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The Marketers In Motion Podcast powered by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Marketing is our passion, and as a Chapter we hope to inspire dialogue, fuel creativity, and create a community for marketers everywhere. Let the inspiration and dialogue begin.

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The Marketers In Motion Podcast powered by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Marketing is our passion, and as a Chapter we hope to inspire dialogue, fuel creativity, and create a community for marketers everywhere. Let the inspiration and dialogue begin.

    Inspiring Connection In A Hybrid Workplace

    Inspiring Connection In A Hybrid Workplace

    Inspiring connection in a hybrid workplace is going to be key for fostering a culture of connection. Many of us have gotten used to learning, living, and leading from home. While this has created flexibility and autonomy among teams, this can also create a sense of disconnection and isolation. Demonstrating empathy for the changes we are all going through and understanding ways to restore energy and team member interaction are critical. Today we’ll chat with our guest Mark Ostach as he provides us with ways to reignite human connection in a hybrid workplace leaving you filled with newfound courage to connect.

    Mark Ostach
    CEO, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

    Mark Ostach is on a mission to help professionals, teams, and leaders connect with themselves, each other, and their collective purpose. Ostach’s goal is to restore energy and focus to organizations and individuals battling modern life’s non-stop pace and growing sense of disconnection. A wellspring of energy and born empath, Ostach holds degrees in business, psychology and technology with an interest in behavioral neuroscience.

    A recipient of Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in Their 20s and Oakland County’s 40 Under 40 awards, he is determined to remind the world that human connection is the most powerful connection we have. A nationally recognized speaker on Digital Wellness and a frequent contributor to USA Today, Ostach has done two TED talks and spoken to thousands of people all over the country, encouraging them to embrace a culture of digital wellbeing.

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    Swimming Through The Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing

    Swimming Through The Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing

    ‘Data-driven marketing’ is a broad term referring to the process by which insights from data analysis are used to build targeted marketing campaigns. This process is both art and science. It blends the logical disciplines of data extraction and analysis with the out-of-the-box creativity of which data to unearth, which types of clues to search for within the data mounds, and how to use those insights to your advantage.

    Key Takeaways
    -Understanding the basic philosophical concepts behind successful data driven marketing, and that they often have very little to do with the data itself.
    -Recognizing that there are many aspects to a successful data driven marketing approach that require constant assessment and refinement, rather than just one cookie cutter playbook.
    -Recognizing the early warning signs that your data driven marketing campaign may not be on track.

    Keith Brophy
    COO, ADHD Online

    Keith Brophy is a West Michigan-based entrepreneur with a background of building various nationally-focused businesses.Keith is currently COO at ADHD Online, one of the nation’s leading ADHD telehealth providers.Prior to this, Keith launched and served as Director for Business Lab at Emergent Holdings. He has served as State Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center, CEO of Ideomed, General Manager of Enterprise Services at RCM Technologies, and CEO of Sagestone, among other endeavors. Keith has been on a range of for-profit and nonprofit boards for some of the region’s leading organizations.

    He is a past Ernst & Young Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year, and companies he has led have received national accolades in areas including growth and innovation. Keith has been a speaker on future trends including testimony before state and national government bodies on business innovation, and has highlighted emerging marketing trends at the Latin American Marketing Association annual conference, among others.

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    More Signal, Less Noise: Finding & Focusing On Metrics That Matter

    More Signal, Less Noise: Finding & Focusing On Metrics That Matter

    As the world goes digital, marketers are inundated with data about customer behavior. To avoid being overwhelmed we need to have extreme clarity on the business outcomes we are seeking and the analytics that will guide them. Today we’ll talk about best practices to achieve clarity on those objectives, how to find, and use the right analytics to measure success.

    Key Topics
    -Assessing Objectives
    -Determining Relevant Analytics
    -Interpreting The Data

    Joel Ombry
    Owner, Veracity Mine LLC

    Joel Ombry served in various roles including market intelligence, strategy, and analytics at Amway Corp. for over 26 years. Most recently he was a Lead Data Analyst in Digital Analytics in the Technology organization. Prior to Amway, he served as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S Customs Service. He hails from Michigan and attended the University of Michigan and George Washington University in Washington D.C.

