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Increase your calm, focus and happiness through mindfulness & meditation. Learn from business experts and entrepreneurs like Andres Pira, Pat Flynn, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Dr. John Hagelin so you can be more relaxed, earn more money and be happy & contented. Interviews, tips and strategies to live in the moment and & be more centered. For entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, CEOs, teachers & parents. Hosted by Bruce Langford.

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Increase your calm, focus and happiness through mindfulness & meditation. Learn from business experts and entrepreneurs like Andres Pira, Pat Flynn, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Dr. John Hagelin so you can be more relaxed, earn more money and be happy & contented. Interviews, tips and strategies to live in the moment and & be more centered. For entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, CEOs, teachers & parents. Hosted by Bruce Langford.

    Love and Compassion To Counter Hate

    Love and Compassion To Counter Hate

    Hate is the topic today; how mindfulness, love, and compassion can help diminish hate. I did a search on my database of shows and found out that the word hate has never been used in any of my podcast titles. And that’s nearly 700 titles. I find that interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about fear, anger and hate lately and how they are connected and I’ve come to the conclusion that hate is a huge problem in our world. Of course that's a huge understatement.

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    If hate is such a huge problem, why do we want to avoid the subject so much? Surely someone would have come on my show and talked about hate to the extent that the word would have ended up in the title?

    Attachment disorder is something that we’ve talked about quite a bit on the show. It causes a lot of problems with our mindset and our ability to have lasting relationships. My topic next week is going to be attachment disorder, so tune in next week for that episode. 

    Our inner bully causes all kinds of problems, and many of those problems boil down to fear and hate.

    Is Your Ego Protecting You?

    As you know, our ego is essentially trying to protect us, but sometimes it doesn’t do a very good job of that. Our ego can be shortsighted, and only think about protecting us now. It isn’t good at looking at our overall future and looking after us in the long run.

    So here’s the reason I’m talking about hate today.

    Growing Like Sourdough
    I focus every day on including thoughts in my meditation like, I see God in everyone and everything, with compassion. I meditate on that phrase and think about compassion a lot. I believe if I hate something and entertain the thought of hating something, that hate is going to be like a sticky, dark substance, creeping within my body and brain. It will expand and grow like the sourdough starter we had a few weeks ago in our kitchen. 

    That’s how I think of hate. It’s very closely related to fear. It comes from fear. Fear stems from the unknown. It is a feeling of not knowing what’s coming next. Maybe I won’t be safe or maybe my family won't be safe.

    Our ego wants us to be safe in every moment. Therefore, sometimes we have to step out of our safety-zone and do what feels dangerous. Doing that will cause us to grow, no matter what happens.

    Living The Safe Life
    But what if we never step out of our safety zone? What if we decide to live a life of constant safety, never taking any kind of risk?

    For me that sounds like a prison sentence. Being locked up so you can never have freedom to do things that seem different, risky, unique.

    Why Talk About Hate?

    I still haven't told you why hate is on my mind.

    Last Sunday, a family in our city of London Ontario, went out for a relaxing evening walk. Mom and Dad, grandma, and the two children, their son, 9 and daughter 15.

    They never returned home because a hate-filled man saw them on the sidewalk and killed them.

    He didn’t shoot them. That might have happened in some places, but gun violence is not big here. He didn’t stab them or throw a grenade.

    He saw them as he was driving his pickup truck down the street and he deliberately ran them down, killing 4 of them and injuring the 9 year old boy.

    Hate Crime
    Police immediately stated that this was a deliberate hate crime against those people because of their culture and religion.

    I am well aware that in some parts of the world, violence, bombing, and killing, against people because of their faith and culture, is fairly common. But it’s not common in Canada.

    In fact, many people in the world think of Canada as peace loving and peace keeping. For years, people in war torn countries have emigrated to Canada, believing it’s a safe country to come to.

    Feeling Unsafe
    I certainly feel safe here in Canada, but I’m horrified

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    Shift Your State At Your Command; Ronny Leber

    Shift Your State At Your Command; Ronny Leber

    Ronny Leber is a keynote speaker and event host for corporate and sports events and has worked live with more than 5 million people worldwide over the course of his career. He is one of the few trainers for Tony Robbins and loves to incorporate mindfulness along with the human and emotional component into his speeches to create, together with the audience, unique and extraordinary emotions they will remember forever.

