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A collection of podcasts for people just like you, who are on the journey towards finding truth and fulfillment.

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A collection of podcasts for people just like you, who are on the journey towards finding truth and fulfillment.

    Growing Up CODA: A Year Of Change

    Growing Up CODA: A Year Of Change

    Growing Up Coda: A Year Of Change




    [ Show opens]


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Alright, ok we’re all ready? 


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Hello Brother Ronnie, Brother Rowell, it's been a while since we've seen you last. 


    VO: Believe it or not, it's been a year since we published the very first episode of the CODA series, where we first met Brother Rowel and Brother Ronnie David both CODAs or children of Deaf Adults and ministers of the gospel in the Church Of Christ.


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Ka Ronnie, do you want to sit up a little bit? 




    VO: So much has happened with the David family since we last talked. So we thought it would be worthwhile to catch up. And because September is Deaf Awareness Month, what better time than now.  


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Hello, Brother Ronnie, Brother Rowel, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you last. 


    Brother Rowel David: Hello, Sister Aliw.


    Brother Ronnie David: Hello, Sister Aliw.  How are you?


    Sister Aliw Pablo: We’re good. How are you doing? How are you both?


    Brother Rowel David: Well, doing well, doing well.


    Brother Ronnie David: Doing great


    Sister Aliw Pablo: We just wanted to check in with you both and see how things are and just the impact and the feedback you've gotten from the CODA series, 


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Would you say that there are people that you may have known for a long time, and after seeing your stories and hearing your stories, were  there things that they were surprised to learn?


    Brother Ronnie David: I've had a lot of brethren who from my past local assignments, they texted me, they called me and they said, “I didn't even know. I had no idea.” Because the thing is, we don’t put this out there. It's not something that, “hey, hello, my name is Ronnie and my parents are deaf.” For them, one thing that got me was they said, “I see why you did the things The way you did. I see why.


    Sister Aliw Pablo: Your story, you know, the CODA series was—is really a family story. And I am so curious to know have parents come up to you? Have kids come up to you? As far as helping bridge that cultural divide, generational gap, whatever gap happens as we grow older?


    Brother Rowel David: You know, some are coming up and asking, you know, “what, do you think we shouldn't do if, you know, this is the situation. You know, my child is going through this, do you think you can help them with this and that?” And so, I feel like because of that video, because of that series, it's opened up a lot of doors. It's actually opened, like, in the sense of parents, now seeing things in a different way as well. Because now they're seeing things that you know, hey, this could be affecting my child, or me not doing this could be hindering them in this way.


    Sister Aliw Pablo: One thing too, as far as opening up conversations, I'm curious as far as faith sharing, how has the feedback been from brethren who do have friends who are hearing-impaired and and how have they shared the content with them?


    Brother Ronnie David: You know, it's funny, because I feel like some brethren never thought about inviting a deaf person to a Bible study. They never thought about inviting a deaf person to listen to the words of God. But that's an option.

    • 47 min
    Keeping Your Christian Faith While in College

    Keeping Your Christian Faith While in College

    Aliw: Hey, it’s Aliw. It’s now August, and here, where I live, in the Bay Area, the weather’s getting cooler, and our days are getting shorter. You know what that means, summer’s winding down and it’s almost time for students to head back to school. So, this episode is for students! Specifically, college students who are leaving home for the very first time. 


    And even if you’re not moving, but are still about to go to college, I understand that that change is profound and challenging in itself. I’m a mom of two college students, myself, so trust me, I know! 


    These are the challenges that Marielle and Chanelle talk about in this episode, and more specifically, trying to hold on to their Christian faith while they’re in college. We’re bringing back this episode from our first season because what they talk about is timeless. 


    I want to thank them both for being so honest and brave during this conversation, and letting us all be a part of it. And I hope you’re able to share this conversation with someone in your life who’s about to face this milestone. 

    (music fades in)

    Marielle Magno: Why I liked University of San Francisco is because I could still easily go home. It’s not that long of a commute. But I’m also far enough to be pretty independent, but still be close to home. 

    Chanelle Amoguis: That must be exciting. What are your feelings right now? You know, thinking about dorming and moving?

    Aliw Garcia Pablo: Meet Marielle and Chanelle. Marielle is an incoming college freshman, sitting down and talking to Chanelle who graduated college last year. 

    Marielle:  So like, while you were in Korea, um, how, how did you like to stay true to your faith and not be easily tempted and influenced, while dorming and being away from home?

    Chanelle:  That’s a good question. 

    Aliw: Studies show that there’s a growing trend that reveals that some college freshmen aren’t just preparing to say goodbye to their families. They’re preparing to say goodbye to their faith as well.  With newfound freedom and away from the eyes of their parents and temptations everywhere. What can one do to keep their Christian faith strong and thriving while away in college? 

