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Podcast by Joel Silverman

    Andy Rahn Montana Land Source

    Andy Rahn Montana Land Source

    From www.mtlandsource.com
    Andrew A. D. Rahn IV, ARA is a third generation Montanan whose family has always been involved in servicing the agriculture industry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University in Land Resource Sciences, with an emphasis in Land Resources Analysis and Management as well as a minor in Soil Science. After college he went to work for Norman C. Wheeler & Associates where he received his appraisal mentorship and training. While working for Norman C. Wheeler & Associates, he developed an extensive GIS mapping system which provides sophisticated mapping capability to the valuation and appraisal of rural property, which he continues to develop today. In 2005, Andy received his license as a Montana Certified General Appraiser. In 2008 he pursued and received the professional designation as an Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) through the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA). This designation exceeds the requirements in experience and education for state certification. He is one of only 24 ARA’s active in Montana.

    We are so excited to have Andy on the show to talk about how he's gone from engineer to entrepreneur and the challenges he's faced along the way.

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast is produced by Silverman Law Office and SocialFlixx, and hosted by Joel SIlverman.

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    Brad Ouldhouse Social Media Marketer

    Brad Ouldhouse Social Media Marketer

    In this episode of The Montana Business Podcast, the producers of the show sit and talk about the state of businesses as Montana begins to re-open into the post-pandemic era.

    We talk about how marketing has changed, how the shut down impacted business owners, and how social media played a key role during the pandemic.

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast is produced by Joel Silverman from Silverman Law Offices in Helena and Bozeman, Montana, and SocialFlixx produces the video/audio podcast.

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    BizVlog Wadekamper Podcast

    BizVlog Wadekamper Podcast

    Jeff Wadekamper is passionate about planes, and flying them! It's an obsession from an early age, that grew into a career in adulthood as Helena Regional Airport's (HLN) Airport Director.

    Today, we learn about some of HLN's incredible history and will look at what the future of the airport looks like.

    Ever wondered why your small town airport can't get more flights? You'll find out right here on the Montana Business Podcast with Jeff Wadekamper.

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast is a production of Silverman Law Office, located in Bozeman and Helena, MT

    Both the video work and the audio podcast were provided by SocialFlixx in Helena, MT

    Learn more about Joel Silverman and our amazing guests by visiting www.mttaxlaw.com

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    Jim Toth From Western Ranch Brokers

    Jim Toth From Western Ranch Brokers

    Jim Toth has always been a marketer ahead of his time. Having started his professional career at Monsanto, he took those marketing lessons with him to Missoula, Montana to start his own fly fishing guide and tackle shop.

    Ever hear of a movie called "A River Runs Through It"? Well, he wasn't in it, but Toth found a way to bring the appeal of fly fishing to the public long before the boom in the industry that happened after the film was released.

    Today, you'll get an inside look at one of the bet marketing minds we've had on the show to date. Joel and Jim are old friends, and the banter between them is fun, engaging and educational.

    To find out more about Western Ranch Brokers, visit Jim on his website at https://westernranchbrokers.com/

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast is produced by Silverman Law Offices in Helena and Bozeman, MT.

    Audio-only experience can be found by searching for "The Montana Business Podcast" anywhere you listen to your favorites already.

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    Clinton Gerst Bank Of Bozeman

    Clinton Gerst Bank Of Bozeman

    How does my business survive the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    This question is number one on business owners all over the world but especially here in the US. Our talk with Bank of Bozeman President Clinton Gerst was filmed on March 12, 2019; just as the crisis began hitting sports and other institutions.

    The calm, fearless leadership Mr. Gerst displays is nothing new. In our interview, we discuss his roles in leadership positions with some of the most powerful institutions on the planet; his move to Montana and how businesses can both survive this current crisis while preparing for any problems in the future.

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast are produced by Joel Silverman of Silverman law Offices in Bozeman, MT and Helena, MT.
    Vlog and audio podcast are a production of SocialFlixx.

    Bank of Bozeman: https://bankofbozeman.com/
    Silverman Law Offices: https://www.mttaxlaw.com
    SocialFlixx: https://www.socialflixx.net

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    Cathy Burwell HLN Chamber Podcast

    Cathy Burwell HLN Chamber Podcast

    Today on the Montana Business Vlog, we explore the career path of Cathy Burwell, currently the CEO and President of the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce in Montana's Capital City.

    We'll dive deep into the state of the city as of February 2020. Obviously the world has changed quite a bit since our interview, but we believe you'll find value for your time with this interview.

    The Montana Business Vlog is the full video version of this podcast, and you can watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/0mbNJspC0jg

    The Montana Business Vlog and Podcast is produced by Joel Silverman. Video and audio production provided by SocialFlixx.


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