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We live in a crazy, fast-paced world and the idea of sitting down for hours on end consuming marketing content probably isn’t going to happen. But, what if you could learn the SAME business-growing strategies and secrets in just 10 minutes? Chances are, you DO have 10 minutes…  especially if you spend any time driving around in your car to work, or on errands, etc…

10 minutes is all I need to share my BEST marketing secrets, tips, and strategies with you, so that you can quickly build a business online, and scale it from $0-1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100M FAST. Take a ride with me, and I’ll show you my favorite ways to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scale-able income.

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We live in a crazy, fast-paced world and the idea of sitting down for hours on end consuming marketing content probably isn’t going to happen. But, what if you could learn the SAME business-growing strategies and secrets in just 10 minutes? Chances are, you DO have 10 minutes…  especially if you spend any time driving around in your car to work, or on errands, etc…

10 minutes is all I need to share my BEST marketing secrets, tips, and strategies with you, so that you can quickly build a business online, and scale it from $0-1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100M FAST. Take a ride with me, and I’ll show you my favorite ways to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scale-able income.

    My 5 “Hail Mary” Passes To 3x Revenue

    My 5 “Hail Mary” Passes To 3x Revenue

    A little trick to help you crush your goals…
    On today’s episode Russell talks about setting a big, hairy, audacious goal at the beginning of the year to 3x revenue and how close to that goal he has come and how he plans to achieve it in the next couple of days.
    Here are some of the fun things to listen for in this episode:
    What Russell thought when such a big goal was set. What some of the Hail Mary passes are that will hopefully help the company achieve the goal before year ends. And what the goal for Clickfunnels is next year and how Russell plans to achieve that even bigger goal. So listen below to hear what kind of Hail Mary passes are being thrown in this last week of the year to help Clickfunnels achieve their goal of make triple the money as last year.
    What’s up everybody? Good morning. I hope you guys are doing awesome. It is so cold here right now in my car. Freezing, I forgot to wear a coat. Dang it. Why do I always do that? Anyway, I hope you guys are doing awesome. I just wanted to share some cool stuff with you guys today because I’m so excited I have not been able to sleep.
    I don’t know if you guys have the stripe app on your phone, but last night I was refreshing it every thirty seconds. It’s so fun. I love this game. Seriously, this is the game we get to play, and it is the most insane, fun, cool, exciting, frustrating sometimes, but always rewarding game. So much fun.
    I want to tell you guys about something that we are attempting to do right now, which is super crazy and fun. And I want to show you my execution plan because I think it will help you with whatever your execution plans are. Just kind of see how I look at the world and how we’re trying to hit a big goal in a very short, finite period of time.
    So basically this is it, I haven’t told publicly anywhere, but for you guys I can tell you because you’re my people, you’re my peeps. So what our goal was last year in Clickfunnels, we wanted to triple our revenue. And that was one of those, what do they call them? BHAG’s. Big, hairy, audacious goals. So it was like, “Let’s triple revenue.” And it was one of those things that I was like, “Yeah, that can happen.” And everyone was like, “yeah, that can happen.” But you never really know, you know what I mean? It wasn’t something that we stressed about everyday like, “What’s the revenue, what’s the revenue?” because I’m a big believer in setting a big goal but not, I don’t want to say not focusing on it, but not…..I don’t want that goal to destroy the customer experience. I want to focus more on how do we serve these people and then that goal will somehow magically appear.
    So that was the goal, so we had this thing where we wanted to 3x our revenue, which is a lofty goal. But why not? We might as well do it, we got nothing else happening this year, let’s do it. So that was the goal and we started going towards it. We didn’t really know what or how we were going to do it, but we were just trying a whole bunch of things. You guys probably watched over the last year a lot of the things we tried. We tried this, we tried this. Some things were huge smashing successes, and some things were failures.
    So we get to December, this month, the month of the coldness. And I kind of, not that I’ve forgotten about the goal, just hadn’t really looked at it. So I asked Clint who is my accountant, “So where are we at on this goal.” And he told me and I was like, huh. And the number we had to get in December was, we had to make what we normally do, without sharing revenue numbers, we needed to make an extra 1 ½ million dollars on top of what we did the month prior, which was a record setting month for us, to be able to achieve that goal.
    We were like, huh. So we basically have to break our best month ever and increase sales by an extra $1.5 million. And it was like, okay, maybe. Then we’re like, December is like the worst possible

