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    Episode 47 - Lessons From History

    Episode 47 - Lessons From History

    In this month’s show, Michael and Simon are talking about the lessons we can take from history and the opportunities that we face today. Why is learning about history so important?

    History gives us a very clear picture of how the various aspects of society — such as technology, governmental systems, and even society as a whole — worked in the past so we understand how it came to work the way it is now.


    * Why is learning about history so important today?* Can we learn anything from 100 years ago, compared to today?* Pumping cash stimulus to keep the economy stable* Why looking at history can be helpful for business owners?* Final Thoughts

    why is learning about history so important today?

    They begin by talking about the opportunities that we face today and what we can learn if we look back into history. Michael mentions the Spanish flu outbreak, how many people died during this time and what happened 10 years later. He then asks Simon why is learning about history so important to which his friend replies that the start point is to see if we can learn from history; if we can learn from history, it might help us to have that hindsight to make better decisions.

    Can we learn anything from 100 years ago, compared to today?

    For Michael, it seems that certain things are repeating themselves and the main question is how does this time help us reflect and learn the lessons that people 100 years ago were experiencing?Based on events such as the First World War, The Spanish Flu and The Great Crash of 1929 Michael believes that this current episode is different. At that time we had less money in our pockets, the government were buying weapons or producing manufacturing weapons but now, the government have bailed out the population by offering furlough and grants and loans. So even though these events hold similarities, the wealth distribution is so much more different.

    Pumping cash stimulus to keep the economy stable

    For Simon, it’s a better way of doing it than before. Because before, if you didn’t do it, you cause this deflation, which causes mass unemployment, and all the complications, problems and all those horrible things that society faces through history. Whereas pouring stimulus into the economy, is like putting a pump into that blow-up bed, you’re pumping, and the bed is getting bigger and bigger. It causes inflation which, in Simon’s opinion, is better than deflation.

    why looking at history can be helpful for business owners?

    In Simon’s opinion business owners need to look ahead three to five years from now to start thinking about what might happen in the next years, run some scenarios (What’s the worst-case scenario for my business? What’s the best-case scenario?) sit down and spend some really good quality time and draw that classic SWOT analysis, looking at the strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats, and really hone in on that threats box to see where can they deal with those threats right now and turn those threats into potential opportunities. Because if they’re a threat for your business, there’ll be a threat,

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    Episode 46 What Is A Sales Process And Why Is It Important

    Episode 46 What Is A Sales Process And Why Is It Important

    Sales process is a structured routine of actions that facilitate integration between sales and marketing and this will be the topic at today’s episode of the M&S monthly podcast show where Michael and Simon will be speaking about this process, what should it consist of and where should you be putting most of your energy.


    * The Struggles of 2021* Sales optimization* How do you leverage your client to sell them more?* Retention* Recap

    The Struggles of 2021

    Michael starts the conversation by talking about the real struggles that we’ve had during 2021, how it’s been a challenging year and also mentions his suspicions of a possible 2022 flavoured with what we’ve had in 2021. Simon talks about how the pandemic is proving catastrophic for businesses, not only because of the illness that comes with it but also because of the lack of government foresight and knee jerk reactions.

    The duo agrees on the topic and Michael mentions that you need to be nimble and flexible regarding business while Simon recommends SWOT analysis when things need to change overnight.

    Regarding the lessons learned from the past year, Simon says that the main lesson for him is understanding that we can pivot our business if we’ve considered the different scenarios on which the business is trading and where the economy is going

    Sales optimization

    Sales process can provide amazing results and with the use of the correct tools can attract and convert new customers all at once.

    Simon believes that acquiring and implementing the right systems to take away a lot of the manual work that he has to do, as also bringing in good people to his business are the things he will be doing differently this year. To make sure that we identify within our business, what are our strengths, not just the strength of the business, but our individual strengths as owners and employees. In his words “we cannot survive as a business without a really good, strong, robust sales process. And our sales process also has to be nimble and flexible. Because if we keep a rigid process when the world is ever-changing, then we’ll get stuck.”

    In his opinion, the conversion lies in the speed of response, how quickly we’re able to communicate back with that client to really understand what they need. Focus on spending time with that prospect, asking the right questions, so that we’re able to provide the clients with the right solution, they are much more likely to convert with the speed of response, at the right solution.

    how do you leverage your client to sell them more?

    According to Simon, the key to it all is that the client is in a place where your service is being enhanced. And the most important thing is making sure that we’ve got a means of communicating with clients. Are we communicating regularly with our clients so that they know exactly what we do and how we’re doing it?


    Regarding Sales Process, in Michael’s opinion, business does not put enough emphasis on this area because they’re either great at converting winn...

