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This podcast is prayerfully created with the intention of giving you a time of resting in the Lord and allowing Him to speak into your life through 10 to 15 minute messages and teaching insights.

Mary Lindow serves the Savior thorough mentoring, traveling to foreign nations and the USA as a teacher and voice of encouragement and ministers as a psalmist and vocalist.

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This podcast is prayerfully created with the intention of giving you a time of resting in the Lord and allowing Him to speak into your life through 10 to 15 minute messages and teaching insights.

Mary Lindow serves the Savior thorough mentoring, traveling to foreign nations and the USA as a teacher and voice of encouragement and ministers as a psalmist and vocalist.

Visit www.marylindow.com for more messages, information, and inspiration.

    Important Help For "UN-truthful" Times - " WHAT IS TRUTH?" - Why Do We fight It?

    Important Help For "UN-truthful" Times - " WHAT IS TRUTH?" - Why Do We fight It?

    By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit
    Truth is slippery.
    A lot more slippery than any of us want to admit.
    And we do have to, in a sense, choose what to believe.
    Pontius Pilate seemed quite comfortable with that. Jesus was "talking truth" and Pilate lived in a place of work where “truth” was meaningless. All that his employer cared about was results!
    The world’s vision of truth is attractive.
    It allowed Pilate go back to his home at the end of the day…it allowed the Priests to deal with that "problematic man Jesus" while still being able to eat the Passover. 
    It sends the crowds home from the protest hoping that the rebellion will start soon and be successful. (That sure sounds familiar doesn’t it!) 
    Pilate was dealing with those "pesky" Hebrews.
    The poor guy is the governor and he can’t even get the latest group of complainers to come into his house because it’s Passover, that would make them “unclean,” and they wouldn’t be able to eat the sacred meal.
    Now Imagine that!! 
    Being the governor, and having to go outside to hear the complaints of your subjects? Your subjects whose "truth" meant that your palace was unclean? You can understand why the guy got maybe a bit sour.
    His employer just wanted the people under Pilate to behave!
    That was a pretty tall order among a people as fiercely independent as the Israelites. The Romans didn’t care all that much how order was maintained; they just wanted Pilate to "make it happen"! 
    Israel after all, was a center of commerce, and disturbances, and rioting there were inconvenient and they were expensive.
    All of this left very little time for Pilate to talk philosophy with this troublesome Jesus fellow. He needed results! 
    "Truth" for Pilate meant keeping order, keeping peace, keeping his job. That’s what he chooses to believe in. Even so…he tried to give Jesus a fighting chance.
    But the crowds? 
    Well, they don’t cry out, "What is truth?"
    But, they did CHOOSE what to believe.
    Jesus has proclaimed a kingdom of truth.
    THE truth that God’s will is realized
    when we live lives of compassion and healing. 
    A truth that we are all loved by God and called to live this love out for one another. It’s a truth that has stood the world on end…
    ...But the crowd decides instead to believe in the old standby.
    The sword.
    Barabbas the thief, who was a violent man, the kind of guy who is useful to a revolution, is the one they cry out for.
    They want what they want…
    ..and so, aren’t really all that different from Rome or Pilate in their way of dealing.
    They’ll trade truth for the hope of what they’ll see in terms of "results." 
    And, we all too often...
    …We choose on our own, what to believe as well. 
    Repentance means "to turn" in the scriptures, to "turn away from.
    But it’s not easy! 
    And it doesn’t help that the words of our Master—(who stands in passive protest against the established powers of the world as he answers Pilate), has had his words mangled and misinterpreted over and over again by those who frankly, wanted Jesus to sound a little more like "them."
    The world teaches us its version of truth.
    The world teaches us to think: "It’s mine, I earned it."
    Jesus says, "It’s a gift, share."
    We learn to think, 
    “They need to follow my rules." 
    Jesus says, "The greatest rule is love."
    We learn to think, "I’ll give when my needs are met." 
    Jesus says, “Think that way and you’ll always need more.”
    We learn to think, "me first."
    Jesus says, "be last."
    The world’s truth keeps you from ending up like Jesus. 
    It gets you to resist taking a cross for what IS truth.
    Believing in something means acting and sacrificing for something, and what Jesus wants from us is not our dying, but rather that we live a life dying to our own selfish ambition which most are VERY proud of. (They wi

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    "Hidden In My Secret Place" - A Prophetic Word For Troubled Times

