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Take a 10-minute ride with me, and I’ll share with you how to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scalable income.
These are the secrets and strategies that the TOP successful Entrepreneurs are implementing…

I have ONE goal for Marketing Secrets (formerly known as 'Marketing In Your Car'), to help you scale your business from $0-$1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100M FAST.   

Inside each episode, I’ll share my favorite actionable ideas, tips, and secrets that you can build and develop your business, and start changing the world with your ideas.

Marketing Secrets (2017‪)‬ Russell Brunson

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Take a 10-minute ride with me, and I’ll share with you how to increase your traffic, turn visitors into BUYERS, and generate consistent, scalable income.
These are the secrets and strategies that the TOP successful Entrepreneurs are implementing…

I have ONE goal for Marketing Secrets (formerly known as 'Marketing In Your Car'), to help you scale your business from $0-$1M, $1M-$10M, and $10M-$100M FAST.   

Inside each episode, I’ll share my favorite actionable ideas, tips, and secrets that you can build and develop your business, and start changing the world with your ideas.

    Batman's Approach To Project Management

    Batman's Approach To Project Management

    Step 1 starts with the bat-signal calling everybody to the bat-cave…
    On today’s episode Russell talks about how he is using Trello and a bat signal to make all of his amazing ideas come to fruition. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode.
    -Find out how Russell is using a bat signal to get his ideas out to his team.
    -See how Trello is going to help keep Russell’s ideas organized so that every member does their part.
    -And find out how you can make a similar system work for your own team.
    So listen here to be let in on this awesome new system for getting Russell’s ideas out of his head and turned into funnels.
    What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.
    Alright everybody, I’m heading into the office today for a fun filled day. It’s going to be short because it’s almost Christmastime and we thought it would be fun to do something out of the ordinary. Everyone’s working their butt off and at the end of the day we’re going to leave early to go and see the Star Wars movie, which I’m freaking out about because I haven’t seen it yet. I want to see it so bad. Everyone’s got the positive and the negative reviews and all that stuff, and I don’t care what they say, there’s no way I’m not going to like it. I’m so excited.
    So I’m pumped about that. Also, we have an acupuncturist who’s coming into the office to poke people all day. So I’ll be going through a session today, which I’m excited for. I don’t know how acupuncture works, but I had a miraculous healing from it one time, so I’m a big believer. And I’m not even hurt, I just feel like I want more people poking needles into my body apparently. So that’s exciting.
    But what I want to share with you is the most exciting thing of all. So excited. It’s funny that we’ve grown as big a company as we have, with the fact that I’m not the best systems person in the world. I’m a big believer in it, just not ever been good at it. And Mr. James P. Freill, who is amazing. In the inner circle and been my friend for probably 3 years or so now. He came in originally and set up our Trello system, and it worked really good for a week, and me as a bad manager of it, it kind of fell apart. I hired him again later, he came back and set it up again, it worked for a while and then fell apart.
    And then the third time I did it, so three times he’s helped me set this process up and the third time it lasted longer and then eventually kind of fell apart as well. So eventually I was just like, you know what, how about we just hire you to actually come and run this thing for us. So we hired him for the next six months and he literally moved to Boise, like a block from the office, which has been really fun.
    And now he’s living next to me as we’re doing everything and systemizing everything. And what we’ve been focusing on is something I think everybody should do. Because as you know, you’ve listened to my opinion on this before, your business is not the thing that you do or sell, the business is the marketing of the thing you sell. So I think every company, the real company is your own marketing and advertizing agency. That is the company. And then what you sell is incidental, it doesn’t really matter. I can plug in chiropractic, I can plug in dentistry, I can plug in supplements, it doesn’t matter. Your business is the marketing.
    So I was like, we need to build a marketing agency where we are our only clients. So we build this marketing agency out and there’s a funnel building team in the agency and there’s the traffic team, and it’s been really fun because he’s going through all the stuff we’ve been doing for the last decade that we redo every single time and he’s been trello-izing it and systemizing it and all sorts of stuff.
    But the biggest thing we realized, when I have an idea, it’s like the idea, I have that moment where

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    How 'Tickle Me Elmo' Manipulated Supply To Increase Demand (And How You Can Too!)