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    Contact Info
    Website: www.RonnyLeber.com

    Blog: https://www.ronnyleber.com/en/blog/

    Most Influential Person
    Tony Robbins

    Effect on Emotions
    The beautiful thing about this is that there is always a way. When you think there is no way, just take a step back, take a deep breath, connect to yourself, and then look at it with fresh eyes, and that's going to change your whole spectrum.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Breathing plays a huge role in my mindfulness. Oftentimes what happens is when we are so out of our minds, that our breathing is very shallow and in our chests.

    As for me also, as a public speaker, it's all about shifting the breath to the belly. Breathe in with the whole body and when you are taking 3, 4, 5, deep breaths in, hold the oxygen inside of you, breathe it out, do it again. Just talking about that makes me a lot calmer.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    App: Meditations for Manifestation by Wayne Dyer (Youtube Recording)

    Bullying Story
    I've been a care-giver at many youth camps in the past and I have been confronted with bullying. In elementary school it happened, but nobody meant any harm but it happened.

    When my wife was a kid, she was very skinny at the time, many people made fun of her, in school, her family, her brothers. For example they'd say when the wind is blowing, you're going to be blown away. She created a lot of complexes out of that.

    Even when she was going somewhere, even if someone else didn't bring it up, she would bring it up herself, because she was so insecure about it. If it was windy, she would be very quiet because she didn't want to attract attention to herself and then have someone make a joke about her.

    She just realized this many years later and at a Tony Robbins event she finally realized it was time to close the chapter and let go.

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    Hit Your Emotional Reset Button

    Hit Your Emotional Reset Button

    Wouldn’t you love to be able to just reset your brain? Are you like me? Are there times when there are so many thoughts swirling around your brain, and you just want them to stop? We talk about the self-bullying that a lot of us have going on in our brain and this is what it feels like so much of the time.

    Are you receiving alerts that something is wrong? I’ve received alerts in the past that something is wrong and I had no idea what the alert meant.

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    Are you receiving alerts that something is wrong? I’ve received alerts in the past that something is wrong and I had no idea what the alert meant.

    I’ve learned that when I see an alert on my printer, it definitely means something. It’s out of paper or it’s low on ink. I know I have to deal with it, or else I’m not going to be doing much printing.

    Is Your Trouble Light Flashing?
    The same is true in my car. I once ignored an engine light on a car I was driving, and I ended up being stranded on a 4-lane highway, with a hot, steaming engine. That wasn’t much fun.

    So I learned that when a warning light on the dash lights up, the responsible thing to do is to actually deal with the problem that the warning light is referring to.

    Our emotions are like those warning lights on the car. I’ve heard people call them trouble lights, because they usually warn you of trouble brewing somewhere.

    I’m sure you’ve seen them, lights that refer to overheating: Low Tire inflation, Door Ajar, Tailgate Ajar, Windshield Washer Low, Engine Coolant Level Low, Fuel Level Low.

    Your Personal Trouble Lights
    Did you know your emotions are like those warning lights? Emotions are the human body’s way of telling you something needs attention.

    With the human body, the warning lights are in the form of emotions like anger, pain, guilt, sadness, stress, frustration, and loneliness, among others.

    Experiencing Pain?
    If you experience pain, you’d better do something about it. If it’s anger, or anxiety, or loneliness, or sadness, you can take action and do something to deal with that emotion too.

    None of those emotions are bad, they’re just happening to tell us that something is going on that we need to deal with. Sometimes we think certain emotions are bad or negative, but if you figure out why the emotion is happening, you’ll likely come to the conclusion that it’s not necessarily bad, or good, it just is.

    I have to admit, there have been times when I just want to take a piece of black tape and stick it over the Engine Warning light on certain cars I’ve had. I just wanted to pretend that warning light wasn’t appearing, and sometimes, I’d convince myself that the light itself was malfunctioning and there really was nothing wrong with the car.

    Covering Up Emotions
    I’ve done that with my emotions sometimes. I’d get angry, and I’d want to cover it up and pretend it wasn’t there. What do we do to cover up our emotions? We get ‘Crazy Busy’, doing things that help us forget about the anger. Sometimes, we shop, or go on a trip, or use a substance. That substance might be food, marijuana, booze, cocaine, crack or other drugs. Those substances help you forget that your warning lights are on. They can help us forget, at least in the short term, but usually we end up with way bigger problems as a result of covering up the emotion in the first place.

    But how do we actually deal with the emotion without pushing it away or pretending it isn’t there?

    Taking Action
    Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do.

