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Tova & Wild explores lifestyle topics that encourage sustainable and holistic living, all the while understanding that through discussion, humility, and humor, we can all learn to be better individuals for ourselves and the world.

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Tova & Wild explores lifestyle topics that encourage sustainable and holistic living, all the while understanding that through discussion, humility, and humor, we can all learn to be better individuals for ourselves and the world.

    S1E13: Agent of Change, Finale

    S1E13: Agent of Change, Finale

    When I started the Love Handles podcast, I unintentionally labeled them seasonally, as in, at a certain point, the podcast would end to pick up again for another season later. The thing with setting things up seasonally is it allows for pauses, and moments to clarify, create, expand and breathe new life into something, which is exactly why this season one is coming to a close.

    For a time, Love Handles was a way for me to sort of explore creatively in something that I had no relative experience doing. AND, while that was fun for a time, I feel a need to reassess what the purpose and direction for Love Handles are, in order to continue to create content that is insightful and meaningful to you, as well as myself.

    So, springtime Love Handles has come to an end, but stay tuned, summer is just around the corner and with all of the margaritas you'll be drinking, I'm sure your Love Handles will be back and just as beautiful as before. 

    This episode is recapping the progress made over the month of May and continuing to roll with the changes that life gives you. In this instance, my lesson was brought to me by Ellen Degenerous and Ali Wong. 

    Without further adieu, Love Handles, Season 1 Episode 13, Agent of Change, Finale. Like, Comment, Subscribe and stay tuned for the summer edition of Love Handles.

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    S1E12: The Subject of Personal Style

    S1E12: The Subject of Personal Style

    Welcome back to Thursdays with Love Handles. I know this month is all about change, but lately, everything seems to float in the air, instead of progressing forward—meaning "Change Month" is a bust. 

    In actuality, I guess the greatest way to embrace change is to just allow things to progress naturally, and embrace the chaos, rather than try and control it. Such sentiments actually fit perfectly with the theme of today's episode.

    Personal style! How do you get it? How do you know when you've achieved your personal style? In the apparent post-trend era that galvanizes the cues of individuals rather than the collective grandeur that is, the fashion industry, how do we execute personal style? 

    I tried something different for this episode and wrote it out before I spoke it, and then practiced it 87 times to ensure that I didn't sound like I was reading off of a teleprompter. If I do sound like I am reading off of a teleprompter, I apologize in advance. 

    Without further adieu, Love Handles, S1 E12: The Subject of Personal Style. Please go forth and subscribe on iTunes and leave me a five-star rating, along with a slew of comments and personal anecdotes to this subject.

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    S1E11: Just Checkin' In

    S1E11: Just Checkin' In

    This week's episode of Love Handles is sort all over the place. It's the first time in a long time that I decided to stick my head into le sound booth without a clear idea of what I would say once I was in there. This has happened, maybe once before, but once I sat down and pressed record, words started pouring out of me. Some of them, I don't even recall uttering. Uttering is kind of a funny word, isn't it? 

    The truth of the matter is that I have been away in Los Angeles, visiting my family, and I unrepentantly decided that I wasn't going to give any f***s regarding Love Handles, or my blog, or anything else for that matter. 

    Is that a good enough excuse? Absolutely. 

    Will I stop asking questions only to answer them immediately? Maybe.

    The bottom line is this: TW's theme of the month is Change but with a dash of irreverence, and a sprinkling of resistance—because that is how I do things. With my priorities last month leaning towards getting my shit together, and failing, I realized that I just needed an extra glass of wine, and moment to clear my head and not be so introspective so much. Relax this month, setbacks are okay, give your feet some wiggle room, and high five when you do something you're proud of. Blah. Blah. Blah. 

    As always, take a listen to this week's podcast and slide into my DM's with all your love and adoration. OR, put them to better use by leaving me a five-star rating on iTunes. I will deeply appreciate it. 

    Without further adieu, Love Handles, S1 E11: Just Checkin' In.

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    S1E10: Everything Is Connected

    S1E10: Everything Is Connected

    Hi ppl! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my podcast! I really appreciate the love and support. This week is all about being connected, and tbh, I get a little emotional about it. 

    Without saying too much, this podcast is all about getting back to our roots and getting connected with the environment. I took a listen to an NPR podcast, that really motivated me to see things connected environmentally, and it showcases perfectly all of the beautiful intricacies of life. 

    Without further adieu, Love Handles, S1E10. 

    NPR Ted Hour: Everything is Connected 
    George Monbiot - Rewilding 
    Jane Poynter - The Biosphere
    Bernie Krause - Bioacoustician 
    Marla Spivak - Entomologist

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    S1E9: Get Your Sh** Together

    S1E9: Get Your Sh** Together

    That's right folks, you heard it here, first.

    After hibernating for the winter, it's (un)officially time to get everything else in our lives together so that we can enter into the summer months full speed ahead. I mean, its already April 12th, so the month is almost halfway through, but that doesn't mean that it isn't possible to use the lessons we've gathered over the past months to inhabit efficiency this month, right?


    This month on TW I've been snuffing out the metaphorical and literal fires that burn us out and cause us to feel drained. April should be the soaking tub that forever stays full of hot water no matter how pruney your hands and feet are, where you read our stories and they warmly restore your sanity and embrace you like a plush towel.

    My month usually blends quite effortlessly into the next without much resistance, so in the meantime, whats on your mind? What would you like to improve? Tell me in the comments below and if you feel so compelled, do also tell me how you'd like to Get Your Shit Together as it pertains to any of our topics. As always, everything we do we try to do it as holistically as possible and know, whatever you do, we do too.

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    S1E8: The Freedom In Saying 'No'

    S1E8: The Freedom In Saying 'No'

    I cannot believe that I have actually kept up with releasing a podcast every week for the past month or so! It's crazy because I have very real moments of not wanting to do it, or feeling like I am speaking into the void of existence that is radio. Every time I feel this reluctance to record, I decide to just record and see what happens, and usually, there is something there that I can work with—and right when I finish recording, a moment of happiness sweeps over me and I realize, "I did it!" 

    I'm feeling like I'm in an extra special place this week primarily because I haven't had the best sleep over the past few days. It's not even that I have much on my mind, I just feel like I have too much energy. 

    Anyway, this week's podcast is all about saying no, as the title I'm sure, tells you. Saying no for me is scary as hell. On one hand, I crave my freedom and independence, on the other hand, I am so extraverted I need to be around people constantly, this juxtaposition has made saying no to situations difficult, so I tried something different these past few weeks. Take a listen, leave me a comment, give us a five-star rating, or just say no to all of that. 

    Ciao for now! 

    P.S. That used to be how I signed off on emails in middle school. What a nerd!

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