    How 'Tickle Me Elmo' Manipulated Supply To Increase Demand (And How You Can Too!)

    Late night coaching session with my son Dallin…
    On today’s episode Russell teaches his son Dallin, and the listeners all about the concept of supply and demand. Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this episode:
    Why Russell decided to teach Dallin about supply and demand after he saw a pair of Airpods on Amazon for $850. Why supply and demand of Tickle Me Elmo dolls several years ago caused some parents to take back their own kids Christmas gifts.- And how you can use supply and demand to boost sales for info products or supplements or anything else. So listen here to find out how to use supply and demand to make more sales and more money.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. This is a special audio episode just for my audio friends. This will not be on video. I’m in the car right now driving to the grocery store with my son, Dallin. Dallin, how are you doing tonight?
    Dallin: Tired.
    Russell: He’s a little tired, it’s late. We forgot we have to have treats. He’s always tired though. He’s a growing boy. He asked me a question. I said, “Dallin, we’re going to answer this on the podcast.” So let’s queue in some music and we’ll come back and we’re going to share with you guys something very important for you to understand about supply and demand and Christmastime.
    Alright everybody, welcome back. So Dallin came in the car and we were talking about headphone buds. Do you want to tell them what you told me, Dallin, when we were getting in the car about how much cheap headphones are versus these ones?
    Dallin: So I was looking up how much the ear buds cost for apple, because I was looking at the iPhone 10.
    Russell: He’s talking about the airpods that are super cool.
    Dallin: And I looked up on Amazon, usually Amazon’s amazing, and it says it’s $850!
    Russell: $850 for the Amazon headphones. He said, you can buy regular headphones for $5. And I pulled out those headphones out of my pocket, because I actually love those a lot. If you don’t have them you should get them.
    I said, actually these sell for $100…
    Dallin: Not from Amazon though.
    Russell: Not from Amazon, and I’ll tell you why. I just explained this to Dallin. So I wanted to explain it to all of you guys, who I’m sure understand this but this sets up a teaching lesson I want to have here in a second.
    So if you look at the pods, if you look at them they’re $150 on Apple’s site. But the problem is it takes two or three months to ship to you. So if you buy them and plan ahead it’s $150, but if you didn’t and it’s Christmastime and you’re like, “Ah, my wife, my girlfriend, my significant other, my kid, they need airpods, they’ve been asking all Christmas.” You try to buy it and you go to Apple and they’re like, “We’re not going to deliver til May.” And you’re like, “What, Christmas is in December.” And they’re freaking out. So they have to go look for other places, so they go on Amazon and they find people that had the foresight to know that people were gonna not have foresight. So they take their Apple Airpods that they bought for $150 and jack up the price for $800 on Amazon. And the people who are slow have to pay the difference.
    So I was about to tell Dallin about Tickle Me Elmo, and then I said, “Wait a minute, we should share this story on the podcast.” So Dallin, here is the lesson of the story I want to tell you. And everyone can listen in on this.
    So when I was a kid, it was right when Elmo came out. Sesame Street didn’t used to have Elmo. When Elmo came out, everyone, I remember being a kid and being like, “Elmo is the coolest.” He was just so much cooler than all the other muppets and we all loved him. And then one year for Christmas they came out with this, they called it Tickle Me Elmo. You guys have Elmo dolls now, but this was like the original Elmo one, where it’s a doll and you tickle it a

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    RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More

    RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More

    A few cool stories that will hopefully re-align what you define as what you actually earn.
    On today’s episode Russell talks about doing what you said you were going to do instead of trying to lie, cheat, and trick your way into money. Here are some of the other insightful things Russell talks about in this episode:
    Why Russell gave back 8 figures to Pruvit, even though he had signed a contract to have equity in the company. And why it’s important to only take the things you have actually earned. So listen here to find out why integrity is more important than money.
    What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Tonight we’re going to be hanging out and talking a little bit about the fact that nobody owes you anything and you should just be grateful for the opportunity.
    Alright, I’m going to share with you guys some stuff tonight that I don’t normally share. Probably, I haven’t decided if I want to share normally or not. Anyway, I’m going to go into that here in a minute.
    But I wanted to share one idea that’s completely not related to marketing, maybe it is. Who knows? Right now I am eating this, I don’t know if you can see this. If you guys are sitting here, I’m in my kitchen. This is my dinner. I share this because right now I’m on this, “How to get ripped before Funnel Hacking Live” diet with Bart Miller. It’s been funny, he’s got me working out, doing all sorts of stuff, but also had me eating a very specific way.
    And I knew that there was no way that I was going to be able to stick with it. In fact, the first day Dave and I, Dave’s doing it with me, we both went over to the grocery store and bought stuff and it was like $50 for that one day just to eat stuff. We just bought packs of chicken breasts and broccoli and it was horrible.
    And the second day, I brought turkey from Thanksgiving, you know a little bit ago. And then Dave ran out of time to buy food, so he literally had his son go and buy him packs of deli meat. So he sits there all day eating packs of deli meat. And by day two we were like, we will never actually do this, because this is too hard to actually live this way. Which I’m sure is why a lot of people don’t lose weight and probably other things in your life you don’t do because it’s too hard to consistently do it.
    So we went online and found someone here in Boise who cooks meals. So we gave her all the macros, micros, all that kind of stuff of what it needs to be and then everyday she literally makes us three meals, drops them off in the morning all perfectly cooked, fine tuned, healthy with exactly the carbs, macros, micros, fats, proteins, everything that is perfect to actually what it’s supposed to be.
    So that’s what I’m eating now. This is my third meal today and it’s nice not to think and just grab it and eat. So I recommend it for any of you guys. And it’s not that expensive. We’re paying $300 a week for this, which if I was to go out one meal a week, that’s way more than three hundred bucks. This is three meals a day and plus it keeps me, all I’m allowed per mouth is what she puts into the boxes, that’s it. So just a thought. Find someone to cook your meals for you and do other things that are keeping you from getting the goals you want.
    Alright, I digress. What I wanted to share with you guys today, or tonight, is pretty important I think. So it, I was going to share one thing, but there’s stories I can’t tell. So there’s been, honestly three or four situations in the last two weeks that have been insane. It’s been probably some of the hardest two weeks of my life, when it relates to the negative sides of business.
    So for me, it’s been funny because I’ve been trying to block it and defend it because I need to keep moving forward and the negativity of stuff can keep me or you or anybody from moving forward. So I don’t want to share those specific stori

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    How To Dominate At Everything You Do

