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The Making Moves Podcast (with business guru's Seema Alexander & Kelly Lynn Adams) is dedicated to helping 9 to 5'ers, side hustlers & entrepreneurs go from following the rules to creating their own. Get ready to be exposed to weekly bite-size trainings and inspiration about business building, money making, mindset training, and so much more. You will hear from top entrepreneurs and influencers (in all industries) tell the good, the bad and the amazing of the journey from employee to entrepreneur. This is the place to learn more so that you can be, do and have more.

Making Moves Podcast | Corporate to Successful Entrepreneur Kelly Lynn Adams & Seema Alexander

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The Making Moves Podcast (with business guru's Seema Alexander & Kelly Lynn Adams) is dedicated to helping 9 to 5'ers, side hustlers & entrepreneurs go from following the rules to creating their own. Get ready to be exposed to weekly bite-size trainings and inspiration about business building, money making, mindset training, and so much more. You will hear from top entrepreneurs and influencers (in all industries) tell the good, the bad and the amazing of the journey from employee to entrepreneur. This is the place to learn more so that you can be, do and have more.

    29: How to Create Confidence, Clients and Cash with Rachel Luna

    29: How to Create Confidence, Clients and Cash with Rachel Luna

    Rachel Luna is a best-selling author, international speaker and elite business coach. A former US Marine, this 4 foot 11 inch firecracker has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple and quadruple their income. If you're stuck in a rut and want to increase your income and your confidence so you can get you to the next level, Rachel Luna is the woman to call. 
    [02:43] What triggered you to start your own business? I have always been an entrepreneur, ever since I was a kid. [04:15] In my early 20s, I bought into a T-Shirt company. I am at good at promoting things. [04:33] How I went into my current business was almost accidental. I was working in Germany and my life was a hard mess. I was in and out of a bad relationship, I was overweight and in debt.  I hired a life coach.  She said I had such an interesting life story and positive energy and that I would make a good life coach.  I said no one is going to listen to me.  She said not now but once you get yourself together and that’s going to be inspiring for other people.  They will want to know how you did it.  In 3 months my life turned around.  I got certified as a life coach. [07:14] Tell us about your first book and the second book that you are working on. I did not know that when I wrote the book, I was actually going to publish the book. I started working on a fiction book.  Then I went to join a non-fiction book competition.  I had to write a book proposal and the first chapter, create a video and get a good number of likes just to get to the next round. [09:23] I made it to the Top 25. In the next round, I had to write 3 more chapters.  I was writing the book to be in the competition just to win.  I didn’t win. [09:53] However, because of the social media promotion, people were asking me when the book will be done. I used Create Space.com to publish the book and it was an easy process. [12:23] The book talked about one trait that all successful people have – they were really authentic. It talked about funding your dream.  [13:15] There are questions in the book. If you are going to spend money buying the book, do the work.  You have to reflect on what you have read and take action. [13:50] The second book – “Girl, Confident”. I want to write stories that will get people excited about the things that scare them the most. [16:56] How to get exactly what you desire confidently? A lot of times people are waiting until they stop feeling fear.  That’s the problem.  You have to take action while you are scared.  Let go of your emotional attachment to the outcome.  You have to be okay that some people are going to laugh at you or judge you.
    [23:30] Tell us about your business model, in particular, Affiliate Marketing and generating $100,000 within 18 months. I helped a girl with Affiliate Marketing and she achieved over $100,000 within the first 7 months.
    [25:00] 2 main points to the success in Affiliate Marketing: (i) Integrity – I don’t just promote anything, I am very selective.
    (ii) Engagement – I engage with people with a high touch experience.  I will get on the phone and do one-on-one call.
    [27:30] How do you define success? In this moment, success means honoring what I want at my most selfish level.  Selfish self here means really being true and honest with yourself and the people around you about what you want and what you need.  When personal wants and needs are not being met at the highest level, not referring to big things but the highest level of fulfillment, you cannot show-up fully and you cannot serve other people at your absolute best. 
    [30:16] Who are your mentors and your thoughts on investing in yourself? The best investment is investing in yourself if you are willing to cash in on that investment by doing the work.
    [31:45] Do your homework before you hire

