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A podcast that gives a voice to women of color in a society where we are often not heard at all. The Mocha Message: Come for the real conversation, stay for the inspiration.

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A podcast that gives a voice to women of color in a society where we are often not heard at all. The Mocha Message: Come for the real conversation, stay for the inspiration.

    [Episode 40] Cool Relax, Take Notes

    [Episode 40] Cool Relax, Take Notes

    Have you ever known a relaxed woman? For the season 4 finale, Jackie and Shani uncover why this question is profound and uncover the importance of pausing, sitting with it, and processing... Why the likelihood of your answer to that question is probably "no", what that means for Black women specifically, and what we can do to change that.

    This is a WRAP for Season 4 and we can't head outta here without showing our appreciation for you Mocha Mavens! Please continue to share with a friend and interact with us on Youtube comments, social media, and in person! :)

    • 33 min
    [Episode 39] Relax, Relate, Release

    [Episode 39] Relax, Relate, Release

    In this episode, Jackie & Shani chat ALL about what it means to release. It's so unhealthy - mentally and physically - to hold in stress, anger, and negativity. So how can you release the bad feelings in a productive way, to make room for the great ones?

    As always, be sure to follow us on IG and subscribe to our Youtube channel! Happy 2023, Mocha Mavens!

    • 30 min
    [Episode 38] Good Tidings & Cheer!

    [Episode 38] Good Tidings & Cheer!

    Happy Holidays! We figured it would be fun to gift you all with the Mocha Message, special edition since our last episode of the year lands right before the Holiday rush.

    Join Jackie and Shani as they bring a mini year in review by going over what they achieved this year, are looking forward to accomplishing for next year, and highlight some stand out pop culture moments!

    • 29 min
    [Episode 37] Corporate Culture

    [Episode 37] Corporate Culture

    Have you ever pushed yourself for a particular job title or positions or had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder? At one point that was us, but as Jackie often says “We off that!”
    It is okay to have dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future but never at the expense of taking care of self, quality time with friends and family, and your own interests.

    Jackie and Shani share how they re-evaluated the way they think about work and where it fits into grand scheme of this thing called life.

    • 21 min
    [Episode 36] So Insecure!

    [Episode 36] So Insecure!

    Insecurities. How many of us have them??

    In this episode, we get candid about underlying insecurities that we ALL have a tendency to have. Sometimes apparent, other times overlooked.

    We're here to tell you that it's normal to have them, it's important to acknowledge them, and realizing that you can grow comfortable with them is the first step to overcoming them.

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    • 39 min
    [Episode 35] Mocha Voices

    [Episode 35] Mocha Voices

    In this episode, we chat about the importance of lifting your voice. As Black Women - our voices are often minimized. Some of it has been learned over the years and some of it... unfortunately has been taught. But as we’ve grown over the years, we’ve realized the best way to find your voice is to practice using it!

    As always, catch us on Youtube and continue the conversation under our video!

    • 15 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Astheris ,

Mocha Message as a Mocha Man

I can honestly say that I listen to Mocha Message episodes as soon as they release because I have the notifications enabled. I am very glad the new season is out. Keep up the good content!

-a chocolate brother

Jae Cross ,

Feels right at home

Even being more on the male end of the spectrum, it’s still so dope to hear black women empowering the culture for both men and women. I truly value and appreciate these women encouraging our black culture to be the best and truest version of themselves.

Candace J ,

I love this girl time!!

This podcast is so dope! I love that casual feel, it’s like talking to my best friends. The body image episode really hit home with me. Mocha Message really touches on the all of the relevant issues of today

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