    How To Dominate At Everything You Do

    Some awesome advice from Bart Miller as we were doing our late night walk.
    On this episode Russell talks with Bart Miller from his inner circle about immersing himself in the things he does instead of dabbling. Here are some of the cool things to listen for in today’s episode:
    Find out how Bart made a commitment to get in shape and ended up winning awards for body building in under a year. Hear why both Bart and Russell have been able to really commit to things instead of dabbling. And find out how you could possibly see Russell standing on stage at Funnel Hacking Live in a Speedo! So listen here to see why it’s so important to be an extremist when you set a goal to do something.
    Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m walking right now with Bart Miller. How you doing, man?
    Bart: I’m good, how are you guys?
    Russell: Doing awesome. We’re going to show you guys some cool stuff here after the intro.
    Alright, so we’re out here, it’s freezing cold out here.
    Bart: It is cold.
    Russell: Bart’s been in the inner circle now for a year and a half and I want to talk to you about him because he’s taught me some cool stuff, and I think it will help you guys as well. It makes it harder to walk and talk. It’s going to throw the whole thing….
    Bart: Another level here going on, I love it.
    Russell: So I’m going to embarrass Bart, because he doesn’t even know what I’m going to ask, I just turned the camera on. First off, for background for those who don’t know, he runs a couple of businesses. What are the core things you usually run?
    Bart: So we have an Amazon business, we have a makeup school and Russell tries to keep me as focused as possible on those two things. So we’ll just say those.
    Russell: As he does everything else. The other ones he refuses to tell me about because I will tease him forever.
    So this is what I want to talk about. We hung out, when was it we went to Dallas?
    Bart: That’s been a year ago.
    Russell: So a year ago we went down there because we working on the beauty school and we filmed an episode of Funnel Hacker TV, which actually is the next episode, I don’t know if you knew that.
    Bart: I didn’t know that. Cool.
    Russell: The end of the last one said, “Up next week,” and it had that thing with Collette.
    Bart: How did I miss that, I watched it.
    Russell: It was after the credits. Anyway, next episode is going to be showing that whole story. It shows me wearing skinny jeans and bunch of other things.
    Bart: Which was amazing, by the way.
    Russell: Oh skinny jeans. Anyway, so what I think was interesting and why I love Bart so much, why I just wrote him a big huge check to come kick my butt is because after that, you’ve always been into fashion but that wasn’t your thing. We talked about it, “Okay, Bart you should be doing fashion for people.” And then he got intense and obsessed in it and just was awesome. And he basically at the last Funnel Hacking Live, dressed me, dressed half the inner circle and a bunch of other people.
    Then fast forward 7 or 8 months, since Funnel Hacking Live, when was it you decided you were going to get ripped and shredded and everything?
    Bart: So my son was leaving on an LDS mission, and I’ve been racing bikes for the last 7 years and I just always wanted fitness, because a lot of people think it’s easy to be fit all the time. And I’m here to tell you, and don’t tell my family this, but my mom’s obese, my sister’s obese, my dad’s obese, I know it runs in my family. I’m probably taking way too long here, but what I’m saying is, my son, I wanted to spend time with him before he was leaving and getting out of the house.
    That was a year ago, so I decided I was going to start lifting, and then Russell’s going to tell you I’m afraid, that I’m an extremist.
    Russell: Which is actually the moral of the story, this is a good thing, not a bad thing.

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    What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales...

    What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales...

    Be a fly on the wall during the ClickFunnels partner meeting and hear the #1 thing each of us learned on our journey so far.
    On this episode we get to hear from the entire Clickfunnels partnership team. They all share the big takeaways they have received as they have watched the company soar to over a hundred million dollars a year in revenue. Here are some of the cool things you will hear.
    How Russell learned that having a great partnership and team was better than being on his own. Why Todd thinks it’s important to have someone who is obsessed with the product you’re selling. Why Dave thinks the Dream 100 is so important. How John prioritizes and delegates to make sure everything is done by the appropriate people. Why Brent thinks it’s important to stay small and nimble as long as possible and why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. And why Ryan believes that constraints are not a limiting factor, but what helps you focus and succeed. So listen here to find out what the Clickfunnels partnership team members have learned that have lead the company to surpass their goal of a hundred million dollars in revenue a year.
    What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today is a special episode, we’re here above the ice right here, there’s hockey happening down there. But we’re in our partner planning meeting, here are all the cofounding partners of Clickfunnels, hanging out and plotting world domination. The theme of today’s event and the theme of this podcast is this:
    It comes from social network, millions of dollars isn’t cool. You know what is cool? A billion dollars.
    Alright everybody, so welcome back. We’re excited to have you guys here. We’ve been here locked up in this awesome office for the last day and a half planning world domination and how to make Clickfunnels better for you as a user, how to get more of you as users, so we can serve more people, more audiences and more entrepreneurs. It’s been really, really fun. We’ve been going around plotting and scheming and planning and creating and doing and a whole bunch of really fun stuff.
    So I thought we’d take a quick ten minute break here and I thought it’d be fun because we actually had a call yesterday with, I guess they’re not really competitors, a cool company that we like what they do. We’re potentially interesting in maybe buying them or whatever.
    It’s funny because they’ve been watching what we’re doing, obviously and he’s like, “You guys are what, 10 million dollars a year in revenue?” and we’re like,
    “No.” So in case you guys are wondering, we passed $10 million in revenue year one. We’re year three.
    So I thought it would be kind of fun to maybe look at this, a little bit ago, like 2 months ago we passed a hundred million in revenue. So we went from zero to a hundred million dollars in about 3 years. And I wanted to say what was the biggest aha that each of us individually got, that we’ve learned in that process. So you guys get ideas from everybody inside the team here. So just a really quick intro with everybody, then I’ll share my aha and then move on.
    So I’m Russell, I’m the nerd who is the dancing monkey who’s talking about Clickfunnels all day long. That’s what I do here. This is Todd Dickerson, he is the genius that built all of the original Clickfunnels and look at that beard, so manly. Over here, this is Dave, he’s all the business development stuff, he’s got the retro Clickfunnels shirt on. Then over here is John, he does all of our ads, and if you see us every day on every platform it’s because of that guy, so blame him. Over here we have Brent Coppieters, he does all our operations stuff and he’s going to be transitioning to a bunch of our new, something we can’t talk about live or publically yet. It’s going to be cool. And this is Ryan, what’s up Ryan. Ryan is the genius who is always coding.