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    Episode 45 Harlequins Rugby Club - Life After Sport

    Episode 45 Harlequins Rugby Club - Life After Sport

    Harlequins Rugby Club, the analogies between sport and business are commonplace. We talk about being at the top of our game, we toss ballpark figures around, we put the ball in someone else’s court. We have teams and coaches.  

    In this podcast episode, Michael’s guest is someone who was a professional sportsman and has now transitioned into the world of business and finance. He may not use all the analogies, but he does talk about the lessons learned and how he now applies them to his new career.  

    Toby Freeman was a professional rugby player, who ended his career at a high point – playing for the Harlequins.  


    * Second Career – Life after sport* Persuing Goals* Rugby Club: Lessons About Leadership* Financial Education For Entrepreneurs* Recap

    Second career – LIFE AFTER SPORT

    Unlike many professionals who expect their career to last their entire working life, sportspeople know that they will retire at a relatively early age. Toby had already begun to think about what direction he might go in a couple of years before making the move. He and Michael talked about the process he went through. There were some clear phases he went through from not wanting to think about retirement, to realizing he needed a plan but not knowing what that was, to having a plan and taking action.

    Pursuing goals 

    Some people have a clear dream of their ideal life from an early age and pursue it. Others develop their dreams more gradually, or maybe even accidentally. But once you know what you want to do, the direction you want to go in, you need determination and persistence to achieve it. As Toby says, “If you’re stubborn enough, for long enough” then you can achieve a lot. For him, that meant a place in the Harlequins, playing top-level rugby.  

    Now he’s applying a similar ethos to developing his second career. He knows it won’t all be easy or plain sailing, but his experience of putting in the work in sport is standing him in good stead now that he has turned his talents to financial planning.

    rugby club: Lessons about leadership 

    The success or failure of leadership is very clear in sports. It can be measured in goals scored, records beaten, championships won or lost. Toby talks about the lessons he learned as a younger player, watching more established players, watching the coaches, seeing what worked and what didn’t. Now he coaches in his spare time and he’s able to apply these lessons practically on the rugby pitch. But how do they relate to business in general and his work in particular? Listen in to hear more about how he applies important lessons from his past to help him with his current role.

    Financial education for entrepreneurs

    Michael shares with Toby some of his own experiences about financial education, and they talk about the importance of taking ownership of your own financial future. Toby is clear that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for his clients. He is always keen to listen to them talk, not just about their current situation, but about their hopes and dreams for the future.

    Each person is unique,

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    Episode 44 How To Become a Millionaire

    Episode 44 How To Become a Millionaire

    This episode of the one-to-a-million podcast (how to become a millionaire) is very different to what has gone before. For a change Michael Crane, the podcast host, finds himself in the guest seat, being interviewed about his own business experience, and the reasons behind the show. 


    * What’s the first step to becoming a millionaire?* Is it possible to make millions of money from your bedroom? * Do you need a six-figure income to be a millionaire?  * One To a Million Project – The Young Entrepreneurs* Is it possible to become a millionaire without going to college? 

    What’s the first step to becoming a millionaire?  

    This question reflects the origins of the show, and Michael shares his insights on making money. While having a successful business is a major step in the process, there are some savvy ways to make your money work harder, grow faster, and give you an enviable lifestyle quicker. Michael talks from his own experience—early mistakes, lessons learnt, and his current successful approach. He shares it all, providing useful insight to anyone who has their eyes fixed on that goal.   

    Is it possible to make millions of money from your bedroom?

    When asked about the right and wrong way to start a business, Michael’s answer was simple. The only wrong way is to not get started. His own experience was to start from his bedroom. Short of space and short of money to invest in a rented office, he had no choice. He talks about some of the lessons he learnt, and how young entrepreneurs can benefit, not just from his example, but also from his experience of how to do things differently. He knows that if he started the same business from scratch now, he’d be more successful in a lot less time.

    Do you need a six-figure income to be a millionaire?

    Michael has a strong belief that anyone has the potential to be a millionaire, if they have the right attitude and the right tools. While he can’t do anything about your attitude, he is here to help you with the tools. He talks about money management, about how to make your money work for you, and not the other way around. He talks about the power of money to make money, and how to get started down that track, even if you think you’re not yet in a position to do so. Listen in to find out more about his methods and how you can apply them yourself.

    One To a Million Project – HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE

    The one to a million project was conceived to help young, aspiring millionaires to get started in business, and equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to make their first million. The idea was to take them from zero, not even a business, and help them from the ground up. From coming up with business ideas, through all the stages of creating and building a business, to compounding their income and reaching that magical six zeros.  

