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Our podcast is a casual, fun conversation among three experts in the field discussing all things Tarot. Topics range from the simple to the sublime. Please join us for the monthly Menage a Tarot!

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Our podcast is a casual, fun conversation among three experts in the field discussing all things Tarot. Topics range from the simple to the sublime. Please join us for the monthly Menage a Tarot!

    Episode 35 - Deconstructing the Celtic Cross

    Episode 35 - Deconstructing the Celtic Cross

    In this episode, based on a listener request, we take on the Celtic Cross where we do an actual reading for the upcoming season and break down the positions and their meanings in the highly popular spread.
    Spring 2017 forecast - Celtic Cross
    The Cross
    Position 1: Situation - The Devil
    Position 2: Opportunity/Challenge - Knight of Swords
    Position 3: Subconscious/Foundation - The Hanged Man
    Position 4: Immediate Past - Judgement
    Position 5: SuperEgo/Ideal Outcome - Ace of Cups
    Position 6: Immediate Future - Ten of Swords
    The Wand
    Position 7: The Ego/Self - The Empress
    Position 8: Environment/Outside Perspective - Temperance
    Position 9: What You Need to Know - Six of Cups
    Position 10: Final Outcome - Eight of Wands


    • 57 min
    Episode 34 - The Magic(k) of Tarot

    Episode 34 - The Magic(k) of Tarot

    In this episode we discuss the correlation between Tarot and magic(k). Are there magical properties to Tarot? Can Tarot be employed for spellcasting or manifestation?
    == Useful Info ==
    Tarot Spells with Sasha Graham - BiddyTarot
    Books pertaining to Tarot and magic on Amazon
    Echkart Tolle, spiritual teacher
    Alan Watts, philosopher/speaker

    • 1 hr
    Episode 33 - Influences, Imagination, and Intuition

    Episode 33 - Influences, Imagination, and Intuition

    In this episode we discuss what influences we draw on when reading Tarot. What fuels and charges our intuition and imagination? What is the source for our repository of symbolism?
    == Points of Interest ==
    Books mentioned
    Keri Smith, author
    Wreck This Journal
    Living Out Loud
    Kate’s new book:
    Your Alter-Ego Revealed: A Workbook
    The Seth books by Jane Roberts
    TV shows and films mentioned
    Dead Famous (tv series)
    Doctor Who (tv series)
    Stranger Things (tv series)
    The Matrix (movie)
    Dirk Gently (tv series)

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Episode 32 - The Cards Reveal the Hosts

    Episode 32 - The Cards Reveal the Hosts

    Join us on this episode where we each draw a card and explain how that particular card relates to our own lives in some way. Plus stay tuned for our general reading of what’s to come in 2017!
    == Links and References ==
    Kate draws from:
    Anna K Tarot
    David draws from:
    Cosmic Tarot
    Ronda draws from:
    Tarot Illuminati
    Meaning of the Dolphin from Medicine Cards
    Theresa Reed on the business of Tarot
    Brigit from Biddy Tarot
    Ethony Dawn
    Kate’s handmade Tarot box
    Cards drawn for the New Year (2017)
    Kate - Page of Swords
    David - Two of Pentacles
    Ronda - Three of Wands

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Episode 31 - Elections and Oracles

    Episode 31 - Elections and Oracles

    This episode we dive into oracle cards. How do they stack up to Tarot cards? What are the differences? But first, we draw cards pertaining to the U.S. election result.
    == Helpful links and such ==
    Rune Soup podcast
    Goddess Guidance Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue
    Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson
    Dreaming in Color: Luman deck by Mindy Sommers
    Aeclectic Tarot for deck reference
    Les Vampires Oracle deck
    The Alchemist Oracle
    The Wisdom Keepers Oracle deck
    Biddy Tarot Podcast
    American Tarot Association for Tarot certification

    • 1 hr
    Episode 30 - Reading from a Distance

    Episode 30 - Reading from a Distance

    This episode we discuss giving readings from a distance vs. in person. Is there a difference? We’ll let you know what we think.
    == Links and notes ==
    Rune Soup podcast
    Fate Foretold: The Tarot Card game
    Tarot Hex screwdrivers

    • 1 hr

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

andy_h1357924680 ,

Such a gem!

I stumbled on this podcast while looking for new tarot podcasts, and I fell in love with the hosts immediately. Love the chemistry and love their enthusiasm for tarot. This just became my favorite tarot podcast! Now I have to finish binging all the episodes.

bookworm620 ,

Wonderfully Normal

These three friends are wonderfully normal and non-judgemental in their approaches to Tarot. Even though I don't always agree with their ideas, they truly come at every subject with intellectually curiosity and a truly "whatever works for you" approach to every topic. I love every time David goes "Huh" You can truly hear his brain considering every angle of a new idea or approach that has come up. Kate is a sweetheart with such unique approaches I had neer considered before and Ronda has these brilliant insights and direct ways of taking on sticky subjects that I love. Together these guys just make the perfect Tarot poscast that I can't wait to get my hands on every month.

EmineBx ,

I love this podcast.

I stumbled across this and have been binge listening to catch up on old episodes. I love your take on tarot, and listening to the three of you is a pleasure. It feels like catching up with old friends... if I had old friends that were knowledgable about tarot. Thank you for the work you put into it, this is my favourite tarot podcast.

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