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Meditations to help you to relax deeply, be more present and flow more easily with life. We offer a variety of guided meditations with and without music, as well as instructions for meditations you can do on your own. We wish you a peaceful mind and open heart.

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Meditations to help you to relax deeply, be more present and flow more easily with life. We offer a variety of guided meditations with and without music, as well as instructions for meditations you can do on your own. We wish you a peaceful mind and open heart.

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4.6 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
1.7K Ratings
catsrip ,

My daily go to

I have to say that this podcast is exactly my daily dose of perfection. This is direct meditation at its finest. Guidance, music, cues, spiritual, inspiration, tone and non marketing. I’m new to meditation at 53 yrs old and I search and search all podcast and your podcast by far is what I feel meditation is. Thank you for staying true to what the practice preaches. It’s really is perfection.

iamleslieraven ,

Sleep Meditation App - Free ( iPhone)

I Spent almost as much time looking for a decent ( decent meaning it was exactly what it stated) Meditation app.
Now , on to My one and only ever review. Mind you I’m a science major , so please, if you plan on criticizing my literary style ..~STOP .
I am giving this Podcast 5 stars , wish I could give it more .. ? But I started in the App Store .. because a Lay person WOULD, I’m assuming here ..
I simply wanted a FREE APP for Mindful Meditation and or Sleep Meditation.
As I am a regular American who has regular life issues and would like to deal with them the healthy way ~ not go to the pharmacy.. but .. to my amazement.. well , not entirely .. no such “app “ exists ..
All wanted my $$$$$$$..
Sure ..
Seeing that I have a iPhone that cost over $1,000, .. what ????
No .
Really ? Your kidding .. can i yell at someone? No , I’d just look like an idiot.. do I care what the APP STORE FEELS ABOUT ME ? NO! But , where to write this ?
To continue? Sure .. my review: . As with most things nowadays , free just doesn’t exist . ( unless of course they are including their own Ad’s, or you have to UPGRADE????? I’m sorry , that’s not what Free means ) ok, enough of my tantrum~
After Weeks of searching/trying apps /giving my information to apps for 5 whole minutes of how to breathe , ( did I mention I WANTED TO SLEEP!?) 5 minutes wow.. ( this 5 minutes usually included their own ads for promoting themselves, as if we Cannot read the APP??? Nor see the information we read when downloading the app ? Insult to injury , - now I’m not breathing I’m irritated ..) what IS THE PROBLEM???!
No wonder Americans are so ... I’ll say Messed up ... this is Quite sad for a obese , overworked, no time ? Well no **it , country?? ..
Next thought .. delete All of those apps - DONE
PODCASTS? Sure .. why not .. I’m on a real losing streak here .. I’m not PAYING FOR HELP HERE ! This is the type of thing every other COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ( lol, yes I feel strongly about this )
Gives freely to HELP their people be better at what they do, ie: BE HAPPIER, ie: BE MORE productive, ie: BE A BETTER COUNTRY.. in every way , less crime, less on and on and on , but Americans, Lets keep increasing our need For Medication, Immunizations, Eat your Genetically modified Cow .. poor cow , drink
Your poisoned ground water , and stay stressed ?? Sure .. ok
I found this PODCAST amidst a number of other Sleep/Anxiety/Relax ( call then what you will ) HELPFUL!! Lol , and FREE - and BTW?? No intro to I am So and so , go to such and such a place to pay money.. .. 🙏
I don’t know about you but If I’m trying to go to sleep I don’t want to hear “my name is ...” ... and “this podcast was brought to you by blah blah blah ?!!” that isn’t what I want to hear!!
I want to hear , well ? MEDITATION ?
No ?
Yes :)
Beautiful, soft voice , with nice relaxing sounds in a nice relaxing voice and then I want to hear my meditation directions and FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES ?? I don’t fall asleep in 5 minutes- my mind tells me I’m ANXIOUS ( lol) so I want to see 40 Minutes!
I hope I am Writing what I really feel about this podcast it’s absolutely brilliant, the voice is so soothing ( it doesn’t have an American accent .. lol, no I didn’t do that on purpose, but I do wonder if that’s on purpose ~ I actually don’t know if the podcast is even an American one ? ) ANYWAY,
if I had money ( which I don’t because I’m paying for $1000 phone remember, ) I WOULD send this company money - instead 5stars they get, AND MY HONEST , THANKFUL , review!
I hope you ( you being whoever makes this Absolutely brilliant podcast that I
Use Every single night )
Continue to be the humanitarians I feel you are ..
I do however hope my review helps
Secondly, I will do my best to influence some people I know my sharing this podcast .. if that’s an option ~ Facebook is a decent platform ..and I have low friends in high places ..? or is it the other way around :) I think you get the point .. we all could benefit from a healthier lifestyle..
Well , if anyone got around to reading this , good job !
Now my honest to God, feelings on this podcast ( before ? My review on the fact I COULD NOT FIND ONE TO REVIEW?!! 😎)
This sleep podcast is undeniable the best podcast /app/meditation I’ve ever listened to ~
I had to download quite a few , but I finally came to the fact that THIS ONE is the only one that did not as I wrote self advertise . And I’d be far the best in all areas
1: quality. 5 stats
2: length as to not have to worry if I’m NOT ASLEEP YET?
3: music 🎼: 5 STARS
4: VOICE OF NARRATER , 5 stars !
5: Voice and Music Combined: 10 stars ..
10 : all of this app — 20 stars .. if I could .. say enough?
No ads during ( even at the beginning) my MEDITATION!!
I’m asleep in ? Well honestly, lol, I never know . I am OUT. Thank you thank you 🙏. And THANK YOU,
Today’s world is so fixated on MONEY, Information and So much BS.. that this was an absolute JOY for me to find .. I am blessed~ I ADORE the voice , the background music and the style . All of it is superb!
The “How to fall asleep without trying” episode, is my every night routine.
With All sincerity ( yes I was cynical, but I believe this issue is of Extreme importance to EVERYONE in every country, as I see a great oversight in the healthcare system.. )
So I am eternally grateful, I do hope you continue With this podcast .. as I’ve said , paying for it WILL INCREASE STESS .
Regards, Leslie Ann Logan

Pinkflyingpig ,

So relaxing

Perfect for my commute and a great way to start the day!

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