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Enneagram education and conversation that focuses on personal development and strengthening relationships.

Love Thy Enneagram Number Denee King

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Enneagram education and conversation that focuses on personal development and strengthening relationships.

    Gratitude with Catherine Robertson

    Gratitude with Catherine Robertson

    At the time of this podcast release we are experiencing a global pandemic with the Corona Virus but Catherine and I recorded weeks before any of us knew what was happening. Now, the term 'social distancing' has become a part of our daily vocabulary. Daily news briefings of the number of cases worldwide and the number of deaths has left many paralyzed by the unknown. Fear is evident on social media. Could Gratitude have any place in our minds today? I say YES... now is precisely the time for it! 
    Literature on the neuroscience of happiness and positive neuroplasticity frequently cite the importance of adopting a gratitude practice as a fundamental tool to impact mood, improve wellbeing, and reverse the brains negativity bias. 
    Catherine shrares, "My connection to Gratitude as a spiritual practice is my passion and what I love to guide and teach people. Knowing what I know now about the enneagram, I'm not surprised that it's had such an impact on me as a practice, as it's of course the antidote to envy and focusing on whats missing!!  Gratitude is now such a big part of my life that I coach people to bring it into their lives and I work part-time as a Gratitude Consultant, as well as a Reiki Master and Intuitive Counsellor. Last year I was lucky enough to present my research at the Science and Non-Duality Conference in California." **See Attached Poster from that presentation.**
    Catherine can be found at:
    Instagram: @60daygratitudechallenge
    Facebook: Catherine Robertson - Reiki Practitioner

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    Ashlee Sikorski, Creator of Nine Shapes

    Ashlee Sikorski, Creator of Nine Shapes

    Ashlee Sikorski is an ICF Certified Team Development Coach working with organizations to boost productivity and build an advantageous team culture. She is also the founder of the Nine Shapes Project which aims to bring more curious conversations around the Enneagram to the world. 
    She is such a great example of how we can easily mistype through a one-time, online test. About a year after taking an Enneagram online test she began a more thorough study, going a little deeper, reading more thorough descriptions of the types. When she read the description of her true type (type 4) she literally began crying. "I felt known", she said. 
    Her then boyfriend (now husband) identified as a type 5. Ashlee realized and said, "the Enneagram put language around these two temperaments in relationship."
    Ashlee shares how the idea for Nine Shapes came to be and how the cliché art associated with Enneagram types lead her to realize that those typical symbols are within all of us. We all cry - which might be associated with a type 4. We all like to win - not just type 3. Everyone likes to have fun - not just the type 7! So she and friend, Leah Lavelle created the beautiful shapes which lead to the idea for the Conversational Card called "Nine Shapes". 
    Finally, Ashlee shares her work with "The Adoption Triad" with the non-profit, Kindred and Company which create adoption books and create safe spaces for the adoption triad which is comprised of the birth mom, the adoptee, and the adoptive parent. For more information visit Kindred and Company. 
    Ashlee can be found at:
    Instagram @a.s.coaching
    Facebook @a.s.coaching
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    Evolution of Love pt. 3

    Evolution of Love pt. 3

    As Doug and I wrap up this section we get more into our personal stories and how those 'unworkable' moments forced us to question our long standing patterns of  behavior, reactions, defenses, and beliefs. No growth comes without challenge, and these are the times when descending into lower levels of health can occur without observing and questioning. It's our awareness that gives us the choice to withdraw the boundaries or expand them opening us to know a deeper love and freedom.
    The journey of growth that is one that we must take on our own but not alone. Growth in any relationship requires communication, and if we want to grow together we must communicate. As Gordon Lightfoot bemoaned in his song from 1970 entitled, "If You Could Read My Mind", 'what a tale my thoughts could tell'. Well guess what? No one is a mind reader. We must open the lines of communication.
    The Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics are both beautiful maps of self discovery. As much as we know what they have done for our lives, those of us who have set out on this journey, and as much as we would love to share this understanding with everyone we know at the end of the day do we want people to know the Enneagram or the Spiral or do we want them to know they’re loved? I hope we all use this knowledge to share more love in this world.