    Chanelle: Setting boundaries is so important. And you have to constantly tell yourself like, this is a line and this is a line that I will not cross.  And they say “will not” instead of “cannot” because if you say “cannot” it’s like you’re restricting yourself. But if you say “will not” that puts you in control of your decision… 

    Aliw:  So, today we’re having that tough conversation. Is it possible to remain as a true and faithful Christian while away in college? A phase in life that the world says is a time for exploration and self discovery? Or could college actually be a time that can bring a person even closer to God? I’m your host, Aliw Garcia Pablo, and you’re listening to Making Changes.

    [Show Open]

    Aliw: Marielle was so excited to be asked to be part of this podcast. She starts her freshman year at the University of San Francisco in the Fall. She’ll be getting advice from Chanelle from Hawaii, who moved 1000s of miles away from her family, and studied in South Korea. We’ll hear about real life experiences and real world advice from one Christian to another and learn tips on how to navigate around the changes that come during this part in young adulthood but always with God by their side. Let’s listen in.

    [Music ends.]

    Marielle: Hi, Chanelle.

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    Christian Brotherhood

    Christian Brotherhood

    Aliw Pablo: Hi, Brother Eric, thank you so much for joining us. And before we bring on our guest that you're going to thank, can you tell us a little something Brother about who you're going to be thanking today?

    Brother Eric Waterman: Today, I'm thanking Brother Bob Pellien.  I met Brother Bob Pillien back in 1989, he introduced me to my beautiful wife and then he married my son, and he's been there on all the important occasions of my life and always been there whenever I needed him, good times, bad times, storms and sunny days and rainy days. You know, just a real solid brother, a really nice friend, you know, could never count your blessings. But he's one of the greatest blessings of my life.

    Aliw Pablo:  From INC Media Audio, this is Making Changes, a podcast about the changes we go through and the life lessons we learn along the way…always with God by our side. I’m your host, Aliw Garcia Pablo. 

    Hi everyone! Welcome to season 2 of Making Changes. I know it’s been a while we’re really excited to share this new season with you. You know, it’s not surprising that everyone who works on this podcast loves to hear stories about big life changes, the pivotal moments in our lives when everything begins to shift. But lately, we’ve also been talking a lot about those friends, acquaintances, sometimes, complete strangers—those individuals who become instrumental in making these big changes in our lives. And that’s exactly what brought us to season 2 of Making Changes. 

    We’re calling this our “Thank You” series—it’s basically surprise phone calls or video calls to people who have made a positive change in someone’s life, and it’s a chance to say thank you. 

    Today, we’ll hear from  Brother Eric Waterman, a minister of the gospel who will be talking to a friend and fellow minister who has had a great impact in his life for over 30 years. Let’s listen in… 

    Brother Eric Waterman:  Good morning, Brother Bob. How are you there? 

    Brother Bob Pellien: Brother Eric! Nice to hear from you, Brother. We haven't talked in a long, long time. How have you been? How's the family?

    Brother Eric Waterman: Oh we're very well, Brother. 

    Brother Bob Pellien: So are you getting old yet?

    Brother Eric Waterman: Yes, I hit the big 65 last year. So I'm officially a senior citizen. So I have my senior moments now. So but I try, I try my best to be happy. 

    Brother Bob Pellien: There you go.

    Brother Eric Waterman: Brother Bob, I just wanted to take the moment to really from the bottom of my heart, really, thanks for always being there. Always being a great friend. And always for the constant reminders, the advice, your kindness, the care, the counsel. You know, you've counseled me with my mom, with my ministry and my membership with my wife, with my family and with my kids. I mean, whenever I needed it, it just seemed like I got through to you, you know, and like, you were you were the cavalry, man. You were always you know, when I was surrounded, and the Indians were all around me, you would always just say, Brother, you know, we're sending the cavalry. And every time you know, it was just there. And, you know, that's what friends are for, you know, to the good times.

    Brother Bob Pellien: We really consider you Brother Eric, a very dear friend and an important part of our family and our life too. But no need to thank me because it's God that is good. You know,

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    On Following My Dad’s Footsteps

    On Following My Dad’s Footsteps

    Making Changes - On Following My Dad’s Footsteps

    Aliw: Hey everyone, it’s Aliw. For this month, we wanted to feature this special episode, between father and son, who are both in the holy ministry. If you haven’t heard this conversation between Brother Donald and Brother Daniel Pinnock, I guarantee it’ll leave you with a smile on your face, and you’ll pick up some worthwhile life lessons, as well. It’s a moving and candid conversation between father and son about being dads, and devoting their lives to the Church. 