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    Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert's Calling

    Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert's Calling

    Interesting thoughts after my whirlwind week.
    On this episode Russell talks about what’s it’s like being an introvert in an extrovert’s business. He shares how you can still be successful while being introverted, just like him. Here are some interesting things in this episode:
    Find out why Russell loves speaking in front of thousands of people, but can still be awkward one on one. See how Russell is able to get past his introverted tenancies to still be able to sell a room. And find out why you just need to start sharing your message and with consistency you will find your voice. So listen here to find out how an introvert is making it in this extroverted business.
    Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about what it’s like being an introvert inside of an extrovert’s calling. Here we go.
    Alright so last week was a little bit insane. I think I only slept about 2 ½ hours last night and I am really excited to fall asleep. The kids are almost all in bed, but one of them is finishing their homework so I’m like, I’m going to sneak away and talk to you guys before I pass out and then go back and finish the homework with them so. That’s why we’re here right now.
    So last week there was an event that I wanted to speak at for a long time and I got invited probably about six or seven months ago. I was looking forward to it and then after someone else….I get invited to speak at a lot of events, and unfortunately I have to say no to most of them just because it’s hard to leave and travel and be away from family, so it’s not typically worth the investment or the time away, especially this level in the business. It’s tough because it’s like, I’ve had people come back like, “Hey we’ll pay you $100,000 to come speak.” And I’m like, I feel like a jerk because to be able to travel there, being there, being able to travel back, it’s like, I could do a webinar and clear way more than that, you know what I mean, and be able to go sleep in my own bed at night and be with my kids that night.
    So it’s just tough unfortunately. But someone asked me, one of my friends, James Malinchak asked me and since I was already going to be speaking at WarriorCon, which is widespread event that I was super excited to speak at. James is in the same city. So it was like, “Sweet dude. I’ll just drive over and we’ll do this whole thing.” So we’re at the event and I’m like, I’m going to be in LA, what else is in LA? Tai Lopez is in LA, we should go hang out with Tai. Justin and Tara Williams are in LA, we should hang out with them. And it turned out to be really, really cool.
    Here comes Bow-dog, who has been working on his homework. Say hi to everybody.
    Bowen: Hey!
    Russell: Anyway, the vacation was crazy. Basically what happened is Dave and I jumped in a plane and flew out there to LA, and at night we got to the Warrior Event, so we decided to sneak in. We were at the back and we had white shirts on and everyone of the warriors got black shirts on that say “Warrior” on it.  I wasn’t speaking until the next day, but I walk in and they came and grabbed the shirts and like, “Go put these on right now.” So we put our shirts on so we could fit in with the whole cult-ture that their building over there.
    It was just cool. And then that night I was going to work on slides, I was super tired so I just went to bed. Woke up in the morning and I was going to work on slides, and I was super tired so I didn’t and we went and got massages, don’t tell mom. Massages were really good. Then after the massages I was going to work on the slides, but then I didn’t. And then Justin and Tara came to lunch, we hung out with them for lunch, which was awesome. Then it was like, the ninth hour, or twelfth hour, however that works.
    So I had to go get the slides done. So I went up into the room, got my slides done, saw Kevin

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