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Lets talk about tech, sociology and politics.

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Lets talk about tech, sociology and politics.

    #04 - Social Anxiety Disorder ( SAD )

    #04 - Social Anxiety Disorder ( SAD )

    In this episode, we have a discussion about my struggle with social anxiety disorder, how I manage it, how it feels to have it, and some ways that may help you interacting with someone who has SAD.

    • 19 min
    #03 - Smartphones, Consumerism, Tech Integration

    #03 - Smartphones, Consumerism, Tech Integration

    In this episode, we have a discussion about a few topics:
    - The new smartphones coming from Samsung, Galaxy s20 ultra
    - New flip phones coming from Samsung, Galaxy Z Flip
    - Consumerism, do we really need all this tech every year?
    - Samsung NEON
    - Integration of Google Home / Nest technology with every day life
    - Integration of smartphones and tech in every day life
    - Smartwatches + Fitbit Versa 2
    - Car integration with smartphones and Bluetooth technology

    I apologize for the garbled audio for the last 10 minutes, hopefully you listeners out there can bear with it, I will make sure it is prevented in the future.. :)

    • 33 min
    #02 - Artificial Intelligence

    #02 - Artificial Intelligence

    In this episode, we have a general discussion about AI and how this will impact our society.
    We go over a few topics:
    - Elon Musk and his OpenAI program preventing the release of a text-generator
    - Google and their breast cancer detection AI systems along with AlphaGo
    - Facebook and their chat-bots that were taken offline
    - DeepFakes
    - Job Automation and the likelihood that we will all lose our jobs, as well as some ways we can work around this issue
    - UBI ( Universal Basic Income ) and how we can implement this without government intervention
    - BlockChain and how this technology along with AI can help further our society for the better
    - True AI or General AI and the repercussions of this technology
    - Samsung and their new 'Neon Artificial Human' program

    • 36 min
    #01 - Neuralink

    #01 - Neuralink

    A discussion about Neuralink, Elon Musk, Spacex, and the implications of human society when this technology becomes mainstream.

    • 25 min

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