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    Evolution of Love pt. 2

    Evolution of Love pt. 2

    A person's Level of Development (the SPIRAL) is the framework with which they understand the world. Their Level of Health within their Enneagram Type is the way in which they are present within their WORLDVIEW.
    **One’s level of Development does not equate with one’s level of Health - in other words - you can be at any level on the Spiral and be healthy or unhealthy in your Enneagram type. Your NUMBER doesn’t change but your worldview can.**!
    The manifestation of our type is our desire to be loved. As the Spiral shows, it’s our awareness that brings about EXPANSION of consciousness and becomes a more inclusive and loving way of seeing each other and ourselves.
    Within the Enneagram we see our personal development through the Levels of Health.
    As it is with our evolution in our worldview, it is with our own personal evolution. While we move up in our levels of health through life challenges, growing in awareness, questioning old boundaries and beliefs and behaviors, we can also regress at times. We are fluid but the further UP we go the easier it is to recognize the ways we’ve fallen into old patterns of behavior.
    At our must fundamental (I might say Archaic) level we have what we call  our Superego Message. This is all about our instinctual need for Survival or for LOVE. "...if we listen more closely, we may see that they are not only arbitrary and subjective but also coercive or damaging. They present us with increasingly impossible standards to live up to, for which we always pay a heavy price. If we feel anxious, depressed, lost, hopeless, fearful, wretched or weak, we can be sure that our superego is on duty.” (Riso and Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram)
    “I AM LOVED if.....”
    Type 1: I am Loved if I am good and do what is right.
    Type 2: I am Loved if I am loving and close to others.
    Type 3: I am loved if I am successful and others think well of me.
    Type 4: I am loved if I feel something and am true to myself.
    Type 5: I am loved if I know and have mastered something.
    Type 6: I am loved if I am responsible and do what’s expected.
    Type 7: I am loved if I am happy and get what I need.
    Type 8: I am loved if I am strong and in control of the situation.
    Type 9: I am loved if I am at peace and those around me are okay.
    These are our EGO’s boundaries that we attach to that we believe ensures LOVE and SECURITY. Isn’t that what a boundary is for anyway - to protect? And so in lower levels of health we defend that boundary like a WARRIOR so we don’t set our self up for destruction. This is the EGO’s job - to make sure we are not destroyed.
    As we encounter resistance in our habitual patterns of old behaviors we begin to ask..."can I be loved if____?"
    Type 1: Can I be loved if I make a mistake?
    Type 3: Can I be loved if people don't see me as successful?
    Type 7: Can I be loved if I'm not joyful...or even depressed?
    *View PDF of The Levels of Development (Health) in our Enneagram Type

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    Evolution of Love pt. 1

    Evolution of Love pt. 1

    This is part 1 of a 3-part series which is a recording of a presentation Doug and I did for the Georgia Chapter of the International Enneagram Association.
    Doug and I knew early in our blended family relationship that we needed TOOLS to build this new family. So we chose to go to a therapist who could help us — not to give us all the answers for every situation that might arise but to give us the tools to face the inevitable changes that would happen — or a map that would help us see “YOU ARE HERE”. But growth requires change.
    So what we want to talk about are the maps we can use as tools that help us understand how and why we evolve and how to begin being aware of what happens when these life changes occur.
    Spiral Dynamics deals with the evolution of the collective consciousness while the Enneagram deals with the individual. These would be Levels of Development (Spiral) and Levels of Health (Enneagram).
    The evolutionary trajectory is Ego-Centro to Ethno-Centric to World-Centric. We become more inclusive. More boundaries are removed in relation to Human Value and Identity.
    It is only in looking back can we see how the journey of human consciousness has evolved. And so, we can reflect on the ways each level has contributed to our health and what has not. In this way we can transcend each level of development while including the healthy aspects. Transcend and include.
    *View the .pdf for more info on Spiral Dynamics

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    Practicing Joy Through the Enneagram

    Practicing Joy Through the Enneagram

    One of the challenges of being an Enneagram type 7 is the desire to act on all the ideas we have bombarding our minds and trust me, as a type 7 myself, they just keep coming! Part of the growth process of this type, as Jaime says, is realizing we don't have to act on every idea and it's ok to start something and then move on. This is  part of the growth path of us all but understanding the way our minds work and then accepting that this is how we are wired is a necessary step. As Jaime says, "I'm OK with the way I am," but learning to differentiate the matters of true urgency versus those new ideas that are actually just distractions to keep us from completing the tasks at hand is what this is all about. This is where the use of healthy boundaries helps us thrive within our type.
    Jaime is a beautiful example how important self care is. As a working mom, wife, MBA, Yogi and Enneagram 7 life demands finding balance and one of the ways she's done so is through yoga. Her desire is to inspire others to Practice Joy!
    Follow Jaime on InstaGram: @practice.joy
    Website: Practice Joy

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9 Ratings

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Intelligent, Contagious Joy and Great Enneagram Convo!

Intelligent, Contagious Joy and great conversation surrounding the Enneagram and the gifts each of us bring!

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