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    Two Secrets Of Wealth Attraction

    Two Secrets Of Wealth Attraction

    Some interesting things I learned from Dan Kennedy.
    In this episode Russell talks about listening to Dan Kennedy talking about wealth attraction and relates some of the ideas and some of his own.
    Here are some of the super interesting things you will hear in today’s episode:
    Why money doesn’t care if you are a pastor or a pornographer. Good people don’t automatically make more money. Why Russell believes that you should always give away 10% of your money, whether it be to churches or charities or whatever. And why some things don’t make sense when you are generous with your money, but you should do it anyway because it works. So listen below to find out why giving your money away, actually helps you make more money.
    Hey everybody this is Russell, welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. Hope you guys are having a great day. I’m actually backing out of Fred Meyer, just picked up some stuff for the kids. Some milk and eggs that we ran out of. While I was there, I’ve been listening to Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Building Course. Or Wealth Attraction, how to attract wealth into your life, which has been a really interesting, really interesting. I’ve been listening to Dan Kennedy stuff forever. If you look at my, some of you know on my phone, I’ve basically…As we’re moving from the old office to a new office, I’m trying to compress all my courses into….instead of having 8 billion cd’s and DVD’s, which I’ve had in the past, my brother and I are going through and shrinking everything into audio books and then I put them on my phone.
    My phone right now has close to a quarter of a million dollars in marketing, sales, and personal development courses on it. If you ever want a ton of cool stuff, steal my phone. Just kidding, don’t steal my phone. So I’ve been going through all the different courses and by far the person I have the most courses from is Dan Kennedy. I think I bought everything he’s ever published ever since the beginning of time. It’s fun, I still go through his stuff and still love it.
    So this is his wealth attraction course, which is different than his typical making money and marketing, direct response marketing stuff. So it’s been interesting. A couple of things, that are not new things, but the way he said them just re-sparked my brain and I wanted to share a couple of things with you.
    So first one, he’s talking about, we all know this is true, the entrepreneurs out here, that a lot of people think that what causes wealth? Well if I’m smarter, or work harder, or am a better person. But those things don’t necessarily create wealth. There’s people that are, you can keep trying to become a better person, but the laws of the universe or whatever don’t give you more wealth because of that. And one thing he said that was kind of profound, he said, “Wealth does not care if you are a pastor or a pornographer.” That’s not…the pastor’s not going to make more money than the pornographer. Money does not care, money is paper. It has not soul, it’s just a thing and that’s what it is.
    So we have to understand that because a lot of people try to make more money by becoming a better person. I’m not saying we shouldn’t become a better person, and you definitely should not be a pornographer. Let me step that back really quick. Just caveat that, lest you think that I’m condoning that by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s interesting if you think about that. Money is indifferent.
    A lot of times we’re trying to get more money or more wealth and things like that and we’re focusing on things that do not have a direct correlation with more wealth, which is interesting. We start talking like, what are the laws of money that actually cause you to get some, get more and get a lot of it. And you think about it, it’s interesting, again if you rewind back  who knows, a couple of hundred thousand years ago, a hundred years, a thousand years,