    Brother Donald Pinnock: You know, what's really strange, son? When we visited you in France, when we went to Marseille, and you were preaching in—

    Brother Daniel Pinnock: Oh man, I totally forgot about that…

    Brother Donald: ...in Tagalog, and also English. I'm sitting there listening to my son preaching Tagalog and also slices of English and French at the same time. And it was just like, wow. But I did notice, I really noticed that for you, I wasn't there, because you were really concentrating on the brethren. And I could, I could also feel that the love that you have for them.  So, that just made me even prouder, I suppose, and now, I'm telling you,

    Brother Daniel: Well, like father, like son, Pop, it’s all the mercy of God.

    [Show Open]

    Aliw Garcia Pablo: No matter where you are in the world, there is one thing we have all experienced together, change. This pandemic has forced us out of our comfort zones, and has pushed us into a new norm. And we simply surrendered and figured out a way to thrive. I'm your host, Aliw Pablo, and welcome to Making Changes, a new podcast from INC Media Audio. In this podcast, you'll hear honest conversations between two people who are on the same path to change, but are in different stages in their journeys. And we'll learn how they've navigated their way around their new normal, but always with God by their side. 

    On today's episode, you'll meet a father and son who have both decided to devote their lives in the holy ministry, Brother Donald Pinnock, assigned in Toronto, Canada, and also the host of the INC Media show, The Solution. We'll be talking with his son, Brother Daniel Pinnock, currently assigned in Val-d’Oise, France, just outside of Paris. Today, we'll learn about this close-knit father and son relationship, and they'll take us back to their journey and how they answered God's call to devote their lives to the Church. Brother Daniel who calls his dad, Pop, will seek advice from his father, on parenting his two young sons, while living a life in service to God and others. We’ll be flies on the wall as they share life lessons they've learned along the way. Let's listen in.

    Brother Daniel: Hey, Pops, thanks for sitting down with us and having this kind of conversation with me. How's everything there?

    Brother Donald: Good, son. It's great to talk to you. You know how much we miss you and the family.

    Brother Daniel: I miss you and mom, too. Please give my love to mom and Chantel.

    Brother Donald: Always.

    Brother Daniel: First off, Pop, try not to cry, okay? 

    Brother Donald: I can't promise you anything.

    Brother Daniel: Right off the bat, Dad, I just wanted to say, thanks. I've never really had a chance to, you know, say thank you for the advice and guidance that you've given me throughout my life and throughout both my pre-ministry and ministerial life. So you still continue to give that kind of advice. So I still want to express the kind of gratitude and know that when it comes to everything you've taught me up until this point, and all the advice that you still give. I'm always taking it to heart and I try my best to follow it. So,

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    Conflict of Beliefs

    Conflict of Beliefs

    Conflict of Beliefs

    Aliw: Hi everyone! It’s Aliw. We wanted to bring back an episode that hit a chord with so many of you. In case you haven’t heard this conversation between Felix and Robert, this is a must listen. It’s a deeply personal conversation between two men who went  against all family traditions and the courage it took for them to stand up for what they believed in.

    Felix: My question, Robert, was…like how would you still be able to talk to them—even if—when they still denied your invitations?

    Robert: Well, when you're inviting them to come to a Bible study or join worship service, or you know, to come and listen, and you're noticing that that's a point of tension, right? Because then all of a sudden, the conversation doesn't go quite the way that you wanted it to. And you have to be able to create this balance when you're with them, right? Be present, as the son, as a brother, as you know, as the nephew, or whoever the relatives are, that are there.

    Felix, you're not alone. There are stories like this, all throughout the church in every country. It's a problem that a lot of members deal with. And it makes them stronger.

    Aliw: From INC Media Audio, this is Making Changes, a podcast about the changes we go through and the life lessons we learn along the way…always with God by our side. I’m your host, Aliw Garcia Pablo.

    Today’s episode is about making big life changes – big enough that it affects your relationship with your family. Meet Felix, a listener who we met on Instagram. He recently found the truth in the Church Of Christ but is having challenges in his relationships with his family. Felix will be talking to Robert who joined the Church Of Christ over 20 years ago, who also experienced his own set of challenges with his family but have now found peace with them.

    Let’s listen in.

    Robert: Hey, Felix, how are you?

    Felix: I'm doing good, Robert. How about you?

    Robert: Oh, well, it's good. It's always good to be able to meet and talk to, you know, other members, even though you cross the country? You know, we're also tightly knit.

    Felix: Yeah, so basically, my questions were, you know, now that I'm a member of the Church, you know, even though when I was going through Bible studies, I was always, I was still facing persecution. Basically, it was last year where most of the time of 2021, it was very, very heartbreaking because of being persecuted by my own, even by my own loved ones. So my question is to you, you know, being persecuted at home, how did you still continue to communicate with your family?

