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Manhood, Purpose, Masculinity, Intimacy … Love? Join Bryan Reeves, Air Force Captain turned renowned author and Life/Relationship Coach, on the search for wisdom from powerful, heart-connected men and women who can show us the way to living a truly masterful life as Men.

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Manhood, Purpose, Masculinity, Intimacy … Love? Join Bryan Reeves, Air Force Captain turned renowned author and Life/Relationship Coach, on the search for wisdom from powerful, heart-connected men and women who can show us the way to living a truly masterful life as Men.

    The Deeper Truths of (Sexual) Polarity w/ Michaela Boehm (109)

    The Deeper Truths of (Sexual) Polarity w/ Michaela Boehm (109)

    In this episode, my brilliant guest is Michaela Boehm.

    Michaela Boehm is one of the most influential and wise teachers who’s work has profoundly influenced my life. I was fortunate to study with her personally over the course of about 3 or 4 years. I was certified by her as an “Intimacy & Attraction” workshop teacher. She’s taught me so much about sexual polarity, relationship dynamics, embodiment, and also how to be an ethical teacher – and there are a lot of unethical, immature, overlysimplistic, teachers coaches influencers in the world today.

    If you’ve never heard of Michaela … then you’ve obviously not followed Gwyneth Paltrow’s relationship journey … I’m just kidding … but also not … because Michaela actually is known as the intimacy coach to the stars … her publicly acknowledged clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Will Smith, which is cool but what’s most impressive to me about Michaela is that she combines degrees in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder … So, Michaela’s approach to intimacy and relationships empowers her students through an eclectic mix of education, experiential exercises and guided explorations sourced in both eastern and western realms of knowledge and tradition. She’ll share a bit of her extensive background in our conversation – some 35,000 client hours over decades of working with not just Academy Award–winning actors, producers, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy Award–winning musicians, but also for many years working in clinical settings with high-trauma clients.

    Now, just to let you know … our conversation starts off broad and philosophical; and truly fascinating, as her knowledge of human dynamics and relational dynamics is vast and deep! She takes us into the original origins of the terms masculine and feminine, and helps us understand why those terms actually can be harmful when rigidly applied to human relationships; especially the way so many online coaches and influencers are attempting to do these days.

    In the latter half of this episode, we dive into practical applications of sexual challenges that many couples face when one or both partners don’t know how to just be in their bodies … and these days, truth is, MOST of us don’t really know how to be in our bodies. So if improving your sexual experiences is something you’re interested in, definitely stay tuned to the end of the episode as Michaela shares profoundly useful, and practical understandings of what makes for great sex. If you’re in a relationship where you or your partner often don’t feel interested in sex, or sex has become a struggle, this is a rich conversation, and I think you’ll enjoy it and be served well by it.

    One last thing … 

    The time is NOW to apply for “ELEVATE 2024 – My year-long coaching journey for men committed to thriving in every domain of life” … enrollment is now open. I’m only inviting 10 men to go through all of 2024 with me, personally, on the adventure of a lifetime. And already 3 spots are taken. 

    If you’re ready to rise above the distractions & compulsions sabotaging you from living your fullness as a man.

    If you’re done trying to lone-wolf it through life, bearing all your burdens alone … this is for you.

    If you’re ready for a big breakthrough in your relationship, or around getting clarity about your purpose … this is for you.

    ELEVATE 2024 includes personal coaching with me for an entire year, alongside a select group of trustable men on the journey with you. We’ll also meet in person for a 5-day retreat mid-way through in a beautiful spot in nature. Through this experience these men, and I, will become your brothers for life. 

    Get the details and, if you dare, apply at https://bryanreeves.com/elevate 

    How to Be Fully Enlivened & Powerfully On Purpose w/ Tait Arend (108)

    How to Be Fully Enlivened & Powerfully On Purpose w/ Tait Arend (108)

    In this episode, my brilliant and inspired guest is none other than Tait Arend.