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    The Secret Of Contrast

    The Secret Of Contrast

    A powerful tool to use in your storytelling.
    On today’s special Christmas, hot tub edition of Marketing In Your Car, Russell and his son Dallin talk about contrast and why it makes life and business better.
    Here are some fun things you will hear in this episode:
    Why the contrast of being in 102 degree hot tub makes the freezing cold temperature outside more fun. Why we should look for contrast in all areas of life including food, relationships, and business. And what Russell’s Christmas tradition involving Marshmallow Matey’s is. So listen below to hear Russell and Dallin’s thoughts on why contrast in your life makes it more interesting.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing In Your Hot Tub. It is actually Christmas night and I’m in the hot tub right now. We just had all the kids in here, but all of them have left except for Dallin is the last remaining hot tuber, how you doing bud?
    Dallin: Good.
    Russell: So Dallin, if you guys saw Funnel Friday’s this week, was on Funnel Fridays and he actually built a funnel. What was the funnel about that you built?
    Dallin: Snow balls. Rocks snow balls.
    Russell: Yeah, Jim Edwards built a script to throw snowballs with putting rocks in the snowballs, evil snowballs huh?
    Dallin: Yeah, evil. You don’t want to mess with it.
    Russell: But it was pretty good right? You built the funnel in about 15 minutes.
    Dallin: Yeah, it was supposed to be 30 but I got under pressure.
    Russell: Normally people get 30 minutes but I gave Dallin 15 because I knew he could do it.  And he did, the funnel was amazing. It was pretty good.
    Dallin: I’m really good at it.
    Russell: So if any of you guys are wondering or want to see that, go to Funnelfridays.com and look at the Christmas special and you’ll meet most of my kids, were on that episodes except I don’t think Norah came in.
    Dallin: Yeah, but Bowen didn’t come in.
    Russell: Oh yeah, Bowen didn’t come but most of my kids are on there, so if you want to meet them go to funnelfridays.com. But tonight I have a really special message. So that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about today. The topic I’m talking about is a thing called contrast. So I’m telling you this while we are sitting in the hot tub, it’s 7:54 pm Christmas night. We had a great Christmas day today and now we’re outside and it’s dark and cold, there’s snow, there’s about ten inches of snow. In fact, yesterday we were out in….we bought this four wheeler rhino thing.
    Dallin: That’s awesome. It’s like a snow thing that picks up snow.
    Russell: Yeah, it has a snow plow on the front of it, and we hook tubes to the back and pulled the kids around the yard for….it was really fun.
    Dallin: Now I know how to drive a car.
    Russell: What? Don’t talk about that. So it’s really, really cold and then we jumped in the hot tub and it’s like 102 degrees and it’s really hot. So the kids, would be getting in the hot tub and then they’d jump out into the snow and do snow angels and they’re screaming because it’s so cold and they dive back in and they’re screaming because it’s so hot. And back and forth and back and forth. And what’s cool if you think about that, what’s making this experience really fun is the contrast.
    And I started thinking about other things where contrast is the key. And I really think that happiness in life is tied to contrast. We had a church Christmas party and they decided to have Collette and I be in charge of it. So we had the chance to throw a party for 500 people and one of the ideas that came out of it, one of the guys on our committee, he had an idea. He’s like, “We should do a hot chocolate bar.” And I was like, “Oh that would be awesome.” So we had this huge hot chocolate bar, we boiled I don’t know, thirty gallons of hot chocolate.
    Dallin: With a lot of good candy.
    Russell: We had tons of toppings like York Peppermint patties, cinnamon bears,

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    My New Ninja Trick: How To Attach An ROI To Everything