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    The Ask: A Step by Step Process of Getting Anything You Want with Laura Fredericks

    The Ask: A Step by Step Process of Getting Anything You Want with Laura Fredericks

    As an attorney-turned-philanthropic advisor, LAURA FREDRICKS knows how to ASK.  She has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in industries best known for making high profile, multi-million dollar A$KS – law and philanthropy – and is the first to merge strategies from both professional sectors into a mainstream practice known as THE ASK©.
    This new practice has placed LAURA on the national and international speaking circuits at conferences around the world from Amsterdam to Ann Arbor, Bologna to Boca Raton, Kenya to Kentucky, Moscow to Montreal, Sydney to Seattle, plus Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands. THE ASK© has also led LAURA to TV and radio appearances on local talk shows across the nation, and her expertise has been featured in national publications. Her four books on “How to A$K© for Money – and More of It” have become industry leaders. New books with “Asking Advice for Everyday Living”
    [01:57] – Share your story.  
    [02:25] – I had a lot careers.  Started off as a journalist for a music magazine.  But I always wanted to go to law school.  Combined law & journalism, hence I did Communications Law. [3:24] - One of my professors said “why don’t you be a law clerk”?  I did as I had to pay bills!  People present opportunities to you – you just take it. [04:11] - I wanted to do something better in the world.  I know that asking came very easy to me because I realized I won every case on cross-examination because I asked the right questions.   [05:11] - 5 steps ASK factor (developed 3 years ago) As more and more bombardment of social media, more things got complex.  If you can make whatever niche you are trying to do, simple, you will do very well.  What works in any sector for any person at any age in any decade for anything that you want, it comes down to 5 things:
    Know exactly what you want with numbers and dates.  Be specific – specific dates, specific skills and specific amount. Prepare the conversation.  It’s a mental exercise.  Write it down.  Especially when you are asking for money, a job, a raise, a transition.  Why should I believe in you?  Why does your skill set match this?  What do you do that nobody else in the planet does? Time to shine.  Deliver with confidence.  What do you want?  Head straight and just go! Reiterate what you think you heard when you did your ASK (this is the most important step).  Don’t let them go, use the word “we” – we can work this out, what do we need, what is our timeline?  It’s inclusive – you get back to me, you let me know – you are putting them in a corner of spotlight and it’s an awful position to be in. Plan you next move while you do your ASK.  If they say “we’ll get back to you”.  You reply “Fine, how about Monday at 2 pm? [11:25] - Do not skip any step, check and go to the next one.  It is a proven method.
    [12:40] - If you are an introvert and you’re rather shy, what’s your advice and your story of how to ask for funding?  
    [14:20] - You got to have data as it speaks volume.  When you ask for yourself, it’s the hardest – everyone becomes an introvert.  Just say “I’ve done my research…”, “I want to ‘challenge’ you…”, “I’ve never done this before but it’s important to me…”.
    [16:30] - You transited 9 times, how did you go through the transition to become your own boss?  
    [17:14] - People won’t be listening unless they want to challenge themselves to the next level. [17:36] - If you don’t listen to your voice, you’re not going to move to the next level. [17:43] - What’s your level of unrest?  Nothing promotes change than the highest level of “uncomfortability”. [18:35] - Then I got the other job – I was happy but not my full potential.  How good can I be?  What more can I do?  How am I going t

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    27: How a Morning Ritual Could Change Your Life with Hal Elrod

