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Podcast from meditation teacher Alistair Appleton on dharma, psychotherapy, neuroscience and more. Info at www.mind-springs.org

Mindsprings Podcast with Alistair Appleton Alistair Appleton

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Podcast from meditation teacher Alistair Appleton on dharma, psychotherapy, neuroscience and more. Info at www.mind-springs.org

    The Negative News Industry

    The Negative News Industry

    The negative news industry.

    Responding to a student’s comment on the distractions of the news media, Alistair speaks about the nature of news as an industry and the myth of ‘being informed’ that drives it.

    What if we were to question the mechanism of news and what it means for us?

    Join in the conversation live at the Mindsprings Practice Space. It's free and friendly. https://mindsprings-practicespace.org/sign-up/

    • 10 min
    The eight conciousnesses and the 45th

    The eight conciousnesses and the 45th

    Jane asked: "Is awareness the same as consciousness? And how do you deal with someone with a lot of shame or someone with no shame, like Donald Trump?"
    Alistair discusses how the definitions of awareness and consciousness are different in Buddhism and Psychotherapy.
    What do you think?

    • 15 min
    Thoughts are like Toothpaste

    Thoughts are like Toothpaste

    In this podcast, Alistair, (after being interrupted by Ben the dog 😀) discusses distractions with the Mindsprings students. He says tension is the motor of distraction. The tenser you make the mind the more thoughts and thinking arise. Just as the more you squeeze the bottom of the toothpaste the faster it comes out of the top.
    Do you get distracted by thoughts when meditating?

    • 7 min
    The Infernal Waltz

    The Infernal Waltz

    Alistair talks about the three things that dance the waltz of Samsara - Delusion, Wanting & Hatred .

    • 7 min
    Is the word 'self' meaningless?

    Is the word 'self' meaningless?

    From a Mindsprings meditation Zoom class discussion. Buddhists take aim at the fixed nature of our sense of selves. They believe suffering is caused when we try to keep ourselves in a fixed state. Alistair says at Mindsprings we are exploring if there really is an unchanging person within us, a 'self.' Perhaps we will find out the Buddhists are wrong.

    You can join Alistair in 3x weekly live sessions to practice meditation. Interact with the Mindsprings community and join in these conversations about meditation, Buddhism and life. It's free!


    • 8 min
    Don't look for chocolate at the ironmongers

    Don't look for chocolate at the ironmongers

    Alistair discusses lasting happiness following a question from Jane, a Mindsprings student. We have to look in the right place for bliss. Blissful happiness is in the field of awareness, not in our emotional bodies.

    • 12 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Slavin Rose ,

A Thoughtful and In-depth Teacher

So many teachers of spirituality either get mired in the depths of great religions - 10 dimensions of this each having 3 levels of that with 45 separate meanings of the other - or pound one over the head with a few thundering pronouncements of “Thus it is so!”.

Alistair offers quiet gems of great insight explained in a simple, at times humorous manner always with a pinch of humility. As a mere beginner 10-year student of Bön, I am often delightfully impressed (and sometimes surprised) with how he fleshes out teachings I have practiced over and over almost by rote— hardly conducive to awareness.

Muffy Tepperman ,

Aside from being the most handsome Brit...

Alistair is a great lecturer and if/when I get to the UK, I will be attending one of his seminars. His tone is relaxed, his diction is excellent, and, quite frankly, I could listen to him read the phone book and be rather satisfied.

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