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Chuck & Joe's podcast on marriage, fatherhood, and how to be a proper man. #VetPods #dadlife #dadsquad #marriedlife #parenting #pulllout #mermaids

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Chuck & Joe's podcast on marriage, fatherhood, and how to be a proper man. #VetPods #dadlife #dadsquad #marriedlife #parenting #pulllout #mermaids

    S2 Ep.8: Do Better

    S2 Ep.8: Do Better

    The return of Chuck & Joe begins with some friendly fire directed at their fellow Veterans Podcast Network members the Bicker Bots, and continues with some baby updates, wife roasting, new product lines, stay at home dad talk, why dads pass down superior genetic traits, how the guys would be rated by a pro scout, Chuck has a panic attack while denying that he was actively insulting his wife, why old people should not waste their money on leather pants, and a return of a listener favorite: The Mailbag - featuring #WayneFromSanAntonio!
    Beef of the week: Merriam Webster Dictionary

    • 1 hr 20 min
    S2 Ep.7: The Cluckening

    S2 Ep.7: The Cluckening

    First thing first - the show has a new name, new music, updated logo, and are founding members of the Veterans Podcast Network - check us out under the new #VetPods! To celebrate this next step in the evolution of the show the fellas present this very special episode.
    After months of attempts Chuck & Joe FINALLY get their wives to come onto the show. They talk about friendships and life in their 30s and go over the podcast from the beginning up to now and discuss how accurate the show has been. You may be surprised to hear what they have to say as they clap back at the guys over the past year and a half of nonsense! Enjoy the show!
    Promo: The Smokers Lounge 420
    Twitter: @menmoirs - IG: @TheRealMenmoirs - Web: menmoirs.men

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    S2 Ep.6: Low Budget Trail Mix

    S2 Ep.6: Low Budget Trail Mix

    Catch up with the fellas as they turn the college admission scandal on its ear, kids with iPads, and relatable Peloton rage. You'll also hear shout outs to Real Porno Plots Podcast, The Smokers Lounge 420, #WayneFromSanAntonio, and more!
    The guys wrap it up with the clusterfuck that was his most recent birth story - you will not want to miss this! Check out the new intro, new ad, and as always - we rep the NSFW Podcast Network! #NSFWPod
    Promo: The Smokers Lounge 420
    Twitter: @menmoirs - IG: @TheRealMenmoirs - Web: menmoirs.men

    Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2uVSvAaGoogle Podcasts: http://bit.ly/2uWO48f

    • 1 hr 7 min
    S2 Ep.5: BONUS - American Slacker Swapcast

    S2 Ep.5: BONUS - American Slacker Swapcast

    April Fools bitches! Check out this swapcast that we did with Jesse and Matt from the American Slacker podcast. Thanks for the opportunity fellas and check out their show notes for more on this episode!
    EP142- Accidental Samurai Circumcision
    On this April Fool’s themed episode of American Slacker hosts Matthew and Jesse discuss this week’s bizarre news including American cannabis trends, abusive flatulence, cheeseburger assault, a skateboard samurai, how to choose the right body for your head, accidental circumcision and the funny clip of the week. Then the hosts review and suggest two comedies, Tag and Big Bear. The show wraps up with a Prank Ranking Game where Matt and Jesse talk about past pranks and determine the best of the bunch.
    To become a Patron of the show click here!
    Check out the American Slacker Podcast Website, Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Music & theme song “American Slacker” provided by Haverland.

    • 47 min
    S2 Ep.3: On Brand

    S2 Ep.3: On Brand

    The guys are back from another life induced hiatus. This episode catches you up on some major life news for Joe, a W that he took, and what the guys have been up to these past few months. They also discuss some typical "dad stuff" and talk about some stories from their childhoods. And as always, Chuck & Joe are keeping it "on brand" as they drop knowledge one podcast at a time. 
    Shout out to the Hood Diner (@TheHoodDiner) podcast for the fresh bumper and #NoOffense (@HTNOS) show for the promo.
    Just the Tips: A Menmoir is a member of the NSFW Podcast Network, find us and our other shows on the network on twitter at #NSFWPod.

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    S2 Ep.2: Unsolicited Advice

    S2 Ep.2: Unsolicited Advice

    Chuck & Joe return from a short break and catch you up on what they've been up to (fire, smoke, Pre-Christmas, and more!), and a mailbag segment featuring a few favorites and someone new - and a potentially new recurring segment called Unsolicited Advice.
    We also feature multiple shows that smacked us in the NSFW Podcast Network's fantasy football league. 

    • 1 hr 18 min

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Salsblackberry ,

Droppin knowledge

These two dudes have a great chemistry together and have a hilarious take on life and fatherhood. All while trying to keep their bae’s at bay and keeping them away from the Target. Subscribe to this show!

HatingIsAHabit ,


i tried to take your tips, and apply them to my wife... i got beat up and been on the couch for weeks... not a week... weeks.
ya’ll can take your tips back, i’m done with trying them out...
hahahaha i love ya’ll. best.show.ever.
Chuck & Joe > Kenan & Kel
Chuck & Joe > Batman $ Robin

JdhdjJakdndnwja ,

I love it

My favorite LGBTQ couple doing one of the best podcasts on the internet

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