    27: How a Morning Ritual Could Change Your Life with Hal Elrod

    "Hal Elrod is living proof that all of us are capable of creating miracles in our own lives.  His inspirational message, loaded with examples of Hal's never-say-die attitude and winning strategies, will empower anyone to make the most of his or her life."
    --Bud Gardner, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul
    Hal got his start inspiring and entertaining people at age 15 as a radio show host where he was given the hip moniker, "Yo Pal" Hal.
    At age 20, Hal's life was almost ended when, traveling at over 70 miles per hour, Hal was struck head on by a drunken driver and found dead on the scene.  Hal’s heart stopped beating for 6 minutes, he fractured 13 bones, suffered severe brain damage, and spent 6 long days in a coma, awakening to the devastating news that he might never walk again.
    Never one to accept limitations set by others, Hal astounded the medical community when he miraculously took his first step only three weeks later and was released from the hospital less than two months after the night of the crash.
    Hal got back to work that same year to sell over $100,000 of kitchen products door-to-door and became one of the youngest members ever inducted into the company's Hall of Fame.
    Now at 27, Hal is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and CEO of Global Empowerment Coaching. Hal is truly taking life head on with his autobiography by the same name, Taking Life Head On! (The Hal Elrod Story), which published last year and is inspiring thousands of people throughout the world, already reaching #7 on Amazon’s bestseller list.
    Hal's story is amazing, his youthful energy, humor, and unique principles for experiencing more joy and fulfillment in your life offer a fresh perspective for your viewing audience.
    [03:22] – Can you share the story of what happened and what you did to overcome it? [04:00] - I was involved in an accident.  Broke 11 bones.  Immediately in a coma from that impact. [04:24] - When I woke up – why am I in pain and everything hurts? [04:33] - Unimaginable reality.  I may never walk again. [05:04] - How am I going to respond to this?  Either negatively or positively. [05:29] - The source of all our emotional pain and suffering is resistance.  Fortunately, I learned this from my mentor a year and a half before the car accident. [06:27] - I can either be down about it or be the most grateful in my entire life. [06:39] - I am waking up every day, what more do I need to be happy? [07:56] - Three weeks later, the doctor came in with the x-ray report and said “we can’t explain this but your body is healing so fast”. [08:21] - Dedicated my life, my second chance to fulfilling my potential the way that I could for the purpose of helping others. [09:10] - How did you make the transition from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur? [09:50] - I was in sales (not exactly a 9 to 5 job), there was freedom.  I was paid on commission. [10:32] - I saved up $20,000 and started dedicating my evenings and weekends to my entrepreneur journey.  [11:52] - I decided I wanted to become a coach. [13:00] - Started by giving away discounts.  Launched my coaching business and focused full time. [13:48] - My first client was a forty year old finance adviser and I joined him in his Business Networking International (BNI) group.  [14:21] - The President the BNI group was impressed by what I have accomplished at 25 and hired me to be his coach! [17:04] - How it evolved into this concept of Miracle Morning and what it really is (you wrote a book on it and you have a series on it)? [17:40] - It was not an idea for a book.  The economy crashed and I lost half of my clients because they can’t afford to pay me. [19:10] - I went for a morning run to get me into a peak state every morning. [19:14] - I listened to Jim Rohn’s audio – “your level of success will seldom exceed your level of person

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    26: Get Off Your Butt, Face Your Fears, and Create a Life You Love