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    Personal Branding Strategies For A Rewarding Career

    Personal Branding Strategies For A Rewarding Career

    The majority of our AMA programming focuses on marketing, innovation, and problem solving for the organizations at which we work.  In this podcast we flip the script and put ourselves in the spotlight, discussing personal branding strategies and storytelling for a rewarding career.

    How often do you think about where you want to be in 5, 10, even 15 years? How can you create a network and surround yourself with colleagues that will challenge and inspire you to grow? What types of ongoing education, training, and certifications can help take your skillset to the next level? How can you keep your resume and portfolio updated with not only a laundry list of past responsibilities but a proven track record of success and accomplishments? 

    Today we’ll chat with Angie Callen, Founder and Principal at Career Benders Inc, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Professional Career Coach, and host of the new No More Monday’s Podcast about how you should plan for the long term on your most impressive asset, yourself!

    Key Topics
    -Personal Branding
    -Career Planning
    -Professional Development
    -Job Seeking
    -Resume Writing

    Angie M. Callen
    CPRW, Founder & Principal at Career Benders Inc. 

    Angie Callen is the Founder and Principal of Career Benders, Inc., a full-service career and business coaching company providing personal branding, job search strategy, career change, and solopreneurial coaching for clients across the country. 

    As a former engineer, Angie takes a practical, action-based approach to coaching, which has helped hundreds of clients progress their careers, land amazing new opportunities, and seeing their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Angie has always believed people deserve to be happy in their lives and careers, despite society's continued acceptance of mediocrity. By inspiring confident professionals, Angie and her team help people rise above this norm, build confidence, discover their value, and align these elements for future purpose and satisfaction. 

    Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Angie has called the Colorado Mountains home for nearly 13 years. After spending six years in Boston between college and Colorado, Angie admits she's still got some east coast tendencies that are tempered by a life of adventure in the outdoors. When she's not logging hours on Zoom, you can find Angie, her husband, Jim, and their four-legged kid, Foster, whitewater paddle boarding, fly fishing, backpacking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or enjoying whatever the mountains have to offer. 

    Angie is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) accredited through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC).

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    Building Brands Through Experience Design

    Building Brands Through Experience Design

    Agencies and marketers alike are addicted to storytelling. The advent of so-called content marketing has been the equivalent of a speedball coursing through the craving veins of marketers who think that every problem can be solved by telling a better story. Soon they are going to miss a window of opportunity that will quickly end up in someone else’s portfolio. If marketers and agencies don’t come to terms in a hurry with the structural factors that have set the stage for experience-driven brand building, CEOs are going to tap other resources to do it instead. Experience design is the next frontier for brand-building.

    Key Topics

    -Experience Design
    -Customer Experience/Service
    -User Experience
    -Solutions vs. Products

    Russ Klein
    CEO, The American Marketing Association

    Russ Klein has quarterbacked teams for many of the world’s foremost brand names—holding top marketing and advertising posts at Dr Pepper/7UP Companies, Gatorade, 7-Eleven Corporation, Burger King Corporation, and Arby’s Restaurant Group. He has held leadership positions with Leo Burnett and FC&B advertising agencies. Russ serves on the board for PopSockets LLC listed as #2 on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in America.

    His Burger King body of work, where he served as CMO/President, was recognized by ADWEEK as “The Advertiser of the Decade” for the 2000’s…a distinction belonging to Nike and Budweiser in previous decades. Klein was again recognized as a seminal influence behind Burger King’s recognition at the 2017 Cannes ad festival for marketing creativity; referencing several of his most popular campaigns including: Burger King’s groundbreaking digital campaign, “Subservient Chicken” Ranked as the 6th greatest campaign of 21st Century by Ad Age Digital Ad of the Decade by the Wall Street Journal - Klein was responsible for “Whopper Freakout” Highest recalled advertising campaign ever measured by Nielsen’s IAG Research among all advertisers

    Klein’s innovation teams have generated billions in annual revenue including Keebler Soft Batch Cookies, Kleenex Softique Tissues, Burger King; TenderCrisp Premium Chicken Sandwich, Angus Steak Sandwich, Chicken Fries, Apple Fries, and Arby’s; Hot Turkey Platform, Beef Brisket Platform, and King’s Hawaiian alliance.

