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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”

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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”

    ICAST favorite lures including a purple rat!

    ICAST favorite lures including a purple rat!

    We're back and we smell like fish! Tim, John and Lucy review winners and favorites from the 2022 ICAST product competition; there's a quiz about the best summer panfish lures and more!


    Mentioned in this episode

    Berkley Power Bait Power Stinger Swimbait 
    Berkley Slobberknocker
    LIVETARGET Live Shrimp
     10000 Fish Head Hunter
    Berkley Magic Swimmer
    Z-Man Chatterbait Flashback Mini
    BioSpawn ExoNed
    Al's Goldfish
    Shrimpo and Flu FLu jigs
    Shrimpo jig
    Cubby Mini Mite
    Trout Magnet
    Blog about Dynamax jigs
    Mule Jigs
    Keystone Jigs by Joe Renosky of Reno Bait Company
    Rebel Teeny Craw
    Johnson Beetle Spin
    Joe's Flies
    Panther Martin
    Rooster Tail Spinner
    Mr. Twister
    Micro Craw
    Berkley Gulp




    • 1 hr 15 min
    Lucy’s Best-of Compilation Episode!

    Lucy’s Best-of Compilation Episode!

    Lucy ordered Crappie Hippie and Tim to fish more, so Lucy threw together this best-of episode! We throw back to how to clean lures with WD40 and also put in some show bits we did together for an old friend’s podcasting project.  Lucy then shares parts of an interview she and John did with Meg Carney on the Outdoor Minimalist Podcast, excerpts from her and Tim’s guest appearance on Wisconsin Outdoors with Dan Small, as well as Crappie Hippie’s take over of the Woman Angler and Adventurer Podcast where he interviews show creator Angie Scott. We close with the worst ear worm song parody ever, so you have been warned!


    Mentioned in this episode

    Cleaning old lures
    Outdoor Minimalist Podcast


    Outdoors Radio with Dan Small

    Wisconsin fishing lures
    Lead-free fishing

    Fish Nerds Podcast

    Cold front fishing
    Post cold front fishing
    Texas rig


    The Woman Angler Podcast


    • 51 min
    What’s that smell?

    What’s that smell?

    Lucy and the guys talk about the importance of scent on lures; catching two fish on one lure; and take a trip to fish some pressured water!


    Mentioned in this episode:

    Craziest double plays in MLB history
    1982 Wrigley's Doublemint Gum "Twins" TV Commercial
    Certs Two Mints in One
    Catching TWO Fish on ONE Lure!!! *TWICE IN ONE DAY*
    Bass Fishing Productions YouTube Channel
    SPRO CJ Smasher
    Z-Man Fishing
    ProCure Scents
    Get It Noodling Guide Tours
    American Snakehead Customs
    Glasswater Angling
    Smithwick Devil Horse
    Strike King
    Berkley Fishing
    Beetle Spin
    Silver Minnow




    • 47 min
    The most disgusting lure ever seen!

    The most disgusting lure ever seen!

    The most disgusting lure ever seen; the story behind MTB's regional lures; how to turn a vintage spoon rack into a lure display; tungsten tuning tape and hematite bead slick weights; and an encore performance of Deer in a Kayak!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Mystery Tackle Box 
    Catch Co.
    Biospawn VileMinnow 
    Biospawn VileTube
    Vintage spoon racks on eBay
    Suick Thriller
    Storm SuspendDots
    Tungsten tuning tape
    Glasswater Angling
    Hematite Bead Slick Weights on Amazon
    Z-Man ElazTech
    Z-Man Neko ShroomZ nail weight
    Jenny Sun Hematite Beads
    Barlow’s Tackle
    Jann’s Netcraft
    Outdoor Writers Association of America 
    Deer in a Kayak winning essay by Tim Bete
    Original Number 2 Corn Eyed Brown Trout lure


    • 53 min
    What was the Governor of Ohio’s largest fish?

    What was the Governor of Ohio’s largest fish?

    Tim interviews Governor Mike DeWine about fishing, Lucy quizzes the guys about racehorse and lure names; there's a crank call to Bass Pro Shops; and tips from Rawr Fishing about teeny-tiny baits.

    Mentioned in this episode

    Bass Pro Shops 
    Fat Guys Fishing: El Gordo
    Bandit Lures
    Lucky Strike Lures
    Killer Rabbit Fly
    Barely Legal lures (Reaction Innovations)
    Barely Legal lures (topwater lure)
    Slump Buster fly
    Goliath Chatter Bait
    Hungry Jack lure
    Ohio Department of Natural Resources 
    Glasswater Angling Crappie Dueller
    Bobby Garland Baby Shad 
    ProCure scent
    Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks
    Rawr Fishing 
    Eurotackle B-Vibe 
    Eurotackle EPF Swim
    Z-Man ChatterBait FlashBack Mini

    South of the Coast lures
    Goochland Middle School news release


    • 43 min
    Is the Juggernaut Case a good value?

    Is the Juggernaut Case a good value?

    Is the Mystery Tackle Box Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case a good value? Lucy and the guys do the analysis. Plus there's talk about weedless lure innovations and the history of weedless lures.


    Mentioned in this episode

    Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case
    Mystery Tackle Box
    Catch Co. 
    Shop Karl's
    Northwest Fishermen YouTube Channel
    Everyone's a Winner: 1978 hit song by Hot Chocolate
    Sebile Flatt Shad
    D&S Crank Bait
    10,000 Fish Head Hunter
    Z-Man MinnowZ, Diesel Minnow & TRD TicklerZ
    Berkeley Power Worm
    Pipe Bomb Marlin Lure
    Guides Secret M-80 Popper
    Glasswater Angling Bismuth jig heads
    ProCure Crappie and Panfish Magic Baitwaxx 
    Fishing History Blog Shannon Spinner (Dr. Todd Larson)


    Roland Martin's Helicopter Lure

    • 45 min

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Fish Guy from Franconia ,

Love this podcast!

I love that this podcast is ALL lures, ALL the time! John and Tim are funny and the topics they discuss are always interesting. Keep up the great work!

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