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What EXACTLY does it take for an Entrepreneur to rapidly scale from $0-$1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100? It all boils down to having the the unique strategies, the resources, the skillset, and the mindset that’s required at each different level. No matter which phase you’re aiming for in your Entrepreneurial journey, the Marketing Secrets (formerly known as 'Marketing In Your Car') episodes will drive your business to the next level. 

Inside each episode, you’ll get actionable ideas, tips, and secrets that you can implement immediately into your business. Take a 10-minute ride with me, and I’ll share with you how to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scale-able income.

Marketing Secrets (2015‪)‬ Russell Brunson

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What EXACTLY does it take for an Entrepreneur to rapidly scale from $0-$1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100? It all boils down to having the the unique strategies, the resources, the skillset, and the mindset that’s required at each different level. No matter which phase you’re aiming for in your Entrepreneurial journey, the Marketing Secrets (formerly known as 'Marketing In Your Car') episodes will drive your business to the next level. 

Inside each episode, you’ll get actionable ideas, tips, and secrets that you can implement immediately into your business. Take a 10-minute ride with me, and I’ll share with you how to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scale-able income.

    The High-Fat Rehab Plan, Plus My New Year Strategy

    The High-Fat Rehab Plan, Plus My New Year Strategy

    Here are a few of the things I’m doing over the next few weeks to prepare me for the new year.
    On today’s episode Russell talks about some basic rules of thumb to use to feel much better and more energized. He also lays out his new years strategy and what he’ll be focusing on each day.
    Here are some awesome things in this episode:
    Russell gives some interesting menu ideas to help you feel better and dominate the world. He goes over his strategy for the new year to be able to focus on different aspects of his business. And he also gives you some new ideas about different networks you can use to advertise other than Facebook. So listen below to hear Russell’s strategy to be able to hit the new year running!
    Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right, all right, all right. As you can probably tell, I sound a little better today than I did yesterday. I wanted to send you guys that message from my death bed, so you could … Two reasons: One, I wanted to document it for myself, how crappy I felt. And number two, I wanted to make a point that most people are living like zombies and they don’t even know it. If you just change a couple little things, you feel so much better. Especially, when you’re trying to dominate and take over the world. You’ve got to feel good if you’re going to take over the world. If not, you’re kind of in trouble. The whole way around it’s not good.
    I wanted to give you guys some practical advice today, because some of you guys aren’t going to want to change your diet and do a bunch of crazy things. Some of you guys don’t want to lose weight, you just want to feel amazing all day.
    Here is the basic rule of thumb, if you just want to feel amazing so you can dominate everybody. Step one, first thing in the morning, do not eat any carbs or any protein. Your day needs to begin on fats. That’s it. Just fats. What that means is, if you are a coffee drinker I’d recommend googling, Bullet Proof Coffee, and learn how to make that. If you’re not a coffee drinker like me, you can make a variation of that. Basically, it’s high fats. What you’re looking for are: butter, MCT oil, and if you are going to eat a whole food its going to be avocado. That’s your morning domination.
    I did a Periscope the other day called the avocado bomb, which if you missed it, go search avocado bomb on the blog or if you go to Marketingquickiesshow.com, you can see it there as well. Basically, it’s an avocado, you chop it in half, you pull out the seed, you throw some salt on it, where the pit came out you fill those full of MCT oil, and you eat that. That’s like an amazing breakfast. All you eat for breakfast are fats. That’s rule number one.
    Rule number two, is the first time you introduce proteins into your diet is around lunchtime. Lunchtime you can have tons of vegetables, lots of oil again, fats are good, and then if you want to introduce some meat; that is where you introduce it is at lunch. Still, there are no carbs. The second you have carbs, you’re done. Your day’s just screwed at that point. You should just go to bed, because it’s pretty much over. We start introducing proteins at lunch if you want to.
    Dinner time is where you have it more complete; where you have your fats, your proteins, and then you can introduce a carb at dinner. At that point, you are just going to go to bed anyways, so it doesn’t matter if you feel like crap. The carbs we’re introducing, though, are not going to be donuts and stuff like that. Usually, what I’m going to have is sweet potatoes or yams. If you go to Whole Foods or probably most stores, they have bagged, pre-chopped up sweet potatoes that are awesome. They taste like candy. Just taking those, basically, you’re eating your chicken, your broccoli, asparagus, whatever, and then some of those. That’s your dinner.
    If you guys just did that alone, most of you would pr