    A lot of you would likely talk to a trusted friend. How great do you feel when you’ve had a chance to really share what’s bothering you with someone you like and trust? I think we’re supposed to lean on each other for help and to hopefully be able to be vu

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    Into The Nothing With Gabriel Cousens

    Into The Nothing With Gabriel Cousens

    Gabriel Cousens is a 77-year-old world renowned holistic physician, rabbi, yogi, spiritual mystic, psychiatrist, family therapist, vital-@-any-age advocate, humanitarian and peace ambassador, who walks the planet in the state of Eternal Presence seeing the emanating light from all things, and yet living in the very real world where his good works and spiritual guidance change lives daily. He lives, as he says, in the world between Nothing (the world beyond time) and Something (the temporal world). Gabriel experiences a fully integrated life in multiple dimensions. He is happy, joyful, grateful, loving and peaceful without any exterior reason because that is the nature of the primordial consciousness. As Dr. Cousens says, “there is found the true freedom”.

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    Contact Info
    Website: www.DrCousens.com

    Book: Into The Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography by Gabriel Cousens

    Most Influential Person
    Swami Mukundananda (Global spiritual leader, best selling author, Vedic scholar, and authority on mind management)

    Effect on Emotions
    Most of us start ‘reactive' to life and to the life choices we make.

    Over time, with meditation and this lifestyle, we become interactive so there's more choice and more presence.

    There are more choice of options cause you're operating from a quiet mind and a quiet heart so you're less likely to be reactive in that way.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Traditionally, from a yogic point of view, (we call it pranayama), why did they add it? They added it because pranayam, or breathing exercises, help quiet the mind.

    When you're doing your breathing exercises, they naturally bring the mind to a quiet, still point.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: Play of Consciousness by Swama Mukundananda

    Book: Thich Nhat Hanh books also recommended (For Example, Peace Is Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh)

    App: Meditation App (See The 12 Best Meditation Apps For 2020)

    Bullying Story
    I've never been bullied and I've never bullied anybody. Nobody would bully me, let's just put it that way. I'm not that kind of person.

    The story that I think is important about mindfulness was more by accident. As a captain of an undefeated football team, we had no training, but I would go into what, clearly was meditation. On the defence I played middle line backer.

    I would just sit in a state of silence with a totally quiet, mindful mind. It gave me the ability to move in any direction once the play started.

    Having a quiet mind, sitting there as a middle line-backer, I'm ready to go in any direction because there's no distractions.

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    Have you been trying to break through a mind block? Are you discouraged? It’s not hopeless. YOU CAN DO IT. I coach people just like you. I’m Bruce Langford, a practicing hypnotist, and I love to help people just like you! Feel good about your life and accomplishments. Regain confidence. Book a Free Consultation to get you on the road to being grounded and centered. Email me: bruce@mindfulnessmode.com with ‘Into The Nothing' in the subject line.

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    Move Into Possible

    Move Into Possible

    Today I’m talking about moving to a new, better place in your life. The episode is about your inner bully and how you can transition your life to be more, to accomplish more, to do everything you believe is possible. That’s why I entitled the episode, Move Into Possible. Becoming more mindful will help you when you learn what it means to deal with your Inner Bully. I remember when I started the podcast back in 2015, a lot of people would give me a blank stare when I said my podcast was going to be about Mindfulness and Bullying and how a lot of us Bully Ourselves, causing incredible hardships, pushing us into doing terrible things we’d never normally do, forcing us to listen to terrible, negative and mean stories about ourselves.

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    That Inner Bully is always at work. But most people didn’t realize that Mindfulness and Bullying are closely related. The themes of my shows tell a story about so many of my coaching clients that have come to me. I could tell you story after story about so many of my awesome Mindful Tribe listeners who have reached out for coaching from me. The thing is, the stories are similar in many ways.

    Common Denominators
    The common denominators are anxiety, stress, frustration, money’s not flowing, relationships are breaking, businesses aren’t clicking. And I get it. I’ve been there.

    I had so much anxiety when I was an adolescent, I could barely operate in the world. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I was afraid to speak, my voice was a high, squeaky, remnant of what it was supposed to be. I felt defeated and didn’t have any idea what to do about it.

    The Inner Bully
    My inner bully was thriving at the time. It told me, “no one wants to hear from you”. “Just keep your mouth shut, and don’t do anything to attract attention to yourself”.

    Even though my inner bully was robust and healthy, there was a little voice inside me that wouldn’t give up.

    Who is Reme?
    That other voice inside me was the Real Me. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Real Me was like a flickering candle that wouldn’t go out. Sometimes the flicker was almost invisible, hidden behind something, or fading to almost nothing, but it was there. Real Me was my friend and I was grateful for him. After while, I started to know Real Me as Reme (or Remy). I shortened him to the first 2 letters of each word and I started to get to know Reme even better.