    "Hidden In My Secret Place" - A Prophetic Word For Troubled Times

    By the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow
    The coming darkness will cause you no fear. My perfect love for you will cast out ALL fear! I will hold your hand and lead you in a way like no other. I will give you eyes that can see in the dark, but I will also hold your hand and lead you through the darkness.
    For you, this present darkness will be an opportunity to help bring in the great harvest. I AM the Lord of the Harvest, and I will usher in a mighty and uncountable harvest!
    Don’t’ try to count these souls don’t try to count them!
    They will be coming from all directions and places and in many numbers. Those that are sitting in darkness are going to get up and run toward the light, those who are engulfed in darkness will clamor for the light.
    My Chosen ones will shine bright in the darkness and they will point the way to Me. You will be like a lighthouse and a beacon in the dark and stormy seas.
    Yes My Chosen Ones, this will be a time of Great Harvest! You have been prepared for this great day!
    You are fit and ready, now, for service. I promise, you were chosen…
    …For such a time as this!
    CHILD DO NOT FEAR OR DREAD THE COMING DARKNESS! Welcome it as necessary for a part of the things I have planned! You will not listen to the voice of the enemy or fall into the deceits and the deceptions of his lies if you are walking in My truth. You will be free indeed! There is great peace and security in truth. It will save you from the entanglements, and snares and traps of the enemy.
    So recognize, know and embrace the truth of My Word!
    It is a Gift of My love for you. When you have My wisdom to rely upon, you see with the eyes of faith into the unknown. My child, the truth will set you free from the fear of failure. For when I am leading, I will never lead you to fail, but I will lead you to be victorious.
    I WILL SET YOU FREE FROM THE FEAR OF MAN, For when I am on your side tell me – Who can rise up against you?
    Who dares come against My child when I the Defender and I their Protector is present? My love and my loving care are a protective shield around about them. So stand up and shine!
    Arise from the depression in which circumstance have kept you! Rise to a new life! Be radiant with the Glory of My presence! For the Glory is upon you! Even though darkness shall cover earth, and darkness and deep gloom will cover the people of the world, but I the Lord, will rise upon you! Though thick dark clouds shroud the nations, your new day is dawning. People will see my glory around you! So! Arise and be Glad! The Eternal Light- Shines upon YOU! - Isaiah 60:1-2
    I The LORD shall preserve you from all evil: I shall preserve your soul. I The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, And even for evermore. -Psalm 121:7- 8
    So why should you be afraid?
    I AM your fortress, protecting you from danger, So why should you tremble? When evil people come to devour you,
    When your enemies and foes attack, They will stumble and fall. Though a mighty army surrounds you, Your heart will not be afraid. Even if you are attacked, You will remain confident.
    JUST ASK OF ME - ONLY ONE THING. Let it be the thing you seek most— To live in the house of the Lord all the days of your life, Delighting in My perfect ways and meditating in My Secret Place.
    For I will conceal you there when troubles come; I will hide you in My sanctuary. I will place you out of reach on a high rock. You will hold your head high above the enemies who surround you. In my Secret Place, You will offer sacrifices with shouts of joy, Singing and praising ME, the Lord of Glory - with music. Psalm 27: 1-6 I

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    It doesn't take a genius mind to know that we are in some terrible times here in the earth! Wars wars and more threats of wars! Economic pressures, ungodly rulers, missiles aimed and ready to blow up other countries, child abductions and murders are on the rise and we have had odd and bizarre weather patterns! And these events all can occur in just one week’s worth of change!

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    Prepare Him Room - "We Prepare Him A Place"

    Prepare Him Room - "We Prepare Him A Place"

    By Mary Lindow
     "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  -Psalm 139:14
    We can ache for God tremendously; yet find ourselves getting nervous if God gets too close! After all, the closer God gets, the more we hear the call to be unpolluted. It's both exciting and frightening to hear that call!
    A STORY: Once upon a time there was a little plant that was small and whose growth was stunted, for it lived under the shade of a giant oak tree. The little plant valued the shade that covered it and highly enjoyed and lavished the quiet rest that its majestic friend provided. Yet there was a greater blessing prepared for this little plant.
    One day a lumberjack entered the forest with a sharp ax and cut down the giant oak! The little plant began to weep, crying out, "My shelter has been taken away! Now every fierce wind will blow on me, and every storm will seek to uproot me!"
    The guardian angel of the little plant responded, "NO! Now the sun will shine and showers will fall on you more abundantly than ever before! Now your stunted form will spring up into loveliness, and your flowers, which could never have grown to full perfection in the shade, will laugh in the sunshine. Many will say, look how that plant has grown. How gloriously beautiful it has become by removing that which was its shade and comfort!"
    We need to see that the Lord wisely trains his soldiers by calling them to difficult travels and service. He strengthens them through wildernesses and mountains. God knows that spiritually armed Soldiers can only be developed in battle and are not developed in times of calm. We can only become true seasoned soldiers of Christ when we train and serve in the preparation time of the inhospitable surroundings.
    It's all about trusting God in the end. Oh yes it is! We often ask in the heat of difficult battles whether they are mental battles, spiritual battles, and financial battles. "Will He REALLY refresh us in this time of struggle?"
    His Loving Word says so.
    "For I satisfy the weary ones
    And refresh everyone who languishes." -Jer. 31:25
    THE LORD IS PRODUCING STAMINA! WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT! "Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; For once he has been approved, He will receive the crown of life, Which the Lord has promised to those who love Him." James 1:12
    He is there! Even in this fog of struggle, loss, anxiety, or seeming success! He wants us to be desperate for Him and is training us to rely on His voice.
    To make our decisions based on His plan for the whole earth!
    Get a "rope of expectation"(the word of God) and tie yourself to it. Hold on! The boding evil is nearly over! The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness And put on the armor of light." -Romans 13:12
    It would be a powerful opportunity for all of us to get on our knees in an intimate place of communication with the Lord, and refresh our commitment to purity, and with a willing heart to yield to the bidding of the Father.
    "They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers.
    They all march in line, not swerving from their course." -Joel 2:7
    LET OUR HEARTS WILLINGLY Give Him Room to Move Freely ...
    ...in our daily actions in this Life.
    We do this by clearing away or removing anything that feeds and pampers our flesh and our own concepts of the Kingdom.
    A throne in our hearts from which He can reign and activate His anointing.
    "No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs.
    He wants to please his commanding officer." -2 Timothy 2:4 1
    "As for you, the anointing you received from