    Tait is my business partner in “Men, This Way,” and my co-faciltator for the last 3 years in the men’s work I’ve been hosting for men all over the world. He and I together have stewarded around 50 men through our two immersive coaching programs, our year-long ELEVATE Men’s Coaching Experience, and our new live 6-month coaching experience, Elevate Your Relationship, in which we work with men committed to improving their intimate relationship experiences.

    You should also know … Tait is my childhood best friend of 40 years! 

    He’s truly one of my favorite people on the planet … you could say in many ways we raised each other through our adolescent years when we didn’t really have other people, certainly not any wise male elders, showing up for us.

    Tait has made a beautiful life for himself in the decades we’ve known each other. He’s a family man with two kids I just adore … a lovely wife Elsa who’s one of my wife’s best friends …  and Tait is masterful in his facilitation of men; he’s spent years mentoring men in 12 step programs, he’s been a leadership coach and worked for a decade in consulting, guiding Fortune 500 companies and their employees through monumental shifts. 

    Everyone loves Tait … you’re gonna love him, too.

    Tait and I dive into a profound conversation around what men really want in life, what typically stands in our way of having it, and what aspects of life it could truly serve us to focus on … if we are ever to genuinely thrive in the ways that matter most to us.

    We talk brotherhood, and we talk about the 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man, our map for manhood which we steward men through in our year-long Elevate Men’s coaching program … which, is now open for application, by the way … at https://bryanreeves.com/elevate.

    If you want to share feedback or share what this conversation inspired in you, you can email me directly at bryan@bryanreeves.com … I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    This episode drops all kinds of wisdom nuggets and insights that could absolutely be life-changing for you, so …

    Take a deep breath, and stay present with us, all the way through to the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

    Alright …

    Let’s dive …


    • 57 min
    Men Aren’t Prepared For Real Intimacy w/ Mark Groves (107)

    Men Aren’t Prepared For Real Intimacy w/ Mark Groves (107)

    Today I’m talking with my old friend, Mark Groves, founder of “Create The Love,” the massively successful Instagram Page and Community dedicated to helping people create inspired and inspiring relationships. 

    This is actually a rebroadcast of an episode Mark and I did on HIS podcast. 

    I just love my conversations with Mark, and in this episode we explore Masculine and feminine communication, and how we men have been set us up to fail in modern relationships. We talk about what men AND women can do to take responsibility for the communication in a relationship, and we dive a bit into my book “Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her” as well … all that and more.

    I just love my conversations with Mark, and in this episode we explore Masculine and feminine communication, and how we men have been set us up to fail in modern relationships. We talk about what men AND women can do to take responsibility for the communication in a relationship, and we dive a bit into my book “Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her” as well … all that and more.

    But first .. MEN … if you’re up for an extraordinary deep-dive adventure into your own personal growth in 2024 … ELEVATE 2024 … My year-long coaching journey for men committed to thriving in life – is now open for application and enrollment. I’m only inviting 10 men to go through all of 2024 with me, personally, on this adventure.

    And already at the time of this taping, I’ve only got 7 spots left. 

    Hear other men’s experience 👉 https://bryanreeves.com/elevate

    We typically get around 70-100 applications every year, and we’ve already got 3 spots of 10 filled … so apply ASAP.

    Please know: This isn’t for everyone. This is only for men committed to self-discovery and personal growth, men who value relationships and connection, men who are genuinely seeking emotional well-being and mindfulness, and men who desire to fully live their deepest purpose in life … 

    If that’s you … apply now.

    ELEVATE 2024 can help you live more fully into your courageously authentic self, and help you break out of the sabotaging habits and patterns that prevent you from fully offering your unique gifts to your loved ones, your family, and the world …

    Whether you’re seeking more success in life, or you’re already successful in meaningful ways, but something is just still missing for you … Just take the next step. This could be the one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself: The gift of brotherhood with extraordinary, and trustable, men.


    Ok, last thing …

    It’s time to read a recent review on the podcast.

