will see what you saw and love it too. But it is imperative that they be honest in what they feel about the movie. I really like that they discuss what they liked and didn’t like about the films. That they touch upon what was happening in the world when the movie was made. And some of the history of the movie itself.
Honestly it all comes down to I’ve been searching for a long time for movie buddies to give me their thoughts and feelings on the films they see. And Laci and Matt are my virtual movie buddies. I have even found myself talking back to the podcast- something completely out of character for me - because I feel so comfortable and welcome by them and the feel of the show. I feel like I’m hanging out with friends waiting for another round of fries to come to the table as we passionately share our points of view on a film we just saw.
I suggest you check out their podcast. And experience the magic of their knowledge and vulnerability and humorous banter and the sass in every episode. It is a gem of a podcast and I treasure it every week ! 🍿💕

Sam 0704 ,

LBBP is amazing!

Load Bearing Beams podcast is such an awesome show for movie lovers and all. The hosts Matt and Laci are amazing and very knowledgeable. They also welcome you in with open arms, and you feel like part of the family as you were listening. If you haven’t already listen to their shows or even followed them give them a follow and watch and listen to all of their episodes. 5 out of 5 stars!!

Rayom0 ,

Great vibes all around

I love the chemistry between the hosts. The pod is the perfect combination of entertaining and informative. Not to mention Laci is HILARIOUS. Slowly working my way through their catalog, so excited to have so much to keep me fed.

Cinema Coconut ,

Pure Entertainment Gold

The concept alone was great enough for me to tune in but the conversations that take place with Laci, Matt, and some of their guests is what keeps me coming back! The hilarity that ensues when they discuss contrasting opinions is enough for me to pause it, take a breather, and jump right back in. It doesn’t just stop at the comedy either, the knowledge that they show for each movie is really spectacular and I always leave every episode learning something new!

DrewbieDoobie710 ,

So much fun and very informative!!

Laci and Matt are so down to earth and just have so much love for movies!! I love their chemistry so much they are able to break down movies in such a fun and informative way!! Highly suggest giving these two a chance for your podcast listenings! You’ll fall in love instantly!!

Stitchandstorytime ,

Sparks joy!

This podcast is like hanging out with your two movie nerd friends from back in the day talking about all your favorite movies! It’s definitely a slice of nostalgia and reminds me so much of hanging out in the movie store

ScreenTimeKota ,

The best people ever!

These guys rock I love their chemistry when talking about films we all grew up on! The history behind each scene and the laughter of Laci is infectious if I ever watch a film from my past I will always check their episodes to see if they covered it to listen to some interesting takes on said film! Keep rocking you guys!

jennymarie1985 ,

So funny!

They have some great chemistry!! I love their humor and Laci is my vibe!

Kids of the Past ,

Such a Fun Show!

Matt and Laci are a couple that take apart movies one has seen and the other hasn’t and they take you along for the ride! They have a great dynamic and provide deep and meaningful insight on your favorite films!