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    "THE WINTER OF OUR MALCONTENT" - "Faithing Our Fears"

    "THE WINTER OF OUR MALCONTENT" - "Faithing Our Fears"

    By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit
    For many weeks now, just as I was about to fall into a good deep sleep, I have heard in my spirit the words, “The Winter of our Malcontent”. Trying to reconcile those words in my own thinking, I would then say to myself, “You mean the winter of our discontent don’t you?" (I was thinking about the fact that Shakespeare wrote this and put into print in Richard III,1594.)
    Again and again the same event would take place until I was made aware of what the Lord would have me write and share with those - who may have ears to hear. For you see, the subject can be one that many FEAR.
    Malcontent; definition
    Disappointed, disenchanted, disillusioned, frustrated, unfulfilled; disquieted, disturbed, perturbed, upset; dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent
    For some, it is easier to simply live in a shell of denial or self concocted false spiritual bliss than to look soberly and head on at the turmoil and drama that the world is rapidly spinning and bobbing in.
    It will not easily or wishfully go away, and at this time we are and will be, facing severe repercussions for wicked choices made by governments, banking systems and yes religious institutions.
    All three can do good things, but many currently have chosen the ways of corruption, selfish ambition, deceptive story telling and above all, the giving away of their heart and minds to the god of this world. A god who traps its victims with promises of greater power, influence, and an adoring mass of lesser gifted humans who are expected to give homage without asking questions.
    These pressures and practices can tear at the soul of the discerning hearts who see more than the handwriting on the wall.  They know, regardless of a solid stance of Faith in Gods providence and care - that something is very very wrong and, it is escalating.
    Many are panicking and poring over every website and news bulletin to see if there are falsities that they can catch and prove in the wrong, or truths that they can exploit. Neither of these will help.
    And, the fear mongers believe that we all must be totally obsessed and baptized in fear by pouring it out to their audiences.
    They will feed the panic and give power to the spirit of terror that is looming large and with insidious precision.
    Where do apparent Bible believers get reliable information to nourish their fears? From you and me. We do it to each other all the time.
    Why do we deliver information to our brother or sister that will feed his or her fears?
    We believe that "my God shall supply all your needs," but our old nature cannot believe that, especially when we hear news from worldly sources telling us someone is trying to take our toys and life resources away from us. When we give place to fear, and feast on it, feed it, and pass it on to other people, we are boldly denying that Christ will be our supplier.
    If you have a belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind that has no hope, no light, and you have the Church headed straight into a train wreck instead of looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, you are WICKED.
    If all you do is sit around and talk with wide-eyed terror about the New World Order, the crash of the banks, the collapse of the dollar, and the concentration camps and micro chips getting ready for us you’re not only feeding fear, you also are a promoter and preacher of it.
    Harsh words? No.
    Honest words intended to get you to shake off morbid living and to decide to truly serve the LIVING GOD or serve - Fear.
    Fear is a harsh and wicked taskmaster.
    Fear will not let you sleep well at night.
    Fear brings condemnation and shame.
    Fear causes hoarding and secret self-protections.

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    "The Kindness and Plan of God During Changing Times" - Prophetic Insights and Word

    "The Kindness and Plan of God During Changing Times" - Prophetic Insights and Word

    The Times are RAPIDLY Changing, and I know that for me, it will require a different strategy to handle them and that I must be willing and able to walk out the days ahead.

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5 Ratings

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