    If you hear me read your review, please email me at support@bryanreeves.com or contact me through my website, www.bryanreeves.com and you will get free lifetime access to either my “Love, Sex, Relationship Magic” Online Program or “The Boundaries Program: Relationships Suck Without Boundaries!” 

    Here’s today’s review: …

    mikeyboy26, 23/08/2019 — UK Apple Podcasts

    Thank you for this wonderful podcast. I’ve been listening to it and enjoying the many insights from Bryan and guests. It’s super good 💪 I was talking to my friend recently about how so much of the stuff you and your guests talk about weren’t stuff that we were taught growing up or in school. In fact all that stuff was almost taboo subjects you know? Like it wasn’t cool to talk about our feelings and our sexuality or even have an open safe environment where you felt comfortable expressing your feelings. For all men out there looking to find a deeper connection in your relationships and li...

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Fathers, Sons, and Rites of Passage w/ Luke Entrup (106)

    Fathers, Sons, and Rites of Passage w/ Luke Entrup (106)

    In today’s episode, I engage in a profound conversation with the founder of “The Father Son Connection Experience,” Luke Entrup. We discuss various topics related to men and emotions, fathers and sons, and rites of passage for boys at different ages. 

    HIGHLIGHTS (brought to you by … obviously … AI!)

    (00:00) Intro

    (07:03) Some significant event or experience in your early life that played a fundamental role in shaping you as a man?

    Bryan expresses a desire to learn more about the Lukes significant life experiences that have shaped him as a man. Luke, shares a pivotal event from his early life that profoundly influenced his journey into manhood.

    Luke begins by describing his passion for acting during his upbringing and how it was central to his identity. However, as he reached his late teens, his enthusiasm for acting waned, and he felt lost and uncertain about his path in life.

    At the age of 22, Luke’s father introduced him to a transformative men’s weekend experience. This event had a profound impact on Luke’s life, marking his transition from boyhood to manhood. He describes how the supportive community of men helped him confront his insecurities, self-doubt, and narrow-mindedness. Luke vividly recalls a powerful moment during the weekend when an elderly man declared him a man, sparking cheers from the group.

    This experience fundamentally changed Luke’s perspective on masculinity, emphasizing the importance of living a purposeful life, valuing emotions, and combining inner strength with an open heart. It set him on a lifelong journey to seek deeper truth and meaning, redirecting the trajectory of his life.

    Bryan, the host, reflects on his own experiences and the absence of a similar rite of passage with his own father, highlighting the prevalent issue of uninitiated men in today’s culture. Luke acknowledges the societal challenge of uninitiated men and the need to reintroduce meaningful rites of passage into the culture to address this issue.

    The conversation touches on the cultural shift toward healthier masculinity and the potential for positive change in the future.

    (16:06) What was the organization your father was part in?

     Luke, shares a significant life experience from his early years that profoundly impacted his journey into manhood. The host, Bryan, also reflects on his own experiences in this context.

    Luke discusses how his father’s upbringing played a crucial role in shaping him as a man, emphasizing how blessed he feels to have had such a father. He mentions an organization called the Mankind Project that his father was part of, which led him to an impactful men’s weekend experience.

    The men’s weekend, known as the New Warrior Training Adventure, involved being surrounded by a community of around 80 men. Luke and Bryan share their experiences from participating in this training, highlighting the powerful moments that marked their transitions from boyhood to manhood.

    Luke explains the significance of such moments, noting the deep human need for belonging and the sense of isolation that many men experience in today’s culture. He emphasizes that the belonging experienced in a brotherhood of men can be transformative and nurturing.

    Bryan adds that the sense of belonging, even more than problem-solving, is what often draws men to this type of work. They both underscore the unique quality of men’s work and the vital role it plays in providing both support and challenge, ultimately contributing to personal growth and fulfillment.

    The podcast episode continues to discuss the importance of men’s work and the impact it can have on personal development and self-discovery.

