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The ultimate Torah class with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. A spiritual workshop that will inspire and teach you how to transform your personal life. Get unlimited free downloads of MP3 recordings of all classes in this series with a free membership at www.meaningfullife.com/join.

Meaningful Life Skills: Weekly Global Class Rabbi Simon Jacobson

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The ultimate Torah class with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. A spiritual workshop that will inspire and teach you how to transform your personal life. Get unlimited free downloads of MP3 recordings of all classes in this series with a free membership at www.meaningfullife.com/join.

    How to Merge Matter and Spirit

    How to Merge Matter and Spirit

    Within us we each have two primary forces -- two distinct voices -- tugging us in different directions. The drive to survive and the drive to transcend. The first is is consumed with ensuring that we get our material needs met -- food, clothing, shelter, social connections, earning money to pay for these needs. The second seeks to transcend the physical parameters of our routines and discover deeper purpose, meaning and soulfulness. This can be achieved in many different ways -- music, dance, poetry, love, romance, faith, spirituality, just to name a few. In many ways this marks the distinction between body and soul. How do we deal with the inherent dichotomy between these two extremes?

    Throughout the ages, two schools of thought have emerged to address this conflict. One approach is to focus primarily on our material survival, leaving some limited room for our transcendent needs. Matter takes precedent over spirit. The second approach is to disengage from the distractions of our material pursuits in order to engage in our spiritual lives, to the point of asceticism for some. Both approaches, however, have one thing in common: These two worlds of matter and spirit, body and soul, cannot coexist. Thus, most of us ultimately compartmentalize our lives, dividing our time between the two.

    Please join Rabbi Jacobson and discover a third approach -- one that does not surrender to a life of duality, but accesses a third dimension, beyond the corporeal and the ethereal, which allows us to integrate the two. Just as science has revealed that energy and matter are really one, and technology taps the energy within matter, so too is it with your body and soul. You can actually live a life of utter unity and harmony by learning how to tap the spirit within matter and spiritualize the material, ultimately experiencing total and seamless fusion between the two.

    • 36 min
    The Kabbalah of Choices: 5 Steps to Overcoming Indecisiveness

    The Kabbalah of Choices: 5 Steps to Overcoming Indecisiveness

    Every one of us has faced uncertainty and doubt in our lives. Some of us more than others. You know the one about the fellow who said "I used to think I'm indecisive. Now I'm not so sure..." At times our inability to make a decision one way or another can have a debilitating and demoralizing effect. How many opportunities have you missed due to being stuck, not knowing how to proceed. Acute and prolonged indecisiveness can also become a monster of its own, eliciting our fears, insecurities and bringing on a state of lethargy and avoidance of making important changes and moves in our lives.

    What can we do about this?

    Please join Rabbi Simon jacobson as he tackles the great challenge of indecisiveness, exploring four different approaches people take when faced with adversity -- resignation, battle, religion, escapism -- and discover a fifth, time-tested method that will change how you see yourself and open you up to new possibilities you could never have imagined.

    • 36 min
    Fight or Flight: How to Free Yourself from Fear

    Fight or Flight: How to Free Yourself from Fear

    Who, or what, is your greatest enemy? This simple question is actually quite challenging because we face many different adversarial forces in our lives. We have enemies within and enemies without. We have psychological enemies, emotional enemies and inner demons. We have enemies that are real and some that may be imagined. We have enemies that are physical and many more that are intangible. 

    And yet from all these adversaries, the single greatest enemy of ours is called fear. Why is fear the most dangerous obstacle in our lives, our worst enemy? Because fear is insidious, it is concealed, invisible. There is no weapon or firepower involved, no smoking guns and loud noises to announce its arrival. Fear works in a very cunning way, with silent strength and quiet power. It is undermining and paralyzing; causing lack of initiative, indecisiveness, stagnation, apathy, demoralization, resignation and so many other symptoms that it can manifest in. Fear is what holds us back from going anywhere in life. And that is the worst enemy facing a human being. Without fear we can take on any challenge, but fear freezes us in our tracks. If we are not moving forward, where are we going? 

    Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fundamental discussion on fear as he shares vital tools and practical steps needed to overcome this great but silent enemy. And once you conquer fear, all the vistas and great horizons open up for you, nothing will be able to stop you.  A new life will emerge, one of hope and excitement for the future. 

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    Welcome 2022: What Will This New Year Bring?

    Welcome 2022: What Will This New Year Bring?

    As the curtain comes down on this strange and bizarre year of 2021, we are all left wondering: What now? What comes next and how can we possibly prepare for it? 

    If the past 24 months taught us anything - with covid in the air, political disruptions and upheavals, unprecedented uncertainties - it is that we have very little control of what's going on in the world around us. There has clearly been a tremendous disruption in all our lives. There's practically no sector of life that hasn't been impacted by these events, whether it's work, travel, schooling, entertainment, sports, etc.  And when you couple that with so many other polarizing forces in politics, the debates, the media and modern technology amplifying everything, sometimes we are left feeling disoriented, completely lost at sea. 

    With all that being said, how can we possibly enter a new year with confidence and positive energy? Is there any hope on the horizon?

    Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as we enter into the new year, and discover that the key to gaining control is: learning how to navigate the stormy and unpredictable waves. You do that by digging and uncovering your deeper spiritual resources and developing the right attitude and perspective, which in turn impacts your family and friends -- and creates the change the world needs. Together, let us welcome 2022 with open arms, empowered and excited for a future of positivity, light, warmth and global transformation.

    • 32 min
    Choosing Humility in a Self Centered World

    Choosing Humility in a Self Centered World

    Here is a provocative yet practical question: Why should I be humble in a self centered world? It's an eat or get eaten, survival of the fittest environment out there. So who will look out for me if not myself? 

    In the majority of our life's experiences and interactions, it seems that people are it in for themselves, looking how they can further their own agenda, make more money, network in higher circles, etc. If you fit their needs, they might do something for you in return, but it's primarily give and take. Yes, there are those we come across that are truly kind and compassionate, but by and large -- especially with a driven ambition, person -- it's all about me, me, me. 

    So the question remains: Why choose humility, why be caring and empathetic, in a world surrounded by sharks? How can we advance and be successful without focusing solely on ourselves?

    Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover that on the contrary -- bittul and humility are actually the keys and foundation to achieving the greatest successes in life. Choosing humility will have unbelievable and far reaching implications in our lives.

    • 38 min
    Can You Control the Chaos? How To Let Go and Flow

    Can You Control the Chaos? How To Let Go and Flow

    Do you ever feel like a ship adrift at sea, floating around aimlessly, lost and unsure of where to go from here? Are you ever caught up in the chaotic quicksand of life, unable to really find your bearings and pull yourself out of the situation?

    We all have moments where we find ourselves in that situation, especially during these uncertain and unpredictable times. How can we find the anchor, the stability, needed to help us ride the unpredictable waves around us? Can there be a balance between going with the flow and yet not getting lost in the process? How do we ensure that the chaos doesn't overwhelm us, yet propels us to greater heights?

    Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an enlightening class on how to let go and flow. Learn how to navigate every possible situation that comes your way, even the most challenging. Discover the secret of flexibility and resilience, how to adjust and adapt to any circumstance. Become empowered with tools and resources to dive into uncharted territory and embrace the unknown; face the uncontrollable and find the beauty and power in not having all the answers.

    • 31 min

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