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Welcome to Making a living Unplugged - the podcast!

Okay so it doesn't have all bells and whistles of my SiriusXM show but it doesn't come with a subscription fee either. I have heard from so many of you via my Facebook radio page that you appreciate the positive encouragement I deliver on air. Well here it is in purest and simplest form!

Making a Living with Maggie Maggie Mistal

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Welcome to Making a living Unplugged - the podcast!

Okay so it doesn't have all bells and whistles of my SiriusXM show but it doesn't come with a subscription fee either. I have heard from so many of you via my Facebook radio page that you appreciate the positive encouragement I deliver on air. Well here it is in purest and simplest form!

    Overcome The Inner Critic and Make Your Career Dreams A Reality

    Overcome The Inner Critic and Make Your Career Dreams A Reality

    Do you find you are “of two minds” about what to do with your life or career?   Do you have inspired ideas one day and then find yourself poking holes in them the next? Does your heart desire to make a career move but your inner critic is fearful?   Do you feel stuck or indecisive? These might be the signs that your inner critic has become a career block. 
    My guest is someone who conquered his fears, left the corporate grind and is now following his passion as his career.  Matt Stein left a 20+yr award-winning career in television news to create Unique Luxury Travels.  Listen in and get inspired by Matt's career change story.  Also learn about a special technique I use to help people overcome career blocks. I also share a tip from my new book on finding time to make your career change a priority. 
    If you’ve noticed a block, fear or issue that’s surfacing and it seems that two parts of you are not working together, there are things you can do.  Matt addressed his own inner critic and is now moving forward with a new career.  You can too!  Listen in, learn how and contact me.
    Resources mentioned in this episode: 
    Yahoo Finance - Q&A: How to find a career you are passionate about New book – Are You Ready to Love Your Job? Make a Great Living Through Soul Search, Research and Job Search Unique Luxury Travels website and instagram Gaia.com online free-trial

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    Stressed? Take a Breather (Properly) with Dr. Randall Sheffield

    Stressed? Take a Breather (Properly) with Dr. Randall Sheffield

    Are the stress and tension getting to you? Would you like a simple yet powerful way to release the angst and re-center yourself? Then listen in.
    My guest in this episode is a certified breath coach. Among his many talents and credentials, Dr. Randall Sheffield is owner of Moksha Therapy in Key West, FL. He expanded his physical therapy practice healing the body to include holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In this episode, Dr. Sheffield shares specific breathing techniques, the benefits of breathwork and examples of the results he's seen and experienced. Watch the full video of my interview with Dr. Sheffield including BONUS CONTENT!
    Also, tune in for this month's Career Tip, hot off the presses from my new book "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?" You'll learn how to identify your own career defining moments and uncover the pattern they point to in your ideal career.
    Kick the new year off right! Listen in and take charge of where you are setting your GPS for 2023! Starting off on the right foot (or left in my case, I'm left-handed) could change your entire trajectory for the year for the better! Happy 2023!!
    Resources mentioned in this episode:
    Follow Dr. Sheffield on Instagram @healingwithrandall and check out his YouTube channel where he recently posted this 5 minute video on proper breathing technique. Learn more and join my Winter Mastermind Series - a valuable support group for your career! Read my recent feature in this Yahoo Finance article by Kerry Hannon about new pay transparency laws in some states and how to negotiate a proper salary. Thank you to our Sponsor StayLuxurious.com! Find out more about their upcoming Virtual Wine Tasting experiences and get ready to travel through wine with Travel Writer Craig Zabransky as your guide. He’ll discuss each wine and share details on the grapes, regions, styles, tastes and more in a 90-minute presentation. He'll also provide a list of curated wines and include a few culinary tastes to pair with them. Join in virtually from anywhere in the world! Email Craig@StayLuxurious.com for more details or to set up your own private tasting event.

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    Great Posture - Why It's More Than Sitting Up Straight

    Great Posture - Why It's More Than Sitting Up Straight

    Would you like to convey more confidence when you speak?  Are you concerned about posture issues sitting at a desk all day?  And what about looking down at your phone, does that affect posture?  All these questions and more are answered by my guest (and posture geek) Lindsay Newitter.  Lindsay is a certified Alexander Technique teacher who specializes in improving posture.  She has over 15 years experience working with individuals, groups, and companies and now specializes in helping women convey confidence when they communicate.  Her tips have been on Good Morning America, CBS Radio and in The New York Times and Vogue.