    (25:33) what is Rights of passage and why is it so important for young men?

     the topic shifts to discussing rites of passage,

    • 1 hr 12 min
    The Grand Delusions of Fame & Success w/ Adrian Grenier (105)

    The Grand Delusions of Fame & Success w/ Adrian Grenier (105)

    Today, I have the pleasure of hosting actor and activist Adrian Grenier as my guest. You may recognize Adrian from his roles in the popular HBO series “Entourage” or his appearances in films like “The Devil Wears Prada” alongside Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt. More recently, he has been featured in the Netflix hit series “Clickbait.” But, more importantly (at least for me) is that Adrian is my dear friend.

    Adrian is part of my close-knit circle of friends, a group of remarkable individuals that I’ve featured in recent episodes. This circle includes the multi-talented artist Aryeh-Or, as well as my profound brothers Arjuna O’Neal, Stefanos Stefandos, and the brilliant Kelly Gardner.

    Indeed, my circle of friends, known as “Man Cave Elite,” consists of extraordinary men. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to another thoughtful, introspective, and talented brother, Adrian Grenier. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Adrian’s remarkable transformation journey. He has evolved from a wildly hedonistic and indulgent Hollywood actor—a lifestyle he openly admits to—to a grounded family man, a devoted husband, a new father, and a humble steward of 46 acres of land in deep Central Texas. On his new show, “Earthspeed,” which you can find on Instagram and YouTube, he shares his experiences and learnings from tending to and partnering with the land.

    In this episode, Adrian shares the driving forces behind his transformation. What compelled him to change, and why? I believe every man, whether he openly expresses his ambitions or harbors them deep within, needs to hear the stories of men who have achieved cultural success, only to realize that the summit of fame and fortune isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Adrian has achieved success at the highest level as an actor, and his journey is a testament to this.

    Adrian and I also delve into our adventures and the challenges we’ve faced as brothers, both individually and together. We open up about some tender moments in our conversation—Adrian has just become a new father, while I’m in the midst of grieving the loss of my own. This conversation is a heartfelt exchange between brothers who sometimes have differing views on important matters but remain committed to supporting, loving, and respecting each other.

    My new book Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her), written for men and women, is now also available for AUDIOBOOK as well. 


    (00:00) Intro

    (08:46) Adrian’s first video

    In his first video, Adrian takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he reflects on the pictures and videos from that time. During that period, he was exceptionally sober and approached life with a profound seriousness. His beard was notably long and robust, and he paid meticulous attention to his hair and grooming. This was a time marked by deep retreat, meditation, self-examination, and a rejection of the material possessions he had amassed.

    Adrian was constantly on the move, seeking to avoid materialism and distractions that might hinder his personal growth journey. As a result, he made the bold decision to move into a camper, which offered minimal amenities—a tiny refrigerator, a scant selection of cutlery, and a toilet. It was an incredibly challenging and uncomfortable experience.

    Adrian expresses his gratitude to Bryan for being a supportive presence during his lowest moments, when he found himself at the rock bottom of his transformative journey.

    (14:33) What stopped working for you?

    Adrian took a moment to reflect. “Maybe everything was working out a bit too perfectly for me,” he began,

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Death Brings Gifts w/ Hal Elrod (104)

    Death Brings Gifts w/ Hal Elrod (104)

    Have you ever been confronted with death? Either yours or someone else’s?

    What gifts has that confrontation brought you? (it has brought you gifts, right?)

    Are you daily committed to making every day your best day? If not, why not?

    In this episode, my esteemed guest, Hal Elrod, author of “The Miracle Morning,” and I delve into these questions and more to unearth profound insights that can significantly impact your life.

    While this episode doesn’t revolve around Hal’s Miracle Morning practice, let me briefly summarize it. The Miracle Morning combines six practices, from journaling to meditation, into a morning routine that can be completed in as little as six minutes or extended as long as you wish. I once dedicated an entire hour to it, and the results were transformative, leaving me feeling euphoric. However, our discussion today takes a different path.

