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Motoring enthusiasts Alan and Andrew discuss their takes on the week's motoring news in this 45 to 60 minute audio podcast.

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Motoring enthusiasts Alan and Andrew discuss their takes on the week's motoring news in this 45 to 60 minute audio podcast.

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4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Mitt Gingrich ,

Like the UK perspective and accents

Entertaining and thoughtful discussions about the current motoring scene. The hosts are cheerful, articulate, and quick witted. I enjoy this podcast every week.
Bonus: I can play it when my young son is with me in the car because they don’t swear!
As an American I find it fascinating to get their UK point of view expressed in British vocabulary. For example they mention when a car is equipped with “carry hooks” in the boot. But it sounds like they’re saying “curry hooks”, and I picture a plastic bag with Indian food (American: “to go”. UK: “take away.”) Is it curry or carry?
Also I’ve learned how Brexit, local councils (town governments) and UK regulators blunder into a variety of “brilliant” ideas with unforeseen negative consequences for motorists! I guess America doesn’t have all the horrible politicians, uninformed voters and insular regulators.

Easthampton Guy ,

Engaging, entertaining, exceptional

Motoring Podcast accomplishes the rare feat in a podcast of making the most of the cohosts' rapport while keeping the content interesting, engaging, and relevant.

A wonderful accompaniment to errands, or a relaxing distraction while working on an ostensibly sisyphean project car.

Alan and Andrew clearly work hard to discuss the most current news, but with care taken to avoid disseminating far-fetched clickbaity.

The show dovetails well with the hosts' Twitter presences, functionally a way to have deeper conversations about the subjects that come up, sometimes all too ephemerally, on that platform.

The car reviews benefit from the varied perspectives of the hosts (how the car works in the city and the country, how it copes with the demands of family car duty) and attention is given to
practical aspects too often ignored by more mainstream review channels.

I was sad to hear Alan's had to sell his Vehicross, but hope he can find another spaceship.

The "Rear View" podcast, an associated production, is another of my favourites and highly recommended.

E_s_i_o_n ,

A Welcome Weekly

These guys are pretty much always on the money. Smart, informed, concise and rather funny.

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