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Hosts Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn are the dynamic duo who run Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. In this podcast, Jessica and Margy teach listeners how to get booked on podcasts as a guest, how to be a great podcast host and leverage the power of podcast interviews to grow your business. To learn more about their company, go to InterviewConnections.com or join their free Facebook group, Guest Expert Profit Lab at InterviewConnections.com/Group

Monetize the Mic Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn

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Hosts Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn are the dynamic duo who run Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. In this podcast, Jessica and Margy teach listeners how to get booked on podcasts as a guest, how to be a great podcast host and leverage the power of podcast interviews to grow your business. To learn more about their company, go to InterviewConnections.com or join their free Facebook group, Guest Expert Profit Lab at InterviewConnections.com/Group

    Uncompromising Intimacy with Alexandra Stockwell

    Uncompromising Intimacy with Alexandra Stockwell

    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess was thrilled to speak with Interview Connections client Alexandra Stockwell about uncompromising intimacy.
    Alexandra Stockwell, MD is a Luxury Love and Intimacy Mentor, known as “The Intimacy Doctor.” She specializes in showing couples how to build beautiful, long-lasting, passionate relationships. She is the bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy and host of the highly acclaimed The Marriage Podcast. 
    A wife of 25 years and mother of 4, Alexandra believes the key to passion and fulfillment, intimacy, and success, isn’t compromise--it’s being unwilling to compromise--because when both people feel free to be themselves, and know-how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.
    Jess first asks, “How did you go from being a medical doctor to a relationship coach?”
    Alexandra explains that whenever we make important transitions or evolutions, we can tell different stories about it and they’re all true. Alexandra has a few different perspectives on her own story. When she was in her mid-30s she owned a small holistic medical practice. Alexandra worked really hard to get where she was in life. All her ambitions that had propelled her forward had all come true. She was married, she had three kids, she had paid off medical school loans, and yet she didn’t have the feeling of having arrived. Alexandra wasn’t satisfied; she didn’t feel enthusiastic to live that same way for another three or four decades.
    People ask her, “Were you burnt out?” Alexandra feels that she wasn't experiencing burnout, but she just knew that she would end up burnt out. She was able to take a sabbatical and gave herself room to do things for no good reason. Alexandra did things because they felt good, not to achieve a particular goal. This experience was radical for her. 
    Alexandra was still running her household with 3 children, so it wasn’t as if she was sitting around doing nothing. But she was still able to do things like taking a dance class and just sitting by the creek. She didn’t need a reason to do things! This made space for other aspects of her soul to emerge which eventually led her down the path of becoming a relationship and intimacy expert. That’s one story about Alexandra’s journey.
    Another story about her journey is that her daughter had just turned nine. She saw that her daughter was so vibrant, so full of joy, and so happy. On the one hand, Alexandra had felt so grateful to have mothered her in a way where she could just feel so wonderful. On the other hand, on the inside, Alexandra was freaking out. When she was that age, Alexandra’s parents were getting divorced. Looking at her nine-year-old, Alexandra saw that she had disconnected from her own joy. 
    She had disconnected from an aspect of herself that she really wanted to reconnect with. She also felt a motivation to change because if Alexandra didn't figure this out for herself, her daughter would also dial down her own vibrancy to match Alexandra’s. She had a personal wake-up call and a professional wake-up call that she needed more. This took her down a path to where she is now!
    Jess sees a lot of service providers and coaches come to their businesses after having a personal breakthrough. Jess asks Alexandra, “How did you start finding your clients?”
    Alexandra knows that in the entrepreneurial world and in the world of coaching, mindset is really important. She explains that her unconscious mindset really helped her get clients. Alexandra ended up in a training on sensuality and sexuality, and she enrolled because she wanted to have more gratifying sex and intimacy in her marriage. She was motivated by her own growth. However, this training also doubled as a coach training. 
    Alexandra didn’t know what the coaching aspect

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    Clearing Limiting Beliefs with Jean Atman