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    The Flu Shot Scam And Why You Feel Crappy

    The Flu Shot Scam And Why You Feel Crappy

    Is what you eat directly affecting your daily performance?
    On this special day-after-Christmas episode Russell talks about using the holiday to eat whatever he wanted all day maybe wasn’t a good idea. He also talks about why the Flu shot is a scam.
    Here are 3 interesting things on today’s episode:
    Why Russell regrets what he ate on Christmas. Why Russell thinks the Flu shot is a scam and why he believes the Flu is actually caused by the garbage we put into our bodies. Why changing your diet will help you take over the world. So listen below to hear what Russell ate yesterday and why he feels like crap today.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Bed. That’s right, I am still laying in bed right now. Hey everyone, so this is a special episode. It is the day after Christmas and I am laying in my bed, like I said. I am not going to be driving to the office today. I’m hanging out with the kids, having fun and yesterday was Christmas and it was awesome. The day before Christmas, I think I did a podcast, it was snowing and so we went and built huge snow forts, which was awesome.
    Then Christmas eve, we were up super late. My family tradition, my wife and I’s tradition, well it’s more mine, I don’t think she really likes it, my favorite Christmas show is Family Man with Nicholas Cage. We stayed up all night watching Family Man and wrapping presents, which was awesome. Went to bed at about 2:00 and then the kids have a rule that they’re not allowed into our room until 7, so I think they were up at about 3:00 in the morning and they’re sitting there in their rooms waiting until 7. At 7:00, they run down and wake us all up for Christmas. I only had four or five hours of sleep, so we were pretty beat.
    We did Christmas and then, I thought, you know what, it’s Christmas, I’m going to eat and do whatever I want. I had like 20 bowls of cereal. I had Fruity Pebbles cereal. I had Reese’s Puffs cereal. I had Marshmallow Mateys cereal. I had every cereal we had, I had a bowl of that. I bought my own pint of egg nog. I drank that. Oh, so good. By the way, egg nog, I found out, for a half a cup has like 23 grams of sugar. Maybe it was 33. It was something crazy like that.
    Yeah, yesterday, I was like, “You know what, screw it, I’m eating whatever I want.” I ate whatever I want. What was interesting is throughout the day, I could not keep my eyes open, I couldn’t keep my body awake. Collette and I both kept passing out. She would pass out on the couch after the whole opening presents and they’re playing and she’s passed out and I wanted to too. I was like, “Okay, I’ve got to stay awake,” because of Norah. She could choke on half the new stuff we got. I’m watching Norah. Collette slept for two hours and then Norah fell asleep, so I laid down and boom I was gone.
    Then the whole day, we were half awake, half asleep the whole day. I felt like a mummy. I felt like I was like this … I don’t know, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then, this morning I woke up and I feel like I got hit by a train. I feel horrible and I realized, my voice sounds kind of funny right now, it had to do with the fuel I was putting in my body. I was putting in horrible food because I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the day. It is amazing, because I eat pretty clean typically. If you follow me at all, you know I eat a really high-fat diet, low carbs, things like that, and I usually feel amazing. I usually have a ton of energy and I usually just feel really, really good.
    Even the fact my testosterone levels are super low and my testosterone doctor was like, “How are you standing right now?” I’m like, “What do you mean?” He’s like, “This is really low, you should not feel good.” I’m like, “I feel great.” He was like, “That doesn’t make any sense.”
    Because of my diet, I feel really, really good all time. Yesterday, after eating probably

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    My Secret Listbuilding Strategy, Even If You Don’t Have Your Own Product

