Meant For It Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

"dumb games" ,

Great show!

I am so honored to have been part of the podcast! Polina and Amber are so kind and--well--just inspiring. It was such a good experience, and I am grateful they included me.

Kelley Higney ,

Kelley Higney, Founder & CEO

Hosts, Amber and Polina, expertly guide their guests with insightful questions that draw out all details of their stories. These talented hosts, along with the impressive lineup of guests they regularly have on, makes this podcast a must listen for anyone looking for inspiration in their careers.

Deborah Huber ,

Engaging and inspiring podcast!

I recently discovered this podcast and have been on a mini-binge ever since. The interviews are inspiring, in-depth, and full of great ideas and information. I love the broad range of interesting and unique people interviewed and find that there are always things to learn, no matter what field the interviewee works in. Polina and Amber are insightful and engaging interviewers who do a great job drawing out the stories of people's career journeys. I'm glad I found them.

JennDonahue ,

Great Depth and Breadth!!!

Each episode is a stand-alone masterpiece with knowledgable, yet highly entertaining experts in their field. Highly recommended!!

jo53020 ,

Engaging and super useful

A fabulous mix of guests and an engaging format make this a podcast worth listening to!

AmyChanPingPong ,

Informative and fun

Awesome podcast with insightful conversations with empowering and inspirational guests!

CJThomas6 ,

Fantastic show!

Love this show! Really enjoying the inspirational stories and advice shared by Polina and her guests.

jahmster ,

Keep having thoughtful guests and its 5 stars

Impressed with the scope and depth of the discussion with CEO Jamie Candee - provided a perspective that i thought had broad relevance across industries and across different types of people. It's not a woman's perspective, its a leader's perspective that transcends many different categories and traits through which we too often try to pigeon-hole people in work and in life. So trite axioms filter in, if you're reading a transcript, but in conversation, it just makes you realize how profound they really are - especially the part about simply working hard. Helpful to remember that focus comes with balance as well.

RWlistens ,

Really interesting show

I love the idea behind this show, profiling successful and unique women and highlighting what they do for work. I’m eager to see how the show grows and develops.

tommye w-c ,

Motivational and inspiring

Love this podcast. So much inspiration in one place.