    26: Get Off Your Butt, Face Your Fears, and Create a Life You Love

    When Sean was born doctors predicted he would not survive past birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. Despite these challenges, he's taken a stand for a quality of life that has reached millions of people around the world, including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to Youtube videos with millions of views. The Biography Channel did an hour feature on his life called, “Three Foot Giant.” His message has been heard at live events in over 15 countries and 47 states over the past 16 years. Sean's latest book, “Get Off Your But” has swept the US and been released in over a half dozen languages around the world. As a board certified therapist, Sean uses humor and compassion to develop a fun environment where individuals open their hearts and minds for lasting empowerment to occur.
    [02:44] – Tell us about the life of Sean [03:09] – I teach what I teach about confidence, overcoming insecurities. I do what I do for my own good. [04:03] – We teach what we need to hear most often. I hear my own message over & over. [04:39] – What are some of the common insecurities that people have and how do you help people come out of that? [04:45] – All insecurities can be boiled down to one thing – the feeling that “you are not….enough”. Insecurity is something that you can’t get rid of but it’s something you have to stay ahead of. [06:39] – Why were you born? What’s your purpose? [08:28] – Self-care, what do you do in your day-to-day activities that nourishes you? [10:02] – How can transitioners practise self-care? How to keep them motivated? [10:44] – Entrepreneurs have challenges too, if not more challenges than a 9 to 5-er. When you’re the Captain of the ship, you are directing the course of the ship. When you are a crew member of someone else’s ship, you can’t even determine where you’re going. [13:51] – Tell us more about the “The Prison of Your Mind” talk. [14:12] - I have spoken to inmates who will never see freedom (in the traditional sense) again. [14:47] – I have also seen people who are not in physical prisons but yet they are miserable although they have lots of money. They are stuck in the prison of their minds. [15:48] – Your heart is where your passion is. [17:05] – What do I have power over? I have power over my mind.  I am no longer a prisoner to my body. [32:30] - How to get started to be a speaker? What advice would you give? They come and work with me! I teach short courses. Human beings are fascinated with somebody who is creative with metaphors. Your minds can build pictures.  Study metaphors! I started 22 years ago. You got to put in the time and get the right coaches. I even studied hypnosis. [22:46] – Who in your life is important to you most? No one succeeds alone. People that have what I want and when I help them get more, they will pull me up too. People that want what I have. Teach people what you have mastered. 3 key points:- Don’t worry about success. Confidence is a by-product. Focus on value creation. When you create so much value, you have no choice but to get rich!  Focus on becoming something rather than achieving, acquiring and doing something.  
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    25: Don't Die With Your Music Still In You with Serena Dyer

    25: Don't Die With Your Music Still In You with Serena Dyer

    Serena Dyer has co-authored a book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You about her experience growing up with spiritual parents. The book is a daughter’s response to her father’s wisdom and provides readers a glimpse into what life was like growing up with seven brothers and sisters -- and Dr. Wayne Dyer as a father.
    Serena is a contributor to several publications where she shares stories on varying subjects, including meditation, travel, the spiritual journey and life with her brothers and sisters. She is also a featured speaker at spiritual, motivational and wellness events around the United States. Her subject matter covers a wide range of topics, but she always seeks to share her personal spiritual perspective in a way that encourages introspection and personal growth.
    While completing her master’s degree at the University of Miami, Serena was moved by startling statistics concerning the global tragedy of human trafficking. Although most of her work is done privately, Serena does add her voice to raise awareness via the charity Stop Child Trafficking. Serena currently resides in south Florida with her husband Matt and her 2 children.
    [02:30] - How did you start? [02:41] - I quit Law School because I felt like a “fraud” there – that was not a place for me. There was an inner-battle. [04:30] - I came down with pneumonia. My dad said to me when you attract illness which begins with an “i” instead of wellness which begins with “we”, you are only focusing on yourself. [05:36] - I didn’t know who I was and what I was doing and went into a deep depression. [06:20] - I had no idea what I was passionate about. [06:45] - The only thing I knew is that I know how I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel content. [08:08] - My dad taught me how to assume to feel happy at one point of my life - picture and imagine what you felt like. Before you go to bed, the last 5 minutes, close your eyes, put down your phone, etc. to focus on how you would feel in your body if you feel content. When you wake up, spend 5 minutes and assume how you want to feel for the rest of the day. [10:30] - After a while people and opportunities showed up that aligned me to the way I wanted to feel – good, content, peace. [14:30] - For transitioners who do not know what their passions are, what advice would you give them? [15:07] - I came out of depression to write a book with my dad. Once I started to get out of there, there was peace. It’s not an overnight process as it took me a few months. [16:08] - The biggest thing that occurred to me is that I regularly lied to myself. I denied what I actually wanted. [16:30] - I have always like talking about things related to psychology, people’s journey, telling stories but I have rejected and ignored that part of my life in pursuit of the career that I thought I was going to have. [21:40] - How’s your experience growing up with spiritual parents? [22:35] - In my home, you have to take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life. You are in control of creating the life you want but that does not mean that bad things that show up are your fault. They are to teach you things and how to overcome them. [25:10] - Master of your own fate, creator of your own destiny. [26:09] - What are your spiritual strategies and what are you most proud of? I am most proud of: Having a sense of peace. Having a whole understanding of where I am at in my life right now. Not judging and criticizing myself like I used to. My relationship with myself is strong. The difficult years of my life did not make or break me – it revealed me and who it revealed me to be – somebody I like. [28:00] - The strategies: It was an accumulation of dedication and constantly choosing thoughts that made me feel good. It is work to have spiritual practice tha