    My Secret Listbuilding Strategy, Even If You Don’t Have Your Own Product

    Something cool I discovered while buying Marshmallow Mateys for my kids…
    On this episode Russell talks about a new idea he had about opt-in’s and why it’s super easy. He then walks you through the steps you need to take to do it too.
    Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in today’s episode:
    Why Russell only buys sugary cereal for Christmas. Why not every business is cookie cutter and you should use different tools to build your list. And see how you can start your own Almond milk making business So listen below as Russell walks you through his list building strategy.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. I’m out in the snow the day before Christmas, and we’re about to lay down some Marketing In Your Car.
    All right everyone, we’ve been hoping, we’ve been praying, we’ve been wishing, we’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas and sure enough, Christmas is tomorrow and today we woke up and it is snowing. We are having an official white Christmas. We didn’t think we were going to get it, but we got it. I’m excited.
    I’m actually driving to the store because one of our family traditions for Christmas is, Santa brings every single kid their own box of sugar cereal. We usually eat super healthy all year round, but on Christmas day, we don’t. That’s a tradition we’ve had since I was a little kid. We use to do it when we were little kids, we would each get our own boxes. Santa would ask what we wanted for Christmas, it wasn’t never I want a pony or a bike. It was I want Marshmallow Mateys, or I want Lucky Charms. Eventually it morphed into everyone …
    At first, the first few years it was all over the place cereals. Some people getting Cocoa Krispies, some getting Fruity Pebbles. It was all over the place. Eventually we all found out that the best is Lucky Charms. That became the staple. Then we found out that if you go to the generic brand, the Malt-O-Meal or whatever, you can get the big old bags of Marshmallow Mateys which are basically like Lucky Charms only it’s in a huge bag at half the price. You’re getting twice the cereal and Santa Claus is basically hooking you up for a lot longer. We’d each, by then… the last 10 years of my childhood, we’d each get our own bag of Marshmallow Mateys. The huge old bags, right?
    What we would do Christmas morning is, we would get a big old salad bowl out, fill the whole salad bowl full of Marshmallow Mateys. Then we eat out all the oats and not eat the marshmallows. If you ate a marshmallow you lost. We would eat the whole oats, and it’s like an hour long process. By the time it was done, you got a big ole salad bowl full of milk and marshmallows, and it’s pretty dang amazing. Then we eat those down, and that’s Christmas.
    Christmas isn’t Christmas without cereal. I’m going to get cereal right now for myself and my kids, and yes, Santa Claus is bringing me my very own bag of Marshmallow Mateys and I’m not going to share with the kids. It’s going to be awesome.
    Anyway, I wanted to share with you, because I was thinking as I was driving here, I don’t know if it’s the same for you guys, but my brain feels like it’s this track where it’s always moving forward and looping things and ideas are coming in and out and every once and a while one’s exciting. I had one while I was driving. I wasn’t planning on doing a podcast, all of a sudden, this was like, “Oh crap, this is a good idea!” I’m going to share with you guys, and I’m going to be doing it.
    It’s been interesting, a lot of people that I work with are trying to create lead magnets and all this crap. I feel bad because if you remember a year ago or a few years ago, Ryan Dice and Perry Belcher came out with this whole “This is what a funnel is. You have to have a lead magnet, then a tripwire, then a core offer, then return maximizer,” and all this stuff, right? Which is kind of true but kind of annoying because now everyone that I talk t

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    This Is THE Model For The Next 12 Months

    This Is THE Model For The Next 12 Months

    WARNING: Ignore this advice at your own peril!
    On today’s episode Russell talks about THE one key to keeping money flowing in your business. He also tells you exactly how to do it and how to make it grow.
    Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:
    Russell walks you through the steps on how to start a weekly webinar to get money flowing. He then walks you through how to keep that money flowing and grow your list. And why Russell will do a LIVE webinar every Thursday from now until the end of time. So listen below to hear how to keep money flowing in your business.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell. Tonight it is cold outside, but we’re still about to do a Marketing In Your Car.  Hey everyone, I hope things are going amazing for you. Heading home from the office today, and just keep getting more and more excited about how simple and stupid my plan is for next year. The angle’s always world domination, and the strategy’s changed so many times, but look at the people in our coaching group that have made the most amount of money, the things that have made me the most amount of money. It’s all had to do with one core focus. It comes down to this. If you’re taking notes, write it down right now. If you’re in a car, pull over so you can focus a 100% because this is the key. Okay, and I talked about his on my periscope, the one that I told you guys about yesterday that we did 150k sales on it. The key is having a live event every Thursday, and the one singular goal of your entire company is to get at least a thousand people a week onto that webinar.
    That’s it. It’s kind of like the whole ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’. A thousands registrants a week for your webinar keeps money flowing. We were doing the math on that. Let’s just say, and I don’t have the numbers in front of me cause I’m driving, as you guys know, but say you have a thousand people a week to register. This is all sources, so Facebook, solo ads, email ads, Twitter, social media. Everything you’re doing is all pushing towards this one event that’s happening ever single week. You’re just focusing on that. Okay, and so you’re doing that. You have a thousand people to register. From that, you get thirty percent show up rate, right? That drops to three hundred who show up, and then your call to action … Let’s say you follow the perfect webinar script, if you don’t follow it, you get like 1% closure. You follow the perfect webinar script, you’re at 10% close rate. That means of the 330 people give you a thousand dollars from that webinar, so you just made 30,000 dollars.
    The math on that, let’s say you should be averaging between 3 and 5 dollars per webinar registrant. Let’s just say we spent 5 dollars per registrant, and we’ve got thousands. You pay 5 grand, and you make 30, okay. Now, what is that? If I was talking to my kids right now I’d say, “Son, you call that arbitrage, okay.” I put in 5,000 dollars on Monday through Thursday. Thursday night, I get 30,000 dollars back, boom. I didn’t just get that because a couple other things are going to happen.
    Second off, from Thursday night to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we’re going to be focusing on our replay sequence, okay. Now, there are a lot of different things you can do in a replay sequence. You can just send out the replay. You can send out urgency and scarcity we talked about a couple days ago. You can do a whole bunch of cool things, but if you do it right, you should be able to double your sales from the replay sequence, okay. Because think about it, you had 1,000 register, only 300 showed up. Only 10 percent of those people bought. You only had thirty people out of a thousand. That means you have a whole crap ton of other people haven’t bought yet, and so you’re job is to follow up with those people and get them to buy. Give them some urgency, some scarcity, do some cool things, maybe do a periscope, rant close S