    Klein’s impact on business performance as a CMO is unrivaled; being the only CMO to lead marketing for three major LBO-IPO consumer product deals that have garnered returns to shareholders of 447%, 442%, and >10,000%; each shattering records at the time for growth and shareholder return, over the course of his career. Under his marketing leadership Burger King same-store-sales grew at a 5.2% CAGR for almost seven straight years without a single negative month, while worldwide revenue grew over 45% during that same period.

    As CEO for the American Marketing Association, Russ is charged with the historic transformation of the AMA to become the essential community for marketers.

    Klein was nicknamed “Flamethrower” by an industry publication for his managerial risk-taking and provocative advertising; but he now aspires to be the torch bearer for all marketers.

    Klein is also architect of the seminal theory, Brand = Experience Story aimed at advancing the discipline of Experience Design for businesses. His work on “Tension in Advertising” is taught around the world as an educator resources from the Marketing Science Institute. He writes and teaches as one of the leading experts on building brands through experience design.

    His vision for the future of marketing is “A world in which everything is bought, and nothing is sold.” Klein also consults enterprises on marketing capabilities and strategic planning. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Harvard Business School Advance Management Program.

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    How to Rock Your Pitch

    How to Rock Your Pitch

    You have to pitch for money for your business or project. You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise. You have to explain why your project is going to be successful. In order to get to X ( the numbers), you’ve got to explain Y (the why).

    In this discussion we’ll talk about how the numbers tell the story AND how the stories tell the numbers. 

    We’ll also discuss:

    -How the numbers can tell a story
    -How to tell the story without boring people
    -How to get your audience to feel something
    -How the story AND the numbers make the ultimate impact

    Key Topics

    -Pitching Your Ideas
    -Data Collection
    -Assessing the Impact
    -Relating to Humans

    Melanie Spring
    International Keynote Speaker & Brand Storyteller

    Working as a brand strategist with businesses of all sizes - from big brands like Five Guys to brand new entrepreneurs - for the past two decades, Melanie once drove 7,000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour to find out why great brands work. The HUMANS were at the center of everything.

    Along the way, she noticed that every human had a personal story to share along with their brand story. Diving into the methodology of writing branded talks, she saw an even bigger pattern - people wanted to write their talks, yet focused on what they had to do at their "real job" instead of their bigger impact in the world. She knew she had to change this.

    As an international keynote speaker, brand storyteller, and public speaking trainer, Melanie took all of her corporate & personal branding experience and created a safe place for Kickass Humans to write the talks they needed to write so they could share it with the world through her course, SPEAK With Confidence.

    Melanie & her Crew travel the world creating branded experiences for humans like you to find your stories, build your confidence, and amplify your voices through their corporate public speaking and pitch trainings.

    When Melanie’s not playing with speakers & corporate folks or rocking the stage, she's living the vacation life - bouncing between Denver, a lake in Western New York, and coastal Florida chasing sunrises with her husband and her pup.

    Show notes, resources & links available at https://amawestmichigan.org/ep29

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4.6 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

marc @ talking theater podcast ,

Happy to Find

I’m happy to find this marketing podcast! The episodes are value-packed and I take away so much information each time I listen.

Courtney1127 ,

Awesome Marketing Education!

I listen to a lot of marketing podcasts and I love learning about new marketing concepts. This podcast has a rotating cast of co-hosts and guests with a wide variety of marketing experience and great stories to share. It's great to hear the different perspectives and experiences. The topics are relevant and as entry to mid-level marketing professional I'm learning a lot of new definitions, acronyms, concepts and technologies. Keep up the great work!

apaige723 ,

Michigan Marketing

AMA-WM events are always at the top of my list of events to attend. Now with the podcast I am getting to learn great information that is new to the podcast or listening to events to get repetition on an event that I have attended. Excited for this podcast and can’t wait to learn more.

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