    Robert: Well, it's—how long have you been in the Church, Felix? 

    Felix: I've been in the Church for seven months?

    Robert: Seven months? Well, that's, it's a wonderful blessing. You know, persecution is a hard word. It's a tough word. Because often, it comes from a place where people think that it's, it's coming from a place of being mean, right? And a lot of times what it is, it's just confusion or lack of understanding, you know, about what's going on. And then, you know, of course, when they don't understand and it comes across, in a way that you know, you might be feeling like persecution. And I'll just share a little bit about, you know, my background, right? I'm the only member in my family, that's a member of the Church. I was baptized back in 1989.

    Aliw: This is when Robert opens up to Felix about his past. Robert begins to share how being raised Catholic, being an altar boy and doing all the rituals, suddenly didn’t feel right for him. As a young adult, he began church hopping from the Baptist church, then Pentecostal, then explored Evangelical Christianity,

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    Teachers As Parents

    Teachers As Parents


    Aliw Intro: Hey, it’s Aliw. This month, we’re showing our appreciation for moms…and teachers. So what better way to do that than sharing this episode from Season 1, it’s a conversation between Melissa and Arienne, two moms, who are both teachers, and are raising three children of their own. 

    I remember the first time I listened to Melissa and Arienne, they talked about the challenges they had faced while teaching remotely at the height of the pandemic..while taking care of their kids at home, at the same time. It sounded like A LOT! But you know, even at that point, I could still hear how much they loved being a mom, and how much they cared for their students. And that’s pretty remarkable! So we want to say thanks to Melissa and Arienne for spending time with us, because we know how busy moms and teachers can get! And also, for opening up about the struggles they faced during one of the toughest periods of our time. Melissa and Arienne, thanks for doing what you do. 

    [music comes in]

    Arienne Rusgal: Remote teaching is pretty hilarious. 

    Melissa Benedicto: I agree.

    Arienne: The things that you say now, “Turn on your camera, right?” “Mute please.”  

    Aliw Pablo: Meet Melissa and Arienne, two teachers who are also moms.

    Melissa: Please don’t bring your iPad to the bathroom. Don’t share too much information when you come back from the bathroom, please.

    Aliw: They both were forced to adapt to the drastic changes the pandemic brought at work and at home. Studies show that women in general have taken the hardest hit during this pandemic, many having to leave the workforce due to the overwhelming pressure of juggling it all — working and being a mom. So today, we’ll talk to Melissa each with three children of their own and how they’ve managed to thrive during a very difficult time when the lines between being a teacher and a mom at home are often blurred.

    I’m Aliw Pablo. Welcome to Making Changes, a podcast about two people on the path to change but are in different stages in their journeys.

    (Show Open)

    On today’s episode, Melissa and Arienne open up about the challenges of wearing two hats at home during this pandemic. Melissa has three children, two teenagers and an 11-year-old while Arienne asks Melissa for advice on teaching remotely while caring for three kids under the age of 3 at home.

    Melissa talks about how after 15 years of teaching, the challenges of a virtual classroom made her think about possibly changing her career but she’ll tell us what it was that made her stay. We’ll be flies on the wall as these two moms talk openly about what they learned about themselves and the changes they’ve had to make in perspective as educators and as moms. And they’ll tell us about the big part that God played in their lives during this uncertain time. Let’s listen in.

    Melissa: What's up fellow mom?

    Arienne: I'm so glad to talk to you because let me tell you, it is so hard to be a mom and a teacher right now. And just being able to talk to you is just giving me already a sense of relief here.

    Melissa: You know, being able to talk to adults, sometimes is relaxing and therapeutic.

    Arienne: Yes. I just kind of wanted to get your thoughts and some advice on some stuff, just because, you know, especially with a pandemic, and having three kids under three and trying to teach from home and trying to teach online while they're crying downstairs and just trying to do it all. It just hasn't been easy. Like, I just feel like I can't do it all. I don't know how to be that super mom. I mean, what do you do?

    Melissa: Other than cry in the corner on a daily basis. I kid,

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5.0 out of 5
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25 Ratings

PositivelyGabrielle ,

Great podcast inspiring stories

This podcast is very inspirational! The hosts do a good job of letting the guests do most of the speaking and the sound effects are a nice touch. Also love the Christian view on topics

theAlley ,


I like how honest they are.

PTN 123 ,

Some inspiring stories from actual people

With all that is going on in our world. Inspiring stories are in high demand and high supply. This podcast presents those stories from honest people that we can all learn from.

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