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    The $150K Periscope

    The $150K Periscope

    How I structured my 25 minute periscope to close $150,000 in sales and win my own cryo-chamber.
    On this episode Russell shares his experience with using The Perfect Webinar Script on Periscope and Facebook Mentions, and made almost $200K.
    Here are a couple of cool things in today’s episode:
    Why Russell decided to use The Perfect Webinar Script and Periscope to promote a product and ended up making nearly $200,000. And how it also helped Russell win a Cryosauna So listen below to hear how Russell used The Perfect Webinar Script and Periscope to make an insane amount of money.
    Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to a rainy Marketing in Your Car. Hey, everyone, I hope you’re doing awesome. I’m actually pretty happy right now that my voice is mostly here. I teach a Sunday school class, and yesterday I couldn’t even … I kept trying to talk and my voice is like peeking out. It sounded like I was a 15-year-old teenage boy with my voice cracking all the time, so today it’s doing alright. I’ve been up for a few hours. I already had lifting and wrestling practice, which was awesome and amazing. Now, I’m heading to the office for a little bit. But this week, it’s our Christmas week, so I can’t work too hard because I’ve got to play with my kids too, but I do have some big things that we’ve got to get out of the way and get done.
    I wanted to share with you guys kind of a unique win that happened this weekend that was … It was kind of unexpected. I hope that everyone starts funnel hacking this and copying this because it was really, really cool. As you guys know, and as I’ve been preaching for the last few months now, my thoughts on Periscope, and Facebook mentions, and all those kinds of platforms, right? We’ve been trying to slowly and organically grow our audience, and make it bigger and better each time. It’s been pretty cool. Last week, Mike Filsaime was launching EverWebinar, which is an automated webinar platform.
    It’s kind of this weird thing. We didn’t want to promote it because we have our own automated webinar platform, but he’s also our number one affiliate, and his software is really, really good. It was kind of this thing finally we decided last minute, “Yeah, we’re going to help promote this, but we’ve got to do it in a way that’s different and cool and help people understand.” Yes, ClickFunnels has automated webinar software, but this is kind of like if you want to take that concept deep. This software does a lot more then what we offer, to be honest. That’s kind of what the promotion was.
    We started the promotion, and made a really good bonus offer, and it didn’t sell very well. I think we sold like 30 the first day, and it was like 10 the second day, and then like 1 or 2 after that. I was like “Huh. Well, that sucks.” We tried to help him out, and I was just like, “Ah, it’s not really working.” I think the biggest problem they had was they’re selling automated webinar software, but they didn’t do a webinar to sell it, which I thought was kind of strange. I thought, “I’m just going to do my own webinar,” because I think that’s a better way to do it.
    Last Saturday, so a little over a week ago, I started scripting out a webinar. I had it on paper, but I actually didn’t get to the slides. Last week ended up being crazy, all these things I was trying to get done, so I never had time to do the webinar. It comes to Thursday, and Mike’s like, “Hey, you’re in the lead, but these other dudes are catching up to you. And you should promote it again.” I was like “Oh crap. I was going to do a webinar, but I didn’t.” I was just like, “I don’t think anyone else is going to buy it based on how I was doing it.” Then I had this epiphany. It was like angels from heaven were singing and they said, “Why don’t you do the Perfect Webinar live on Periscope and Facebook Mentions? That way you don’t ha