    Lindsay discovered the Alexander Technique in her early 20s while dealing with the repercussions of scoliosis and having spent 5 years wearing a back brace as an adolescent.  The results of what she learned were life-changing and she now enjoys imparting what’s helped her so much to others.  Listen in and you will learn specific and practical things you can be doing right now to improve your posture and bring more confidence to your career. 
    Watch the video version of Lindsay's interview for BONUS Content on what type of office furniture is best for posture.  And find out more at LindsayNewitter.com and at PoiseGeeks.com.   Special thanks to Lindsay for my very own Pause mug! 
    Also in this episode:
    Holiday Gift Ideas for Mind, Body, Soul (And Fun) A Mindset Tip from my new book, "Are Your Ready to Love Your Job?" A free trial of consciousness-expanding streaming service Gaia.  Happy Holidays!

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    Flip the Script: An Intriguing New Approach to Workplace Culture

    Flip the Script: An Intriguing New Approach to Workplace Culture

    Ever wanted to leave a job because of a toxic workplace culture?  Leaving is one approach but what if you could stay and make positive change?  This episode will empower you to flip the script on the work environment for the better!   My guest will share insights from her new book Own Your Armor: Revolutionary Change for Workplace Culture.  Michelle Brody PhD knows and understands workplace dynamics and shares how you can change them whether you are a leader or an employee.  You will love her practical wisdom!
    I'm also excited to announce that I published a book on the 20th anniversary of my coaching practive.  It's called, Are you ready to love your job? Make a great living through Soul Search, Research and Job Search.  Rated #1 in New Releases in Job Hunting on Amazon.  It is available in paperback and kindle format.  For people who are unhappy or unsure about their careers, my book offers over 60 tips with practical advice and inspiring real-life examples.  I can truly say that were it not for my husband Craig Zabransky and for my clients who’s examples I share; the book would not have been possible.  I also share my own career story in the hopes that it inspires you to follow your dreams – even if they take a long time or seem hard.  Your dreams are there for a reason.  Live them!  And help other live their dreams by purchasing a copy of the book today. 
    I also share a tip from my book on how to identify the type of work environment that will work for you!
    Listen in and get inspired to revolutionize your workplace culture without the armor!

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    The Work Parenting Plan For Success At Work And At Home

    The Work Parenting Plan For Success At Work And At Home

    It's back to school time and the perfect opportunity to share advice and insight on work parenting. My guest is Coach Daisy Dowling author of Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself and Raising Happy Kids. Listen in for Daisy's expert tips on:
    how to assess your workparenting template, how to build confidence in combining work, family and self, common mistakes to avoid. (FOR BONUS CONTENT from my interview with Daisy check out this video on my YouTube channel)
    Also included in this podcast episode is a tip on how to step up to the plate in managing your own career. Additional resources mentioned in this episode include:
    https://www.workparent.com/ - Daisy's resources for individuals and companies who want to support working parents/ FLFE energy free gift Soul Search, Research and Job Search workbooks - my proven process for getting clarity on your ideal career.  

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    Why It's a Good Idea to Align Your Career with Your Soul Agenda

    Why It's a Good Idea to Align Your Career with Your Soul Agenda

    Do you know your Soul agenda?  Are you being authentic and true to yourself with your career choices?   If not and you're operating from fear, you're missing out on all the higher, more purposeful opportunities available to you. 
    In this episode, I interview Annie Kaur a Spiritual Master Medium. Annie’s gifts are rooted in her heritage as part of a line of spiritual ancestral service to humanity.  Her soul agenda is to enlighten, educate, inspire & evolve people from a 3 Dimensional Level to a 5 Dimensional level through her natural born ability of Channeling. 
    According to Annie, the soul is the core essence of your energy and it’s knowing this core essence that leads us to true success.  Hear her advice for bringing your more authentic self to work and the benefits and blessings of that approach.
    Also in this episode, a career tip with key ways to tap into your intuition. We all have an inner knowing or intuition.  Some may be more tuned in or more practiced at listening to the intuitive wisdom but even if you’ve never used your intuition before, trust me, it’s still there.
    Resources mentioned in this episode:
    Get motivated to get moving with this podcast episode on The Connection Between Self Care and Happiness. Sign up for my monthly newsletter with Steps to Harness Back to School energy to achieve your career goals. Search my products and services including the self-study 3 Workbook Package of Soul Search Research and Job Search Bonus resource - interesting video that explains Higher Consciousness in Business. Music credits for this episode -
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4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Playpal ,

Always worth a listen

Maggie provides great advice, insight and nuggets of wisdom from her own perspective or drawn from her interesting guests. She delivers with passion and a sense of true purpose to be of service to others. Can’t wait for the next episode!

brunobear.hirosake ,

Excellent Listen

These podcasts are always an interesting listen. I enjoy the variety in guests interviewed and the material is always insightful! Love the tips included in each one. Highly recommend.

Mac Prichard ,

Good Ideas in Every Episode

This monthly show from reteran Sirius radio host Maggie Mistal offers excellent career advice, especially for job seekers. Recent topics include improving your online image, working with recruiters, and goal setting. Maggie keeps her guests on point and you can expect to get good ideas in every episode.

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