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A Star Wars podcast by Abby and Jess, two women doing talking about all things Star Wars.

Lousy Beautiful Town: A Star Wars Podcast Lousy Beautiful Town

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A Star Wars podcast by Abby and Jess, two women doing talking about all things Star Wars.

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5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

High Roll Cast ,

Renewed my love for the Wars that happen in the Stars!!!

I found this podcast completely on accident and have been in love with it ever since. For the longest time I was afraid that I had fallen into a pit of Star Wars Fatigue (Disney Fatigue, really) but listening to the LBT podcast really brought me back into the fold and made me excited for the Next Star War! Not only that but Abby made me actually CRY in the 3rd episode with her accurate analysis on Luke and why his was a good arc. Also I love the diversity presented here. As a queer man myself, it's nice to see some of my viewpoints affirmed *cough*John Kasdan go away challenge*cough* by other queer peeps in fandom. The Star Wars Fandom as a whole has become a very toxic mess and I love finding the few wholesome pockets that are left.

But yes, I am actively looking forward to more episodes and can't wait to hear your takes on TROS and other important topics! Also sorry for the Essay. I am incapable of short reviews.

Geek0falltrades ,

Great Podcast

I'm not one to comment a lot, but I will say this podcast has become one of my new favorites!

Liam Belson ,

Some of the best Star Wars podcasting!

Bringing the wit of Rogue Podron and the wisdom of Sapphic Skywalkers, Lousy Beautiful Town is a stellar Star Wars podcast! Abby and Jess shine a light on the underrepresented issues of Star Wars, and remind its listeners that an important part of loving a franchise is being critical of it! Lousy Beautiful Town reminds me of my love for Star Wars, even as it does make me want to put my fist through it (occasionally!) and every episode is a really excellent exploration of the various facets of the franchise! I really love this show!

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