    Clearing Limiting Beliefs with Jean Atman

    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess sat down with Interview Connections client Jean Atman to talk about clearing limiting beliefs!
    Jean is a Soul Evolution Coach and Energy Medicine Specialist and is a leading expert on how to break free of negative life experiences - for good. She is well known in her industry as the go-to girl for helping people heal from toxic relationships and past traumas so that they can live a life filled with potential and ease. 
    She has assisted over 20,000 people up-level their lives in her 21-year professional career and remains fiercely dedicated to that cause. Jean believes everyone can live a life of their dreams, and she thoroughly enjoys helping them tap into that potential! 
    Jess is often asked, what sets people apart? What makes certain people so successful? Jess and Jean know that it all comes down to their beliefs. Jess asks Jean if she could talk a little bit about clearing limiting beliefs!
    Limiting beliefs are a huge part of Jean’s work. Jean knows that we subscribe to these beliefs long before we know that we subscribe to them. A lot of our beliefs are tucked away and hidden in our subconscious mind. People that are having challenges and struggles in life can always find some limiting beliefs that are preventing them from living a life full of ease. 
    Jean explains that limiting beliefs create an obstacle that says “You don’t deserve this, this won’t work for you.” There’s some underlying cause of that. But what is so cool about it is that when we can see those things, we can choose something different for ourselves. Once we unearth those limiting beliefs we can easily unpack it and create an improved way of living!
    Jean recommends that we take control of our beliefs and thoughts.
    When you think about your beliefs or thoughts, it evokes an emotion. How you feel creates your energy body. Jean’s work is all about energy, and she has seen how limiting beliefs show up as energetic congestion. People have trouble moving through their old belief systems because it’s part of their energy. 
    Once people clear that energy body they don’t have as much struggle with changing. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create energy. Once you clear that, you have a path to choose more easily for yourself!
    Jess remarks that energy and beliefs can seem so abstract. Jess asks Jean, “Do you have any actionable tips that people can use?”
    First, Jean recommends that you recognize that you’re not in a place that you want to be. If you are in a state of suffering, worrying, etc you’re working through a limiting belief. Awareness that this is going on and the wisdom that it doesn’t have to be is extremely important. When you know it, you can see it, and you can start to unpack it. Awareness is key.
    Jean then explains that intention is a powerful assistant for us. We’re suffering and we don’t want to anymore, so we choose not to. You need to start to feel into what you would prefer to feel instead. As humans, we tend to find all the evidence of why things can’t work. We get caught up in the hows, the whys, and the what-ifs. That stops forward movement. 
    If we can stunt our over-excessive thinking, we can feel into what feels right and true to us. Jean asks that we tune into our authentic source. We have ease, and we have abundance. We have everything we need already within us. 
    The only thing that keeps us from those things is the belief that we don’t have them. Jean tells her clients to silence the lies and limitations and feel into what they want to be feeling. This will change your energy and change your vibration. If you’re vibrating at a place of fear and worry, then you’re cultivating and creating more of that in your life experience. So if you can stunt that, and think “I’m going to choose to not feel that way” you will see the results you

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    Relaunch Yourself with Hilary DeCesare