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    The Two Magic Words That Will 10X Sales For Any Product Or Service

    The Two Magic Words That Will 10X Sales For Any Product Or Service

    Check out this case study of what happened when we applied these two simple words.
    On today’s episode Russell talks about the two magic words that made Russell more money than anything else. He also shares why those two words are so powerful.
    Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:
    Learn what two words have helped Russell in his business and how he is trying to figure out how to use it in more aspects of his life. Why Russell stopped selling Ignite and now is only focusing on Inner Circle And how Russell used those two magic words to sell spots in the Inner Circle. So listen below to hear how Russell used urgency and scarcity to make a ton of money.
    Hey, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car, everyone. Today is the day I’m going to talk about two of my favorite words. These two words have made me more money, than I think, pretty much anything in the history of my life. If you could learn these two words, it’s done, that’s all you need.
    Well, that’s not true. You’ve got to have a good offer, good product, good reputation, good brand, all the things you got to do it right. If you have all those and you want to turn that into money, the two magic words are, you ready for it? Number one is “urgency,” and number two is “scarcity.” That’s it. If you can have those two things, along with an amazing offer in front of the right audience, it’s game over.
    Here’s the back story. Last January, so a year ago, it’s not quite January yet but almost, Vince Palko from Adtoons.com, super cool dude, he’s the inventor of the hand sketched doodle video. Anyway, he messaged me, “Hey man, what are your goals for next year?” I’m like, “Why?” He said, “I’ll make you a cool gift.” I wrote down about a handful of goals and sent them over to him and he ended up sketching this amazing… it’s awesome, it’s just the coolest thing, it’s like this huge picture with all my goals drawn out in cartoon format and this really progression between, it was amazing.
    He does that if you go to AdToons.com and message him, “Hey Vince, here’s a million bucks please draw my visions so they can become true,” and he’ll do it. He did that and sent it to me and I got it blown up and I put it on my wall and it’s just been there. I didn’t even think about it at the time but it’s a year ago, my goal was only work close with 100 entrepreneurs in my Inner Circle, that’s what I said.
    At the time back then I think we only had 25 people in the Inner Circle, and it’s $25,000.00 a piece and to get a 100 I think that would be pretty awesome, but it was outside my reality, but it was a goal I put up there. Then fast forward over the last 12 months we have our Ignite program at $12,000.00 and our Inner Circle at $25,000.00. We’ve be selling both of those and it’s been doing well. Obviously a lot of people are going to the Ignite program. I think we sold 180 or so people into Ignite and Inner Circle kept growing as well. It’s been interesting, as Inner Circle has been moving forward it’s exponentially been growing, I think that’s the right word, where it keeps getting bigger faster. I think that we do a really good job with that. I’m really proud of it. Then people find out and then more people find out and it’s just kind of growing organically really quickly.
    About a month ago I was looking at it. Inner Circle has grown actually faster than the Ignite program which is interesting because it’s more than twice as much money. The people in the Inner Circle are honestly my dream clients. Most of them have some amazing things happening. They just need some directional things, or feedback or bounce back ideas and just cool stuff like that where it’s awesome.
    I had this idea and I was actually looking at my sketch with Vince and I saw it said, “Work closely with 100 people.” I think right now I’m working clo

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Drebie ,

I didn’t always think Russell Brunson was awesome but...

Well I now think Russell Brunson is awesome. A few years back I discovered him and to be truthful I thought his funnels were too long and I became annoyed with his pitches. A few months ago I saw an old interview by Tony Robbins and Tony talked about Russell’s sincerity and how good he was at helping people in business so I started over. I just finished podcast 100 through whatever the last one was on Click funnels five year birthday. As it turns out there are so many gems in his podcasts that I’ll probably listen to them all over again. The guy really is genuine and his advice and his insight makes so much more sense now than it did before. Sorry Russell, but I get it now. I’m all in!!!

odie2535 ,

Bro your awesome!

So, your one of a handful of incredible people who have educated me over this last year.
The information you share is supper powerful.
I’m truly grateful, I’m gonna keep listening and I’m on your trail man!

Bryan White ,

Great information

I fought against ClickFunnels for years. Now I love it. And I love listening to Russell. It’s been fantastic to follow the story of ClickFunnels coming into being, along with the things Russell’s tried and succeeded or failed at. Love the honesty and willingness to lay it all out there.

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