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We are a podcast dedicated to moving minds.

Mind Movers Podcast Brando and Steve

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We are a podcast dedicated to moving minds.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
124 Ratings

124 Ratings

Allieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,

Listening in December 2018

Yes Ive been listening to this podcast for the last few months from the beginning and I am on episode 36 and I am sad they are coming to an end. Absolutely love how mind moving it is. I love talking about trippy stuff and hearing all these interesting/open conversations😍😍😍

Kihkkl ,


I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have opened me up to, conspiracy theories, the deep web, deep thinking that has changed my outlook on life, and everything else I can't name. If you haven't listened to them give them a shot, you don't have to like them, but ya. Thank you Steve and Brando.

Glaucon7 ,

Typical Millenial New-Age Cult

Simply put, Mind Movers podcast is the worst imaginable sort of entitled, immature, unethical, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-philosophical, new-age claptrap nonsense on the internet. Uneducated, unethical and mis-informed hacks like Steve and Brando genuinely believe in the zealous new-age woo they mindlessly spew all over a gullible and starry-eyed millenial audience. Pandering to the lowest common denominator, the Mind Movers have prototypical and populist appeal. On closer inspection, the Mind Movers podcast reveals itself to be little more than an indulgent and masturbatory foray into Steve and Brando's sophistic and arrogant conviction in their very own lack of ethics, logic, insight and critical reasoning. Naturally, the Mind Movers espouse an anti-educational and anti-intellectual dogma. This dogma proceeds from an implicit understanding that an educated and well-informed listenership would see right through the entitled and irrational populism of the Mind Movers. These sorts of anti-educational and anti-intellectual sentiments characterize cult-groups such as the Mind Movers, typical of a burgeoning pattern of narcissistically organized cult-dynamics on social media. As such, the Mind Movers podcast is a profoundly misleading dis-service to both humanity and youth-culture. If you have ever had the misfortune of following Steve or Brando on twitter, they are clearly little more than sophmoric bern-outs--pandering to low-brow twitter-fame populism, committed to their own arrogance and stupidity, especially at the expense of character and ethic. Let us be perfectly honest, Mind Movers is an unethical, half-baked, characterless, new age popularity-cult parading around on twitter as if it were actual philosophy.

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