Meant For It Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

stilllightpoond ,

Three Brilliant Interviewers

Meant for It feels like the female version of the hip Smartless! These woman banter a bit like sophisticated drive time radio and set an irresistible tone to their upcoming subject matter and interviewee. Their topics are broad and they have done their research! I was honored to be on the show and have done many podcasts and must say these girls got it “going on”! Highly recommended!

I M Worthy ,

A Very Worthy Podcast!

Hosted by three interesting, intelligent, insightful and inquisitive women who engage their guests in conversations worth listening to - Polina Yelena and Amber know how to keep things real, meaningful yet fun and flowing. Love this podcast!

LenaWhatwhat ,

Meaningful to the point of life changing

First of all, what an amazing group of intelligent women doing the interviewing! And Dr. Ramani’s words were like an answer to a prayer. It is such a good feeling to have someone understand so well what dealing with a narcissist is like. So much truly useful information. Absolutely loved this podcast. Will be listening to it again to see if I missed anything.

FFerenczi ,

Meaningful and inspiring!

Amber and Polina have such great, dynamic conversations. I feel lucky to be a listener!

chicken da wings ,

Honest, Personable, and Inspiring

LOVE this podcast!! Everyone who’s interviewed is so well spoken and inspiring! The podcast is great for all ages but I especially recommend it to teenagers and young adults wondering what they want to do for a living. The guests discuss the ins and outs of how they got to where they are, all the bumps in the road and how they overcame them. The conversations flow very well and the guests and hosts always have great camaraderie. Every time I’m wondering something, one of the hosts always ends up asking the question.

ryan the goat baller kid ,

Engaging and inspiring

The hosts Amber and Polina do a great job of picking woman entrepreneurs who have a deep passion in a variety of ways. The hosts ask provoking questions to better understand the guests backstory and how they came into their field of business. The guests brought on have the intent of helping, relating, or inspiring other woman through their stories of failure and successes.

SilvieSF ,

I wish these podcasts were around when I was graduating college!

Nonetheless, it’s never too late to learn or be inspired! I love listening to these podcasts and learning how successful people have developed their careers and passions.

"dumb games" ,

Great show!

I am so honored to have been part of the podcast! Polina and Amber are so kind and--well--just inspiring. It was such a good experience, and I am grateful they included me.

Kelley Higney ,

Kelley Higney, Founder & CEO

Hosts, Amber and Polina, expertly guide their guests with insightful questions that draw out all details of their stories. These talented hosts, along with the impressive lineup of guests they regularly have on, makes this podcast a must listen for anyone looking for inspiration in their careers.

Deborah Huber ,

Engaging and inspiring podcast!

I recently discovered this podcast and have been on a mini-binge ever since. The interviews are inspiring, in-depth, and full of great ideas and information. I love the broad range of interesting and unique people interviewed and find that there are always things to learn, no matter what field the interviewee works in. Polina and Amber are insightful and engaging interviewers who do a great job drawing out the stories of people's career journeys. I'm glad I found them.