    A Flicker of Hope
    Reme told me there was hope. He told me to push forward and, Take Action – push ahead. Don’t give up. He was a great friend. He was on my side. Every time I thought of Reme, I knew he was Real Me, the person I was meant to be.

    I learned so much from Reme that I have shared over the years with all of you who asked me for help, all my coaching clients.

    Now I’ll tell you right now, I never told most of you that I had named this guy, Reme. I think my Inner Bully had convinced me that Reme was a stupid name and I needed to keep that to myself.

    It was never easy deciphering which voice was which. My Inner Bully was so cunning and tricky, he would pose as Reme and I’d sometimes get tricked.

    Taking Action
    But like I said, when Reme got me to take action, everything improved and I would feel better, I would feel successful, I’d accomplish things in my life.

    Then as more and more people came to me, because they knew I was a Mindfulness Life Coach, I was able to help them with their Inner Bully.

    I remember one client, I’ll call her Natalie, I mean confidentiality is huge in coaching so for a long time I never talked about my coaching clients at all, then I realized I needed to ask them if I could share their stories. Natalie said yes, but she preferred I didn’t use her real name.

    Natalie's Story
    She came to me because of a work situa

    • 32 min
    Your Presence is a Superpower; Elizabeth Tripp

    Your Presence is a Superpower; Elizabeth Tripp

    Elizabeth Tripp is the owner and founder of Live Life By Your Design, a premium coaching practice that guides entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, and healers to be empowered to build lifestyles they love. She teaches her clients, using her gifts and the lessons she has learned from her own personal soul’s journey, that the secret to creating a lifestyle you love begins with loving the body you’re in. With her coaching, clients dissolve their limitations and bridge their minds and bodies to their soul’s desires. Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and holds a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. She is certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, and a Transcendental Meditation Coach. Elizabeth has served clients as a Master Coach since 2016 studying Light Body Healing and the soul journey.


    Listen & Subscribe on:
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    Contact Info
    Website: www.ElizabethTripp.com

    Free Life Design Quiz


    Podcast: Nourish the Soul

    FB Group: Time Empowered Souls (7 p.m. Eastern time on every 1st Tuesday of the month)

    Most Influential Person
    My coach, Alex. Located in Virginia Beach.

    Effect on Emotions
    Emotions are a part of the human experience, but they are not who I am. They are temporary and impermanent.

    I always have a choice about how I want to feel and what I want to think.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Breathing is part of my mindfulness every day. Breath is how you connect with your physical temple, your sacred temple, this body that you're riding in.

    With breath we can come back home and we can come back into alignment with who we really are by drawing a presence as we slow down to ourselves.

    So breath is essential in that mindfulness practice in growing that alignment to yourself and getting to know who you are.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

    App: Insight Timer

    Bullying Story
    I was bullied as a kid, I was an overweight kid and that's why I had so much interest to go into nutrition. I was a very sensitive, empathic girl growing up. I could feel everybody's feelings and I had no idea what to do with this overwhelming sense of, I know what everybody's going through. It was really wild.

    Because my parents weren't equipped to necessarily nurture this kind of empathic child, it was perfect for me, but at the time I would seek comfort with food. I would pack on the food to help me feel better but really pack on the pounds, as I did that.

    I went into middle school after a couple years of using food as comfort. I was 5 foot 6 and 175 pounds. I was bigger than the other girls at 13. Most girls that age would be 95 to 115 pounds. The boys in my class made it very apparent that I was different and they teased me from the sixth grade to the eighth grade. They would do things like put notes in my locker and whisper things in my ear like ‘you're ugly' and ‘you're fat'.

    It was really hard for me, very painful because I already felt weird and I didn't fit in. I felt I wasn't lovable and that I wasn't liked by my peers.

    At the time I went really deep inside and I really hid the pain that I was feeling with food and also making the choice not to eat. It was fascinating to look back on. I went from stuffing my feelings in, to suddenly making a choice and saying, ‘I'm just not going to eat, I'm not going to feel'. I lost 60 pounds in 18 months.

    By the time I went into high school I was a completely different looking human. I was skinny. People liked me. They said I was pretty. I had no idea how to handle it. In my mind, my dialogue was that ‘I was ugly'.

    If I had been able to be connected with people who could provide me with tools like being able to be in touch with emotion and know that emotion is a normal part of being a human, and what to do with emotions, and how to let them out, the

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