Madness Radio Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
95 Ratings

95 Ratings

Ccwhi ,


Sincere, genuine, and eye opening. I feel like this podcast helps moves society in the right direction one listener at a time. Thanks Will Hall.

Andersonstag ,

Dr. Phil for psychology

Dear Will Hall,

Thank you for this earnest, and sensitive podcast. I especially enjoyed your interview with Olga Runcimann. Though you have taken a break - well earned - for a niche podcast you have merited much gratitude.

My mum @Rossa Forbes was a blogger on MIA, and when she stopped I felt disconnected and no way to fill that hole. I think you have shown that meaningful conversations can be had beyond Frazier Crane style pop psychology for general interest and general education.

Many of us have not, will not “grow up” quick enough to catch the likes of your interests, but as between Religious podcasts which edify but narrow the mind, we’re without a guide.

I “work” within a Clubhouse International framework for people with mental illness and as everywhere in America we suffer from an undersupply of intelligent and willful leadership but if we would carefully quiet the chatter and listen to voices like yours, there is hope.


Laren Corrin ,

The truth-beyond the absurdity of the system

Will Hall and Madness Radio allowed me to survive the narrow minded messages of graduate clinical mental health studies. This should be required listening for any mental health training program. Will is an awesome advocate for choice, wellness, and accepting who we are in infinite variety. If you want help to bust out of your box this is the show for you. I was bummed to run out of new episodes having listened to every one on iTunes back to March 2006. Phew, there is another whole year of episodes available on the Madness Radio website.

Isaac Fuh ,

Critical 'Alternative' Perspective

Will Hall's podcast gives voice to those whose voices have been supressed by mainstream psychiatry. Hours of first-hand accounts from psychiatric survivors on how they successfully went off psychiatric meds, learned to turn their voices into assets instead of crippling burdens, and how they found community in friendship on their journeys to leading happy, meaningful lives. A must-listen!

musicglenn ,

a critical eye on the “mental illness” label

we live in an insane society, and labelling people as “insane” rather than the culture is a convenient scapegoat. this show looks beyond the stigma and examines a lot of the issues surrounding “madness"

nadighost ,

Awesome podcast

Will Hall's soothing, wise voice is always a treat. He chooses such smart, accomplished guests and has such a great way of breaking down complex issues. Check this show out if you're interested in alternative approaches to mental health.

Mmsofer ,

Such an Important source of Information

For us clinicians working in the mental health system, hope is extremley important. We very quickly learn the system relies mostly on psychiatric medication and we are extremley frustrated when it seems our clients are not always benefited from it, Especially with those horrible side effects. This Program has the ability to broaden our view. To see there are solutions outside the realm of medication or in conjuction with medication. We learn that our clients are best to judge what are his or hers best medications (referring to personal medication, using the words of the great Pat Deegan). We listen from many role models interviews in this show. Thanks Will & Leah. We owe you one

Anbargris ,

This podcast changed my life

Past, present and probably future. Thanks, Will Hall, for making it available to those of us who live out of radio frequencies, to download and listen. What a legacy...

clare2020 ,

words of sanity

I can't believe this podcast hasn't taken off. Everyone knows someone who is dealing with mental health issues, and yet we struggle to know how to talk about these things.

I have found the different voices and perspectives here so interesting.. but more than anything I am finding new ways to talk about these topics. Too many of the words we used are heavy with additional meanings. Here I find stories and viewpoints that give me hope and make me smile hearing the courage of speaking one's truth openly and honestly. I have learned so much about others and myself.

Lucypinball ,

New episodes?

I thought there would be new content bc of your kick starter campaign... Waiting....