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    Season Comeback- Show 1- Get Your Eardick Out of My Placenta!!

    Season Comeback- Show 1- Get Your Eardick Out of My Placenta!!

    Made in China is back!! And Cody and Dagny are ready to take the world by storm. Sorry about the less than ideal sound quality... we are working on trying to get it perfect, however for a first try it's pretty damn good.

    This show we talk about:

    *Our long hiatus and why
    *Placenta... and how to eat this nutritious delight
    *Harry Potter, and A Very Potter Musical
    *Dagny and Cody's future adventures

    The bomb ass music we play this show in order is:
    *3D by I See Stars
    *Hello My Apple by Priscilla Renea
    *Leaving the Past by Immortal Technique
    *A few tracks from A Very Potter Musical
    *Someday by Sugar Ray
    *Corona and Lime by Shwayze

    Yes, we realize this show is rusty. Cut us a f*****g break. It will get better, please give us time:]

    P.S. Notice how occasionally Dagny has autotune. HAHA.


    • 1 hr 11 min
    Show 106- The Short Show

    Show 106- The Short Show

    this show we have a very cool guest host...
    this show we end sorta abruptly because we had shit to do.
    enjoy the live-ish music, and our childish antics

    • 40 min
    Show 105 -- ADD Brits

    Show 105 -- ADD Brits

    Hah. The show's not bad.
    It's just...dorky beyond reason I guess you'd say.
    We pretty much try to use british accents for the beginning then give up and play with Pokemon cards and talk about Harry Potter.

    I promise we're normal =]

    • 54 min
    Show 104 -- Pissed Off With Some Techniqual Difficulties

    Show 104 -- Pissed Off With Some Techniqual Difficulties

    This had the potential to be our funniest show so far because I [Dagny] was extremely pissed off, but because Codys computer is completely stupid, it shut off before we got to save the entire show. So, it's recorded over two different days.
    Sorry if we sound a bit redundant =].
    One of our better shows =]

    *You, Me, and Everyone We Know -- The Presswar
    *Outsmarting Simon-- The Passing
    *Good Night Nurse -- Making A Wave
    *The Alpha Couple -- Mr.Raincloud

    • 55 min
    Show 102- Yaga Yo Pee Pee

    Show 102- Yaga Yo Pee Pee

    This show is a lot more better than the last one (i think.) we talk about many more awesomely controversial topics.

    music played-

    the vanished w/ i love your blood
    A heartwell ending w/ if looks could kill
    shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames w/ drop the decade
    holiday parade w/ driving away

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Show 101- Bolivian Sandwich Made of Paper

    Show 101- Bolivian Sandwich Made of Paper

    totally random, we had shownotes, but we dropped them after 30 seconds. topics we talk about go from Dan Brown to nick toons to fake boobs. don't hate on it too bad, it was our first show ever.

    music played

    madison- Gang fights with irish accents

    run kid run- we've only just begun www.myspace.com/runkidrun

    bob marley- no woman, no cry

    as you might realize, we have no set genre, we just play what sounds good to our ears.

    enjoy! but if you don't, sorry

    • 44 min

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