    There are numerous ways to learn about The Miracle Morning, as it has become a global phenomenon. Multiple books have sold millions of copies, there’s a documentary on Amazon Prime, a thriving online community with millions participating worldwide, and more. Today, I have the privilege of conversing with its creator, Hal Elrod, to explore other facets of his remarkable life journey.

    Before we dive in, I must share a secret to how I consistently bring exceptional and inspiring guests like Hal to this podcast. My commitment to regularly surround myself with and engage in conversations with inspiring individuals has been a game-changer in my life. Many of my guests, including Hal, are a result of these personal connections.

    About a year ago, I met John Vroman, the founder of Front Row Dads, who has become a dear friend residing just 15 minutes away. During our time together, I mentioned an essay I wrote eight years ago titled “Choose Her Every Day or Leave Her.” To my surprise, John informed me that one of his closest friends, Hal Elrod, had read that article and credited it with saving his marriage. I was deeply honoured by this revelation.

    Being a fan of Hal’s work and knowing that my words had a meaningful impact on him strengthened our connection. There’s something profoundly gratifying about knowing that your vulnerable words have touched someone in a profound way, forging a deeper bond.

    I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to converse with Hal on “Men This Way” today. Let me reiterate that our focus today isn’t on “The Miracle Morning” but on another crucial topic that all men must confront to live fulfilling lives, foster strong relationships, and achieve their deepest aspirations.


    (14:31) Bryan delves into Hal’s life, recounting his near-death encounters and significant life events. From the loss of his baby sister to the harrowing incident of being struck by a drunken truck driver, surviving a coma, overcoming leg paralysis, and ultimately conquering cancer, these experiences have profoundly shaped him. 

    Throughout these trials, Hal’s unwavering focus on the bright side of life has become his most treasured superpower, a guiding force for the remainder of his days. His ability to detach from circumstances beyond his control and find peace in the present moment has emerged as a cornerstone of his outlook on life. “Not being attached to things that you can’t change, being at peace with life exactly as it is,” defines his resilient perspective.

    (19:43) Hal’s profound perspective on life and death is one of complete acceptance and inner peace, deeply influenced by his studies in enlightenment and Greek philosophy. He openly shares his outlook on death, viewing it with a sense of serenity. To Hal, death is not to be feared, for it is an inevitable part of life.

    He likens life to a coin,

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
131 Ratings

131 Ratings

golfguy0008 ,

I wish I’d began listening sooner

I just started listening to Bryan, with a Y, and I wish I had begun years ago. Heck I wish I’d started before I was dating as an adolescent adult. His conversations are so profound yet simple, like looking in a mirror and relating to every thought and feeling I’m experiencing. Every podcast seems to punch me right in the heart and hit at all the emotional notes I’m going through, and have been struggling through for years. My feminine side is now breaking through, with furry, to the point that I want to breakdown in the car while I’m listening at times. I would and will be recommending this podcast series and anything Bryan puts out into the universe to my fellow human beings.

Lèböwitz ,

Bryan Reeves is the legit truth

There’s no ego like a ton of what the mainstream mancasts are pushing. This gentle giant is slinging softness and dropping in on a deeper level that I’ve been craving. This is a must subscribe and listen.

brgandyitaly ,

As a woman, I am not too much!

I heard about Bryan a while back when I started digging into men’s work out of curiosity to know what men experience and go through. I’ve been married for 15 years now and as I’ve listen to his podcast and also read his book I have gained soo much insight. This podcast has helped me see my husband with other eyes, has also helped change my way of communicating with him, how my ways of expecting things to be a certain way have not helped my relationship at times. Bryan is honest and helps me soo much understand a lot more of how men think. I have also been able to see that as a women I am not “too much” what kind of things my feminine side craves from my husband’s masculine side and that all I have to do is learn to communicate better. Learning to stay firm when it comes to my needs, and knowing why I ask what I ask from my husband is soo helpful, it’s like having a map of my feelings and also simultaneously understanding where my husband is coming from as man.
I love this podcast!!

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