    Relaunch Yourself with Hilary DeCesare

    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess got to speak with Interview Connections Client Hilary DeCesare about relaunching yourself!
    Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning entrepreneur, host of The Silver Lined ReLaunch, and is featured on many major networks including ABC's The Secret Millionaire. Hilary just launched the much-awaited 6-month business program The Fired Up Entrepreneur from The ReLaunch Co. This business program helps female entrepreneurs looking to launch or relaunch their business in 2021 take the right steps, in the right order, towards lasting business success.
    The program stands out because it not only takes away the confusion and overwhelm on where to start, and how to start but outlines what actually works or is not working for female entrepreneurs in the changing business landscape. It's ideal for those that have a well-formed business idea or are tired of the one-win here and there approach or handful of fast fails that's keeping their already existing business small. 
    Hilary specializes in launching or relaunching businesses by giving the proven foundational elements and steps needed when navigating the start to finish of building a business according to her Make, Grow, Keep Method.
    Hilary firmly believes "Now is your time", and partners with women that are ready to go all in and hit the reset button. This starts with covering the 6 main pillars in her program: Clarity, mindset, time management, marketing, sales, and leadership. 
    She saw a need to quiet the white noise in the business space that seemed to only cater to those that wanted to tell how, and created the program to show how to give any female entrepreneur the fast-pass to launching and relaunching a business saving them time, energy, and wasted money.
    The ReLaunch Co. takes away the overwhelm and gives the simple A-Z steps to women entrepreneurs bridging the heart to the head to one's higher self, so that not only can they have success in their business, but also have a lifestyle filled with possibilities inside the acclaimed new program The Fired Up Entrepreneur.
    Hilary is incredibly passionate about helping people in midlife. Jess asks, “Where does that passion come from? What was the moment where you said my purpose is to help people relaunch midlife?”
    Hilary explains that midlife has become a massive area. It can be anywhere from age 35 to 55. She hasn’t talked to anyone who isn’t going through some kind of relaunch right now. People ranging from college graduates to 60-70-year-olds are realizing they aren’t where they want to be. A lot of people feel as if they need to love their lives, love their jobs, and the reality is that they’re not even at the like stage. They keep it to themselves and they don’t share that with others because there are a lot of feelings of guilt and shame associated with not completely loving your life. This kind of midlife identity crisis can happen at any age.
    What Hilary realized is, we all are looking on the outside asking ourselves, “How can I get happier? What's wrong with me? What can I do?” We all are searching for the silver bullet. “If I find the right guy or, if I get the right job” etc, then we think that we will be happy. That feeling is only fleeting - that man or that job is not going to give you what you need for long-term happiness.
    Hilary’s ReLaunch program works because it takes you through a process. Her program is not a “take a pill and everything is better” type of program. It is built on transitions that lead to transformations.
    Hilary reminds us that we can’t look back on the things that have happened to us and ignore the silver linings that got us to where we are. After 100+ interviews on Hilary’s podcast, there hasn’t been one person who she’s interviewed that would change some of the most horrific relaunches and transitions they’ve bee

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    Storytelling on Podcasts with Gabrielle Dolan

    Storytelling on Podcasts with Gabrielle Dolan

    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess sat down with Gabrielle Dolan to talk about the importance of storytelling on podcasts.
    Gabrielle can tell you a story or two. In fact, it was while working in senior leadership roles in corporate Australia she realized the power of storytelling in effective business communication. She is now a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and educator. 
    Her impressive client list includes VISA, EY, Amazon, Vodafone, and the Obama Foundation, to name drop a few ...and she got to meet Barack Obama while undertaking that work. Gabrielle holds a master’s degree in Management and Leadership and has studied at Harvard. She is the best-selling author of several books including Real Communication: How To Be You and Lead True, a finalist in the Australian Business Leadership Book Awards for 2019. 
    Plus, Stories for Work: The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling (2017), which reached number one in Australia’s best-selling business books. Her latest book Magnetic Stories: Connect with Customers and Engage Employees with Brand Storytelling is due to be published in March 2021.
    She is the founder of Jargon Free Fridays. (Don’t ever say the word ‘pivot’ to her unless you are talking about basketball.) In 2020, her dedication to the industry was recognized when she was awarded Communicator of the Year by IABC Asia Pacific. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, Steve, and two daughters, Alex and Jess.
    Jess and Gabrielle are big believers that storytelling is an incredibly important skill to have as a podcast guest. Jess asks Gabrielle, “What are the components of an effective story?”
    It may seem obvious, but Gabrielle emphasizes that stories really need a beginning, a middle, and an end. In business, it’s gotta be succinct. You really don’t want to be sharing a 5 or 10-minute story. Your story should be 1 or 2 minutes and be very specific. Being specific helps people visualize something, and helps the listeners feel something. And ultimately that’s what a story does, it taps into emotion. 
    Jess knows that facts tell but stories sell. Jess was recently coaching someone in the Interview Connections community and asked them to practice telling a story. Jess realized that their story wasn’t dropping people into the moment. 
    How do you start a story in a way that has people really engaged?
    Gabrielle teaches that the worst way to start a story is to tell people, “Let me tell you a story.” People are hardwired to listen to stories, but in a business setting when someone says “Let me tell you a story” the reaction is going to be something along the lines of, “Oh no, this is going to take forever.” 
    The most effective way to start a story is with time and place. There are an infinite amount of variations of time and place so you can really make it your own every time. If you start with the time and place, people are now set up to listen to you differently. 
    In a business setting, where things can often be all about data and facts and figures, and someone says “You know that reminds me of the time I went camping with my friends and...”
    There’s a pattern interruption that’s going to make people want to pay attention.
    Jess asks, “How do you end the story?”
    Gabrielle knows that the ending is the hardest part. You don’t want to be ending your story with “The moral of the story is.” In a business setting, you want to be linking it back to the business message without it being directive. You could say something like, “The reason I’m sharing this with you is that it reminds me of what we’re going through right now, and imagine what we could achieve if we all…” There you can link your story back to the business. 
    Gabrielle reminds us that you don’t want to be going on and on and on. That’s the biggest mistake

