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Two crime obsessed moms discuss the world's most intriguing and intricate cases. Darkness, mystery and a dash of humour.

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Two crime obsessed moms discuss the world's most intriguing and intricate cases. Darkness, mystery and a dash of humour.

    EPISODE 25 // Luka Magnotta

    EPISODE 25 // Luka Magnotta

    In May of 2012, friends of Chinese university student, Jun Lin, reported him missing from Montreal, Canada. Days later, rumors of a real-life murder video were circulating online. The friend that reported Jun Lin missing happened to click on the video, and a wave of terror came over him when he realized the victim in the snuff film was his missing friend. 

    Jun Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase swarming with flies, and his dismembered hands and feet were mailed to elementary schools and Canadian political parties. The perpetrator would soon be identified as Luka Rocco Magnotta, and a worldwide manhunt was on. 

    Join us on Episode 25 as we dig into who Luka Magnotta was, his horrific pattern of animal abuse, and posting disturbing and upsetting videos of himself committing the most unspeakable acts online. Luka was narcissistic, psychopathic, fame-starved, and an absolutely disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human. 

    Every trigger warning imaginable for this episode. You guys said you wanted every gory detail and we delivered. 🎙️🔪🩸

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    EPISODE 24 // The Murder of Holly Jones

    EPISODE 24 // The Murder of Holly Jones

    In Toronto, on a spring evening in 2003, ten year old Holly Jones walked her friend home after they had a playdate at her house. Holly spoke with her friend’s mother before heading back to her family home, which was in the same neighbourhood, but she didn’t make it there. This was completely out of character for Holly and her family was frantic. Her disappearance, which happened in broad daylight, led to the issuing of Ontario’s first amber alert. News stations, billboards and radios around the province spoke of the missing girl and a massive search began. Hundreds of community members and investigators began helping in the search to find Holly, and eventually to find the man that Holly’s mother refers to as “The monster”.

    The case of the murder of Holly Jones will be live in the coming days. It is a truly heartbreaking story that involves a loving family, a dedicated police force and a community coming together.

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    EPISODE 23 // The Baraboo Bone Breaker

    EPISODE 23 // The Baraboo Bone Breaker

    In  the summer of 1995, 13 year old Thad Phillips would throw himself down a flight of stairs in order to call for help. He had been held captive for almost 2 days, being tortured in the worst imaginable way. His abductor was a sexual sadist, who had a fascination with the sound of breaking bones. The boy had suffered multiple leg fractures and was on death’s door by the time the police found him. He was the lucky one. The abductor had done the same to another teenage boy a year prior, with this boy’s body being found badly decomposed in a nearby river. The person responsible for this was the neighborhood bully, a 17 year old sociopath named Joe Clark. This is the case of the Baraboo Bone Breaker.

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    EPISODE 22 // Joseph Paul Franklin

    EPISODE 22 // Joseph Paul Franklin

    Joseph Paul Franklin, born James Clayton Vaughan, was a white-supremacist, racist, neo-nazi Serial killer who terrorized in the late 1900s. From 1977 to 1980, Franklin traveled across the United States in search of Jewish, Black or Interracial couples that he would most often shoot and kill in the name of his mission. This mission was to ignite a national race war, and he felt that each attack drew him closer to this goal. 

    Franklin was able to fly under the radar due to the fact that the murders he committed seemed to be random, isolated attacks, since he would often flee the state immediately following. This separation between attacks made it difficult for authorities to link them together and to see that there was a psychotic racist serial killer at large. Throughout this “mission” it is believed that Joseph Paul Franklin killed more than 20 people. In addition to his murders, he injured at least six of his victims, with one being Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt, who ultimately became paralyzed from the waist down from the attack. 

    In this episode, we will be discussing how Joseph Paul Franklin escalated to become a serial killer by the age of 27, making white-supremacy and the murder of “Jews and Blacks” his entire life’s purpose and believing that they were the “enemy of the white race”, as well as details of the more than 20 murders that are believed to have been committed by him, his eventual capture and death. 

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    EPISODE 21 // Casey Anthony - Where the Truth Lies Documentary Discussion

    EPISODE 21 // Casey Anthony - Where the Truth Lies Documentary Discussion

    14 years after being acquitted of a first degree murder charge for the death of her 3 year old daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony took part in a 3-part docuseries that aired on Peacock. Casey, the woman who spun a ridiculous web of lies throughout the entire investigation, has now turned a new leaf and wants to have her “truth” be heard. She is still defending her innocence, and STILL saying she doesn’t know what happened to her daughter. As the series progresses, she tells the story of sexual abuse she suffered as a child, and a completely new narrative begins to arise. A new theory on what happened to Caylee. A theory with zero proof or evidence to back it up. 

    Casey Anthony was the first case we did an episode on when starting our podcast and a lot of you wanted us to watch this new documentary on your behalf so that you could avoid giving her money (well played 👌🏼). So we’re here to break down the details and share all of our thoughts and opinions on this dumpster fire. We hope you enjoy and as always, thank you for supporting. 

    • 2 hr 18 min
    EPISODE 20 // Adam Strong

    EPISODE 20 // Adam Strong

    In this story, Kristen will be telling Amanda the story of Adam Strong. 18 year old Rori Hache, from Oshawa, Ontario, went missing August 29th, 2017. Two weeks later, her dismembered torso would be discovered floating in the Oshawa Harbour. As you can imagine, her family was absolutely distraught and went months without answers as to what happened, or where the rest of their daughter was. Four months after she was reported missing, her mutilated remains were pulled out of the pipes of Adam Strong’s pipes after plumbers were called to snake a clogged drain. 

    After police searched 45 year old Adam Strong’s apartment, the remaining head and limbs of Rori were discovered in his freezer, along with her blood spatter all over items in his home. During their search, police discovered a skinning knife inside one of the kitchen drawers that had a piece of tissue-like material on it. The knife was sent away for DNA testing, and came back positively identified as missing 19 year old Kandis Fitzpatrick, who had disappeared 10 years prior, without a trace.

    What ensued after was the lowest form of pure and utter disrespect from Adam Strong. He toyed with investigators during his interrogations, showing off, cracking jokes and being sarcastic about the situation he was in. He was cocky, arrogant, and completely out of touch with the reality or gravity of the pain he had caused. 


    Thank you for listening. 

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
264 Ratings

264 Ratings

Goude334 ,

Favorite Podcast

I love listening to these two ladies. I can definitely relate to their personalities. I really enjoy the cases they cover as they are not the same ones that have been done by everyone else. I appreciate that they do not try to trim everything out to keep it within an hour or less. I feel like they cover everything for these cases. My favorite true crime podcast by far.

Jay26.2 ,

Great podcast

I really enjoy the deep dive into crime stories, but the latest Casey Anthony episode was the best. Looking forward to your next episode.

denisse t ,

✨ My review ✨

I don’t remember how I came across this podcast , but I’m glad I did .
I enjoy how raw & real these two are . They give really great details about the crime , the people involved & the situation.
They put time & effort in it .
There are times where I do have to rewind a couple seconds back , because I lose track of what they are saying , with the side chatters . That’s my only thing , that explains my rating .
Overall , great podcast & im always patiently waiting for a new one . 😅
Keep up the good work ladies !
Much love from Texas , D ❤️

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