    My New Ninja Trick: How To Attach An ROI To Everything

    Cool trick to help entrepreneurs get the stuff done that they don’t like to do.
    On today’s episode Russell talks about taking personality tests and finding out valuable information about himself and his wife. He goes on to share what he learned about himself and how he’s using it to keep himself motivated to complete tasks.
    Here are some of the fun things you will hear in this episode:
    What is one of the big differences in his and his wife’s personality, and how knowing that helped with communication between them. What he learned about his own personality and how he can use it to stay motivated. And find out how long Russell drove an unregistered car because he didn’t want to go to the DMV. So listen below to find out what kind of personality Russell has and how knowing will help him with his business.
    Hey everyone, good morning. I hope you guys are doing awesome today. I’m out driving in a winter wonderland, which is really cool except for the fact that the sun shines off the white snow and it’s totally blinding me, it’s killing me.
    So I’m excited for a couple of reasons. One is we are super close to launching our Marketing In Your Car Free MP3 player. I know you’ve been hearing it on the outro for a little while. I thought it was going to be shipped here from China faster than it was, and it took forever and now we have it sitting in a warehouse and I haven’t had a chance to write the video, but soon.
    In fact, I think the first week in January we’re going to launch it. So it’ll be a free mp3 player with the first 250 episodes. If we do this it’s going to bring a lot more of our friends and family into the Marketing In Your Car fold, which I’m excited for. I did a podcast a little while ago talking about the strategy behind what we’re going to do and now we’re actually doing that. So it’s going to be kind of cool to see that and hopefully grow our member base substantially and get more people listening while they’re in their car. So it’ll be cool.
    Now what I want to share with you guys today, I had a really cool Voxer conversation back and forth with Dana Derricks, which is one of our inner circle members, about a concept. I thought it was super cool and I just wanted to share it with you guys, because I think it’s important. He messaged me saying, “As I’m getting more and more successful and I see you, how do you justify doing something? How do you justify going to the DMV? How do you justify going and getting a haircut? Because the opportunity cost of your time is so much higher. You go get a haircut, you’re driving there, driving back, an hour of your time. If you were to pay a client that, you would have charged them $10 grand for that hour or $5 grand, or whatever that is. Instead you’re doing this whole thing. It’s way cheaper to pay someone to come to your house and cut your hair while you’re working so you don’t have to slow down.” Or if the pool breaks down you gotta go home and sit by the pool for two hours waiting for the pool guy to come and fix it. How do you justify those kind of things?
    And I was like, that’s interesting and I started thinking about that from my point of view and it’s funny, recently I’ve been doing all these cool personality tests to learn more about myself, which I recommend for everybody. I did the 16 personality for my wife and for me. We got some crazy cool insights from that. One of them, I’ll just share with you guys to hopefully give you an idea of the kind of gems and gold you can find through here.
    One of my wife and I’s frustrations we have with each other is a lot of times I’ll say something like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” and she’ll be like, “I don’t know.” And she always goes straight to I don’t know, and it used to drive me crazy. You gotta think about it for a little bit. And when she did the 16 personality tests, one of her personality traits was, there

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    What To Do With The One And Two Stars

    What To Do With The One And Two Stars

    I apologize in advance, but on this one I get a liiiiiittle bit violent.
    On this episode Russell talks about reading the Amazon reviews of his first book and getting angry about the few negative reviews and relates it to an experience he had during his wrestling days.
    Here are some of the other interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:
    Why Russell chose to read the Amazon reviews of his first book. How being angry at the negative reviews made him want to do something he did to a fellow wrestler years earlier. And why the human race is too high maintenance these days and why we need to stop complaining. So listen below to find out what one and two star reviews have to do with wrestling.
    What’s up everybody, this is Russell. I hope you guys are doing awesome today. I am leaving my house for the first time and it’s almost 4:00. I’m actually leaving my house and heading over to my buddies gym because I’m going to do something that nobody wants to do. It’s going to force me to be accountable to myself and to other people. I’m going to get fat rolls pinched; it’s called a pinch test.
    He pinches me and says, “Russell, this is your body fat percentage.” And as much as I do not want to know that, because I assume in my mind it’s 7% like I was back when I was wrestling, when I find out that I’m probably at 20, 21, 22 I gotta admit I’m gonna cry a little bit. But then I’ll at least have a standard to know where I’m at and then I’ll have something to work against.
    A lot of us I think, our biggest problem in life is we just are winging it. We’re like, “I feel like I’m doing good. I don’t know.” But we don’t have something to measure it against. Not gonna lie, I’m one of those people. In fact, that’s probably why it’s easier to cheat a lot of the time. Whether you’re cheating on eating or exercise or whatever. You’re like, “I’m not really measuring against anything, so I have no idea if I’m getting better or worse, therefore I might as well just eat this candy, because who really knows.” So this is gonna hold me accountable.
    I’m gonna do this right now, then I’m going to party it up all through Christmas vacation and then on Monday, the day after Christmas it begins. And I’m gonna be strict and it’s gonna be awesome. So that’s kind of my game plan of what I’m doing right now.
    But the reason I’m leaving today at 4:00 is because I’m in book writing mode. I literally, if you saw me right now, you would laugh. I look like a hermit, I have not shaved, I’m in my sweats/jammies. I’ve been in my room just writing, writing, writing and I got three chapters done today which is a lot of work, but it’s turning out awesome, which means I probably have 5 left and I’ll be done with this book. We’ll have it over to the editors, actually the editors’ editing while I’m writing. I finish a chapter and send it to the editor, because I’m not gonna lie, way beyond my deadline. I had to be extra to be like, “Hey do you mind just doing this weirdly, as I get them done.” So I sent her three chapters today and keep on moving forward.
    Hopefully I can get two more done tonight, that’s my goal. Then I get out of being grounded. I’m literally grounded. I told my kids….they’re like, “Dad, why aren’t you going to your office.” “Because I’m grounded. I’m not allowed to leave. Too many friends at the office, they just talk. I have to be in this room locked down.” So that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s funny, as I’m writing this book, and one thing that inspires me to write this book is the response I got with the first book. How many people have told me so many good things? People, even my peer and mentors.
    I was so scared for some of friends to read my book. In fact, the person I was most scared of to read my book was, Rich Schefren, someone I totally look up to and respect. He’s probably read more marke

