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The Marketers In Motion Podcast powered by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Marketing is our passion, and as a Chapter we hope to inspire dialogue, fuel creativity, and create a community for marketers everywhere. Let the inspiration and dialogue begin.

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The Marketers In Motion Podcast powered by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Marketing is our passion, and as a Chapter we hope to inspire dialogue, fuel creativity, and create a community for marketers everywhere. Let the inspiration and dialogue begin.

    The Marketing Metric Of The Future…Trust

    The Marketing Metric Of The Future…Trust

    The marketing metric of the next decade will be trust. There will be no more effective - nor more critical - way of building a brand than building a community who trusts you enough to advocate on your behalf.

    With trust in brands and advertising at an all-time low, there will never be a better time to build a human-centered marketing strategy. The tactics of this decade - data collection, tracking, endless ads - will not work in the next.

    Your customers are already telling you how to connect with them in a way that will grow your business. Are you ready to listen?

    Key Topics
    -Zero Party Data

    Cliff Seal

    Cliff is a Principal Designer at Salesforce, helping build world-class customer experience tools. Through talks and workshops given around the world, he helps companies become customer-centric by leveraging proven research and design strategies.

    He lives in Atlanta where he co-organizes amUX, a morning meetup for the city's user experience community. He also co-hosts TuneDig—a deep-dive music podcast discussing music history, theory, and culture.

    You can usually find him tinkering with ideas, standing at a concert (before COVID-19), biking, snowboarding, or defending the Oxford comma.

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    Adapting Your SEO Strategy In Times Of Crisis

    Adapting Your SEO Strategy In Times Of Crisis

    Communication is of utmost importance in times of crisis. During the pandemic many online platforms have offered tools that allow us to note our businesses as being temporarily closed, operating with restrictions, and/or provided the ability to post specific updates to our followers. With so many platforms, which should you be focusing on if you have limited resources? How have and how should you adapt your SEO strategy for the current marketing climate?

    In this podcast we’ll discuss why adjusting your SEO strategy is important, which business listings deserve your utmost attention, adjusting your marketing automation for the current climate, refocusing your content strategy on what’s relevant, along with some crisis communications dos and don'ts.

    Key Topics
    -SEO Crisis Strategies
    -Google My Business Updates
    -Automated Messaging
    -Crisis Content Strategy
    -Crisis Communications Best Practices

    Jason Dodge
    Jason Dodge is the founder and chief strategist at search marketing firm, BlackTruck Media + Marketing, where he works to ensure clients’ business objectives are translated into online marketing strategies that work. His passion for the ever-evolving world of search has only grown over his 17-plus years in the industry, eventually caving into his entrepreneurial nature and founding BlackTruck in 2009.

    Named one of Grand Rapids’ 40 Under Forty Business Leaders, he is active in the community serving on the Executive Board of Directors for the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, the Leadership Counsel for Small Business Association of Michigan and a regular contributor to the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

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    PR & Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

    PR & Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

    As marketers we understand branding, communication, and brand storytelling, but what happens when the landscape changes and we’re faced with a crisis? How do we shift our voice and tone from our normal day to day communication while maintaining our consistent brand and image?

    The Coronavirus is not just your average crisis, it’s a global pandemic. As the outbreak unfolded before our eyes, we were transformed from brand storytellers to the calming voice of reason and guidance for our organizations, coworkers, clients, customers, and followers. As the pandemic evolves, how can we continue being brand ambassadors while also balancing the delivery of important news and updates in an understanding and empathetic manner?

    Key Topics
    -Public Relations
    -Crisis Communication
    -Working Remotely
    -Virtual Meetings

    Amanda St. Pierre

    Amanda is the Director of Advancement Communications at Aquinas College. She has worked in PR and marketing since 2004, primarily serving healthcare and community philanthropy organizations. Amanda earned Accreditation of Public Relations from the Public Relations Society of America in 2012. She is the current board chair of PRSA’s West Michigan Chapter and is a former co-chair of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids.

    Kim Skeltis

    Kim Skeltis, APR, owns Blue Blaze Public Relations, a solo public relations consultancy in West Michigan offering a full spectrum of public relations services – from strategic planning and strategy development to tactical implementation.

    Accredited in Public Relations through the Public Relations Society of America, Kim brings 20-plus years of communications expertise serving organizations from non-profits, to corporations, to government agencies. A veteran of the agency world, she offers the collective experience of working at two global PR agencies plus a boutique firm, in addition to her seven years of owning Blue Blaze PR.

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    HR Marketing & Crisis Communication

    HR Marketing & Crisis Communication

    With unemployment at 3% (as of 2/11/20) and upcoming demographic changes imminent, it's all hands on deck to help in the "war on talent." In the past, it was the HR department's responsibility to find and hire the right people. Now, successful companies are realizing that recruitment is every department's responsibility. Marketing teams are being tapped to assist HR and talent acquisition departments. What does that mean for your company? How does your marketing team tackle "all other duties as assigned" when it comes to attracting talent? And how do you integrate this new audience into your existing marketing efforts?