    As Michael explains,

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    Episode 43 Latest Networking Insights

    Episode 43 Latest Networking Insights

    Latest Networking Insights: Michael and Simon have been recording the M & S show for a while now, and each episode brings powerful information and insights to the entrepreneurs who tune in. This month is slightly different. The episode was recorded, live, at an event, providing Michael and Simon’s unique blend of expertise and business wisdom not just to the podcast audience, but also to the entrepreneurs in the room at the King’s Summit in Kent, United Kingdom.


    * The King’s Summit* The Power of Networking* New networks* Recap: Latest Networking Insights

    The King’s Summit

    A summit is an annual event for business owners and entrepreneurs. This year it was back to being an in-person event. For many of the attendees, including Michael, it was the first in-person business conference they’ve been able to go to in more than eighteen months. This made it extra special.

    The Power of Networking

    Michael and Simon talk a lot in this episode about the support group you need to form around you when you are in business. And these groups can arise in different ways and serve different purposes. Whether it’s purely a networking group, with a primary purpose of helping members acquire more business, or a mastermind group, or what Simon refers to as a mentoring group. Different groups for different purposes. And Simon explains not only the benefits of having a group of some kind around you, but why that’s so important, and how to get the best from it.

    Simon and Michael discuss the highs and lows of being in business on your own. What are the stumbling blocks? What are the low points that bring you to the point of giving up? What are the tools, tips, and reasons to motivate you to keep going?

    They talk about one of their old adventures. How did they cope when the going got tough? What kept them—literally—climbing the mountain? How did they reward themselves at the top?

    Through all of the discussion, one theme reoccurs. People. The people around us can lift us up or push us down. There are people in our lives who are our motivational force. There are people who are our role models, cheerleaders, teachers and mentors. Michael reveals how lonely he found the first few years. How much he wanted to have people he could learn from and share with.

    This is a major underlying motivation for the Michael Crane Live Podcast. The desire to reach back and be there for other entrepreneurs. To offer them the help he wishes he had. And of course, taking advantage of new technology makes it possible in a way that wasn’t available twenty years ago.

    New networks

    In business, as in any other endeavour, it is important to have the right people near you. And Simon shares his thinking about some ways in which you can achieve that.

    Right there, live in the room, new networks were being formed. Group leaders were being identified. People were being offered the opportunity to leave the conference with a new vision, new tools, and a new support group to help them implement.

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    ADHD in Adults: Are you an entrepreneur? It’s a word we hear a lot, not least on this show. But it’s a word that can mean different things to different people.  Michael’s guest this week is Marge Brown, and among the other topics of conversation, she shares her definition of what makes someone an entrepreneur.

    Marge and her husband, Bruce, work together on their business, now, but that wasn’t always the case. The story of how to combine successful business ownership with raising a family is not uncommon, but as a couple, they found their own unique path which has taken a number of twists and turns.


    * From teacher to entrepreneur and back again* Decisions, realisations, and lessons* The entrepreneur’s answer to a new situation* Recap: ADHD in Adults

    From teacher to entrepreneur and back again

    When they were first married they were both teachers. And that legacy has come through in the businesses that they are now running, but it is more like coming full circle rather than following a straight line. Along the way, they have learnt a lot about themselves and each other, about dealing with other people and about how to run a business.

    They have gone from various forms of selling their time (and hard graft) for money to being more successful at that by defining a niche, to the point now where they are teaching other entrepreneurs how to create a business that works.

    Decisions, realisations, and lessons

    Looking back along the journey she has taken, Marge is able to identify specific turning points for herself, and for them as a couple. She shares with our listeners the decisions that they took at each moment, and what the business or life lesson was that they learnt at that time.

    One of the biggest moments was when Bruce realised that he suffers from ADHD. This was a transformation for them both and for their relationship. Although the diagnosis didn’t come until relatively late in life, Bruce had already created a successful career for himself as a freelance content writer, well known in his specific niches. 

    In fact, it was because of his work in one specific niche that he discovered his ADHD. Once the diagnosis had been confirmed, Marge and Bruce set to work to understand the condition, and how they could make changes that would improve their lives.

    The entrepreneur’s answer to a new situation

    In true entrepreneurial fashion, they didn’t sit back and wait for others to do the work for them. Now they are building a programme to help other ADHD in adults sufferers understand how to live a more comfortable and satisfying life.  

    This programme is just about to launch, and Marge was delighted to have the opportunity to explain to Michael how it will work. They have invested a lot of time, and their combined expertise and experience into creating something that will provide practical support and help to people of any age who have ADHD.

    This is in addition to the already successful content writing programme they run, showing aspiring freelance writers exactly how to create a successful business.

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