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    24: From Corporate to Dried Fruits with Noha Waibsnaider

    24: From Corporate to Dried Fruits with Noha Waibsnaider

    Noha Waibsnaider is a leading food entrepreneur and change maker in the healthy, real food movement. After graduating from Columbia Business School, she worked at Unilever and learned about the preservatives, chemicals, and processing that fills most of our foods. Originally from Israel, Noha grew up on a diet of mostly unprocessed foods and snacking on dried fruit. She realized there was a big gap in the marketplace and an opportunity to create snacks that make people feel good about snacking, with food that tastes great and is naturally nutritious. In 2005, she launched Peeled Snacks: organic fruit snacks with no added sugar or preservatives. In the last year, the brand has quickly evolved to a larger healthy snack platform, with the launch of Peas Please, savory veggie snacks. With her vision of providing tasty and nourishing snacks everywhere you need a snack, Peeled Snacks are sold in Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Giant, Hudson News, Amazon, and many other retailers. The company has ranked on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four years, has been featured in Oprah’s O List, and received Healthy Snack awards from Health Magazine and Fitness Magazine. 
    [02:25] - When did you start your own business and what was your background?  
    [02:40] - I learned about the food industry and supply chain.  Realized that the products were loaded with sugar and chemical.  I will talk to the scientists and they are not willing to eat it! [03:10] - There’s an opportunity to make real food that’s not highly processed and make it accessible to people. [03:30] - People have been eating dry food for a number of years.    
    [05:28] - Product-based businesses have so much to consider upfront.  In terms of operations, what did you start with?  
    [06:12] - There’s a very large based eco-system for food-based products now.   [07:40] - We started small.  The early challenges, limitations and constraints are what helped you define the concept. [06:26] - It’s an evolution and part of the creative process.
    [09:00] - How much money did you invest upfront?  
    [10:00] - I sent in a two-page application for funding but was not successful.   [11:03] - Initially, I thought it’s a small business and it can be self-funded.  I was using credit card and doing balance transfer.  Started borrowing money from family - started fund-raising with friends and family.   [13:09] - Since then we continued to raise money from Angels and crowd-funding. [16:08] - What is your pricing strategy? It’s important to get pricing structure right early on.  We have premium products and we increased the price gradually and people were still willing to pay for.  At least 50% margin.
    [19:55] - How does the Strategic Advisory Board work?  
    [20:14] - Network is “give and take”.  At one point we gave stock options to people. [21:43] - My first strategic advisory board guru was a business school professor.  His biggest piece of advice was – “you’re going to need an advisory board and I volunteer to be the first member on it”.  That was very helpful. [24:07] - Those on our board have very diverse business backgrounds. [26:10] - How do you get access to influential people like Stacy Madison? [27:06] - Building relationship, meeting people, networking, going to industry events, asking what you need and being clear of what you need.
    [27:47] - If you could go back, what are the 3 things that you would have invested in most?  
    Golf lessons! – so much of networking happens on the golf-course. Marketing Gone into it with a long-term view and not so overwhelmed by all the ups and downs.  
    [31:27] - What motivates you to keep you going?  
    There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Passionate about what I do, i.e. healthy food, food that energiz

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5.0 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

GratefulBadass ,

Great Energy

On point information and inspiration! I’m here for it!

ErikBison ,

Highly recommend!

The Making Moves podcast has actionable and inspiring insights and lessons to help you succeed in business (and life). Highly recommend listening if you are dreaming of starting your own business (or you want to grow your current one), and you need the creative spark and insights to do it!

JovankaCiares ,

A must for business women

This podcast was created by women who have walked the walk and now are helping others do the same. Their interviews are packed with easy to follow strategies and motivation to keep going in the face of adversity. A great resource for business women and entrepreneurs.

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