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Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.

Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter Barstool Sports

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Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.



    On today's episode of Macrodosing, it's 4/20, the holy grail day for weed. Special guests include Frank The Tank (who got high for the first time ever on the show) and Buddah Ben. Happy Holiday and enjoy the episode!

    0:00 Frank the Tank accidentally got high for the first time off a 3Chi cookie

    8:00 The questionable history of NJ State Police uniforms

    10:00 Best things a tree can become

    12:00 F**k William Randolph Hearst

    14:30 Bring back mids

    18:00 Big THC

    21:00 The origins of weed

    25:00 PFT taught his mom how to smoke weed

    29:00 Was Moses high off the burning bush? (Bonus: Frank’s 15 Commandments)

    36:30 What smoking weed with Obama was like

    40:00 Buddha Ben joins the show

    44:00 The first time Buddha got high

    47:00 The kid that got Buddha his weed starter pack

    52:00 Exactly how much weed does Buddha Ben smoke?

    53:30 Big T learns how there’s nicotine in blunts

    1:00:00 Why Buddha has to smoke blunts

    1:06:00 Can you still buy kindbud?

    1:08:00 Science lesson from Coley

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    On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew talks about the weird world of biohacking with SPECIAL guest Josiah Zayner, who Billy claims to be the Lebron James of biohacking. Don't miss this one, it was awesome.

    11:00 Billy nose

    15:00 biohacking chickens

    16:55 frogs

    45:25 For the greater good of Vermont

    47:20 Being dumb

    48:00 Josiah Zayner Interview

    51:30 Billy DM Bullfrog

    53:20 Harassing

    1:00:00 GUT HACK

    1:15:00 Muscle injection

    1:28:00 Health

    1:34:00 Clutch gene, height talk

    1:41:50 Frog talk

    1:55:00 End of INT

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    On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear everything you need to know about the inner workings of hell. Is it the worst place one could possibly end up? What do we know about hell? All of your questions are answered. Even hell expert Uncle Chaps hopped on to give us his insight. You don't want to miss it.

    0:00 Welcome to Hell

    4:00 Rap skits

    5:50 How would Big T/Little C *THEORETICALLY* kill Billy

    8:30 Is Billy easily killable?

    20:30 What is Hell to you?

    25:30 Uncle Chaps, who spent three years in seminary and was ordained in the Baptist church, joins the show

    27:00 The story of Job

    29:30 When dis today’s idea of Hell come about?

    32:30 What exactly is Hell?

    37:15 Satan has great branding

    46:30 Unconditional election

    51:30 Is God more efficient than Steve Jobs?

    52:30 Has Hell actually started yet?

    55:00 Big T went to a Revelation themed haunted house as a kid and it turns out Chaps used to act in them

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    On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear a breakdown on what the crew thinks are the most "allegedly" wrongfully accused people in history. It is a can't miss show. Buckle up and enjoy!

    2:20 Hell is hot today

    6:35 The Devil gets a bad rap

    9:07 Is it legal to sell human blood?

    23:00 Allegedly

    25:50 I grew up thinking MJ was guilty

    42:00 What was a grown man doing with kids all the time?

    1:15:00 O.J. and Jason Simpson

    1:20:00 Jason Simpson mental illness

    1:23:00 Would you take a murder charge for your child?

    1:30:45 Is it good or bad that O.J. has PFT blocked on Twitter?

    1:33:00 Scott Peterson

    1:39:00 The pliers

    1:43:45 Satanic cult?

    1:47:30 Meringue cookies

    1:53:00 Death sentence overturned

    1:55:30 Porn channels

    2:00:00 More porn channels

    2:05:00 The missing phone call

    2:12:00 Rank all three from most innocent to most guilty

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    The Ocean

    The Ocean

    On today's episode of Macrodosing, you'll hear all about the ocean and what lies beneath. Are there aliens down there? Is Atlantis real? Only one way to find out. Enjoy the show!

    4:00 Arian and Big T hate the ocean

    5:00 What would someone like about the ocean, Big T has seen a shark

    9:00 Sharks vs deer

    10:15 You can enjoy the beach without the ocean

    11:30 The post-beach shower

    14:30 Antibiotics

    16:30 What STDs everybody has had

    18:20 Billy got scabies working in drainage

    20:00 Arian and Big T dapped up again and PFT has it on film

    22:00 We’ve only explored 7% of the ocean

    25:45 Is Atlantis real?

    27:00 Mermaids

    28:00 What fish would you f**k if you had to f**k one?

    30:00 Why have we not explored the ocean like we have space?

    34:00 Just how deep is the ocean?

    36:30 Arian has an issue with the term “killer whale”

    39:30 Billy tried to do the Navy SEAL swimming test

    45:00 Octopuses are insanely intelligent

    51:00 F*****g for pleasure

    55:50 Octopus actions

    59:00 Dying while banging

    1:01:00 Norwals

    1:06:00 How much does the ocean weigh

    1:12:00 Big Red

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    Denver International Airport

    Denver International Airport

    On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew takes a deep dive into the conspiracies revolving the Denver International Airport. Enjoy the show!

    5:00 Billy’s first meeting with Arian

    6:10 Arian’s awkward first handshake with Big T

    9:10 Coley’s dad was a participant in MK Ultra

    15:00 Charles Manson was actually a good songwriter

    17:30 Arian ended up really becoming fascinated by the Denver Airport

    19:30 Painting conspiracy

    23:00 Is the Denver Airport actually twice the size of Manhattan?

    28:00 Why would they leave bread crumbs behind if the airport is something more?

    31:00 Free Mason time capsule

    32:10 Why was the airport $2 billion over budget?

    36:00 We need our own time capsule

    40:00 Arian was asked to be a Free Mason

    45:10 Bluecifer the neon-eyed horse

    52:30 Gargoyles: good or bad?

    55:00 Gargoyles

    1:00:15 Back from pissing

    1:02:00 Construction of the Airport

    1:06:55 NORAD

    1:15:00 PFT's Grandfather

    1:18:00 PFT says it with his chest

    1:24:00 Everyone agrees that it's real

    1:26:00 National Treasure

    1:28:30 Woody Harrelson

    1:38:00 Aliens

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3.5m valoracions

3.5m valoracions

Ben0203763 ,


Great and unique podcast, and keep Big T dont listen to the haters brother

jaymoodawgie ,


Needs to come back sucked with out him

mattisfaction88 ,

Arian is just not good

Decided to review this today because it was the best episode by far. The reason for this is because Arian is not on today. Arian brings the podcast down. All he does is make references to growing up in the hood and sound condescending (which is shocking because I’ve never heard someone sound condescending and ignorant at the same time). He constantly derails the conversation and interrupts great potential segues to interject with nothing to offer. He is not intelligent but he really believes he is. Big t is annoying but there is no need to constantly belittle him about his beliefs and ideologies. I mean the guy doesn’t even know what a narwhal is. My 2 year old niece knows what a narwhal is. Get rid of Arian and you have an amazing podcast.

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