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    Confronting Visibility Blocks with Spencer Snakard

    Confronting Visibility Blocks with Spencer Snakard

    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess gets the chance to talk with Interview Connections client Spencer Snakard about confronting visibility blocks!
    Spencer Snakard is an executive transformation coach, trainer, and speaker. She works with visionary entrepreneurs and transformational leaders who are on a mission to make a major impact, helping them to break through barriers to their next level of success while loving life every step of the way, and without giving up what matters most to them.
    She has trained and coached in personal and professional development for nearly 25 years. Her transformative programs cause profound and lasting shifts in participants' lives by getting to the heart of what drives us, what holds us back, and what it takes to be truly fulfilled as spiritual beings having a human experience. 
    Jess asks Spencer, “What are people confronted with when they get visible consistently?” “Sheer terror, my friend.”
    Spencer explains that a lot of fear is at play when you become visible. We’ve all witnessed people getting torn down when they put themselves out there. Spencer knows that it’s a practice. You have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every time we put ourselves out there we’re stepping into this bigger audience, a bigger platform, and a bigger way of being seen. You will be facing and confronting fear when you grow and that’s just part of the process.

    Jess wants to know, what is the fear that people are confronting?
    That fear is unique for everyone. Spencer talks about the fears of looking bad, saying something wrong, and the feeling of being out of control. When we become visible, we’re giving up a perceived sense of control. Once we put ourselves outside of our bubble, we’re exposing ourselves to a lack of control. 
    As you get visible you start to think, “What do people think of me?"

    A difficult block that people run into when they’re becoming visible is comparison. “Comparisonitis” is an extremely human thing that we all fall victim to from time to time. Asking ourselves, do we measure up? And having that feeling of not being enough. 
    Spencer recommends being vigilant about your mental state and what kind of energy is coming into your space. If someone is disempowering you, let it go. Stop filling your mind, heart, and soul with it. It’s so important to pull away from comparisonitis and feeling like a fraud. When you’re visible, you can feel someone’s energy if they’re standing in their power, or if they’re not.
    Jess asks Spencer for some tips on how to show up powerfully for your podcast interviews?
    Spencer recommends first having some clarity around how you want to be showing up. You don’t want to be showing up in a fake way, by putting on a show and wearing a mask. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be showing up real, vulnerable, and authentically? What is my message and how am I bringing it?”
    Spencer loves being able to interview on podcasts because they are long-form and she can really have that space to go deep. Interviewing on podcasts can help you find some clarity around the question: what is the gist of what I want to say here?
    Both Spencer and Jess remind listeners that you know so much more than the people you’re sharing with and you really should own that. Spencer argues that you are everything you need to be. You are perfect for all that you are and for all that you are not. You are everything you need to be right now. Stand in that and own that. All those fears and doubts wither away when you own that. It’s a very different way of looking at being visible. Everything you need you already have, so own that!
    Spencer helps her clients to get to the root and the heart of their identity and who they think they are. Then, Spencer, has her clients ask, “Is it true?” Your thoughts are not facts. People tend