    This Lunch & Learn presentation was held before the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the time of the podcast recording on 3/23/30 we discussed the additional layer of the importance of HR & Marketing collaboration during times of crisis such as the now unprecedented global pandemic. Now more than ever, HR & Marketing must work together to communicate vital information to staff, clients, customers, followers, and the public.

    Key Topics
    -HR Marketing
    -Crisis Communication
    -Company Culture
    -Employment Brand
    -Recruitment Marketing Strategies
    -Marketing for Diversity
    -Selling the Community

    Cindy Brown

    Cindy Brown serves as the Vice President of Talent Initiatives and collaborates with other talent related organizations to address regional talent pipeline challenges. She worked jointly as Executive Director for Hello West Michigan and Vice President of Talent Initiatives for The Right Place for many years before stepping into her role for The Right Place full time. In addition, her experience includes project management and director of human resources. Currently, Cindy serves on the boards of West Michigan Works! Workforce Development and Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids.

    Rachel Gray

    As the Executive Director for Hello West Michigan, Rachel (Bartels) Gray leads the organization’s strategy, operations, and membership. She helps educate employers and prospective candidates about the region.

    Hello West Michigan is a talent attraction and retention organization promoting West Michigan as a great place to live and work. The organization, which helps member companies increase their rate of success in recruiting top talent, was the first organization of its kind in the country.

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    Mutlimedia Marketing

    Mutlimedia Marketing

    Part of the challenge of an effective multimedia marketing campaign launch is knowing where to begin and what to focus on. The goal is to gain immediate impressions and, most importantly, long term retention. Marketers at companies of every size grapple with market placement, brand awareness and cost efficacy.

    The purpose of content marketing is to create and share relevant written, downloadable, and visual media so your target audience can learn about you as a brand, your products and services, and your expertise. Video marketing is highly effective in appealing to and converting customers as more than 50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content like emails, social, and blogs. Podcasts are also one of the hottest new media channels for targeting specific audiences and establishing your brand as market influencer.

    In this podcast our panel discusses the most popular multimedia channels including videos, podcasts, photography, blogs and webinars to discover the best outlets to gain maximum engagement for your campaign. We'll explore pros & cons, tools & resources, and tips & tricks for each medium. We’ll also hear how our panelists have utilized these mediums to increase exposure with their own campaigns.

    Key Topics:
    -Visual Storytelling
    -Videos & Vlogging

    -Brad Larabell of SHEFIT
    -Lynne Jarman-Johnson of Consumers Credit Union
    -Cynthia Kay of Cynthia Kay & Company

    -Josh Janowiak Marketers In Motion Podcast Host & PodcastStoryPros.com Founder.

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    Visual Marketing & Photography

    Visual Marketing & Photography

    Visual Marketing & Photography is a major component of brand storytelling. Every photo and visual element you share is a direct representation of your organization. In this episode we’ll discuss the impact your company's own images make on all of your marketing materials. We’ll also reveal insider tidbits about how all images on the web are found by search engines, how search can tell when stock photos are being used, why that impacts your reach, and how original photography can lead to a significant increase in conversions.

    Key Topics:
    -Visual Storytelling
    -Photography Tips & Strategy
    -Digital Asset Management
    -Stock Images
    -Image SEO
    -Copyright & Usage Rights
    -Visual Marketing Trends

    Adam Bird

    Adam Bird of Bird + Bird Studio is part of a husband & wife team that works with a variety of clients nationally,  from their studio located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. His career started early freelancing for local newspapers while in high school and throughout college. This evolved into working as a freelance photojournalist for regional and national newspapers and news-wire agencies. With declining trends in the news print business and with the shift of entertainment and news online, Adam started a studio and became Adam Bird, Photographer.

    He’s also been an ongoing AMAWM sponsor and his team is responsible for all of our awesome event photos online at AMAwestmichigan.org.

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    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.6 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

marc @ talking theater podcast ,

Happy to Find

I’m happy to find this marketing podcast! The episodes are value-packed and I take away so much information each time I listen.

Courtney1127 ,

Awesome Marketing Education!

I listen to a lot of marketing podcasts and I love learning about new marketing concepts. This podcast has a rotating cast of co-hosts and guests with a wide variety of marketing experience and great stories to share. It's great to hear the different perspectives and experiences. The topics are relevant and as entry to mid-level marketing professional I'm learning a lot of new definitions, acronyms, concepts and technologies. Keep up the great work!

apaige723 ,

Michigan Marketing

AMA-WM events are always at the top of my list of events to attend. Now with the podcast I am getting to learn great information that is new to the podcast or listening to events to get repetition on an event that I have attended. Excited for this podcast and can’t wait to learn more.

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