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    Before You Complain About Your Circumstances…Listen To This

    Before You Complain About Your Circumstances…Listen To This

    Amazing stories from three of our inner circle members.
    On this episode Russell talks about heating problems at home and why we shouldn’t complain about our problems with life or business. He tells two stories from members of his inner circle and how they became successful despite cards being stacked against them.
    Here are some of the enlightening things you will here in today’s episode:
    How two guys from Ukraine were able to make 7 hundred thousand dollars even though the average salary there is just $200 a month. How a woman in Nigeria was able to overcome unbelievable obstacles to sell supplements and make $50 million dollars. And why Russell is grateful for the trail blazers who made it easier for him to figure out how to make money. So listen below to figure out why you have it easy and should be able to figure out how to make money.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to a freezing, freezing cold Marketing In Your Car. Today it’s cold outside. It’s under 10 degrees, but what’s worse is my house this morning, our bedroom was 55 degrees. We have something wrong with our heaters. I think I probably complained about this last winter too. Our house is kind of big, and with a big house comes heating issues. Trying to keep the whole house warm.
    Last year we had the same thing. We had this huge struggle. The heater and the water are tied together. We can’t get a warm shower or warm heat. So it’s just bitter cold. I’m ordering all these space heaters. We’ve got the heating guy and the plumbing guy coming over today, but I don’t know. It might be another cold winter.
    Other than that, today is amazing. I actually wanted to share with you guys two stories today, lest any of us want to complain about our situation, or our business. Because that seems to be something fun that people like to do. I see it on Facebook all the time. I see it in personal conversations, there’s always some excuse about why we can’t have success. So I want to take those excuses and smash them with a hammer and jump on them, then catch them on fire. I guess you can’t really catch glass on fire. We’ll turn it so hot that it freaking melts the glass. And then it turns into sand again, I don’t know. Whatever.
    I just want to get rid of all those things because if you’re living in America, or Canada, or most countries, we don’t have obstacles and if we do, we need to be able to get over them. There you go. It’s out there. Any time in your mind that you’re like, “I can’t figure this out because of blah.” That’s not a good excuse. You gotta figure it out. Time to stop not thinking and start thinking. That’s it. So I want to tell you guys a couple of stories of some of our inner circle members who have given me, have taken from me all my excuses I ever have about anything, ever again from this point forward, moving on forever.
    So the first one I want to tell you about, two of our inner circle members, Andrew and Vlad from the Ukraine, they are so cool. They’re from the Ukraine, I think the average salary in Ukraine is like 200 bucks a month or something like that. And over there, they’re not internet savy, people aren’t. Nobody buys things online, it’s not a…..you don’t push someone to a website and they pull out their credit card and they buy. It’s just not something people do. They don’t trust it, they don’t believe in it.
    So Vlad and Andrew they want to have success online, so they start figuring out, okay here’s this obstacle. Nobody can buy things online, yet we want to sell things online. What do we do? How do we figure this out? So these guys, who, again the average salary for a well paid person over there is $220 a month, and they were like, we want to become millionaires, how do we do that? A million dollars over there is like a billion over here. So that’s wanting to become billionaires over here.
    So they get to work and start doing everything. First th

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