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    Women’s Visibility with Lee Caraher

    Women’s Visibility with Lee Caraher

    Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast to teach you how to transform your business and life with the power of visibility and strategy!
    On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess sits down with Lee Caraher to discuss women’s visibility!
    Lee Caraher is the CEO of Double Forte, a national independent PR/Communications agency. An acclaimed communication strategist, Lee is known for her practical solutions to big problems. 
    Lee has a reputation for building cohesive, high producing teams who have fun together at the same time and has authored two top-selling books about positive and profitable work culture. She is a straight talker who doesn't hold too many punches, although she does her best to be pleasant about it. Her big laugh and sense of humor have gotten her out of a lot of trouble. 
    Her company works with some of the top consumer lifestyle, digital life, technology and wine brands in the country. Double Forte’s “Get on The Map” service is a foundation-building program that helps small businesses and individuals build authority and visibility to drive business success. Working with Lee and her senior team, small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to “Show Up” and “Level Up” their footprints and influence to compete and grow their businesses. 
    Jess wants to see more women investing in their visibility. 
    In Jess’s experience, she finds that a lot of women feel like they’re not ready to increase their visibility. However, a lot of men have confidence at the start. Jess is passionate about seeing more women invest in their visibility, become featured in the media, and really become leaders of their industry. 
    Jess asks, what is Lee’s perspective of women being featured in the media?
    Lee explains that 70% of people quoted in the media as experts are men. 90% of people quoted in the first page or first 15 minutes of the media are men. Those statistics are even worse for BIPOC women. These numbers don’t reflect the number of actual business experts either. There are much more women running businesses than you’d think based on the number of women business experts quoted in the media.
    Lee argues that you have to put yourself out there as an expert, and you have to be found. You have to make it so easy to find you, so that a reporter who has 2 seconds to find an expert can find you really fast. In Lee's experience, companies tend to invest more in men. Business owners who are men invest more time, money, and effort in putting themselves forward as experts. Because of this, the media can find men much easier than they can find women.
    Reporters need to find people fast, and so if you're not able to be found quickly online you will not be found. This tends to diminish women in general, women’s authority in their categories, and women’s ability to implement their agenda. 
    Lee introduces us to a concept called the Say Gap. The Say Gap is the difference between how many times men are quoted versus the amount of times women are quoted in the media. 70% of quotes are from men, and only 30% of quotes are from women. That is a gap of 40%!
    There are things you can do to be known as an expert. There is time you can invest. But the most important thing is to change your mindset over who is an expert!
    Lee was deciding whether she wanted to continue writing her second book. One night she was on the couch thinking about it, and watching the 2016 presidential debate. This debate was the one when the former president called the former secretary of state a “nasty woman.” After that moment, Lee immediately knew she was finishing this book. 
    Lee knows that one thing she can do is make sure there is another book written by a woman CEO on an important topic. At that m

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64 Ratings

michelle@missinglogic ,

New Friends and Mentors!

Discovered this podcast this week and had a great conversation with Jessica, who invited me to listen to their origin parternership episode and the myth of the Visionary Entrepreneur. Great episodes and can totally relate to their stories as a biz co-founder with my BFF and podcast co-host for Healthcare's MissingLogic Podast. Down to the Pink and Blue - we are two pairs of twins! Great mentors for other entrepreneurs on the journey!

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H*ck yeah

No one else can give you exactly what you need to capitalize on podcast interviews like J

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Voices Worth Following

Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by all the podcasts, books and clubhouses to keep up with. I have dialed back and become incredibly selective about who I listen too. Margy and Jessica are top of my list.

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